Master Version / Lifetime


For traders (professionals and beginners) who want to get the maximum profit from the indicator. By customizing the strategy, our traders receive the signals that give them the opportunity to maximize their profit. Custom timeframes, Take Profit and Stop Loss, opening long and short positions using VSA signals, and much more.

– Real-time trading signals
– Unlimited number of signals
– Works on all timeframes
– Easy signal adjustment
– Use with any brokers and exchanges
– 100% without signal correction
– Ability to build algorithmic strategies
– Detailed guide
– Free updates

Indicator Core:

– Technical analysis
– VSA analysis
– Analysis of candle patterns
– Analysis of indicators
– Automatic levels on the chart
– 24 VSA patterns on the chart


– Take Profit settings
– Stop Loss settings
– Editable time interval
– VSA pattern settings
– Opening a long position based on VSA
– Opening a short position based on VSA



Make big money anytime and anywhere

To start investing and trading based on signals, you only need any device with an Internet connection. Signals appear on the chart and alerts are sent in the app, via SMS and Telegram.


Master Version | Features

For professionals who want to maximize their profit. You can create your own algorithmic strategies, customize timeframes, VSA patterns, Stop Loss and Take Profit.

Real-time signals

Signals always appear in real time and in unlimited quantities. Available on all types of devices. You won’t lose any important signal.

Easy signal adjustment

Signals are additionally configured in a simple and easy way. Read more about this in the manual, which takes only 15 minutes to study.

Works on any chart

Signals are given for all instruments. You can trade with any brokers in all global markets. Cryptocurrencies, stocks, currencies, futures, indexes, etc.

100% Non-repainting Signals

Signals on the chart remain unchanged; they are not redrawn to match the results that have already happened. No tricky schemes and deception.

All main and custom timeframes

Unlike the Pro version, the indicator works not only with basic, but also with custom timeframes. This gives awesome results on many assets.

Build strategies feature

This version enables you to come up with and use many different additional strategies. Some indicator settings allow achieving up to 100% profitability in signals.

Editable time interval

You can choose the exact time when the strategy will work on the chart. This will help you if you need to study a certain period of time.

Detailed guide

Upon purchase, you get a detailed guide on how to use the indicator, as well as working strategies for trading according to its signals.

100% real statistics

When activating the indicator on the Tradingview platform, you will see statistics that are 100% the same as the data we post on our website at the time of the update.

Free updates

When subscribing, our investors and traders receive all updates of the indicator for free for the entire time of use.

Technical analysis module

The statistics of price movement on the chart are studied to take into account the strategies used by the players for opening and choose the best opening points.

VSA analysis module

The most powerful tool in the strategy is VSA analysis, which takes into account actions of the big players and allows our clients to make money with them.

Candlestick analysis module

The method is based on the patterns of market participants’ behavior and is used to predict the future direction of price movement.

Analysis of indicator data

The analysis of many trading indicators is applied, which are the basis for many of the main strategies in the market.

Automatic levels

Now you don’t need to calculate the main levels to see them, as they are automatically marked on the chart. This option will please you greatly.

More than 50 VSA patterns on the chart

The indicator shows real-time situations in which a major player manipulates the market and builds a position. Now you open a position together with him and hold it until the winning moment.

VSA pattern settings

You can choose the types of patterns that the signal will be carried out on. This option opens up huge opportunities for new strategies.

Opening a long and short position based on VSA

Now you can choose the market situations to open a trade. It is possible to buy, sell, include VSA patterns in the strategy.

Stop Loss and Take Profit settings

In this version, you have full control over all settings for Stop Loss and Take Profit signals. This opens up huge opportunities for new strategies.

Volume signals on the chart

Now you see when large volumes enter the market and you can make many additional decisions about opening a position.

How the indicator works

The strategy performs complex mathematical calculations and gives signals to open or close a position. They appear on the chart or are sent as messages. Our investors and traders buy or sell assets using them, making a big profit. The rest of the time they go about their business.


Detailed statistics on 83.236 assets

The proof of the indicator’s reliability is confirmed by statistics. 80,000+ assets, 100,000+ results for all financial markets on charts with a history starting in the 1950s.


Detailed Signals Guide

The indicator is accompanied by a complete and simple instruction on its installation, use, and asset trading. It takes just 15-30 minutes for someone who has never been involved in the world of finance to become ready to trade using the signals.


What is included in the training?

In the PDF manual, investors and traders will receive complete and clear instructions on account registration, activating the indicator on the chart, setting up alerts, basics and methods of trading in financial markets based on signals.

Timeframes' specifics

Investors and traders will learn about the principles of using different timeframes, applicable to certain situations both for intraday trading and for long-term investment strategies.

Basic signals

The user will learn about all the basic signals they receive and the ways to trade according to them. What the Long and Short signals are, when it is better to open or close a position. How to find out profitability and much more.

VSA Signals

It is shown what VSA signals are and why investors and traders need them. How these signals should be applied for trading in the financial markets based on the indicator signals.

Take Profit and Stop Loss

Investors and traders will learn what Take Profit and Stop Loss are. How it helps to limit the profit margin and loss threshold. And how it is used to trade with TheWaved./p>

How to connect accounts

The user receives a clear step-by-step instruction on how to register accounts, connect the indicator to the chart, activate alerts when signals are received.


The instructions describe in detail how to enable signal alerts in the app, activate receiving signals by SMS or Telegram at your choice.

Trading strategies

Investors and traders will receive an easy-to-understand instruction on the basics and applied methods of trading in the financial markets using the indicator signals. How to use signals while getting the maximum profit.


The user will learn how to use analytical methods based on statistics and big data provided by the indicator in asset trading. For even more efficient trading in financial markets.