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United Kingdom Stock Market | Indicator Statistics

The table shows statistics on all market instruments. The signals are given from the very beginning of trading to the present moment. For example, BTC since 2012, BP since 1969. TheWaved is the only indicator that shows all the real statistics. Others only promise that their product would make a profit. After connecting TheWaved, traders and investors will see the same numbers on their charts. TheWaved is the first strategy that works on long periods of time. Perfect for investment. So far we are giving signals on timeframes in 1D, but there are also more profitable timeframes. All data includes the trading commission (0.075 for cryptocurrencies, 0.025 for stocks and other financial instruments). More than 90% of trading signals give a profit almost immediately, so if you are afraid to hold a position, you can close it when it goes into profit. To get more profit, you can use this indicator on a smaller timeframe, which will give you advantages on the opening price. Unfortunately, we cannot provide data of smaller timeframes for the entire period of time, since such statistics include tens of thousands of candles and require significant calculations. In the future, we will add these data to the statistics.

Profitable 1861 from 3134


Statistics of the indicator strategy results show 59.38% of profitable strategies according to United Kingdom Stock market data.

NOT PROFITABLE 1273 from 3134


Statistics of the indicator strategy results show 59.38% of profitable strategies according to United Kingdom Stock market data. Read more about the negative profit below


We provide all statistics, instead of selecting only profitable instruments. No one is immune to risks. The company may suddenly go bankrupt. There is a way to avoid risks as much as possible. Invest in only well established businesses; in assets that have been proven to be reliable over time. However, there is a huge profit even in risky assets, if you grab it when the moment is right. Instruments that are not profitable on the 1D timeframe can be profitable on 1H. The data is provided for information purposes.

To avoid catastrophic situations, invest in the instruments you know. The only factor may be delisting of a financial instrument or bankruptcy of a company. In all other situations, you will get a profit.

United Kingdom Stock Market | Strategy Statistics

The country's main exchange is the London Stock Exchange. It has indices such as FTSE 100 (large companies), FTSE 250 (medium companies) and AIM (small companies). It may seem that the FTSE 100 companies will have the highest volume. The stock market of this country is rightfully considered one of the most prestigious stock markets in the whole world. Shares of small companies are popularly traded due to their low price.

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TickerNet ProfitProfit FactorPercent ProfitableTotal TradesFirst Trade Date
Tethys Oil Ab Tethys Oil Ord Shs0A1V-28.67%00%12019-10-25
T2 Biosystems Inc T2 Biosystems Ord Shs0A57-32.3%0.76111.11%92021-04-13
Moneygram International Inc Moneygram International Ord Shs0A6G-30.49%00%22021-08-18
Abb Ltd Abb Adr Representing One Ord Shs0A6W-15.22%00%12021-10-05
Future Fintech Group Inc Future Fintech Group Ord Shs0A8H-72.19%00%42021-09-15
Opgen Inc Opgen Ord Shs0A8L-46.91%00%32021-10-11
Cbak Energy Technology Inc Cbak Energy Technology Ord Shs0A98-16.93%00%12021-10-04
Aes Corp Aes Ord Shs0H6G-15.34%00%12021-03-24
Agilent Technologies Inc Agilent Technologies Ord Shs0HAV94.14%7.24550%22020-03-27
Agios Pharmaceuticals Inc Agios Pharmaceuticals Ord Shs0HB0-37.23%00%22021-12-20
Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Inc Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Ord Shs0HD2-36.17%00%22018-07-06
Autodesk Inc Autodesk Ord Shs0HJF59.04%2.3225%42018-05-04
Autozone Inc Autozone Ord Shs0HJL44.39%2.00925%42019-05-16
Axsome Therapeutics Inc Axsome Therapeutics Ord Shs0HKF-69.36%00%32021-04-23
Cabot Oil & Gas Corp Cabot Oil & Gas Ord Shs0HRZ33.23%1.50320%52019-06-27
Cymabay Therapeutics Inc Cymabay Therapeutics Ord Shs0I5P39.89%1.57120%52018-12-31
Dynavax Technologies Corp Dynavax Technologies Ord Shs0IDA118.77%2.57933.33%62018-05-04
Editas Medicine Inc Editas Medicine Ord Shs0IFK-75.46%0.5618.33%122021-02-26
Express Inc Express Ord Shs0IJU119.13%1.68516.67%122020-12-23
Fibrogen Inc Fibrogen Ord Shs0IL8-77.87%00%42019-01-17
National Beverage Corp National Beverage Ord Shs0K50-44.35%00%22018-07-11
Scynexis Inc Scynexis Ord Shs0L49-50.03%00%32021-10-19
Shake Shack Inc Shake Shack Ord Shs Class A0L5R-76.53%00%42018-07-30
A. O. Smith Corp a O Smith Ord Shs0L7A-48.01%00%32018-10-30
Pg&e Corp Pg&e Ord Shs0QR387.73%2.21733.33%32019-01-11
Danaher Corp Danaher Ord Shs0R2B99.35%4100%12018-05-04
Hexatronic Group Ab Hexatronic Group Ab Ord Shs0RDH49.15%2.06725%42021-12-15
Arbutus Biopharma Corp Arbutus Biopharma Ord Shs0SGC-77.09%00%42021-06-21
Homology Medicines Inc Homology Medicines Ord Shs0T6G26.88%1.32616.67%62021-09-15
Canadian Solar Inc Canadian Solar Ord Shs0XGH193.38%4.05720%52021-03-30
Allegion Plc Allegion Ord Shs0Y5C-15.59%00%12020-06-18
Wisdomtree Multi Asset Issuer Public Limited Company Wisdomtree Ftse 250 1x Daily Short1MCS-2.58%0.96425%82020-06-05
First Tin Plc Ord Gbp0.0011SN-15.1%00%12022-07-14
Leverage Shares Public Limited Company Levshares 2x Apple Etp2AAP133.26%4.19140%52018-05-24
Leverage Shares Public Limited Company Levshares 2x Citi Etp2CIT-51.81%0.67510%102018-11-12
Leverage Shares Public Limited Company Levshares 2x Salesforce Etp2CRM45.02%1.31918.18%112018-11-15
Leverage Shares Public Limited Company Levshares 2x Facebook Etp2FB-32.3%0.85912.5%162018-05-04
Leverage Shares Public Limited Company Levshares 2x Alphabet Etp2GOO109.48%2.58825%82018-11-23
Leverage Shares Public Limited Company Levshares 2x Goldman Etp2GS70.93%1.56620%102018-05-30
Leverage Shares Public Limited Company Levshares 2x Jpmorgan Etp2JPM-37.75%0.7211.11%92018-05-30
Leverage Shares Public Limited Company Levshares 2x Msft Etp2MSF129.98%5.69750%42018-05-04
Leverage Shares Public Limited Company Levshares 2x Netflix Etp2NFL151.81%2.10327.27%112018-10-16
Leverage Shares Public Limited Company Levshares 2x Nvidia Etp2NVD222.24%2.62328.57%142018-04-25
Wisdomtree Multi Asset Issuer Public Limited Company Wisdomtree Palladium 2x Daily Leveraged2PAL361.47%2.37326.09%232014-06-02
Leverage Shares Public Limited Company Levshares 2x Visa Etp2VIS84.07%4.67933.33%32018-11-23
Wisdomtree Multi Asset Issuer Public Limited Company Wisdomtree Euro Stoxx Banks 3x Daily Lev3BAL-58.73%0.84112%252017-09-29
Wisdomtree Multi Asset Issuer Public Limited Company Wisdomtree Brent Crude Oil 3x Daily Lev3BLR136.54%1.91821.43%142016-11-04
Wisdomtree Multi Asset Issuer Public Limited Company Wisdomtree Brent Crude Oil 3x Daily Lev3BRL240.26%2.42628.57%142016-11-23
ETFS 3X Daily Long Coffee ETC3CFL129.09%1.26116.22%372016-02-29
Wisdomtree Multi Asset Issuer Public Limited Company Wisdomtree Emerging Markets 3x Daily Sho3EMS95.12%1.42817.65%172017-03-16
Wisdomtree Multi Asset Issuer Public Limited Company Wisdomtree Gold 3x Daily Leveraged3GOL59.43%1.42218.18%112013-06-26
Wisdomtree Multi Asset Issuer Public Limited Company Wisdomtree Copper 3x Daily Leveraged3HCL-54.2%0.85312%252013-12-02
Wisdomtree Multi Asset Issuer Public Limited Company Wisdomtree Copper 3x Daily Short3HCS22.78%1.05814.81%272013-07-25
3i Infrastructure Plc Ord Npv3IN182.2%12.91266.67%32007-08-20
Wisdomtree Multi Asset Issuer Public Limited Company Wisdomtree Euro Stoxx 50 Daily Short3LES-18.29%0.8799.09%112018-04-25
Wisdomtree Multi Asset Issuer Public Limited Company Wisdomtree Gold 3x Daily Leveraged (Sp"3LGO126.61%1.86521.43%142013-06-21
Wisdomtree Multi Asset Issuer Public Limited Company Wisdomtree Natural Gas 3x Daily Short3LGS161.01%1.23517.78%452018-01-03
Wisdomtree Multi Asset Issuer Public Limited Company Wisdomtree Natural Gas 3x Daily Leverage3LNG284.49%7.16350%82020-06-29
Wisdomtree Multi Asset Issuer Public Limited Company Wisdomtree Silver 3x Daily Leveraged (Sp"3LSI-37.58%0.90110.71%282013-06-21
Wisdomtree Multi Asset Issuer Public Limited Company Wisdomtree Natural Gas 3x Daily Short3NGS14.87%1.01314.63%822013-03-20
Wisdomtree Multi Asset Issuer Public Limited Company Wisdomtree Wti Crude Oil 3x Daily Lev3OIL22.56%1.03313.73%512013-11-22
Wisdomtree Multi Asset Issuer Public Limited Company Wisdomtree Gold 3x Daily Short (Sp"3SGO-25.11%0.7999.09%112014-02-17
Wisdomtree Multi Asset Issuer Public Limited Company Wisdomtree Wti Crude Oil 3x Daily Short3SOI-42.55%0.93712.96%542013-10-11
Wisdomtree Multi Asset Issuer Public Limited Company Wisdomtree Silver 3x Daily Short (Sp"3SSI60.43%1.20816.67%242013-10-23
Wisdomtree Commodity Securities Limited Wisdomtree Sugar 3x Daily Leveraged3SUL-39.35%0.88412.5%242016-06-24
Wisdomtree Multi Asset Issuer Public Limited Company Wisdomtree Us Treasuries 10y 3x Daily Sh3TYS-8.77%00%12015-04-17
Wisdomtree Multi Asset Issuer Public Limited Company Wisdomtree S&p 500 3x Daily Short3ULS-78.82%0.7479.09%222017-07-07
Wisdomtree Multi Asset Issuer Public Limited Company Wisdomtree S&p 500 3x Daily Leveraged3USL108.21%1.55220%152014-10-13
4basebio Plc Ord Eur1.004BB82.36%6.46650%22021-06-01
4global Plc Ord 1p4GBL-14.96%00%12022-05-31
Amundi Index Solutions Amundi S&p 500500U-12.8%0.88733.33%32011-08-04
Ubs (Irl) Etf Plc Ubs Etf S&p 500 Esg H-Gbp Dis5ESG72.74%3.76233.33%32019-08-15
7digital Group Plc Ord 0.01p7DIG-6%0.98915.79%382020-10-08
888 Holdings Plc Ord 0.5p (Di)88814.26%1.02914.71%342006-07-13
88 Energy Ltd88E3.78%1.00716.67%362021-11-22
Amedeo Air Four Plus Limited Red Ord NpvAA4-59.78%00%42016-06-27
Anglo African Agriculture PLCAAAP61.87%1.27517.65%172016-05-10
Albion Development VCT PLCAADV18.37%740.604100%22020-05-22
Albion Enterprise VCT PLCAAEV43.56%6.09875%42022-09-13
Airtel Africa PLCAAF138.46%3.3533.33%62019-12-19
Anglo American Plc Ord Usd0.54945AAL271.43%1.68220.59%342000-03-31
Leverage Shares Public Limited Company Levshares 2x Apple EtpAAP2116.5%2.41728.57%72018-05-24
Leverage Shares Public Limited Company Levshares 2x Apple EtpAAPE43.23%1.78625%42020-02-28
abrdn Asia Focus Plc 2.25% Cnv UnsecLn Stk 2025AASC2.98%1.13866.67%62021-03-09
Amundi Index Solutions Amundi Msci Em AsiaAASU6%59.17433.33%92012-03-23
Albion Technology and General VCT PLCAATG-22.19%0.31425%42019-06-28
Albion Venture Capital Trust PLCAAVC-17.85%00%12016-11-21
Anglo Asian Mining Plc Ord 1pAAZ279.58%1.34518.03%612005-10-26
Abcam Plc Ord 0.2pABC250.69%1.79528%252008-10-24
Abrdn New Dawn Investment Trust PLCABD219.67%2.5730.77%132004-02-04
Ab Dynamics Plc Ord 1pABDP431.68%8.35455.56%92013-09-05
Associated British Foods plcABF163.76%2.24725%121996-05-02
Accrol Group Holdings Plc Ord Gbp0.001ACRL70.22%1.31621.43%142016-11-04
Accesso Technology Group Plc Ord 1pACSO207.73%1.8423.81%212016-09-27
Ssga Spdr Etfs Europe I Plc Spdr Msci Acwi Ucits Etf $ACWD84.87%6.61350%22012-04-19
Multi Units Luxembourg Lyxor Msci All Country WorldACWU84.68%6.66350%22014-03-25
Adams PLCADA239.49%2.54650%102020-05-11
Facilities by Adf Plc Ord 1pADF-15.05%00%12022-06-09
Admiral Group Plc Ord 0.1pADM292.29%4.75244.44%92005-02-17
Adriatic Metals Plc Ord 1.3355pADT171.23%3.36533.33%32020-03-18
Multi Units Luxembourg Ly Msci Ac Asip Ex-Jap Ucits Etf - AccAEJ60.66%2.30425%42014-03-03
Anglo-Eastern Plantations PLCAEP409.9%3.18933.33%181996-07-01
Aquila European Renewables Income Fund Plc Ord Eur0.01 (Gbp)AERS-14.91%00%12019-12-02
Aminex Plc Ord Eur0.001 (Cdi)AEX455.08%1.47620%752017-03-29
Alpha Financial Markets Consulting Plc Ord 0.075pAFM72.26%1.9637.5%82022-01-13
Afarak Group SEAFRK21.38%1.19940%52017-12-06
Aferian Plc Ord 1pAFRN178.83%1.82723.53%172004-10-18
Alpha FX Group PLCAFX72.46%3.4633.33%32019-07-04
Argentex Group PLCAGFX-60.16%00%42020-02-14
ANGLE plcAGL14.32%1.02913.89%362011-11-22
Allergy Therapeutics Plc Ord 0.1pAGY239.8%1.41818.18%442014-05-12
Ashtead Group plcAHT862.63%2.64427.66%471998-06-16
Legal & General Ucits Etf Public Limited Company Lg Artificial Intelligence EtfAIAG49.73%2.13225%42019-10-23
Legal & General Ucits Etf Public Limited Company Lg Artificial Intelligence EtfAIAI-31.95%00%22019-11-11
Ashoka India Equity Investment Trust Plc Ord 1pAIE273.43%1.64521.21%331996-07-09
Airea PlcAIEA131.68%1.71238.89%182018-10-11
Wisdomtree Commodity Securities Limited Wisdomtree Broad Commodities SpAIGC-4.05%0.96212.5%82007-04-03
Wisdomtree Commodity Securities Limited Wisdomtree Industrial MetalsAIGI64.1%1.45918.18%112007-08-13
Wisdomtree Softs ETCAIGS-52.22%0.6639.09%112007-03-06
AJ Bell PLCAJB-30.24%00%22019-05-23
Atlantis Japan Growth Fund Ld Ord NpvAJG15%79.67958.33%242018-07-06
Abrdn Japan Investment Trust Plc Ord 10pAJIT94.36%4.14460%52015-05-18
Avi Japan Opportunity Trust Plc Ord 1pAJOT-14.92%00%12019-02-04
Alba Mineral Resources Plc Ord 0.01pALBA308.33%1.29416.22%742005-10-19
Alpha Growth PLCALGW213.57%1.74921.74%232018-03-21
Alkemy Capital Investments Plc Ord Gbp0.02ALK72.05%3.26133.33%32022-05-13
Atlantic Lithium Limited Ord Npv (Di)ALL95.02%1.32617.39%232015-06-05
Allied Minds PLCALM51.45%1.06516.67%602015-06-17
Alumasc Group Plc Ord 12.5pALU50.29%1.14818.52%272021-07-20
Amur Minerals Corporation Ord NpvAMC364.39%1.33317.44%862007-11-14
Amigo Holdings PLCAMGO-1.77%0.99713.64%442018-10-09
Anemoi International Ltd Ord Usd0.001 (Di)AMOI-41.75%00%32021-06-22
Advanced Medical Solutions Group Plc Ord 5pAMS441.23%3.22852.94%172010-12-10
Animalcare Group Plc Ord 20pANCR206.27%2.09435%202021-10-14
Angling Direct PLCANG-85.46%0.5467.69%132018-02-15
Angus Energy Plc Ord Gbp0.002ANGS81.44%1.18816.13%312017-03-23
Agronomics Limited Ord 0.0001pANIC116.55%2.27225%82021-09-03
Anpario Plc Ord 23pANP180.65%2.33135.71%142018-03-02
Antofagasta plcANTO432.45%2.21825%321996-06-26
Anexo Group PLCANX-0.2%0.99850%22011-08-03
Amundi Index Solutions Amundi Nasdaq-100ANXG78.16%3100%12016-08-04
Amundi Index Solutions Amundi Nasdaq-100ANXU182.82%12.1566.67%32011-08-05
Ao World Plc Ord 0.25pAO.-53.48%0.84612%252014-06-23
Africa Opportunity Fund LimitedAOF73.97%1.41231.25%162022-03-08
Activeops Plc Ord 0.1pAOM-44.48%00%32021-09-08
Ecora Resources PLCAPF174.4%1.5218.52%271996-01-05
Alliance Pharma plcAPH45.52%1.17120%202015-09-16
Appreciate Group PLCAPP-61.4%00%42020-03-03
Aquis Exchange PLCAQX-60.96%0.49110%102021-09-29
Aura Renewable Acquisitions Plc Ord 1pARA-33.26%00%22022-08-05
Argo Blockchain PLCARB14.42%1.04616.67%242021-03-25
Arbuthnot Banking Group Plc Ord 1pARBB38.24%1.19435%202013-09-09
Arcontech Group Plc Ord Gbp0.125ARC31.95%1.11318.18%222018-09-28
Arc Minerals Limited Ords Npv (Di)ARCM14%15.26313.24%682017-11-10
Arecor Therapeutics Plc Ord Gbp0.01AREC52.28%2.12325%42021-08-27
Argos Resources Limited Ord 2p (Di)ARG11.08%1.02313.51%372010-11-17
Argo Group Limited Ord Usd0.01ARGO97.23%1.76733.33%122019-02-25
Arix Bioscience Plc Ord 0.001pARIX-65.72%0.63414.29%142021-01-27
Arricano Real Estate PLCARO-66.75%00%22019-11-28
Aurora Investment Trust Plc Ord 25pARR491.67%3.06734.78%232017-11-13
The Artisanal Spirits Company Plc Ord 0.25pART-22.47%00%12021-09-27
Alpha Real Trust LtdARTL49.24%1.63544.44%92020-05-27
Asa International Group Plc Ord Gbp1ASAI-28.8%0.87811.76%172018-10-23
Asos Plc Ord 3.5pASC806.81%2.51826.92%522007-12-19
abrdn Smaller Companies Income Trust PLCASCI141.39%2.0347.37%192022-01-26
Ascential Plc Ord 1pASCL74.89%1.63420%102016-05-12
Ashmore Group Plc Ord 0.01pASHM16.97%1.09414.29%142007-01-24
Xtrackers X Harvest Csi 300ASHR124.77%2.81633.33%62014-04-28
Aberforth Split Level Income Trust Plc Ord 1pASIT25.02%1.33816.67%62018-02-05
Aberforth Smaller Companies Trust Plc Ord 1pASL431.37%3.07433.33%211999-09-21
Abrdn European Logistics Income Plc Ord 1pASLI-30.33%00%22018-11-16
Assetco Plc Ord 1pASTO28.62%1.04923.81%422022-02-28
Invesco Markets Ii Plc Invesco At1 Capital Bond Ucits EtfAT1-15.03%00%12018-10-05
Invesco Markets Ii Plc Invesco At1 Capital Bond Gbp Hdg DistAT1S-15.19%00%12020-03-11
Auction Technology Group Plc Ord 0.01pATG-29.43%00%22021-05-26
Afritin Mining Limited Ord NpvATM150.37%4.29540%52018-03-08
Atome Energy Plc Ord 0.2pATOM-29.54%00%22022-05-11
Attraqt Group PLCATQT-7.76%0.93833.33%122021-04-29
Allianz Technology Trust Plc Ord 2.5pATT304.61%1.92525%282000-03-30
Athelney Trust Plc Ord 25pATY25.96%1.35420%52008-05-28
Atalaya Mining PLCATYM48.38%1.32516.67%122016-03-21
Amundi Index Solutions Amundi Msci Emerging MarketsAUEM37.61%1.60820%52012-02-15
Augmentum Fintech PLCAUGM66.58%2.09342.86%72020-03-02
Auto Trader Group PLCAUTO46.9%1.93525%42015-07-02
Aviva Plc Ord 32 17/19pAV.-22.46%0.92713.04%232000-04-11
Aviva plc 3/4% Preferred SharesAV.A35.01%1.57450%82015-06-29
Aviva plc 3/8% Preferred SharesAV.B91.36%2.47369.23%132018-03-13
Avation Plc Ord 1pAVAP29.84%1.20216.67%122013-12-16
Avacta Group Plc Ord 10pAVCT131.86%1.18717.54%572020-06-04
Avingtrans Plc Ord 5pAVG248.25%1.73626.67%302013-12-09
Advanced Oncotherapy Plc Ord 25pAVO96.26%1.28215.38%262015-08-04
Avon Protection Plc Ord #1AVON169.25%1.38520%351996-09-30
Aveva Group Plc Ord 3 5/9pAVV405.99%2.52935%202000-05-25
Axiom European Financial Debt Fund LtdAXI-35.53%00%32018-06-04
Accsys Technologies PlcAXS7%12.6916.22%372006-03-27
Anglesey Mining Plc Ord 1pAYM293.03%1.30816.9%712008-04-22
AstraZeneca plcAZN120.4%3.36633.33%62014-01-30
Bae Systems Plc Ord 2.5pBA.636.28%4.20531.58%191998-08-07
Babcock International Group Plc Ord 60pBAB375.01%2.17425%281995-11-01
Barr (a.g.) Plc Ord 4 1/6pBAG309.35%3.98341.67%121998-08-25
Bakkavor Group PlcBAKK-13.16%0.8911.11%92018-03-20
Brand Architekts Group PLCBAR-28.89%0.76711.11%92019-12-12
Barclays PLCBARC41.55%1.07314.29%422020-03-16
Legal & General Ucits Etf Public Limited Company L&g Battery Value-Chain Go Ucits EtfBATG25.43%1.34516.67%62018-06-01
BRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO PLC ADS Common StockBATS341.38%3.39533.33%152008-10-14
Legal & General Ucits Etf Public Limited Company L&g Battery Value-Chain Go Ucits EtfBATT50.48%2.06625%42018-05-08
Bay Capital Plc Ord Gbp0.01BAY-46.99%00%32022-01-25
Bigblu Broadband PLCBBB-24.33%0.79911.11%92018-09-27
Jpmorgan Etfs (Ireland) Icav Jpm Betabuilders Eur Govt Bond EtfBBGE-14.95%00%12019-09-10
Tritax Big Box REIT PLCBBOX68.11%3.29333.33%32015-11-09
Jpmorgan Etfs (Ireland) Icav Jpm Betabuilders Us Treasury Bond EtfBBRT-14.94%00%12020-04-23
Brave Bison Group Plc Ord 0.1pBBSN-26.42%0.93613.33%302014-07-09
Jpmorgan Etfs (Ireland) Icav Jpm Betabuilders Us Equity Ucits Etf DisBBUD65.93%3.00933.33%32019-11-11
Jpmorgan Etfs (Ireland) Icav Jpm Betabuilders Us Equity Ucits Etf AccBBUS69.9%3.27533.33%32019-08-15
Balfour Beatty Plc Ord 50pBBY147.51%1.56820%201998-06-24
Samsung Electronics 1 GDS Representing 25 Ord ShsBC94115.24%2.36725%82021-10-06
Ubs (Irl) Fund Solutions Plc Ubsetf Bloomberg Commodity Cmci a-DisBCCU69.46%3.03233.33%32018-06-20
Baltic Classifieds Group Plc Ord Gbp0.01BCG-30.51%00%22021-11-18
Barratt Developments Plc Ord 10pBDEV608.06%1.91823.21%561996-01-18
Begbies Traynor Group Plc Ord 5pBEG201.28%2.02323.53%172005-04-05
Belluscura Plc Ord 1pBELL-61.18%00%42021-10-06
Beowulf Mining plcBEM106.23%1.13215%602006-10-20
Bens Creek Group Plc Ord 0.1pBEN26.66%1.35616.67%62022-01-17
Beazley Plc Ord 5pBEZ317.87%5.27144.44%92003-03-14
Bank of Georgia Group Plc Ord 1pBGEO259.82%3.01730.77%132012-06-19
Boussard & Gavaudan Holding LimitedBGHS25.28%1.39316.67%62018-07-24
Blackstone Loan Financing Limited Ord Npv (Gbp)BGLP28.08%1.46925%42018-03-29
Bango Plc Ord 20pBGO163.87%1.30917.07%412005-11-29
Baillie Gifford Uk Growth Trust Plc Ord 25pBGUK19.03%1.10514.29%141998-07-28
Bradda Head Lithium Limited Ord Npv (Di)BHL-15.12%00%12022-06-17
BHP Group LtdBHP453.66%3.05331.82%222016-12-20
Bidstack Group PLCBIDS26.05%1.06814.29%282019-03-04
Biffa Plc Ord Gbp0.01BIFF86.99%7.01950%22017-02-14
Big Technologies Plc Ord Gbp0.01BIG-15.47%00%12022-02-21
Biotech Growth Trust PLCBIOG282.94%4.22745.45%112010-05-28
Biome Technologies plcBIOM75.97%1.17317.65%342018-10-11
Bion Plc Ord NpvBION-83.41%00%52020-08-07
Blackbird PLCBIRD296.07%1.43318.52%542010-02-04
Bank of Ireland Group Plc Ord Eur1.00 (Cdi)BIRG94.06%1.89122.22%92017-10-23
Bisichi Plc Ord 10pBISI376.14%2.33429.17%242019-11-22
Berkeley Group Holdings (The) Plc Ord 5.4141pBKG383.6%3.01231.58%191996-07-17
Beeks Financial Cloud Group Plc Ord Gbp0.00125BKS135.85%3.27233.33%62018-03-05
Berkeley Energia LtdBKY-41.3%0.93613.64%442007-08-16
British Land Company Plc Ord 25pBLND82.36%1.38317.65%171996-09-25
Block Energy Plc Ord Shs Gbp0.0025BLOE279.3%1.89524%252018-09-17
Blancco Technology Group PLCBLTG59%1.1415.63%322020-02-19
Belvoir Group Plc Ord 1pBLV22.13%1.24525%82013-09-27
BowLeven PLCBLVN336.44%1.43518.18%552005-05-09
Baronsmead Second Venture Trust PLCBMD-54.22%0.27633.33%62016-05-26
B&m European Value Retail s.a. Ord 10p (Di)BME53.66%2.21825%42014-09-18
Benchmark Holdings PLCBMK83.21%1.37822.22%182017-02-10
Bushveld Minerals Limited Ord 1pBMN5.53%1.00913.33%452013-01-14
Braemar PLCBMS111.7%1.62220%152003-04-24
Bluebird Merchant Ventures Ltd Ord Npv (Di)BMV34.84%1.20515.38%132016-09-26
Bloomsbury Publishing PlcBMY83.38%1.39920%152000-11-24
Bunzl Plc Ord 32 1/7pBNZL366.97%23.64280%51995-11-20
Botswana Diamonds PLCBOD57.22%1.13315.15%332011-08-08
Boeing CoBOE287.93%3.10940%152021-07-19
Baron Oil Plc Ord 0.025pBOIL5.01%1.01613.64%222014-05-23
Boku, Inc. Cmn Shs Usd0.0001 (Di) Reg S Cat 3/144aBOKU67.66%1.49918.18%112018-10-12
Bonhill Group PLCBONH-9.46%0.95514.29%142019-07-23
Boohoo Group Plc Ord 1pBOO26.08%1.07916.67%242017-07-10
Audioboom Group Plc Ord Shs NpvBOOM21.91%1.04715.63%322009-05-29
Boot (Henry) Plc Ord 10pBOOT376.28%2.55531.82%221997-12-02
Borders & Southern Petroleum plcBOR-70.08%0.9313.89%722008-05-07
Best of the Best plcBOTB74.81%1.3322.22%182020-09-01
Hollywood Bowl Group Plc Ord 1pBOWL72.15%3.34533.33%32016-12-20
Tritax Eurobox Plc Ord Eur0.01 (Eur)BOXE5.41%1.0614.29%72018-10-15
Bodycote Plc Ord 17 3/11pBOY125.29%1.22316.28%431997-11-13
Bp Plc $0.25BP.125.01%1.7423.08%132020-03-16
BP plc 8% Preferred SharesBP.A86.21%6.48788.89%92020-03-23
BP plc 9% Preferred SharesBP.B83.71%3100%92015-07-24
b.p. Marsh & Partners Plc Ord 10pBPM169.91%2.04638.46%132012-11-08
Bridgepoint Group Plc Ord Gbp0.00005BPT21.76%1.28414.29%72021-08-25
Burberry Group Plc Ord 0.05pBRBY369.9%4.20738.46%132002-10-09
Brickability Group Plc Ord Gbp0.01BRCK40.5%1.65920%52020-02-05
Bluerock Diamonds Plc Ord 5pBRD737.15%2.5926.25%322014-10-01
Breedon Group Plc Ord NpvBREE162.28%2.18725%122014-07-16
Blencowe Resources Plc Ord 0.5pBRES10.08%1.11214.29%72020-11-13
Braveheart Investment Group plcBRH124.01%1.2219.51%412014-01-31
Ishares Ii Plc Ishares Bric 50 Ucits Etf Usd (Dist)BRIC32.44%1.19414.29%142007-07-26
Brooks Macdonald Group Plc Ord 1pBRK99.83%1.58425%162011-08-04
Blackrock Smaller Co Trust Plc Ord 25pBRSC249.81%3.0730.77%132011-03-17
Brandshield Systems Plc Ord 1pBRSD-84.82%00%52021-10-07
British Smaller Companies VCT2 PLCBSC27.58%2.51866.67%32022-09-05
BSF Enterprise PLCBSFA-45.51%00%12020-06-25
Baker Steel Resources Trust Limited Ord NpvBSRT-53.58%0.82316.67%242018-03-23
British Smaller Companies VCT plcBSV103.76%1.92353.85%132022-06-23
Ishares Iv Plc Ishares Nasdaq Us Biotec Ucits Usd (Acc)BTEC-14.93%00%12018-02-05
Wisdomtree Commodity Securities Limited Wisdomtree GoldBULL37.04%1.59520%52008-08-04
Lyxor $ Floating Rate Note UCITS ETF - DistBUOY-17.55%00%12018-03-21
Burford Capital LimitedBUR303.13%3.53342.86%142013-09-18
Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria SABVA224.82%2.23625%162020-09-23
Batm Advanced Communications Ld Ord Ils0.01BVC-38.39%0.95413.33%602000-11-23
Britvic PlcBVIC160.01%2.19825%122007-06-28
Baronsmead Venture Trust PLCBVT81.02%1.67714.29%72003-04-02
Bioventix Plc Ord 5pBVXP139.42%4.48157.14%72017-12-08
Brown (N) Group Plc Ord 11 1/19pBWNG-59.82%0.91113.73%512000-04-19
Bristol Water 8 3/4% Cum Irrd Pref ShsBWRA103.14%6.29377.78%92021-12-14
Bristol and West PLCBWSA136.73%2.12252.94%172021-10-15
Bellway Plc Ord 12.5pBWY396.05%2.3525.93%271996-03-21
Beximco Pharmaceuticals GDRBXP158.71%1.47226.92%262021-04-30
C4X Discovery Holdings PLCC4XD6.91%1.02218.18%222016-12-02
Capital & Regional plcCAL-10.8%0.98514.81%542004-04-20
Camellia Plc Ord 10pCAM-43%0.33717.65%171999-11-25
Central Asia Metals Plc Ord Usd0.01CAML145.94%1.95523.08%132011-04-01
Capital LtdCAPD100.24%1.50621.43%142011-03-11
Wisdomtree Commodity Securities Limited Wisdomtree CarbonCARB242.54%2.26325%162009-07-28
Wisdomtree Commodity Securities Limited Wisdomtree CarbonCARP164.19%1.69422.22%182011-06-14
Carr's Group Plc Ord 2.5pCARR-55.5%00%32016-01-14
Legal & General Ucits Etf Public Limited Company L&g-E Fund Msci China ACASE138.95%3.45933.33%62014-10-28
Legal & General Ucits Etf Public Limited Company L&g-E Fund Msci China ACASH150.76%4.12840%52014-11-21
Caspian Sunrise Plc Ord 1pCASP383.46%1.47919.05%632007-08-17
Centaur Media PlcCAU20.22%1.04415.63%322022-02-28
Ceiba Investments LtdCBA-62.03%00%32020-01-21
Close Brothers Group Plc Ord 25pCBG212.51%1.72523.08%261998-08-11
Cake Box Holdings Plc Ord Gbp0.01CBOX-35.1%0.74211.11%92018-10-29
Curtis Banks Group Plc Ord 0.5pCBP3.6%1.03914.29%72016-05-24
Ubs (Lux) Fund Solutions Ubsetf Blm Msci eur.ar.liq.c.eurCBSE-13.71%00%12017-12-13
Ishares Vii Plc Ishrs Usd Trsy Bond 1-3yr Etf Usd (Acc)CBU38.32%10.79950%22020-07-16
Cellular Goods Plc Ord Gbp0.001CBX-33.69%0.85411.76%172021-06-22
Ishares Vii Plc Ishrs Msci Canada Ucits Etf Usd (Acc)CCAU41.56%1.69320%52014-09-26
WisdomTree AT1 CoCo Bond UCITS ETF USDCCBO-16.49%00%12018-10-11
Computacenter plcCCC428.75%2.18225%321998-10-09
Coca-Cola Europacific Partners PLCCCEP-47.46%00%32019-06-28
Coca Cola HBC AGCCH20.41%1.30316.67%62013-10-08
Cc Japan Income & Growth Trust Plc Sub 0.1pCCJS-74.23%00%32021-06-09
Carnival Plc Ord Usd 1.66CCL200.23%1.53218.75%322001-02-19
Celtic Plc 6% Cnv Cum Prf 60pCCPA8.01%1.08954.55%112022-09-13
C&C Group PlcCCR13%29.89417.14%352020-01-22
Crossword Cybersecurity Plc Ord 0.5pCCS1%4.6921.43%282021-06-11
Cardiff Property PLCCDFF-37.41%0.72833.33%122022-06-10
Cloudbreak Discovery Plc Ord 0.1pCDL-70.8%0.5858.33%122021-09-23
Amundi Index Solutions Amundi Msci Eastern Europe Ex RussiaCE9U-33.24%00%22011-12-29
Lyxor MSCI Eastern Europe Ex Russia UCITS ETF ACECL-30.66%00%22013-03-26
Ishares Vii Plc Ishrs Msci Em Asia Ucits Etf Usd (Acc)CEMA68.53%3.17533.33%32011-06-21
Ishares v Public Limited Company Ishrs Msci Em Cnsmr Grwth Etf Usd (Acc)CEMG-16.93%00%12014-09-03
CEPS plcCEPS215.14%2.2937.5%162022-03-30
Cerillion Plc Ord 0.5pCER170.44%6.43360%52021-10-19
Centamin Plc Ord Npv (Di)CEY323.81%1.56420.45%442002-06-20
Colefax Group PlcCFX355.33%2.80452%252022-08-01
Georgia Capital Plc Ord 1pCGEO-58.47%00%42018-08-31
Chaarat Gold Holdings LtdCGH198.79%1.49518.75%322008-11-28
Canadian General Investments, Ld Com NpvCGI171.11%4.31957.14%72014-12-12
Conroy Gold And Natural Resources PlcCGNR-74.14%0.90312.07%582011-05-27
Contango Holdings Plc Ord 1pCGO55.54%2.19725%42020-11-04
Castings Plc Ord 10pCGS9.83%1.05213.33%151997-02-21
Chelverton Growth Trust plcCGW40.56%1.1225.93%272022-03-17
Chariot LtdCHAR302.6%1.38620%552008-09-18
Chemring Group Plc Ord 1pCHG309.96%1.79922.58%311996-01-12
Wisdomtree Foreign Exchange Limited Wisdomtree Short Chf Long GbpCHGB-23.29%00%22011-06-02
Churchill China plcCHH431.16%3.20253.85%262020-03-18
Icbc Credit Suisse Ucits Etf Sicav Icbccs Wisdomtree S&p Ch 500 Etf B UsdCHIN53.25%2.11225%42017-02-08
Icbc Credit Suisse Ucits Etf Sicav Icbccs Wisdomtree S&p Ch 500 B Usd(gbp)CHIP80.7%5.93150%22016-12-15
Chill Brands Group Plc Ord 1pCHLL-16.5%0.97214.29%422016-03-21
Cohort PLCCHRT230.73%2.50541.18%172020-03-26
Conygar Investment Company Plc (The) Ord 5pCIC58.29%1.34421.43%142022-05-11
City of London Group PlcCIN-61.45%0.90511.63%431996-07-24
Cineworld Group Plc Ord 1pCINE55.56%1.09617.07%412013-09-17
Calculus VCT PLCCLC-1%0.50314.81%542018-09-27
Cloudcoco Group PLCCLCO-46.83%00%32020-03-13
Caledonia Investments Plc Ord 5pCLDN170.16%3.6350%81998-06-30
Cls Holdings Plc Ord 2.5pCLI481.51%3.87942.11%191997-09-03
City of London Investment Group Plc Ord 1pCLIG86.98%1.64825%122011-03-02
Multi Units Luxembourg Lyx Etf Green Bond (Dr) AccCLIM-15.1%00%12017-08-31
Calnex Solutions Plc Ord Gbp0.00125CLX-15.19%00%12021-01-12
Ubs Ag Ubs Etc (Cmci Bcom) GbpCMBG-16.03%00%12017-05-09
Ubs Ag Ubs Etc (Cmci Bcom) UsdCMBU-17.91%00%12017-05-09
Ubs Ag Ubs Etc(ubs Bbg Cmci Composite Idx)usdCMCI37.94%1.67120%52012-05-09
Caledonia Mining Corporation Plc Com Shs Npv (Di)CMCL589.92%2.84625.93%272018-08-20
Ubs Ag Ubs Etc (Ubs Bbg Cmci Composite Idx) UsdCMCU67.16%3.133.33%32017-03-08
Cmc Markets Plc Ord 25pCMCX58.28%1.40220%102016-08-16
Capital Metals Plc Ord 0.2pCMET-64.17%00%42022-01-21
Ubs Ag Ubs Etc (Ubs Bbg Cmci Composite Idx) GbpCMGB73.1%3.21533.33%32017-03-08
CML Microsystems PlcCML-29.94%0.93719.35%312021-04-07
Invesco Markets Plc Invesco Bloomberg Commodity Ucits EtfCMOD154%4.32440%52017-05-09
Caerus Mineral Resources Plc Ord Gbp0.01CMRS-61.59%0.6610%102021-10-04
Centrica PLCCNA61.02%1.25916.67%181998-04-06
Multi Units France Lyxor Msci China a (Dr) Ucits Etf - AccCNAA45.59%1.7620%52015-05-18
Concurrent Technologies Plc Ord 1pCNC195.26%1.9523.53%172004-01-09
Ishares Vii Plc Ishrs Nasdaq 100 Ucits Etf Usd (Acc)CNDX255.52%6.66250%62011-03-15
Capricorn Energy Plc Ord 21/13pCNE473.99%1.81326.09%462004-08-10
China Nonferrous Gold Limited Ord Usd0.0001 (Di)CNG-75.68%0.84111.76%342014-02-27
Centralnic Group PLCCNIC239.21%2.54241.18%172019-08-20
Caledonian Trust PLCCNN67.89%1.25816.67%182015-11-02
Condor Gold PLCCNR235.45%1.32718%501998-11-05
Corero Network Security Plc Ord 1pCNS77.5%1.23220%252016-08-10
Ishares Iv Plc Ishs Msci China a Ucits Etf Usd (Acc)CNYA141.4%3.27733.33%62015-08-27
Coats Group Plc Ord 5pCOA87.66%1.81222.22%92017-06-16
Cobra Resources Plc Ord 1pCOBR-14.99%0.87811.11%92020-03-18
WisdomTree AT1 CoCo Bond UCITS ETF USD AccCOCB-19.6%00%12019-10-09
Compagnie de Saint Gobain SACOD101.74%1.94922.22%92010-09-02
WisdomTree AT1 CoCo Bond UCITS ETF USD HedgedCODO-15.78%00%12020-03-11
Wisdomtree Coffee ETCCOFF-26.87%0.88311.76%172007-04-20
Ubs (Cmci Coffee) Usd ETFCOFU55.45%2.17325%42017-04-26
Cambridge Cognition Holdings Plc Ord 1pCOG109.4%1.38521.05%192018-01-15
Legal & General Ucits Etf Public Limited Company L&g Longer Dated All CommoditiesCOMF41.03%1.6720%52011-08-08
Wisdomtree Commodity Securities Limited Wisdomtree CopperCOPA63.22%1.43218.18%112007-05-17
Canadian Overseas Petroleum LimitedCOPL167.07%1.26617.02%472014-07-04
Cora Gold LtdCORA23.09%1.08314.29%212018-02-05
Coro Energy PlcCORO2%6.11613.33%302007-07-18
Costain Group Plc Ord 50pCOST84.34%1.216.13%311998-10-09
Wisdomtree Commodity Securities Limited Wisdomtree CottonCOTN-6.52%0.96815.38%132007-04-27
City Pub Group Plc (The) Ord 1pCPC4%12.58218.52%272018-10-02
Compass Group plcCPG178.37%1.84322.22%182020-03-11
Clean Power Hydrogen Plc Ord Gbp0.01CPH2-54.53%00%32022-05-24
Capita PLCCPI178.84%1.3321.95%412000-03-20
CPPGroup PlcCPP-85.54%0.88911.86%592012-04-02
Cap-XX LimitedCPX40.25%1.0514.75%612010-06-15
Lyxor Lyxor Bbg Equal-Weight Commo Ex-AgrCRAL-32.37%00%22017-12-11
Lyxor Lyxor Bbg Equal-Weight Commo Ex-AgrCRAU-17.06%0.85425%42017-02-17
Multi Units Luxembourg Ly Commo Thomson R/corecommo Crb - AccCRBU4.65%1.04914.29%72013-03-07
Circle Property Plc Ord NpvCRC21.68%1.53860%52020-03-23
Croda International Plc Ord 10.609756pCRDA411.21%7.79755.56%91995-10-24
Conduit Holdings Limited Com Shs Usd0.01 (Di)CRE-29.67%00%22021-03-23
Creo Medical Group Plc Ord Gbp0.001CREO11.3%1.03417.39%232018-03-29
CRH PLCCRH244.78%2.8428.57%142018-10-12
Ishares Plc Ish Global Corp Bond Etf Gbp-H DCRHG-15.09%00%12018-07-24
Creightons Plc Ord 1pCRL-53.24%0.93512.77%472016-12-07
Lyx Comdts Rfntv/CoreComdt CRB EXEngy TRUCITSETF ACRNO-46.37%00%32013-02-19
James Cropper PLCCRPR100.26%1.31931.03%292017-10-25
Crystal Amber Fund LimitedCRS78.67%1.42142.86%212017-06-12
Crest Nicholson Holdings Plc Ord 5pCRST62.83%1.47618.18%112013-09-02
Craneware Plc Ord 1pCRW25.99%1.12833.33%212018-10-15
Crown Place VCT PlcCRWN35.68%1.94350%42020-06-22
Ossiam Lux Ossiam Risk Wght Commo Exg Etf-UsdCRWU-30.5%00%22013-12-18
Cornerstone Fs Plc Ord 1pCSFS-65.56%00%42021-08-06
Chesnara PlcCSN77.02%1.62820%102005-03-23
Countryside Partnerships PLCCSP91.55%1.88122.22%92016-10-12
Croma Security Solutions Group PLCCSSG127.55%1.71621.43%142017-05-08
Catenae Innovation PLCCTEA-72.02%0.86315.15%332019-05-14
Convatec Group Plc Ord 10pCTEC33.58%1.51120%52017-02-13
Christie Group Plc Ord 2pCTG175.19%1.39821.21%332014-07-09
Cleantech Lithium Plc Ord Gbp0.01CTL84.64%6.55350%22022-07-19
Tclarke PLCCTO269.28%1.81123.08%262000-09-20
Currys Plc Ord 0.1pCURY11.47%1.01916.28%432011-02-23
Cvs Group Plc Ord 0.2pCVSG438.32%3.63438.89%182008-04-14
Amundi Index Solutions Amundi Msci World EnergyCWEU78.19%3.98550%22016-03-24
Cranswick Plc Ord 10pCWK410.53%6.47350%101999-11-22
Ceres Power Holdings plcCWR328.24%1.49618.18%552005-03-31
Ubs Ag Ubs Etc (Cmci Ex Agri & Livs Cap) UsdCXAD78.85%5.38550%22019-05-08
Ubs Ag Ubs Etc (Cmci Ex Agri & Livs Cap) GbpCXAS76.41%5.08750%22019-05-08
Ubs (Irl) Fund Solutions Plc Ubsetf Cmci Ex-Agriculture UsdCXAU65.31%2.90733.33%32017-04-24
THAMES VENTURES VCT 2 PLC DP67 OrdD467-1%00%62015-12-16
D4t4 Solutions PLCD4T4381.56%1.83835.14%372016-06-16
Dalata Hotel Group PLCDAL92.06%1.87722.22%92016-02-17
Darktrace Plc Ord Gbp0.01DARK-89.4%00%62021-08-10
GlobalData PLCDATA229.24%2.90346.67%152020-03-17
DCC plcDCC11%74.61133.33%181998-03-12
Directa Plus Plc Ord 0.25pDCTA26.08%1.14815.38%132017-05-02
Deltic Energy Plc Ord 0.5pDELT85.59%6.4750%22021-02-10
Deltex Medical Group Plc Ord 1pDEMG2.51%1.00413.33%452003-10-01
Destiny Pharma Plc Ord Gbp0.01DEST17.6%1.09714.29%142018-05-31
Dev Clever Holdings Plc Ord Gbp0.01DEV138.99%3.94440%52019-06-10
Devolver Digital, Inc. Com Shs Usd0.0001 (Di) Reg S Cat 3/144aDEVO-15.15%00%12022-03-08
Wisdomtree Issuer Icav Wisdomtree Europe Smallcap Div Ucits EtfDFE-14.52%00%12015-05-12
Wisdomtree Issuer Icav Wt Smcap Div - AccDFEA53.97%2.125%42017-06-26
Wisdomtree Issuer Icav Wisdomtree Europe Smallcap Div Ucits EtfDFEE52.71%2.06625%42015-06-18
Wisdomtree Issuer Icav Wt Smcap Div - AccDFEP-28.8%00%22017-09-26
DFS Furniture PLCDFS-39.95%0.71710%102011-11-29
Diageo plcDGE189.44%2.88130%102011-03-11
Diageo Plc Adr (4:1)DGED-48.87%00%32014-07-09
Dg Innovate Plc Ord Gbp0.001DGI-15.5%00%12022-10-11
Ishares Ii Plc Ishrs Global Water Ucits Etf Usd (Dist)DH2O119.3%2.40428.57%72007-11-14
Dialight Plc Ord 1.89pDIA112.5%1.29616.67%302006-05-24
Distil Plc Ord 0.1pDIS51.11%1.2115.79%192014-08-20
Amala Foods PLCDISH350.32%2.34126.09%232018-11-22
Diverse Income Trust (The) Plc Ord 0.1pDIVI39.23%1.64520%52014-04-01
De La Rue Plc Ord 44 152/175pDLAR-89.54%0.84512.82%391995-11-29
Direct Line Insurance Group Plc Ord 10 10/11pDLG-14.99%00%12013-02-05
Doric Nimrod Air Two LtdDNA212.32%1.16316.67%62013-06-26
Doric Nimrod Air Three LtdDNA3-63.92%00%42014-06-18
Dunedin Enterprise Investment Trust Plc Ord 25pDNE91.82%1.53320%152021-10-01
Diurnal Group PLCDNL83.03%1.38117.65%172018-08-14
Dunelm Group plcDNLM194.8%1.9622.22%182007-05-10
Dr. Martens Plc Ord Gbp0.01DOCS-60.03%00%42021-08-19
Domino's Pizza Group Plc Ord 25/48pDOM389.7%4.67441.67%122002-06-10
Dotdigital Group Plc Ord 0.5pDOTD322.94%5.2744.44%92012-03-28
DP Eurasia NVDPEU-55.36%0.7811.11%182018-04-10
Dechra Pharmaceuticals Plc Ord 1pDPH354.47%2.67431.58%192001-03-27
Diploma PLCDPLM519.24%4.06138.89%181996-07-01
Dp Poland Plc Ord 0.5pDPP-72.82%0.84214.71%342015-03-18
Driver Group PlcDRV-87.99%0.75915.38%262013-01-25
Drax Group Plc Ord 11 16/29pDRX40.15%1.1615%202006-05-19
Discoverie Group Plc Ord 5pDSCV122.05%1.32817.86%281996-07-29
Downing Strtgc Mcro-Cap Invstmt Trst PLCDSM26.29%1.35816.67%62018-03-20
Dignity Plc Ord 12 48/143pDTY88.45%1.29617.39%232005-07-29
Devro Plc Ord 10pDVO77.72%1.22224.14%291998-05-13
Dwf Group Plc Ord 1pDWF-6.22%0.94212.5%82020-03-12
Dewhurst Group Ord ShsDWHA303.54%10.46466.67%62013-03-21
Dewhurst Group Ord ShsDWHT175.26%1.77544%252021-11-03
Diaceutics Plc Ord Gbp0.002DXRX-35.01%00%22020-03-17
Eenergy Group Plc Ord 0.3pEAAS16.84%1.21216.67%62020-04-06
Eco Animal Health Group PlcEAH-63.36%0.76625%202017-10-17
Ebiquity plcEBQ-24.51%0.87726.32%192022-03-07
Eurocell PLCECEL51.82%1.68144.44%92020-03-11
Eckoh PLCECK60.4%1.25516.67%182003-09-19
Eco Atlantic Oil & Gas LtdECO286.21%2.34627.78%182017-11-30
Ecsc Group PLCECSC-66.14%0.73711.76%172017-10-17
Eden Research Plc Ord 1pEDEN36.51%1.09216.13%312013-04-16
Egdon Resources Plc Ord 1pEDR472.34%1.60222.41%582005-04-20
Ecofin Global Utilities and Infrastructure Trust Plc Ord 1pEGL98%3100%12016-12-20
East Imperial Plc Ord 1pEISB41.66%1.68620%52021-10-14
Eleco PLCELCO440.33%1.81522.73%442014-03-04
Ecclesiastical Insurance Office PLCELLA14.79%1.30563.64%112015-06-26
Elementis Plc Ord 5pELM276.17%1.61921.21%331998-06-22
Everyman Media Group Plc Ord 10pEMAN144.26%2.35536.36%112016-12-23
Ishares v Public Limited Company Ish Jpm $Em Corp Bnd Etf Usd AccEMCA22.24%13.09375%42020-04-23
Ishares v Public Limited Company Ishrs $ Em Corp Bond Ucits Etf Usd DistEMCR-15.25%00%12012-10-29
Empyrean Energy Plc Ord 0.2pEME235.08%1.22215.85%822006-05-18
Man Group Plc Ord Usd0.0342857142EMG363.02%1.83523.68%381998-08-03
Ssga Spdr Etfs Europe I Plc Spdr Em Inflation Linked Bond Ucits EtfEMIL2%45.79525%42014-01-29
Emis Group Plc Ord 1pEMIS227.54%4.82842.86%72011-05-11
Emmerson Plc Ord NpvEML32.12%1.12116.67%182018-10-26
Pimco Etfs Public Limited Company Pimco Em Adv Local Bond Ucits Usd InEMLI-46.62%00%32014-09-16
Empresaria Group plcEMR460.73%2.31730%302021-12-21
Wisdomtree Commodity Securities Limited Wisdomtree Energy Longer DatedENEF-87.95%0.5347.69%132008-08-22
Ethernity Networks LtdENET79.57%1.33516.67%182018-02-28
Energean Plc Ord 1pENOG174.85%2.4827.27%112018-11-16
Enquest Plc Ord 5pENQ158.15%1.36517.65%342010-07-02
Entain Plc Ord Eur0.01ENT-41.86%00%32021-10-01
Enwell Energy Plc Ord 5pENW160.83%1.12116.49%972018-05-08
Europa Oil & Gas (Holdings) PlcEOG41.25%1.05815.09%532005-05-24
Amundi Index Solutions Amundi Index Ftse Epra Nareit Global DrEPRA-15.02%00%12017-10-19
Epwin Group Plc Ord 0.05pEPWN-15.11%00%12015-01-16
Equals Group PLCEQLS49.6%1.82920%52019-10-01
Eqtec Plc Ord Eur0.001 (Cdi)EQT-49.83%0.89211.76%342017-05-22
Ergomed Plc Ord 1pERGO37.91%1.36420%102017-04-27
Ishares Iv Plc Ishs Eur Ultrashort Bd Ucits Etf (Dist)ERN1-15.31%00%12014-01-20
iShares Corp Bond 0-5yr UCITS ETF GBP (Dist)ES15-32.98%00%22012-06-25
Essentra Plc Ord 25pESNT69.89%1.32817.65%172005-10-17
East Star Resources Plc Ord Gbp0.01EST-46.12%00%32022-05-17
Essensys Plc Ord 0.25pESYS-27.5%0.820%102021-12-20
Wisdomtree Foreign Exchange Limited Wisdomtree Long Eur Short Gbp 3x DailyEUP3-50.85%00%42011-05-26
Wisdomtree 5X Long Eur Short Gbp ETCEUP524.45%1.51720%52016-05-31
Experian plcEXPN183.39%2.68730%102013-08-13
Eagle Eye Solutions Group PLCEYE137.87%1.85428.57%142017-06-13
Easyjet Plc Ord 27 2/7pEZJ98.91%1.19915.79%382001-03-28
Fusion Antibodies PLCFAB116.83%1.40219.05%212020-03-13
Invesco US HY Fall Angel UCITS ETF GBP Hgd AccFAGB-15.99%00%12018-02-23
Wisdomtree Commodity Securities Limited Wisdomtree Broad Commodities Longer DateFAIG30.12%1.4320%52008-09-11
Volution Group Plc Ord Gbp0.01FAN758.08%3.87530.43%232007-07-30
Faron Pharmaceuticals OyFARN142.1%1.55923.53%172018-03-12
Leverage Shares Public Limited Company Levshares 2x Facebook EtpFB288.81%1.39120%152018-05-04
Leverage Shares Public Limited Company Levshares 2x Facebook EtpFB2E-35.95%0.76210%102020-03-31
Wisdomtree Commodity Securities Limited Wisdomtree Brent Crude Oil Longer DatedFBRT14.36%1.07515.38%132012-06-20
Finncap Group PLCFCAP-20.43%0.89125%162021-08-05
Fulcrum Utility Services Ld Ord 0.1p (Di)FCRM-44.57%0.89320.59%342018-04-20
Feedback Plc Ord 0.25pFDBK175.57%1.19416.18%682001-01-26
Frontier Developments Plc Ord 0.5pFDEV65.97%1.322.22%182017-12-12
FDM Group (Holdings) PLCFDM2%50.17742.86%72010-06-30
FD Technologies PLCFDP269.78%2.02430.77%262014-01-27
Fundsmith Emerging Equities Trust PLCFEET-13.66%00%12014-12-01
Frenkel Topping Group Plc Ord 0.5pFEN39.21%1.11834.78%232022-03-10
Ferguson PLCFERG395.53%2.19525%321996-02-12
Fevertree Drinks Plc Ord 0.25pFEVR304.95%2.6127.78%182015-02-13
Firstgroup Plc Ord 5pFGP136.34%1.30417.14%351998-06-03
Finsbury Food Group Plc Ord 1pFIF112.73%1.38221.74%232003-09-19
FIH Group PLCFIH306.28%2.28222.73%222018-07-18
Wisdomtree Commodity Securities Limited Wisdomtree Industrial Metals Longer DateFIND89.05%1.7622.22%92008-04-21
Fiske plcFKE125.92%2.71633.33%62004-09-08
Fletcher King plcFLK292.37%2.24234.78%232022-02-24
Flowtech Fluidpower Plc Ord 50pFLO68.28%1.49918.18%112014-12-18
iShares $ Floating Rate Bd UCITS ETF GBP Hgd DistFLOS-16.48%00%12018-05-04
Fintel Plc Ord Gbp0.01FNTL-30.39%00%22021-07-13
Fonix Mobile Plc Ord 0.1pFNX-14.88%00%12021-06-01
Falcon Oil & Gas Ltd. Com Shs Npv (Di)FOG-36.74%0.89112%252017-05-26
Forterra Plc Ord 1pFORT111.21%2.22725%82016-08-15
4imprint Group Plc Ord 38 6/13pFOUR419.99%2.04925.81%312000-12-05
First Property Group PLCFPO159.05%2.12225%122004-04-30
Fragrant Prosperity Holdings Limited Ord Npv (Di)FPP-14.48%0.88411.11%92018-07-04
Franchise Brands Plc Ord 0.5pFRAN18.8%1.23316.67%62017-06-14
Frasers Group Plc Ord 10pFRAS374.54%2.15825.93%272007-06-05
Fresnillo PlcFRES145.35%1.59119.05%212008-09-18
Firering Strategic Minerals Plc Ord Eur0.001 (Di)FRG84.81%6.62450%22022-02-16
Frp Advisory Group Plc Ord 0.1pFRP-14.89%00%12020-06-17
Foresight Solar Fund LtdFSFL-15.11%00%12014-12-03
Foresight Group Holdings Limited Ord NpvFSG141.37%1.53923.81%212021-04-13
Fisher (James) & Sons Plc Ord 25pFSJ278.66%2.2830%201997-11-06
Filtronic Plc Ord 0.1pFTC585.81%1.63921.13%712000-01-19
Foresight Enterprise VCT PLCFTF-81.65%0.49421.43%142018-01-26
Foresight Solar & Technology VCT PLCFTSV-29.46%0.12833.33%32018-11-20
Foresight VCT PlcFTV27.24%1.13931.25%162022-06-09
Fulham Shore PLCFUL-55.56%0.63910%102016-06-16
Futura Medical plc.FUM318.6%1.57620.45%442016-11-01
Future Plc Ord 15pFUTR339.65%1.82322.22%362005-06-13
Franklin Liberty Euro Green Bond UCITS ETFFVUG-15.53%00%12020-04-23
Forward Partners Group Plc Ord Gbp0.01FWD-64.46%00%42022-02-25
Ferrexpo Plc Ord 10pFXPO361.12%1.4918.97%582008-03-19
FinEx Tradable Russian Corporate Bd UCITS ETF USDFXRU-84.58%0.31120%52020-03-12
G3 Exploration LtdG3E6%12.53423.81%422014-04-24
Gear4music (Holdings) Plc Ord 10pG4M-5.3%0.97314.29%142017-03-15
General Accident Plc 8 7/8% Cum Irrd Prf #1GACA72.05%2.17460%102018-03-13
Galantas Gold CorpGAL156.41%1.2918.6%432017-05-03
Gamma Communications Plc Ord 0.25pGAMA182.35%2.85230%102015-01-21
Games Workshop Group Plc Ord 5pGAW376.68%1.94726.47%341997-07-28
Gb Group Plc Ord 2.5pGBG204.2%1.34419.05%422000-05-10
Wisdomtree Foreign Exchange Limited Wisdomtree Long Jpy Short GbpGBJP-20.51%00%22011-05-20
Global Petroleum Limited Ord NpvGBP135.92%1.20616%502005-07-21
WisdomTree Long EUR Short GBPGBUR-7.74%00%12011-11-11
Golden Rock Global PLCGCG-8.08%0.96521.43%142021-03-18
Geiger Counter Limited Ord NpvGCL-1.68%0.99613.79%292011-03-16
Gcm Resources Plc Ord 1pGCM546.6%1.6420%702007-06-12
Goldplat Plc Ord 1pGDP144.83%1.41219.23%262007-03-12
Genedrive Plc Ord 1.5pGDR-7.12%0.98815.91%442013-09-25
Goodwin Plc Ord 10pGDWN426.15%4.01837.5%161998-01-26
Great Eastern Energy Corporation Ltd.GEEC-81.57%0.76819.23%262021-11-12
Genuit Group Plc Ord Gbp0.001GEN-74.2%00%52021-07-06
Genflow Biosciences Plc Ord Gbp0.0003GENF-46.1%00%32022-05-13
Genel Energy Plc Ord 10pGENL0.63%1.00213.33%302012-03-20
Getbusy Plc Ord 0.15pGETB69.39%1.71625%82020-03-18
Grand Fortune High Grade Limited Ord Gbp0.0001 (Di)GFHG85.22%6.62450%22020-06-12
Griffin Mining LtdGFM283.69%1.55619.51%412003-02-05
Galliford Try Holdings Plc Ord 50pGFRD311.55%1.66422.86%351998-07-28
Greatland Gold plcGGP11.36%1.01214.86%742018-01-23
Gresham House Plc Ord 25pGHE428.42%2.11935.14%372019-08-15
Gooch & Housego,GHH564.83%3.1634.62%262011-10-17
Gresham Technologies Plc Ord 5pGHT196.53%1.25518.18%552003-11-14
Multi Units Luxembourg Lyxor Uk Government Bond 0-5y EtfGIL5-15.09%00%12017-01-26
Guild Esports Plc Ord Gbp0.001GILD-82.7%0.547.69%132021-04-07
Global Invacom Group Limited Ord Npv (Di)GINV-50.53%0.66411.11%92015-10-08
Gulf Keystone Petroleum Ltd Com Shs Usd1.00 (Di)GKP-70.97%0.90712.9%622010-01-27
Mj Gleeson Plc Ord 2pGLE162.98%1.46523.33%301998-08-05
Glencore PLCGLEN60.34%1.25916.67%182020-02-28
Contourglobal PLCGLO64.67%3.17333.33%32018-09-18
Galileo Resources Plc Ord 0.1pGLR-78.98%0.85215%402017-08-14
Gama Aviation Plc Ord 1pGMAA-44.49%0.81813.33%152015-04-08
Gabelli Merger Plus+ Trust Plc Ord Usd0.01GMP-37.63%00%22018-05-24
Gaming Realms PLCGMR3.79%1.01213.04%232015-03-31
Genus Plc Ord 10pGNS484.21%6.96750%122002-11-14
Good Energy Group PlcGOOD173.88%2.40127.27%112013-04-04
Leverage Shares Public Limited Company Levshares 2x Alphabet EtpGOOE-18.87%0.84312.5%82020-02-05
Grit Real Estate Income Group Limited Ord NpvGR1T6%106.70840%52021-05-20
Grafenia PLCGRA51.62%1.20418.75%162014-01-16
Greggs Plc Ord 2pGRG249.47%2.58531.25%161999-09-17
Grainger Plc Ord 5pGRI396.07%2.20428.57%281997-07-03
Gresham House Energy Storage Fund PLCGRID-30.88%00%22020-03-11
Greenroc Mining Plc Ord 0.1pGROC-50.98%00%32022-01-20
Molten Ventures PLCGROW-78.34%0.59113.33%152018-08-03
Leverage Shares Public Limited Company Levshares 2x Goldman EtpGS277.41%1.54720%102018-05-30
Leverage Shares Public Limited Company Levshares 2x Goldman EtpGS2E153.89%3.83540%52019-08-15
Great Southern Copper Plc Ord Gbp0.01GSCU-30.08%00%22022-03-25
GSK plcGSK70.47%2.26120%51998-02-25
Gateley Holdings PLCGTLY167.75%6.62250%42016-06-23
GUS Common StockGUS112.44%2.20540%102021-11-30
Globalworth Real Estate Investments Limited Ord NpvGWI-75.87%0.16214.29%72018-10-25
Great Western Mining Corporation PlcGWMO5.07%1.00813.64%442011-11-25
The Gym Group Plc Ord 0.01pGYM104.06%1.53218.75%162016-02-08
Hansa Investment Company Limited 'A' Non Vtg Ord 1p (Di)HANA202.74%2.67850%162017-12-11
Harland & Wolff Group Holdings Plc Ord 1pHARL71.1%1.10414.81%542010-04-29
Hays Plc Ord 1pHAS450.27%2.01922.22%361997-03-05
H&t Group Plc Ord 5pHAT157.86%2.11925%122007-08-01
Haydale Graphene Industries Plc Ord 2pHAYD99.88%1.25216.13%312014-08-22
Harbour Energy Plc Ord 0.002pHBR396.26%1.56220.69%581998-02-27
Highcroft Investments Plc Ord 25pHCFT88.75%2.35733.33%62022-02-09
HUTCHMED (China) LtdHCM247.29%1.65121.88%322015-02-11
Hardide Plc Ord 4pHDD316.48%1.53721.74%462005-10-11
Holders Technology plcHDT254.93%1.91130.43%232022-08-15
Helium One Global Ltd Ord Npv (Di)HE121.66%1.26816.67%62021-07-14
Headlam Group Plc Ord 5pHEAD218.93%1.76124%251996-12-23
Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals PLCHEMO204.77%2.1425%162018-02-09
Halfords Group Plc Ord 1pHFD-53.32%0.8511.54%262004-10-04
Hilton Food Group Plc Ord 10pHFG238.11%4.98542.86%72008-01-17
Hydrogenone Capital Growth Plc Ord Gbp0.01HGEN-15.36%00%12022-02-07
iShares High Yield Corp Bond UCITS ETF EUR AHIGH-15.04%00%12018-03-23
Hikma Pharmaceuticals Plc Ord Shs 10pHIK216.68%2.26425%162006-02-09
Hill & Smith Holdings Plc Ord 25pHILS321.08%1.88525%281996-06-20
Hong Kong Land Holdings Ld Ord Us$0.10(jersey Reg)HKLJ-81.02%00%32020-10-01
Hargreaves Lansdown Plc Ord 0.4pHL.262.45%3.01930.77%132007-11-13
Helical Plc Ord 1pHLCL376.15%2.4734.62%261998-07-28
Halma Plc Ord 10pHLMA437.71%3.98937.5%161997-01-17
Harvest Minerals Limited Ord Npv (Di)HMI196.87%1.63820%252016-03-14
Wisdomtree Commodity Securities Limited Wisdomtree Lean HogsHOGS-61.59%0.76610.53%192007-09-25
Honeywell International IncHON174.8%11.80866.67%32011-05-18
Henderson Opportunities Trust Plc Ord 25pHOT58.58%1.2525%242014-03-28
Hotel Chocolat Group Plc Ord 0.1pHOTC114.94%2.53328.57%72017-02-06
Hornby PlcHRN343.15%1.9325.81%311997-08-19
HSBC Holdings plcHSBA18.76%1.0714.29%212020-03-16
Henderson Smaller Companies Inv Trst PLCHSL298.34%1.90624.14%292000-04-17
Samuel Heath and Sons PLCHSM-57.37%0.66516.67%122018-10-04
Hargreaves Services Plc Ord 10pHSP79.1%1.36517.65%172006-05-18
Hss Hire Group Plc Ord Gbp0.01HSS9%18.96216.67%362015-06-19
Homeserve Plc Ord 2 9/13pHSV330.18%2.90940%152006-05-04
Hostelworld Group Plc Ord Eur0.01HSW100.09%1.50518.75%162016-05-26
Hiscox Ltd Ord 6.5p (Di)HSX437.78%3.42336.84%191998-05-01
Hunting plcHTG443.42%1.80723.4%471998-09-10
Helios Towers PLCHTWS-46.58%00%32020-01-31
Hurricane Energy PLCHUR128.43%1.19516.67%482014-07-16
Helios Underwriting PLCHUW162.49%1.99841.18%172021-06-29
Heavitree Brewery Plc Ord 5pHVT-66.86%0.72625%162021-06-07
Howden Joinery Group Plc Ord 10pHWDN271.89%3.32433.33%122011-03-09
Harworth Group Plc Ord 10pHWG79.88%4.9950%22015-08-25
Invesco US High Yield Fallen Angels UCITS ETF DistHYFA-21.26%00%12017-03-10
iShares High Yield Corp Bond UCITS ETF USD Hgd AHYGU-15.79%00%12018-05-22
Hyve Group Plc Ord 10pHYVE111.13%1.19215.56%451998-08-26
Horizonte Minerals PlcHZM100.06%1.16318.75%482016-09-23
I3 Energy PLCI3E295.59%1.79820%302017-11-17
International Consolidated Airlns Grp SAIAG143.53%1.22316%501996-04-30
IBM Common StockIBM-33.67%00%22010-08-17
Ienergizer Limited Ord 1pIBPO-76.95%0.76816%252013-10-18
Ibstock Plc Ord 1pIBST-30.31%00%22016-02-26
Irish Continental Group Plc Uts (Comp 1 Ord Eur0.065 & 10 Red) (Cdi)ICGC152.38%1.8840%102005-01-27
Iconic Labs PLCICON213.33%2.34933.33%122020-03-30
Intermediate Capital Group Plc Ord 26 1/4pICP610.75%3.33337.93%292000-10-13
Integrated Diagnostics Holdings Plc Ord Usd0.25IDHC-6.69%0.93712.5%82016-04-07
Ishares Ii Plc Ishrs Global Infra Ucits Etf Usd (Dist)IDIN-1%0.9914.29%72007-07-23
IGAS Energy PLCIGAS258.07%1.37618.18%552008-05-20
Ig Group Holdings Plc Ord 0.005pIGG238.25%5.02242.86%72005-08-15
Intercede Group plcIGP26.7%1.05714.71%342014-04-03
Ig Design Group Plc Ord 5pIGR542.93%2.34730.56%362015-06-23
Income & Growth Vct (The) Plc Ord 1pIGV81.95%2.12260%102022-08-16
Intercontinental Hotels Group Plc Ord 20 340/399pIHG332.96%3.49533.33%152003-07-22
Integrafin Holdings Plc Ord 1pIHP112%299.00719.05%212018-10-10
iShares High Yield Corp Bond UCITS ETF EUR DIHYG-14.96%00%12010-12-01
3i Group plcIII385.56%2.24725%281995-11-30
Ilika Plc Ord 1pIKA-33.83%0.93113.89%362014-11-11
Imperial Brands PLCIMB277.09%3.54133.33%121997-07-03
Imc Exploration Group Plc Ord Eur0.001 (Cdi)IMC115.24%2.43728.57%72019-12-16
Imi Plc Ord 28 4/7pIMI293.84%2.5227.78%181996-09-25
ImmuPharma PLCIMM7.27%1.0113.21%532006-05-26
Immotion Group Plc Ord Gbp0.00040108663IMMO224.94%2.19725%162018-10-12
Inchcape Plc Ord 10pINCH338.87%1.94522.58%311995-11-23
Indus Gas Limited Ord 1pINDI159.9%1.51523.08%262009-03-23
Indivior Plc Ord Usd0.10INDV345.68%3.46435.71%142015-04-01
Informa PLCINF400.37%2.37629.63%272000-01-27
Ingenta PLCING71.42%1.73540%102022-05-05
Inland Homes Plc Ord 10pINL94.97%1.44218.75%162007-09-25
Inland Zdp Prf ShsINLZ-2.83%0.92540%52022-09-13
Investment Company PLC (THE)INV11.86%1.14537.5%82020-04-06
Investec Plc Ord Gbp0.0002INVP128.22%1.47821.05%192003-01-20
Investec Plc Non-Red Non-Cum Non-Part Prf Shs 1pINVR-22.98%0.78236.36%112022-05-10
I-Nexus Global Plc Ord 10pINX25.1%1.09217.65%172018-09-27
Iofina plcIOF181.38%1.28216.67%482008-10-07
Iog Plc Ord 1pIOG484.7%2.13325.71%352014-01-03
Iomart Group Plc Ord 1pIOM190.38%1.64420.83%242012-05-09
Ishares Physical Metals Plc Ishares Physical Palladium EtcIPDM262.76%8.71560%52011-10-06
Impellam Group Plc Ord 1pIPEL189.31%2.01245.45%222011-11-04
International Personal Finance Plc Ord 10pIPF74.23%1.22315.38%262008-01-10
IP Group PlcIPO-7.05%0.98312.9%312005-05-03
Impax Asset Management Group PlcIPX388.36%2.18638.24%342018-01-22
IQ-AI LtdIQAI-30.18%0.86511.76%172019-02-11
IQGeo Group PLCIQG56.5%1.33321.43%142022-08-02
iShares Core FTSE 100 UCITS ETF GBP DistISF49.26%2.12825%42002-06-14
Itm Power Plc Ord 5pITM235.69%1.26915.94%692004-12-10
Intertek Group plcITRK350.88%13.03366.67%62002-09-11
ITV plcITV122.3%1.25816.67%362000-10-13
Itaconix Plc Ord 1pITX54.13%1.1318.18%332015-11-11
Intelligent Ultrasound Group Plc Ord 1pIUG-15.07%00%12022-07-29
Invesco Select Tst plc BALANCED RISK ALLOC SHS 1PIVPB36.14%3.20166.67%62022-02-16
Iwg Plc Ord 1pIWG357.4%1.56220.83%482001-03-15
I(x) Net Zero Plc Ord NpvIX.-47.6%00%32022-05-24
Jangada Mines Plc Ord Gbp0.0004JAN212.55%2.13825%162017-10-18
Jardine Matheson Holdings LimitedJAR-19.66%00%12022-07-22
Bluejay Mining PLCJAY74.11%1.21114.81%272014-06-10
Jd Sports Fashion Plc Ord 0.05pJD.600.51%2.38931.58%382016-02-09
Judges Scientific Plc Ord 5pJDG397.25%3.31141.18%172004-12-29
Wetherspoon ( j.d.) Plc Ord 2pJDW274.45%1.60223.08%391998-08-03
Jersey Electricity Plc 'A'ord 5pJEL16%116.55566.67%122022-03-10
Jet2 Plc Ord 1.25pJET2742.91%2.11133.33%662005-02-22
Jupiter Green Investment Trust PlcJGC150.49%2.57757.14%142021-06-29
Jarvis Securities Plc Ord 0.25pJIM290.82%2.36326.32%192014-10-24
Jubilee Metals Group Plc Ord 1pJLP94.5%1.13414.81%542004-06-29
Johnson Matthey Plc Ord 110 49/53pJMAT323.56%2.91129.41%171995-12-20
JPMorgan Mid Cap Investment Trust PLCJMF203.01%2.05423.53%172000-04-05
Journeo PLCJNEO91.71%3100%12020-03-18
SPDR Bloomberg Euro High Yield Bond UCITS ETF DistJNKE288.93%20.29675%42013-02-05
Jersey Oil and Gas Plc Ord 1pJOG141.71%1.1718.87%532017-01-31
Joules Group Plc Ord 1pJOUL55.38%1.12617.86%282017-04-28
Leverage Shares Public Limited Company Levshares 2x Jpmorgan EtpJP2E-17.55%0.86111.11%92019-07-31
Jpel Private Equity Limited Usd Eqty Shs NpvJPEL-51.78%0.64233.33%152021-11-10
Jadestone Energy Plc Ord Gbp0.001JSE21.08%1.27916.67%62019-07-23
Johnson Service Group Plc Ord 10pJSG221.03%1.45818.42%381998-10-29
Jtc Plc Ord Gbp0.01JTC88.97%7.07450%22018-10-10
Jupiter Fund Management Plc Ord 2pJUP-51.59%0.6519.09%112010-11-18
Just Group Plc Ord 10pJUST-2.62%0.98713.33%152014-04-02
K3 Capital Group Plc Ord 1pK3C98.78%1.92922.22%92018-02-09
Kape Technologies Plc Ord Usd0.0001KAPE248.14%2.03928.57%212017-06-13
Kings Arms Yard Vct Plc Ord 1pKAY-20.54%0.32633.33%32018-06-21
K3 Business Technology Group Plc Ord 25pKBT107.03%1.25325%362022-01-21
Kin and Carta Plc Ord 10pKCT57.18%1.56533.33%92019-07-30
Cadence Minerals Plc Ord 1pKDNC-60.88%0.92913.11%612013-12-18
Kendrick Resources Plc Ord Gbp0.0003KEN-14.06%00%12022-08-16
Strix Group Plc Ord 1pKETL8.66%1.09614.29%72018-02-26
Keystone Law Group Plc Ord 0.2pKEYS154.23%4.51740%52018-03-28
Kingfisher plcKGF107.43%1.37317.39%231996-10-14
Knights Group Holdings Plc Ord 0.2pKGH-1.1%0.98916.67%62018-10-11
Kier Group Plc Ord 1pKIE43.09%1.09714.71%341997-03-21
Kinovo Plc Ord 10pKINO41.13%1.78425%42022-05-11
Kistos Plc Ord Gbp0.10KIST99.08%3100%12021-05-11
Kitwave Group Plc Ord Gbp0.01KITW-15.07%00%12021-08-19
Keller Group Plc Ord 10pKLR290.66%1.96926.92%261997-07-07
Kromek Group PLCKMK13.7%1.06913.33%152014-04-24
Kenmare Resources Plc Ord Eur0.001 (Cdi)KMR18.16%1.02412.9%621996-12-12
Kainos Group Plc Ord 0.5pKNOS337.36%6.66150%82016-04-04
Kooth Plc Ord 5pKOO-59.4%00%42022-01-12
Kosmos Energy Ltd Com Shs Usd0.01 (Di)KOS102.22%1.53820%152018-06-27
Kore Potash Plc Ord Usd0.001KP2115.78%1.39718.18%222018-06-28
Kropz Plc Ord 0.1pKRPZ-26.31%0.79114.29%72019-03-04
Keywords Studios Plc Ord 1pKWS331.19%8.58266.67%92016-05-31
Kerry Group PLCKYGA271.37%10.07960%52004-03-12
Land Securities Group Plc Ord 10 2/3pLAND223.37%1.82821.74%231995-10-24
London & Associated Properties plcLAS27.66%1.05518.42%382022-01-17
Lbg Media Plc Ord Gbp0.001LBG-44.67%00%32022-06-14
London Finance & Investment Group Plc 5pLFI-68.22%0.76415.79%192018-04-03
Legal & General Group PlcLGEN508.36%2.38522.58%311997-06-19
Loungers Plc Ord 1pLGRS36.36%1.620%52019-08-05
Likewise Group Plc Ord Gbp0.01LIKE-87.07%00%52022-01-25
Lendinvest Plc Ord 0.05pLINV-15.25%00%12022-07-27
Liontrust Asset Management Plc Ord 1pLIO297.95%2.03925.93%272013-10-09
Litigation Capital Management Limited Ord Npv (Di)LIT-48.46%0.689.09%112019-06-04
Livermore Investments Group LtdLIV76.8%1.34417.65%172008-04-14
Lloyds Banking Group PLCLLOY143.08%1.30817.14%352020-03-18
Lms Capital Plc Ord 10pLMS-51.21%0.6669.09%112007-11-06
Wisdomtree Nickel Leveraged ETCLNIK123.57%1.3220.83%242013-11-14
Lansdowne Oil & Gas Plc Ord 0.1pLOGP182.93%1.24417.54%572011-03-08
Lok'n Store Group Plc Ord 1pLOK307.44%2.33436.36%222003-04-28
Lookers Plc Ord 5pLOOK227.18%1.47318.42%381996-08-01
Loopup Group Plc Ord 0.5pLOOP-68.77%0.8214.29%282017-10-20
Lords Group Trading Plc Ord 0.5pLORD-45.3%00%32021-10-19
Lpa Group Plc Ord 10pLPA161.13%1.39924.24%332013-04-15
Wisdomtree Platinum Leveraged ETCLPLA-36.56%0.89911.54%262008-07-21
Wisdomtree Multi Asset Issuer Public Limited Company Wisdomtree Nasdaq 100 3x Daily ShortLQQS-3.99%0.9611.11%92020-08-05
Lancashire Holdings Limited Com Shs Usd0.50LRE54.18%2.2125%42007-02-01
Location Sciences Group Plc Ord 0.1pLSAI-88.33%0.68510.53%192019-02-25
London Stock Exchange Group Plc Ord Shs 6 79/86pLSEG579.92%3.91641.67%242006-05-23
Wisdomtree Commodity Securities Limited Wisdomtree Silver 2x Daily LeveragedLSIL40.22%1.08314.29%352008-07-25
Lsl Property Services Plc Ord 0.2pLSL135.03%1.52819.05%212007-10-18
Light Science Technologies Holdings Plc Ord 1pLST-30.38%00%22022-01-26
Learning Technologies Group Plc Ord 0.375pLTG263.6%2.91930.77%132014-05-13
Latham (James) Plc Ord 25pLTHM522.85%7.58158.33%121997-10-13
Luceco PLCLUCE225.8%1.79921.74%232017-03-28
Mortgage Advice Bureau (Holdings) Plc Ord 0.1pMAB1135.92%2.87628.57%72016-06-29
Marechale Capital Plc Ord 0.8pMAC-18.47%0.95916.67%302021-03-10
Mineral & Financial Investments Limited Ord 1p (Di)MAFL15.96%1.08414.29%142017-03-07
Maintel Holdings Plc Ord 1pMAI-10.62%0.96122.73%222016-11-14
Manolete Partners PLCMANO-57.8%0.6179.09%112019-06-20
Marston's Plc Ord 7.375pMARS113.67%1.29716.67%302002-06-13
Mast Energy Developments Plc Ord Gbp0.001MAST-0.58%0.99412.5%82021-07-26
Petro Matad Limited Ord Usd0.01MATD40.23%1.03815.07%732010-09-06
Michelmersh Brick Holdings Plc Ord 20pMBH-69.19%0.75514.29%212014-03-04
Mobilityone Limited Ord 2.5pMBO154.24%1.33419.44%362011-08-16
Mobile Tornado Group Plc Ord 2pMBT185.03%1.26118.52%542013-10-31
Mcbride Plc Ord 10pMCB-40.34%0.9112.5%321996-02-06
Micro Focus International plcMCRO389.03%2.30426.92%262005-09-22
Mears Group PLCMER212.49%2.17825%162002-05-28
Mercia Asset Management Plc Ord 0.001pMERC37.48%1.12718.18%222015-04-09
Tortilla Mexican Grill Plc Ord Gbp0.01MEX-29.93%00%22022-01-21
Manx Financial Group Plc Ord NpvMFX-26.67%0.91812.5%242014-03-04
Morgan Advanced Materials Plc Ord 25pMGAM4.24%1.04614.29%72013-09-23
Morgan Sindall Group Plc Ord 5pMGNS311.02%1.82921.88%321997-05-22
Medica Group Plc Ord 0.2pMGP-83.51%00%52017-07-24
Myhealthchecked Plc Ord 0.1pMHC38.12%1.62420%52021-05-14
Midwich Group Plc Ord Gbp0.01MIDW40.38%1.68420%52017-08-18
Mobeus Income & Growth 2 Vct Plc Ord 1pMIG1.36%1.01222.22%92022-02-14
Maven Income & Growth Vct Plc Ord 10pMIG123%1.48540%52016-10-31
Maven Income and Growth Vct 3 Plc Ord 10pMIG316.78%1.33550%62017-10-20
Mobeus Income & Growth 4 Vct Plc Ord 1pMIG4-11.18%0.78725%42022-08-23
Maven Income and Growth Vct 5 Plc Ord 10pMIG515.26%1.95766.67%32015-05-28
Mila Resources Plc Ord Gbp0.01MILA231.55%4.54842.86%72018-04-12
Mind Gym Plc Ord 0.001pMIND-34.04%0.8425%122020-03-02
Mobeus Income & Growth Vct Plc Ord 1pMIX43.53%1.88625%42008-12-16
Mkango Resources Ltd Cmn Shs Npv (Di)MKA150.68%1.82925%162018-03-07
Marks and Spencer Group PlcMKS51.33%1.15215.38%261995-11-03
Invesco Markets Plc Invesco Morn* Us Energy Infra Mlp Etf BMLPP117.58%1.71820%152013-12-09
Invesco Markets Plc Invesco Morn* Us Energy Infra Mlp Etf AMLPQ94.86%2.22422.22%92013-12-05
Legal & General Ucits Etf Public Limited Company L&g Us Energy Infrastructure MlpMLPX104.3%1.54120%152014-11-05
Musicmagpie Plc Ord 1pMMAG-58%00%32021-08-16
Mondi Plc Ord Eur 0.20MNDI218.77%2.22425%162007-11-08
M&G PLCMNG48.38%2.03625%42020-02-28
moneysupermarket.com Group Plc Ord 0.02pMONY106.73%1.54418.75%162007-11-19
Moonpig Group Plc Ord 10pMOON-75.88%00%52021-05-11
Motorpoint Group Plc Ord 1pMOTR55.73%1.38918.18%112016-09-06
Mpac Group Plc Ord 25pMPAC-5.32%0.99213.73%512017-08-30
m.p. Evans Group Plc Ord 10pMPE326.13%5.36244.44%92006-05-22
Marlowe PLCMRL35.13%1.58520%52017-02-20
Melrose Industries PLCMRO117.76%1.41822.22%182004-10-08
Marshalls Plc Ord 25pMSLH316.44%2.13525%241996-07-29
Mosman Oil and Gas Limited Ord Npv (Di)MSMN359.95%1.67320.45%442014-08-06
Made Tech Group Plc Ord Gbp0.0005MTEC-76.07%00%52021-12-30
Mitie Group Plc Ord 2.5pMTO410.25%2.78731.82%222001-09-04
Midatech Pharma PLCMTPH136.06%1.40816.67%242015-07-29
Metal Tiger Plc Ord 0.1pMTR-77.39%0.74913.04%232015-03-05
Mulberry Group PLCMUL8.59%1.02313.79%292011-04-04
Marwyn Value Investors Limited Ord 0.0001pMVI24.19%1.11535%202021-01-07
Marwyn Value Investors Limited 2016 Realisation Shs 0.0001p (Di)MVIR-35.15%00%22019-12-09
Mti Wireless Edge Ltd. Ord Ils0.01MWE116.25%1.28519.35%312017-10-27
N4 Pharma PLCN4P410.55%1.77817.95%392017-10-27
Ninety One Plc Ord 001N91-15.19%00%12020-09-01
Nanoco Group PLCNANO259.28%1.46221.43%422013-05-28
Nb Distressed Debt Investment Fund Limited Ord NpvNBDD-55.82%0.16716.67%62014-10-31
Nb Distressed Debt Investment Fund Limited Red Ord NpvNBDG-60.19%0.3630%102018-12-05
Nb Distressed Debt Investment Fund Limited Ext Shs NpvNBDX-82.4%0.11925%82018-11-20
New Century AIM VCT PlcNCA-33.67%0.47125%42008-12-09
Ncc Group Plc Ord 1pNCC349.73%3.32533.33%152005-04-04
Novacyt s.a. Eur1/15th (Cdi)NCYT-35.25%0.87917.39%232020-05-18
Netcall Plc Ord 5pNET122.95%1.25517.14%352002-07-30
Network International Holdings Plc Ord 10pNETW-44.72%0.69410%102019-12-13
National Express Group Plc Ord 5pNEX231.85%1.61322.58%311998-08-25
Nexus Infrastructure PLCNEXS120.78%2.07836.36%112022-02-15
Next Fifteen Communications Group Plc Ord 2.5pNFC264.52%1.81923.08%262002-09-16
Leverage Shares Public Limited Company Levshares 2x Netflix EtpNFL2140.52%1.45222.22%182018-10-16
Leverage Shares Public Limited Company Levshares 2x Netflix EtpNFLE113.22%2.10725%82020-05-27
National Grid Plc Ord 12 204/473pNG.84.76%6.9450%22006-01-11
Nightcap Plc Ord 1pNGHT-89.74%00%62021-06-16
Nichols Plc Ord 10pNICL249.59%2.80430.77%131996-02-06
Enteq Technologies Plc Ord 1pNTQ-49.04%0.79211.76%172017-07-20
Numis Corporation Plc Ord 5pNUM85.39%1.27216%252003-02-03
Leverage Shares Public Limited Company Levshares 2x Nvidia EtpNVD2-88.05%0.71710.53%192018-03-19
Leverage Shares Public Limited Company Levshares 2x Nvidia EtpNVDE15.95%1.09116.67%122020-03-16
Nwf Group Plc Ord 25pNWF298.22%2.46227.78%182003-01-07
Natwest Group Plc Ord 107.69pNWG122.31%1.22515.91%441996-01-16
National World Plc Ord 0.1pNWOR-43.98%00%32021-08-24
Newmark Security Plc Ord Gbp0.05NWT70.5%1.13420%402020-03-18
Norcros Plc Ord 10pNXR168.43%1.65219.05%212008-02-08
NEXT plcNXT11%40.31127.59%291997-01-14
Ocado Group Plc Ord 2pOCDO421.24%1.89921.95%412010-10-15
Ocean Wilsons (Holdings) Ld Ord 20pOCN201.35%2.03823.53%171998-02-03
Okyo Pharma Limited Ord NpvOKYO-71.53%0.64814.29%142020-02-05
Oxford Metrics Plc Ord 0.25pOMG378.27%2.16328.57%282002-07-18
One Media Ip Group Plc Ord 0.5pOMIP-0.13%0.99917.65%172014-08-20
Oncimmune Holdings Plc Ord 1pONC-66.28%0.75210.53%192016-10-13
Opg Power Ventures Plc Ord 0.0147pOPG131.74%1.28116.67%362008-08-26
Optibiotix Health Plc Ord 2pOPTI-28.74%0.91512.5%242012-02-09
Orcadian Energy Plc Ord Gbp0.001ORCA-31.74%00%22021-12-23
Orchard Funding Group Plc Ord 1pORCH-68.35%00%42016-07-13
Ormonde Mining Plc Ord Eur0.01 (Cdi)ORM7.32%1.01113.46%522006-10-10
Oriole Resources PLCORR121.42%1.44618.18%222019-05-24
Osb Group Plc Ord 1pOSB170.42%2.26225%122014-10-17
On the Beach Group Plc Ord 1pOTB48.35%1.20215.79%192016-02-12
Onthemarket Plc Ord 0.2pOTMP-47.92%0.6939.09%112018-08-07
Ovoca Bio Plc Eur0.125 (Cdi)OVB279.09%3.53636.36%112019-08-01
Oxford Biomedica Plc Ord 50pOXB577.88%1.58817.95%781998-02-19
Oxford Instruments Plc Ord 5pOXIG267.45%1.64821.88%321995-11-23
Pan African Resources Plc Ord 1pPAF377.96%2.18125%282006-10-23
Paragon Banking Group Plc Ord 100pPAG347.62%1.63121.43%421998-08-24
Pagegroup Plc Ord 1pPAGE232.26%1.84821.74%232001-08-09
Pantheon Resources Plc Ord 1pPANR244.64%1.32516.95%592016-06-15
Paypoint Plc Ord 1/3pPAY152.19%2.02228.57%142006-03-10
Pci-Pal Plc Ord 1pPCIP-1.54%0.99621.43%282021-05-11
Pendragon Plc Ord 5pPDG166.61%1.28217.78%451997-08-08
Petra Diamonds LimitedPDL62.45%1.07114.49%692003-12-18
The Pebble Group Plc Ord 1pPEBB50.31%2.08425%42020-03-17
Peel Hunt Limited Ord NpvPEEL-31.12%00%22022-03-01
Petards Group Plc Ord 1pPEG19.59%1.05514.29%282006-07-07
Pennant International Group Plc Ord 5pPEN266.22%1.43920%452013-04-04
Petrel Resources PLCPET194.41%1.17915.85%822003-04-01
Pets at Home Group Plc Ord 1pPETS122.68%2.62528.57%72014-09-26
Petrofac Limited Ord Usd0.02PFC60.18%1.17915.38%262006-05-17
Premier Foods Plc Ord 10pPFD75.67%1.10514.81%542004-12-09
Provident Financial Plc Ord 20 8/11pPFG225.36%1.65224.14%291998-06-01
Pharos Energy Plc Ord 5pPHAR418.78%1.85923.81%422006-05-23
Plant Health Care Plc Ord 1pPHC7.51%1.0112.96%542007-06-25
Powerhouse Energy Group PLCPHE582.78%1.59513.64%662011-12-23
Petershill Partners Plc Ord Usd0.01PHLL-15.21%00%12022-01-24
Phoenix Group Holdings Plc Ord 10pPHNX20.8%1.28216.67%62010-09-23
Primary Health Properties Plc Ord 12.5pPHP190.22%5.2157.14%72005-09-07
Brighton Pier Group Plc (The) Ord 25pPIER49.64%1.25738.46%132017-04-12
PipeHawk plcPIP-73.96%0.88713.33%452021-11-03
Plus500 Ltd Ord Ils0.01 (Di)PLUS410.41%4.45541.67%122013-11-06
Parkmead Group (The) Plc Ord 1.5pPMG250.08%1.51321.95%412011-01-24
Premier Miton Group Plc Ord 0.02pPMI35.22%1.56920%52020-02-28
Portmeirion Group Plc Ord 5pPMP171.55%1.69536%252014-04-23
Pennon Group Plc Ord 61 1/20pPNN264.67%2.96930.77%131998-05-12
Pineapple Power Corporation Plc Ord Gbp0.01PNPL43.14%1.72520%52022-06-21
Pod Point Group Holdings Plc Ord Gbp0.001PODP-60.44%00%42022-03-07
Poolbeg Pharma Plc Ord 0.02pPOLB69.78%3.31733.33%32022-02-16
Polar Capital Holdings Plc Ord 2.5pPOLR158.55%1.63626.09%232011-08-09
Polarean Imaging Plc Ord Gbp0.00037POLX39.76%1.66520%52019-05-28
Polymetal International Plc Ord NpvPOLY-20.05%0.93912.5%242012-02-27
Power Metal Resources Plc Ord 0.1pPOW96.69%1.8922.22%92020-05-01
Proton Motor Power Systems Plc Ord 0.5pPPS427.54%1.75621.74%462019-05-16
Predator Oil & Gas Holdings PLCPRD156.17%1.64121.05%192018-10-02
Pensana Plc Ord 01PRE-39.33%0.71510%102020-10-28
Procook Group Plc Ord 1pPROC-30.23%00%22022-03-25
Puretech Health Plc Ord 1pPRTC8.09%1.08914.29%72016-01-13
Prudential plcPRU109.96%1.3817.39%232013-03-22
Porvair Plc Ord 2pPRV246.35%1.87328%252013-10-24
Phoenix Spree Deutschland Limited Shs NpvPSDL120.95%2.62637.5%82016-06-30
Persimmon Plc Ord 10pPSN552.13%2.63828.13%321996-07-10
Pearson Plc Ord 25pPSON225.26%1.82620.83%241995-12-19
Petrotal Corporation Com Shs Npv (Di)PTAL237.57%5.13650%62019-09-24
Playtech Plc Ord NpvPTEC164.61%1.68521.05%192006-06-27
Phoenix Copper Limited Ord Npv (Di)PXC-30.3%0.7711.11%92020-02-13
Prospex Energy Plc Ord 0.1pPXEN74.5%4.08150%22021-10-08
Physiomics Plc Ord 0.4pPYC-80.98%0.91612.5%722007-03-12
Pyx Resources Limited Ord Npv (Di)PYX-30.1%00%22022-02-18
Pz Cussons Plc Ord 1pPZC121.98%2.62128.57%72003-05-12
Quantum Blockchain Technologies Plc Ord 0.25pQBT104.62%1.15315.09%532021-04-01
Quilter PLCQLT-29.25%00%22018-10-11
Qinetiq Group Plc Ord 1pQQ.126.07%2.68328.57%72006-05-24
Quarto Group Incorporated Com Stk Usd0.10QRT287.17%2.83937.5%162014-08-14
Quartix Technologies Plc Ord 1pQTX52.06%1.87633.33%62016-04-14
Quiz Plc Ord 0.3pQUIZ17.21%1.06816.67%182018-01-29
Rathbones Group PLCRAT311.49%2.76327.78%181998-06-25
Reabold Resources PLCRBD301.79%2.03324%252013-12-11
Rbg Holdings Plc Ord Gbp0.002RBGP11.76%1.1314.29%72018-10-15
Robinson Plc Ord 0.5pRBN15.87%1.04320.69%292016-02-17
Rainbow Rare Earths LtdRBW17%1.05914.29%212017-12-19
Ricardo Plc Ord 25pRCDO115.26%1.33729.17%242000-04-07
Reach Plc Ord 10pRCH-22.53%0.89911.76%172018-08-02
Redcentric Plc Ord 0.1pRCN63.8%1.95460%52015-05-01
Redrow Plc Ord 10.5pRDW432.81%2.14827.59%291996-07-26
r.e.a. Holdings Plc Ord 25pRE.-41.38%0.90413.79%292003-11-24
r.e.a. Holdings Plc 9% Cum Prf #1RE.B52.58%2.15925%42008-11-10
Record PlcREC86.35%1.39422.22%182012-11-08
Redde Northgate Plc Ord 50pREDD316.15%1.59619.51%412000-01-12
Redx Pharma Plc Ord 1pREDX166.49%1.49321.74%232020-09-25
Relx PLCREL167.93%6.64450%42003-03-12
Renalytix Plc Ord 0.25pRENX-6.22%0.96520%152020-03-18
Ramsdens Holdings Plc Ord Gbp0.01RFX55.34%2.19725%42018-02-02
Riverfort Global Opportunities Plc Ord 0.01pRGO798.01%3.17911.11%272021-08-03
Rhi Magnesita n.v. Ord Eur1.00 (Di)RHIM-4.55%0.95112.5%82018-02-07
Rio Tinto plcRIO486.96%2.93630.77%262016-01-13
Rockhopper Exploration PlcRKH288.63%1.36218.33%602006-01-18
Reckitt Benckiser Group Plc Ord 10pRKT366.97%34.45980%52000-03-09
Rm Plc Ord 2 2/7pRM.44.58%1.0817.5%402000-01-28
Rightmove Plc Ord 0.1pRMV387.54%2.82230%202006-11-24
Ecofin u.s. Renewables Infrastructure Trust Plc Ord Usd0.01RNEP-9.79%0.35850%22022-05-11
Rank Group Plc Ord 13 8/9pRNK63.07%1.12215%401996-05-15
Renold Plc Ord 5pRNO65.06%1.0916%501995-11-06
Renew Holdings Plc Ord 10pRNWH320.12%2.8831.25%162006-09-21
Rockpool Acquisitions Plc Ord Gbp0.05ROC71.31%3.49350%22022-05-30
Rockfire Resources PLCROCK149.38%1.58719.05%212018-11-27
Roquefort Therapeutics Plc Ord 1pROQ-15.61%00%12022-02-07
Rotork Plc Ord 0.5pROR405.44%3.45844.44%181998-09-04
RPS Group plcRPS803.42%3.53723.08%262000-10-05
R&Q Insurance Holdings LtdRQIH-12.52%0.88812.5%82010-02-18
Rolls-Royce Holdings Plc Ord Shs 20pRR.322.3%1.67120%401995-10-26
Riverstone Energy LtdRSE17.64%1.09714.29%142014-05-27
Restore Plc Ord 5pRST142.88%1.96123.08%132012-04-13
Renishaw Plc Ord 20pRSW574.39%2.66734.29%351998-09-24
Rtc Group Plc Ord 1pRTC-60.94%0.78716.67%182009-07-03
Restaurant Group Plc Ord 28 1/8pRTN152.19%1.33616.67%362005-04-06
Rentokil Initial Plc Ord 1pRTO206.35%1.52419.35%311996-08-19
Rtw Venture Fund Limited Ord NpvRTW-29.99%00%22020-07-22
Rurelec Plc Ord 1pRUR66.94%1.08917.31%522021-12-07
Robert Walters Plc Ord 20pRWA167.17%1.39218.18%332001-03-12
Renewi Plc Ord Gbp1.00RWI-39.67%0.90812.5%321996-10-07
Rws Holdings Plc Ord 1pRWS652.44%5.83735.71%142005-08-19
M&C Saatchi PlcSAA246.32%1.84529.17%242012-10-26
Simec Atlantis Energy Limited Ord Npv (Di)SAE41.03%1.13218.18%222018-11-16
Ishares Iv Plc Ish Msci Eu Esg Gbp-aSAEU-17.04%00%12019-08-05
Savannah Resources Plc Ord 1pSAV263.05%1.6922.58%312014-04-01
Savannah Energy Plc Ord Gbp0.001SAVE-45.71%00%32021-04-26
Sourcebio International Plc Ord Gbp0.0015SBI-30.62%00%22021-03-17
Sabre Insurance Group Plc Ord Gbp0.001pSBRE-87.1%00%52018-06-06
J Sainsbury plcSBRY-66.87%0.5988.33%121996-01-09
Skinbiotherapeutics PLCSBTX90.2%1.42917.65%172018-11-13
Scholium Group Plc Ord 1pSCHO-9.55%0.93725%122015-01-08
Scancell Holdings Plc Ord 0.1pSCLP195.11%1.49318.75%322011-10-07
Scs Group Plc Ord 0.1pSCS-41.73%0.69510%102015-04-27
Softcat Plc Ord 005SCT166.61%2.42827.27%112016-06-17
Sanderson Design Group Plc Ord 1pSDG156.06%1.25520.83%482013-10-08
Sdi Group Plc Ord 1pSDI195.35%2.05526.67%152013-07-09
Schroders plcSDR194.68%1.97223.53%171996-06-19
Superdry Plc Ord 5pSDRY-50.01%0.90812.82%392011-02-18
SDX Energy PLCSDX21.48%1.12715.38%132016-11-09
Speedy Hire Plc Ord 5pSDY314.21%1.81222.58%312000-06-23
Saietta Group Plc Ord Gbp0.0011SED-45.29%00%32021-11-02
Seeing Machines Limited Ord Npv (Di)SEE407.37%1.82321.95%412007-10-17
Seplat Energy Plc Ord Ngn0.50 (Di)SEPL65.03%1.47418.18%112014-08-06
Schroder European Real Est Invt Tr PLCSERE-14.98%00%12016-11-14
Safestyle Uk Plc Ord 1pSFE64.66%1.26316.67%182014-09-02
S4 Capital Plc Ord 25pSFOR64.88%1.47418.18%112017-04-07
Severfield Plc Ord 2.5pSFR342.03%1.76521.62%371997-07-11
Wisdomtree Foreign Exchange Limited Wisdomtree Short Gbp Long Usd 3x DailySGB3156.17%3.633.33%62011-04-07
Sage Group Plc Ord 1 4/77pSGE252.19%2.0523.81%211998-09-24
SEGRO plcSGRO278.15%1.89322.22%271996-03-13
Scotgold Resources Limited Ord Npv (Di)SGZ32.57%1.05615.91%442019-11-27
Shell Plc Ord Eur0.07SHEL406.24%3.68137.5%161985-05-30
Shanta Gold Limited Ord 0.01pSHG120.44%1.24518.92%372010-03-29
Sig Plc Ord 10pSHI102.55%1.14814.81%541996-05-22
Shoe Zone Plc Ord 1pSHOE38.71%1.23318.18%112015-02-26
Science in Sport Plc Ord 10pSIS-56.77%0.6310%102014-07-16
600 Group Plc Ord 1pSIXH85.83%1.13818.75%482018-08-08
Sylvania Platinum Limited Cmn Shs Usd0.01 (Di)SLP94.36%1.4116.67%182011-09-20
Smith (Ds) Plc Ord 10pSMDS234.64%1.64120%301996-01-15
Smiths Group Plc Ord 37.5pSMIN61.62%2.45925%41996-02-06
Smart Metering Systems Plc Ord 1pSMS245.29%6.13450%62012-03-27
Wh Smith Plc Ord 22 6/67pSMWH282.26%1.9424%251996-01-17
Smith & Nephew Plc Ord Usd0.20SN.171.1%2.42227.27%112000-12-04
Synairgen Plc Ord 1pSNG383.35%1.65720%452020-10-09
Senior Plc 10pSNR337.08%1.60720%451998-06-24
Smiths News Plc Ord 5pSNWS-46.44%00%32021-08-10
Solgold Plc Ord 1pSOLG413.24%1.40918.52%812010-10-15
Solid State Plc Ord 5pSOLI75.62%1.56418.18%112015-01-13
Sound Energy PLCSOU79.44%1.06615.38%912016-11-10
1Spatial PLCSPA9.06%1.0321.05%192021-05-10
Sopheon PlcSPE127.76%1.25818.92%372003-04-03
iShares Gold Producers UCITS ETF USD (Acc)SPGP32.41%1.20115.38%132011-12-23
Spire Healthcare Group Plc Ord 1pSPI24.47%1.06419.23%262014-12-16
Ishares Physical Metals Plc Ishares Physical Platinum EtcSPLT-77.13%00%52011-09-16
Sportech Plc Ord 1pSPO1%3.44326.32%382000-05-02
Invesco Physical Markets Public Limited Company Invesco Physical Platinum EtcSPPP-20.71%00%22014-11-13
Springfield Properties Plc Ord 0.125pSPR3%17.12427.78%182020-03-11
Spirent Communications Plc Ord 3 1/3pSPT99.02%1.1115.63%642000-01-26
Spirax-Sarco Engineering Plc Ord 26 12/13pSPX357.33%6.85360%101996-09-20
Serica Energy PlcSQZ426.24%1.7121.28%472006-05-25
Sigmaroc Plc Ord 1pSRC45.39%1.37320%102018-02-12
Sirius Real Estate Ld Ord NpvSRE174.35%1.77730.77%132009-05-01
Sunrise Resources Plc Ord 0.1pSRES77.39%1.10414.04%572010-10-05
Serco Group Plc Ord 2pSRP695.98%2.85325%322000-02-22
SSE PLCSSE150.43%4.41740%51999-03-16
Seraphim Space Investment Trust Plc Ord Gbp0.01SSIT-74.56%00%52021-12-17
Ssp Group Plc Ord 1 17/200pSSPG63.15%1.47620%102014-10-09
Safestay Plc Ord 1pSSTY41.8%1.27316.67%122015-08-28
Star Phoenix Group LtdSTA-53.16%0.94713.33%752008-04-30
Staffline Group PlcSTAF249.43%1.65527.27%332013-10-01
Standard Chartered PLCSTAN81.43%1.36916.67%181996-03-13
Secure Trust Bank Plc Ord 40pSTB-71.34%0.5827.69%132014-06-20
Steppe Cement Ltd Ord NpvSTCM382.72%2.01828.13%322019-01-17
Sthree Plc Ord 1pSTEM55.61%2.25125%42020-03-16
St. James's Place Plc Ord 15pSTJ300.16%1.7921.88%321998-07-13
Stm Group Plc Ord 0.1pSTM161%1.41626.67%302014-12-17
Stv Group Plc Ord 50pSTVG88.44%1.41317.65%172009-01-13
Shield Therapeutics Plc Ord 1.5pSTX116.1%1.30919.23%262017-11-30
Supreme Plc Ord 10pSUP-75.64%00%52021-11-29
Sure Ventures Plc Ord Gbp0.01SURE-16.81%00%12018-04-26
S & U Plc Ord 12 1/2pSUS201.24%2.21528.57%142012-11-02
Starvest Plc Ord 1pSVE39.03%1.06315.56%452021-04-14
Savills Plc Ord 2.5pSVS556.02%3.33733.33%241995-11-15
Severn Trent Plc Ord 97 17/19pSVT229.65%3.72933.33%91995-12-06
Starwood European Real Estate Finance Limited Ord NpvSWEF-30.01%00%22013-06-12
Spectris Plc Ord 5pSXS304.67%2.08724%251996-11-11
Symphony Environmental Technologies Plc Ord 1pSYM264.63%1.32418.33%602002-09-10
Syncona LtdSYNC85.09%6.68750%22013-02-05
Synthomer Plc Ord 10pSYNT15.19%1.08514.29%142013-09-26
System1 Group Plc Ord 1pSYS1223.24%1.73436.67%302022-02-28
Tatton Asset Management PLCTAM-18%0.00822.22%92018-03-26
Tanfield Group plcTAN113.83%1.11716.92%652004-08-03
Tasty Plc Ord 0.1pTAST4.43%1.00721.15%522015-12-03
Tate & Lyle Plc Ord 29 1/6pTATE63.29%1.46318.18%111996-09-03
Tavistock Investments Plc Ord 1pTAVI86.91%1.42320%152014-06-11
Tbc Bank Group Plc Ord Gbp0.01TBCG111.54%2.47128.57%72017-11-24
Tp Icap Group Plc Ord 25pTCAP-89.01%0.69510%202007-03-20
Ted BakerTED-79.57%0.78612%252011-06-08
Telecom Plus Plc Ord 5pTEP199.16%1.52420%302001-01-05
Tern Plc Ord 0.02pTERN159.46%1.23817.31%522018-05-16
Treatt Plc Ord 2pTET339.6%2.41634.78%231996-06-19
Thorpe (f.w.) Plc Ord 1pTFW283.65%2.38936.84%191996-01-18
Tekmar Group Plc Ord 1pTGP26.94%1.16816.67%122018-12-05
Tirupati Graphite Plc Ord Gbp 0.025TGR-22.67%0.81211.11%92021-07-14
Thruvision Group Plc Ord 1pTHRU7.73%1.02423.08%262013-04-04
Tharisa plcTHS90.27%1.84422.22%92016-09-02
Crimson Tide Plc Ord 0.1pTIDE75.9%1.60820%102010-11-23
Ti Fluid Systems Plc Ord 1pTIFS-32.38%0.75710%102018-05-14
Time Finance Plc Ord 10pTIME-45.81%00%32021-06-24
Taseko Mines Limited Com Shs Npv (Di)TKO-53.29%00%32021-07-20
Tlou Energy Limited Ord Npv (Di)TLOU85.51%1.2816.67%242016-07-21
Tullow Oil plcTLW425.83%1.73522.22%451997-12-05
Technology Minerals Plc Ord Gbp0.001TM1-33.57%00%22022-10-12
Team17 Group PLCTM1768.83%3.33333.33%32019-02-11
The Mission Group Plc Ord 10pTMG80.36%6.30950%22020-03-24
Taylor Maritime Investments Limited Ord NpvTMI-15.18%00%12021-10-06
Time Out Group Plc Ord Gbp0.001TMO-12.21%0.87514.29%72017-05-24
Tmt Investments Plc Ord NpvTMT332.56%3.37943.75%162019-11-26
Tintra Plc Ord 1pTNT39.48%1.62720%52022-02-23
Titon Holdings Plc Ord 10pTON118.29%1.33225.93%272017-09-13
Property Franchise Group Plc (The) Ord 1pTPFG178.19%2.4633.33%122020-02-17
Tp Group Plc Ord 1pTPG-3.1%0.98513.33%152016-03-18
Travis Perkins Plc Ord 1205105TPK309.8%1.91125.81%311999-08-25
Topps Tiles Plc Ord 3 1/3pTPT188.93%1.36918.92%371998-08-04
Trakm8 Holdings Plc Ord 1pTRAK92.81%1.19317.14%352014-06-11
Tribal Group plcTRB227.11%1.8221.74%232002-05-28
Triad Group Plc Ord 1pTRD116.25%1.16117.31%522013-12-27
Trellus Health Plc Ord Gbp0.0006TRLS-63.83%00%42022-02-17
Tremor International Ltd Ord Nis0.01 (Di)TRMR63.62%1.47918.18%112020-01-14
Trainline Plc Ord 1pTRN-2.85%0.97212.5%82019-09-27
Tower Resources PLCTRP80.02%1.0716.05%812008-06-19
Trident Royalties Plc Ord 1pTRR-30.24%00%22019-05-21
Trustpilot Group Plc Ord Gbp0.01TRST-40.01%0.71310%102021-10-26
Trufin Plc Ord 91pTRU-21.27%0.82416.67%62018-12-31
Tesco PLCTSCO531.08%9.40942.86%72014-09-25
Thinksmart Limited Ord Npv (Di)TSL190.39%2.2928.57%142020-03-20
Touchstar Plc Ord 5pTST12%12.0135.56%451996-06-14
Tristel Plc Ord 1pTSTL258.33%2.78730.77%132006-07-07
TT Electronics plcTTG74.18%1.18115.63%321996-12-16
Tungsten West Plc Ord Gbp0.01TUN-60.53%00%42022-01-24
Focusrite Plc Ord 0.1pTUNE254.49%6.8457.14%72017-06-08
Taylor Wimpey Plc Ord 1pTW.86.34%1.2118.52%272007-11-07
Tyman Plc Ord 5pTYMN26.6%1.35316.67%62013-05-13
Toyota Motor CorpTYT33.96%1.56220%52015-05-11
Unbound Group Plc Ord Gbp0.01UBG134.89%1.2622.5%402021-11-10
UK Oil & Gas PLCUKOG150.91%1.19114.75%612017-10-11
Wisdomtree Multi Asset Issuer Public Limited Company Wisdomtree Us Treasuries 30y 3x Daily ShUL3S48.5%1.61828.57%72018-09-11
Unilever plcULVR254.48%3.22933.33%122019-09-11
United Oil & Gas Plc Ord Gbp0.01UOG-50.66%0.80611.11%182017-08-02
Up Global Sourcing Holdings Plc Ords 0.25pUPGS139.59%1.84623.08%132017-05-31
Wisdomtree Foreign Exchange Limited Wisdomtree Long Usd Short Gbp 3x DailyUSP391.96%3.41840%52012-02-29
Wisdomtree Foreign Exchange Limited Wisdomtree Long Usd Short Gbp 5x DailyUSP5148.78%2.76630%102016-03-08
United Utilities Group Plc Ord 5pUU.37.86%1.62220%51996-05-02
ValiRx PlcVAL4%4.4818.51%942020-05-26
Van Elle Holdings Plc Ord 2pVANL-88.02%0.4659.09%112017-03-07
Various Eateries Plc Ord 1pVARE-76.59%00%52021-03-19
Victoria Plc Ord 5pVCP336.84%1.7527.78%362015-03-16
Victrex Plc Ord 1pVCT351.81%2.64730%201996-12-18
Velocity Composites Plc Ord 0.25pVEL-2.49%0.98812.5%162020-03-04
Videndum Plc Ord 20pVID190.11%1.64921.74%231996-06-27
Virgin Wines Uk Plc Ord Gbp0.01VINO-78.26%00%52021-10-15
Volex Plc Ord 25pVLX275.2%1.29720.83%722010-11-01
Virgin Money Uk Plc Ord Gbp0.10VMUK37.56%1.61720%52020-01-29
Vianet Group PLCVNET-10.9%0.90112.5%82013-04-03
Vodafone Group plcVOD150.28%1.61220%202014-06-18
Vp Plc Ord 5pVP.301.42%2.61229.41%171996-06-17
Vesuvius Plc Ord 10pVSVS14.16%1.15914.29%72013-04-10
Vertu Motors Plc Ord 10pVTU29.51%1.11215%202013-11-25
Vistry Group Plc Ord 50pVTY229.66%1.8723.81%211998-04-03
Warpaint London PLCW7L109.1%1.58421.43%142017-03-10
Wandisco Plc Ord 10pWAND326.1%1.72321.05%382013-04-08
Water Intelligence Plc Ord 1pWATR84.3%1.32223.81%212010-12-22
Woodbois Limited Ord 1pWBI-33.14%0.85712.5%162020-03-04
Wildcat Petroleum Plc Ord Gbp0.000028WCAT15.7%1.18616.67%62022-05-10
Walker Crips Group plcWCW131.6%1.43630.77%262017-12-04
Weir Group Plc Ord 12.5pWEIR416.43%2.1625%321995-11-01
Wood Group (John) Plc Ord 4 2/7pWG.127.86%1.34717.24%292002-09-04
Wilmington PLCWIL9%34.94635.71%282000-04-06
Wincanton Plc Ord 10pWIN263.06%1.7821.43%282002-07-30
Naked Wines Plc Ord 7.5pWINE128.4%1.48118.18%222002-12-04
Wise Plc Cls a Ord Gbp0.01WISE-2.11%0.9812.5%82021-10-20
Wickes Group Plc Ord Gbp0.10WIX-60.46%00%42021-10-26
Wizz Air Holdings Plc Ord Gbp0.0001WIZZ4.09%1.02514.29%142015-07-30
Watkin Jones Plc Ord 1pWJG6.47%1.0714.29%72017-07-25
Windward Ltd Ord Nis0.002 (Di)WNWD-66.75%00%42022-03-22
Watches of Switzerland Group PLCWOSG140.35%3.39433.33%62020-02-28
Windar Photonics Plc Ord 1pWPHO46.02%1.30820%102016-03-15
WPP PLCWPP212.54%1.77621.74%231997-03-04
w.a.g Payment Solutions Plc Ord 1pWPS-45.26%00%32022-01-25
theworks.co.uk Plc Ord 1pWRKS-59.79%0.6249.09%112018-10-17
Westminster Group Plc Ord 0.1pWSG-23.91%0.97513.04%692008-02-01
Wynnstay Properties Plc Ord 25pWSP-35.11%0.65537.5%82003-01-29
Whitbread Plc Ord 76 122/153pWTB343.57%2.60728.57%211995-10-24
Westmount Energy Limited Ord NpvWTE-14.63%0.9716.22%372002-09-06
Wynnstay Group Plc Ord 25pWYN123.27%2.5837.5%82004-09-03
Xaar Plc Ord 10pXAR419.9%1.53222.81%572011-04-06
Xtrackers X Ftse Vietnam SwapXFVT91.53%1.85420%102008-06-10
Xlmedia Plc Ord Usd0.000001XLM-19.77%0.93713.04%232014-08-08
Xpediator Plc Ord 5pXPD42.74%1.16615%202018-08-21
Xp Factory Plc Ord 1.25pXPF-28.54%0.91115%202017-06-09
Xp Power Limited Ord 1p (Di)XPP299.56%2.06425.93%272003-09-11
XPS Pensions Group PLCXPS36%114.62411.76%172019-03-22
Yellow Cake Plc Ord Gbp0.01YCA24.63%1.32716.67%62019-02-21
Young & Co's Brewery Plc A' Ord 12.5pYNGA142.83%3.45733.33%62002-08-12
Yougov Plc Ord 0.2pYOU498.12%2.76540.74%272015-12-15
Yu Group Plc Ord Gbp0.005YU.163.15%1.33821.21%332018-03-16
Zaim Credit Systems Plc Ord 1ZAIM61.07%2.02720%52020-11-02
Zambeef Products Plc Ord Zmw0.01ZAM48.96%1.13915.38%262011-11-16
Zinc Media Group Plc Ord 0.125pZIN-75.42%0.8415.15%332011-08-09
Zinnwald Lithium Plc Ord Gbp0.01ZNWD-5.21%0.95112.5%82021-04-07
Zoo Digital Group plcZOO446.05%1.47520.55%732013-11-11
Zephyr Energy Plc Ord 0.1pZPHR172.21%6.73450%42020-11-23
Zotefoams Plc Ord 5pZTF211.12%1.77528%252015-10-19
Zytronic Plc Ord 1pZYT45.15%1.09914.71%342002-04-08
Uber Technologies Inc Uber Technologies Ord (Cdi)0A1U135.82%2.30722.22%92020-03-13
Orange Sa Orange Adr Rep 1 Ord (Cdi)0A2Q-32.11%00%22021-06-11
Biontech Se Biontech Se Adr0A3M-79.41%00%52021-08-20
Tomra Systems Asa Tomra Systems Ord Shs0KV7168.9%6.57750%42014-09-26
H Lundbeck A/s h.lundbeck Ord Shs0ND522.76%1.14525%82012-12-19
Abb Ltd Abb Ord Shs0NX20.55%1.00333.33%62012-02-01
Orange Sa Orange Ord Shs0OQV-40.85%0.71210%102011-06-13
Ford Motor Co Ford Motor Ord (Cdi)0P4F103.78%2.08625%82014-08-11
Bank of America Corp Bank of America Ord (Cdi)0Q1627.92%1.40220%52020-03-03
Argenx Nv Argenx Ord Shs0QW082.13%6.93850%22020-02-28
Comcast Corp Comcast a Ord (Cdi)0QYF-62.01%00%42020-01-09
Advanced Micro Devices Inc Advanced Micro Devices Ord Shs0QZD124.23%2.63828.57%72019-08-05
Cisco Systems Inc Cisco Systems Ord (Cdi)0R0K-15.09%00%12020-07-31
Apple Inc Apple Ord (Cdi)0R2V14.45%1.9450%22021-02-22
Unieuro Spa Unieuro Ord Shs0ROF-13.93%0.87514.29%72018-06-28
Acer Incorporated Gdr (Repr 5 Shs Com Stk Twd10)(reg S)ACID199.89%1.56423.08%262019-03-19
Ros Agro Plc Gdr (5 Repr 1 Ord) Reg SAGRO20.96%1.11115.38%132011-09-13
Pjsc Tatneft Ads (Repr 6 Ord Rub0.10)ATAD453.88%1.96227.27%332002-02-05
Avangardco Investments Public Limited Gdr (10 Gdr's Repr 1 Ord)AVGR90.68%1.18415.63%322011-03-10
Axis Bank Limited Gdr Each Repr 5 Eqty ShsAXB192.43%1.64321.74%232008-01-21
Compal Electronics Inc Gds (Each Repr 5 Shs) (Reg S)CEIR-84.28%0.22514.29%72022-06-17
Cathay Financial Holding Co Ltd Gdr (Each Repr 10 Twd10)(reg S)CFHS151.19%1.95325%122003-11-28
Dish Tv India Limited Gdr (Each Repr One Shr)DTVL208.88%2.08525%122018-07-18
Efg-Hermes Holding s.a.e. Gdr (Each Repr 2 Ord Egp5)(regs)EFGD-81.91%0.816%252015-04-08
Societatea Energetica Electrica Sa Gdr (Each Repr 4 Ord) (Reg S)ELSA-64.99%00%42014-10-03
En+Group InternationalENPL-38.89%00%12018-04-20
X5 Retail Group NVFIVE334.97%1.88123.33%302006-01-13
Gail (India) Ld Gdr (Repr 6 Ord Inr10)(reg S)GAID375.84%2.54431.58%192003-04-16
Global Ports Investments Plc Gdr (Each Repr 3 Ord) (Reg S)GLPR-55.87%0.79910%202011-10-24
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. Ltd Gdr (Each Repr 2 Shs)(reg S)HHPD366.43%2.00720.69%292018-09-11
Huatai Securities Co., Ltd. Gdr (Each Repr 10 a Shs Rmb1.00) (Reg S)HTSC-33.14%00%22020-03-02
Hyundai Motor Company Gds (Each Repr 1/2 Ord Krw5000)HYUO72.18%2.13720%52013-03-11
Larsen and Toubro Limited Gds (Repr 1 Ord Inr2)(reg's')LTOD182.43%1.53719.23%262003-12-17
Vk Company Limited Gdr (Each Repr 1 Ord) (Reg S)VKCO144.94%1.46118.18%222011-03-17
Adr Gmk Norilskiynikel Ord Shs [Repo]MNOD643.77%3.63636%252002-09-04
Public Joint Stock Company Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port Gdr(each Repr 75 Ord Shs)(reg S)NCSP77.1%1.21616%252008-03-25
Novolipetsk Steel Gds Each Repr 10 Ord Rub1 'Reg S'NLMK437.86%2.08424.24%332006-06-28
Novatek DRCNVTK541.96%2.2327.03%372022-02-24
Otp Bank Plc Gdr (Each Repr 1/2 Ord Huf100)(reg S)OTPD339.45%2.45629.41%172018-06-27
Pjsc Phosagro Gdr (3 Gdr Repr 1 Ord) (Regs)PHOR53.02%1.36828.57%72011-12-16
Public Joint Stock Company Polyus Gdr (Each Repr 0.5 Shs) (Reg S)PLZL117.61%2.4825%82017-12-06
Reliance Infrastructure Ld Gdr (Repr 3 Ord Inr10)(reg S)RIFS-24.94%0.94212%252008-11-04
Reliance Industries Limited Gdr (Each Repr 2 Ord Inr10 Level1)(144a)RIGD332.46%2.25426.09%232013-08-22
Public Joint-Stock Company Rostelecom Adr (Each Repr 6 Rub0.0025)(level I)RKMD5.03%1.01214.29%282004-02-11
State Bank of India Gdr (Each Rep 10 Shs Inr1)(reg S)SBID526.81%2.50828.13%322018-04-27
Surgutneftegas Public Joint Stock Company Adr (Each Repr 10 Ord)SGGD287.78%1.71822.58%312002-10-15
Sk Telecom Co Ld Ads(repr 5/9 Com Stk)SKMD11%65.8512.5%82002-09-09
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd (Att) Gds (Repr 25 Non Vtg Pfd)(reg S)SMSD506.51%3.56235%202021-01-18
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd (Att) Gdr (Each Rep 25 Com Stk Krw100)(reg S)SMSN239.79%1.92222.73%222021-02-09
China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation Ads (Each Repr 100'h'shs Cny 1.00)SNP111.12%1.64823.08%132007-12-13
Sistema Pjsfc Gdr (Each Repr 20 Ord Rub0.09) (Regs)SSA177.43%1.20816.95%592005-08-18
Tcs Group Holding Plc Gdr (Each Repr 1 a Shr) (Reg S)TCS144.21%1.37920.69%292014-01-22
Medacta Group Sa Medacta Group Ord Shs0A05-31.57%00%22021-06-15
Stadler Rail Ag Stadler Rail Ord Shs0A0C-30.92%00%22020-09-25
Lynas Corporation Ltd Lynas Corporation Ord Shs0A2N106.03%3.81333.33%32019-11-26
Betsson Ab Betsson Ord Shs Class B0A37-30.45%00%22020-12-14
Crowdstrike Holdings Inc Crowdstrike Holdings Ord Shs Class A0A3N-49.17%00%32021-03-09
Altimmune Inc Altimmune Ord Shs0A4C45.98%1.87433.33%32021-12-02
Bionano Genomics Inc Bionano Genomics Ord Shs0A4K-75.45%0.6067.69%132021-04-15
Bloom Energy Corp Bloom Energy Class a Ord Shs0A4L1.47%1.01614.29%72021-07-15
Dexcom Inc Dexcom Ord Shs0A4M-14.46%00%12021-05-11
Genius Brands International Inc Genius Brands International Ord Shs0A4O29.81%1.43320%52021-05-14
Novan Inc Novan Ord Shs0A4P-48.47%00%32021-04-19
Remark Holdings Inc Remark Holdings Ord Shs0A4R632.54%6.49312.5%82021-10-07
Acadia Pharmaceuticals Inc Acadia Pharmaceuticals Ord Shs0A4W-20.1%00%12021-08-27
Co-Diagnostics Inc Co Diagnostics Inc Ord Shs0A50-84.97%00%52021-11-01
Maxar Technologies Inc Com Usd0.00010A53115.41%4.76633.33%32021-07-07
Sibanye Stillwater Ltd Sibanye Stillwater Adr Representing 4 Or0A56-45.29%00%32021-06-14
Cheesecake Factory Inc Cheesecake Factory Ord Shs0A5B-14.38%00%12022-05-12
Jde Peets Nv Jde Peet's Ord Shs0A5I84.54%6.41750%22021-03-10
Calliditas Therapeutics Ab Calliditas Therapeutics Ord Shs0A5R-53.28%00%32021-05-25
Hensoldt Ag Hensoldt Ord Shs0A5S100.92%4100%12021-09-08
Fuelcell Energy Inc Fuelcell Energy Ord Shs0A606.07%1.06614.29%72021-06-18
Discovery Silver Corp Discovery Metals Ord Shs0A61-77.17%00%52021-07-20
Oil States International Inc Oil States International Ord Shs0A6362.62%2.80433.33%32021-08-10
Dupont De Nemours Inc Dupont De Nemours Ord Shs0A6B-31.22%00%22021-06-18
Lattice Semiconductor Corp Lattice Semiconductor Ord Shs0A6F-33.79%00%22022-01-12
Soligenix Inc Soligenix Ord Shs0A6I-33.8%00%22021-12-20
Southwestern Energy Co Southwestern Energy Ord Shs0A6J53.1%2.12525%42021-09-22
Gamestop Corp Gamestop Ord Shs Class A0A6L-23.56%0.80811.11%92021-10-01
Livent Corp Livent Ord Shs0A6T-16.09%00%12022-01-26
Ambev Sa Ambev Adr Representing One Ord Shs0A6X-15.27%00%12021-06-30
Xerox Holdings Corp Xerox Holdings Ord Shs0A6Y-59.98%00%42022-01-24
Ameresco Inc Ameresco Ord Shs Class A0A70-47.79%00%32022-01-11
Antero Resources Corp Antero Resources Ord Shs0A7196.42%3100%12022-01-24
Kuaishou Technology Kuaishou Technology Ord Shs0A74-72.01%00%42021-10-20
Cigna Corp Cigna Ord Shs0A77-14.87%00%12021-06-14
Caesars Entertainment Inc Caesars Entertainment Ord Shs0A78-48.98%00%32021-10-11
Clovis Oncology Inc Clovis Oncology Ord Shs0A7C-59.37%0.77413.33%152021-06-16
Dell Technologies Inc Dell Technologies Ord Shs Class C0A7D-74.84%00%32021-06-23
Domino's Pizza Inc Dominos Pizza Ord Shs0A7E-46.69%00%32021-08-16
Hdfc Bank Ltd Hdfc Bank Adr Representing Three Ord Shs0A7I-16.82%00%12021-08-20
Houston American Energy Corp Houston American Energy Ord Shs0A7K-59.97%00%32022-01-25
Keysight Technologies Inc Keysight Technologies Ord Shs0A7N-17.21%00%12021-09-17
Microstrategy Inc Microstrategy Ord Shs Class A0A7O-5.4%0.94114.29%72021-07-19
Readly International Ab (Publ) Readly International Ord Shs0A7Q-52.97%00%32021-09-15
Palantir Technologies Inc Palantir Technologies Ord Shs Class A0A7R-61.74%00%42021-10-04
Quantum Corp Quantum Ord Shs0A7S-52.26%00%32021-11-30
Revlon Inc Revlon Ord Shs Class A0A7T-36.61%00%22022-08-30
Virtu Financial Inc Virtu Financial Ord Shs Class A0A7X-15.71%00%12021-07-29
Signature Bank Signature Bank Ord Shs0A85-78.27%00%52022-01-26
Technip Energies Nv Technip Energies Ord Shs0A8A-15.16%00%12021-08-23
Airbnb Inc Airbnb Ord Shs Class A0A8C-44.95%00%32021-07-20
Xeris Biopharma Inc Xeris Biopharma Ord Shs0A8E-30.11%00%22021-12-07
Seachange International Inc Seachange International Ord Shs0A8G70.93%4.67150%22021-12-02
Genprex Inc Genprex Ord Shs0A8I57.98%2.11825%42021-11-26
Immunogen Inc Immunogen Ord Shs0A8K-15.85%00%12021-08-16
Aytu Biopharma Inc Aytu Biopharma Ord Shs0A8M-86.79%00%42021-09-20
Sportsmans Warehouse Holdings Inc Sportsmans Warehouse Holdings Ord Shs0A8T-38.71%00%22022-02-22
Msci Inc Msci Ord Shs0A8Y-14.66%00%12021-12-15
Nano Dimension Ltd Nano Dimension Sponsored 1 Adr Represent0A92-62.39%00%42021-08-18
Corsair Gaming Inc Corsair Gaming Ord Shs0A95-75.4%00%52021-07-28
Synlab Ag Synlab Ord Shs0A9B-31.12%00%22021-10-06
Mereo Biopharma Group Plc Mereo Biopharma Group Adr Representing 50A9G117.19%4.5833.33%32021-11-18
Nacon Sas Nacon Ord Shs0A9N-32.88%00%22021-09-15
Mister Spex Se Mister Spex Ord Shs0A9V-63.97%00%42021-11-19
Vantage Towers Ag Vantage Towers N Ord Shs0A9Y-14.87%00%12022-05-10
Acast Ab (Publ) Acast Ord Shs0A9Z-43.91%00%22022-01-19
Nagarro Se Nagarro N Ord Shs0AA3-44.83%00%32022-01-11
Azelis Group Azelis Group Ord Shs0AA6-15.72%00%12022-02-18
Truecaller Ab Truecaller Ord Shs Class B0AA7-75.92%00%52022-03-09
Aramis Group Sas Aramis Group Ord Shs0AAA-67.66%00%42022-02-23
Vitesco Technologies Group Ag Vitesco Technologies Group N Ord Shs0AAF92.83%3100%12022-03-04
Montana Aerospace Ag Montana N Ord Shs0AAI-35.85%00%22022-02-23
Polypeptide Group Ag Polypeptide N Ord Shs0AAJ-46.81%00%32022-02-17
Majorel Group Luxembourg Sa Majorel Group Luxembourg Ord Shs0AAP-15.25%00%12022-08-31
Lilium Nv Lilium Ord Shs Class A0AB4-53.45%00%32022-07-05
Danieli & C Officine Meccaniche Spa Danieli Ord Shs0APM-14.96%00%12021-11-26
Kesko Oyj Kesko Corporation Ord Shs0BNS-32.54%00%22021-09-21
q.beyond Ag Qsc Ord Shs0CHZ-80.63%00%52020-12-23
Raisio Oyj Raisio Ord Shs0CIJ-31.16%00%22020-09-29
Tcm Group A/s Tcm Group Ord Shs0CUN-20.44%00%12021-10-04
Mgi Digital Technology Sa France Mgi Digital Graphic Technology Or0D00-36.18%00%22018-12-12
Quantum Genomics Sa Quantum Genom Ord Shs0D1J-64.23%0.62314.29%72020-05-11
Groupe Guillin Sa Groupe Guillin Ord Shs0D1X-40.62%00%22018-07-18
Drone Volt Sa Drone Volt Ord Shs0D25-85.86%00%22018-04-30
Financiere De Tubize Sa Financiere De Tubize Ord Shs0D53-15.53%00%12019-01-31
Arendals Fossekompani Asa Arendals Fossekompani Ord Shs0DHA-47%00%32022-02-17
Alma Media Oyj Alma Media Ord Shs0DJN-18.78%00%12022-01-25
Eq Oyj Eq Ord Shs0DK7-15%00%12021-10-06
Amsterdam Commodities Nv Ams Commodities Ord Shs0DLI-19.96%00%12018-04-16
Ascopiave Spa Ascopiave Ord Shs0DME-31.5%00%22021-07-28
Basware Oyj Basware Ord Shs0DP4-14.6%00%12020-06-15
Belships Asa Belships Ord Shs0DQB-32.26%00%22022-05-30
Beter Bed Holding Nv Beter Bed Holding Ord Shs0DQK-15.86%0.92716.67%122018-04-24
Biotec Pharmacon Asa Biotec Pharmacon Ord Shs0DRV-33.03%00%22021-08-18
Nrc Group Asa Nrc Group Ord Shs0DSJ-50.59%00%32018-11-20
Savencia Sa Savencia Ord Shs0DTK-36.14%00%22020-02-24
Basler Ag Basler Ord Shs0DUI20.81%1.25716.67%62021-02-24
Cbrain A/s Cbrain Ord Shs0DWV-36%00%22021-12-16
Cropenergies Ag Cropenergies Ord Shs0DXG194.64%13.51966.67%32019-09-06
Cembre Spa Cembre Ord Shs0DXU-41.49%00%12018-03-27
Cegedim Sa Cegedim Ord Shs0DYQ-57.18%00%32018-03-27
Elica Spa Elica Ord Shs0EA2-56.61%00%32018-04-26
Teekay Tankers Ltd Teekay Tankers Ord Shs Class A0EAQ101.76%3100%12021-01-29
Lyondellbasell Industries Nv Lyondellbasell Industries Ord Shs Class0EDD-57.09%00%32018-05-08
Nxp Semiconductors Nv Nxp Semiconductors Ord Shs0EDE56.96%2.27325%42019-05-30
Uniqure Nv Uniqure Ord Shs0EE0-83.72%00%52020-07-30
Exmar Nv Exmar Nv Ord Shs0EEV104.81%2.06428.57%72019-02-06
Komplett Bank Asa Komplett Bank Ord Shs0EFW-30.67%00%22021-06-24
Fnm Spa Fnm Ord Shs0EHB-25.47%00%12018-04-05
Geci International Sa Geci International Ord Shs0EJU65.75%1.50122.22%92021-06-28
Gefran Spa Gefran Ord Shs0EKI-43.34%00%22018-09-03
Guerbet Sa Guerbet Ord Shs0ELV-61.32%00%42021-11-12
Carnival Corp Carnival Ord Shs0EV1-75.92%0.5639.09%112019-08-02
Inypsa Informes Y Proyectos Sa Inypsa Informes Y Proyectos Ord Shs0EVB-61.62%00%42021-08-03
Init Innovation in Traffic Systems Init Innovation in Traffic Systems Ord S0EWR-47.3%00%32020-10-06
Kitron Asa Kitron Ord Shs0F0J-28.62%00%12019-05-21
Groupe Ldlc Sa Groupe Ldlc Ord Shs0F2N-81.26%00%52021-05-27
Lotus Bakeries Nv Lotus Bakeries Ord Shs0F4O95.9%4100%12019-01-09
Etablissements Maurel Et Prom Sa Maurel Et Prom Ord Shs0F6L102.4%1.97433.33%62018-08-15
Duro Felguera Sa Duro Felguera Ord Shs0F7F-59.95%00%32021-03-29
Mgi Coutier Sa Mgi Coutier Ord Shs0F8V-89.93%00%52018-04-13
Nexus Ag Nexus Ord Shs0FGL83.32%6.05450%22020-03-13
Ohb Se Ohb Technology Ord Shs0FH7-33.14%00%22021-10-08
Olvi Oyj Olvi Ord Shs0FHS-32.17%00%22021-08-20
Opera Software Asa Opera Software Ord Shs0FI5-81.96%00%22021-07-09
Picanol Npv0FM2-25.03%00%12020-01-07
Ponsse Oyj Ponsse Ord Shs0FNZ52.54%2.12725%42020-05-20
Pharol Sgps Sa Pharol Sgps Ord Shs0FQ8-83.52%00%42021-02-24
Quest for Growth Nv Quest for Growth Ord Shs0FRE-37.24%00%22020-02-13
Rosenbauer International Ag Rosenbauer International Ord Shs0FRW-49.38%00%32019-11-15
Rec Silicon Asa Renewable Energy Ord Shs0FS858.18%2.55233.33%32020-11-25
Riber Sa Riber Ord Shs0FT3-56.15%00%22019-12-11
Wavestone Sa Wavestone Ord Shs0G1T-31.45%00%22019-07-08
Solstad Farstad Asa Solstad Farstad Ord Shs0G2Z13.43%1.16116.67%62019-04-25
Solar A/s Solar B Ord Shs0G3384.49%6.39250%22018-11-21
Solteq Oyj Solteq Ord Shs0G5H-21.72%00%12022-09-07
Sparebanken Vest Sparebanken Vest Ord Shs0G67-15.29%00%12021-12-16
Kendrion Nv Kendrion Ord Shs0G6832.05%1.46220%52018-10-25
Saltx Technology Holding Ab Saltx Technology Holding Ord Shs0G6W4.83%1.05425%42020-10-08
Nilorngruppen Ab Nilorngruppen Ord Shs0GB5-33.08%00%22022-08-02
Maha Energy Ab Maha Energy Ord Shs0GEA207.83%4.85325%42018-04-27
Vaisala Oyj Vaisala Ord Shs0GEG-15.52%00%12020-12-09
Embracer Group Ab Embracer Group Ord Shs0GFE-74.55%00%52021-06-07
Esi Group Sa Esi Group Ord Shs0GM999.74%4100%12019-02-01
Heba Fastighets Ab Heba Fastighets B Ord Shs0GNV-49.39%00%32021-09-17
Polytec Holding Ag Polytec Holding Ord Shs0GOX-34.74%0.73814.29%72018-04-27
Medivir Ab Medivir B Ord Shs0GP7-14.84%00%12018-03-14
Hexagon Ab Hexagon B Ord Shs0GRX-14.91%00%12021-10-04
Note Ab (Publ) Note Ord Shs0GSS70.07%3.25333.33%32018-04-13
Proact It Group Ab Proact It Group Ord Shs0GT3-52.85%00%32019-04-01
Caisse Regionale De Credit Agricole Credit Agricole Brie Picardie Ord Shs0GTI-15.22%00%12022-03-21
Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken Ab Skandinaviska Enskildaanken Ord Shs0GUX-30.39%00%22018-03-23
Husqvarna Ab Husqvarna Ord Shs0GWI-67.53%00%42021-06-16
Svedbergs I Dalstorp Ab Svedbergs I Dalstorp Ord Shs0GXD-18.91%00%12022-03-04
Vbg Group Ab (Publ) Vbg Group B Ord Shs0GXK-13.85%00%12021-09-29
Aeffe Spa Aeffe Ord Shs0GY8-45.27%00%32021-11-23
Rottneros Ab Rottneros Ord Shs0H0L106.78%4100%12018-03-26
Net Insight Ab Net Insight B Ord Shs0H14-85.17%00%42018-04-05
Bergs Timber Ab (Publ) Bergs Timber B Ord Shs0H2W-34.49%00%22021-06-04
Pricer Ab Pricer B Ord Shs0H3876.11%2.60125%42019-03-01
Aflac Inc Aflac Ord Shs0H6883.79%5.72550%22019-08-05
Abiomed Inc Abiomed Ord Shs0H7S-48.46%00%32018-05-04
Accuray Inc Accuray Ord Shs0H8I-30.73%00%22021-03-05
Aclaris Therapeutics Inc Aclaris Therapeutics Ord Shs0H8T61.3%4.34150%22018-12-21
Advance Auto Parts Inc Advance Auto Parts Ord Shs0H9G-30.36%00%22021-11-03
Apptix Asa Apptix Ord Shs0H9M-49.71%00%32021-11-22
Aecom Aecom Ord Shs0H9N-22.42%00%12018-06-06
Adverum Biotechnologies Inc Adverum Biotechnologies Ord Shs0HA3184.76%2.09218.18%112019-03-26
Aerovironment Inc Aerovironment Ord Shs0HAL-35.47%00%22021-02-04
Affiliated Managers Group Inc Affiliated Managers Group Ord Shs0HAQ-65.16%00%32018-11-14
Agrofresh Solutions Inc Agrofresh Solutions Ord Shs0HB7-22.75%00%12021-02-02
Air Products and Chemicals Inc Air Products and Chemicals Ord Shs0HBH101.31%4100%12018-05-04
alarm.com Holdings Inc alarm.com Holdings Ord Shs0HC2-13.93%00%12022-03-07
Alaska Air Group Inc Alaska Air Group Ord Shs0HC3-76.31%00%22019-12-05
Albemarle Corp Albemarle Ord Shs0HC7-32.31%00%22018-12-03
Alcoa Corp Alcoa Ord Shs0HCB170.73%4.47840%52020-03-24
Allstate Corp Allstate Ord Shs0HCZ-43.36%00%22018-09-24
Ally Financial Inc Ally Financial Ord Shs0HD0-60.85%00%42021-06-18
Alteryx Inc Alteryx Ord Shs Class A0HDD-83.25%00%52021-03-08
Systemair Ab Systemair Ord Shs0HDK73.27%3.47533.33%32018-04-11
Synergie Se Synergie Ord Shs0HDQ-52.39%00%22018-07-18
Golar Lng Ltd Golar Lng Ord Shs0HDY94.72%3100%12021-07-19
American Electric Power Company Inc American Electric Power Ord Shs0HEC-16.85%00%12019-12-03
Smith & Wesson Brands Inc Smith & Wesson Brand Ord Shs0HEM2.85%1.03114.29%72018-04-26
American Water Works Company Inc American Water Works Ord Shs0HEW-15.21%00%12021-02-26
Amerisourcebergen Corp Amerisourcebergen Ord Shs0HF399.65%4100%12018-07-30
Ametek Inc Ametek Ord Shs0HF7-35.13%00%22019-08-06
Amicus Therapeutics Inc Amicus Therapeutics Ord Shs0HF9-34.23%00%22021-05-17
Analog Devices Inc Analog Devices Ord Shs0HFN83.81%6.52350%22018-04-25
Anaptysbio Inc Anaptysbio Ord Shs0HFQ119.38%8.91650%22018-07-19
Anavex Life Sciences Corp Anavex Life Sciences Ord Shs0HFR-56.73%00%32021-09-15
Anglogold Ashanti Ltd Anglogold Ashanti Adr Reptg 1 Ord Shs0HFY91.91%3.83333.33%32018-04-27
Ansys Inc Ansys Ord Shs0HG364.96%2.9133.33%32018-10-12
Apa Corp Apa Ord Shs0HGC51.99%2.0425%42020-03-20
Appian Corp Appian Ord Shs Class A0HGM269.83%4.46716.67%62019-04-01
Applied Industrial Technologies Inc Applied Industrial Technologies Ord Shs0HGR106.54%4100%12019-02-07
Arista Networks Inc Arista Networks Ord Shs0HHR73.02%3.34333.33%32018-10-15
Assurant Inc Assurant Ord Shs0HIN69.04%3.27133.33%32018-04-25
Atara Biotherapeutics Inc Atara Biotherapeutics Ord Shs0HIY-44.26%00%22021-07-21
Vilmorin & Cie Sa Vilmorin & Cie Ord Shs0HJC-23.63%00%12021-09-10
Automatic Data Processing Inc Automatic Data Processing Ord Shs0HJI76.11%4.60350%22020-03-11
Avery Dennison Corp Avery Dennison Ord Shs0HJR-30.12%00%22021-08-20
Avis Budget Group Inc Avis Budget Group Ord Shs0HK470.76%3.16333.33%32021-03-30
Axogen Inc Axogen Ord Shs0HKD-65.4%00%12018-05-21
Axon Enterprise Inc Axon Enterprise Ord Shs0HKE213.94%4.60633.33%62018-11-30
Bgc Partners Inc Bgc Partners Ord Shs Class A0HKM-72.27%00%22019-04-02
Bp Plc Bp Adr Each Representing Six Ord Shs0HKP56.88%2.24925%42019-12-12
Byd Co Ltd Byd Adr Reptg 20 Ord Shs0HKY64.05%2.16825%42021-03-05
Ball Corp Ball Ord Shs0HL5-66.06%00%42019-11-13
Bank of New York Mellon Corp Bank of New York Mellon Ord Shs0HLQ-31.8%00%22018-07-30
Vgp Nv Vgp Ord Shs0HM097.58%1.92922.22%92018-04-27
Beazer Homes Usa Inc Beazer Homes Ord Shs0HMG-16.65%00%12021-06-29
Bed Bath & Beyond Inc Bed Bath and Beyond Ord Shs0HMI63.35%1.3415.38%132021-02-24
Dof Asa Dof Ord Shs0HMM-39.7%00%12022-08-11
Bellerophon Therapeutics Inc Bellerophon Therapeutics Ord Shs0HMP-64.75%00%22021-11-15
Berry Global Group Inc Berry Global Group Ord Shs0HN1-32.81%00%22021-08-17
Bhp Billiton Ltd Bhp Billiton Adr Reptg 2 Ord Shs0HN3-31.92%00%22019-08-14
H & R Block Inc H&r Block Ord Shs0HOB81.3%5.81150%22018-05-04
Bluebird Bio Inc Bluebird Bio Ord Shs0HOH-28.96%0.78212.5%82018-06-20
Blueprint Medicines Corp Blueprint Medicines Ord Shs0HOJ-14.55%00%12018-07-05
Borgwarner Inc Borgwarner Ord Shs0HOU-69.24%00%32019-08-05
Brighthouse Financial Inc Brighthouse Financial Ord Shs0HPH-23.19%00%12019-09-03
Brooks Automation Inc Brooks Automation Ord Shs0HQ1-60.02%00%32021-05-04
Buckle Inc Buckle Ord Shs0HQ7-35.85%00%22021-08-24
Cboe Global Markets Inc Cboe Global Markets Ord Shs0HQN-29.45%00%22018-12-24
Cbre Group Inc Cbre Group Ord Shs Class A0HQP83.11%6.33350%22018-10-10
Cf Industries Holdings Inc Cf Industries Holdings Ord Shs0HQU81.67%6.34750%22021-01-27
Duni Ab Duni Ord Shs0HR316.93%1.26520%52018-12-11
Cvr Energy Inc Cvr Energy Ord Shs0HRR-32.66%00%22021-07-12
Cadence Design Systems Inc Cadence Design Systems Ord Shs0HS2112.34%4100%12019-01-03
Norwegian Energy Company Asa Norwegian Energy Company Ord Shs0HTF100.64%4100%12021-04-30
Intex Resources Asa Intex Resources Ord Shs0HTS150.02%2.63625%82021-08-02
Celanese Corp Celanese Ord Shs Series A0HUR-35.72%00%22022-01-31
Celsion Corp Celsion Ord Shs0HUZ-26.12%0.83412.5%82021-01-28
Centene Corp Centene Ord Shs0HVB-19.28%00%12019-07-11
Centerpoint Energy Inc Centerpoint Energy Ord Shs0HVF36.88%3.12150%22019-06-25
Kongsberg Automotive Asa Kongsberg Automotive Ord Shs0HW0-17.38%0.85325%42018-12-28
Charter Communications Inc Charter Communications Ord Shs Class A0HW439.44%1.67420%52018-05-10
Restorbio, Inc. Restorbio Ord Shs0HX7-37.85%00%22022-04-28
Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc Chipotle Mexican Grill Ord Shs0HXW-14.11%00%12021-02-02
Cementir Holding Spa Cementir Holding Ord Shs0HY2-31.2%00%22021-11-04
Ciena Corp Ciena Ord Shs0HYA88.12%6.57450%22018-04-25
Cincinnati Financial Corp Cincinnati Financial Ord Shs0HYE-31.02%00%22019-03-25
Citizens Financial Group Inc Citizens Financial Group Ord Shs0HYP-76.46%00%32019-08-16
Clean Energy Fuels Corp Clean Energy Fuels Ord Shs0I04109.84%2.34316.67%62020-12-17
Cleveland-Cliffs Inc Cleveland Cliffs Ord Shs0I0H20.42%1.15120%102018-10-31
Clorox Co Clorox Ord Shs0I0J-29.9%00%22020-01-09
Coca-Cola Bottling Co Consolidated Coca Cola Bottling Ord Shs0I0T-40.77%00%22018-04-12
Codexis Inc Codexis Ord Shs0I0X-84.66%00%52021-03-26
Cognex Corp Cognex Ord Shs0I1436%1.42416.67%62018-04-25
Consolidated Edison Inc Consolidated Edison Ord Shs0I35-18.17%00%12019-04-04
Controladora Vuela Compania De Avia Controladora Vuela Compania Adr Represen0I3G-63.8%00%32021-06-07
Cooper Companies Inc Cooper Ord Shs0I3I-31.84%00%22020-12-23
Costco Wholesale Corp Costco Wholesale Ord Shs0I4782.64%6.05150%22019-09-18
Coupa Software Inc Coupa Software Ord Shs0I4B4.19%1.04214.29%72018-05-01
Wolfspeed Inc Wolfspeed Ord Shs0I4Q171.69%6.39266.67%32018-04-26
Bergman & Beving Ab Bergman & Beving Ord Shs0I5O-80.69%00%42018-03-28
Dte Energy Co Dte Energy Ord Shs0I6Q-14.87%00%12022-04-29
Dxc Technology Co Dxc Technology Ord Shs0I6U-75.54%00%22020-01-30
Darden Restaurants Inc Darden Restaurants Ord Shs0I77-77.74%00%22018-11-14
Davita Inc Davita Ord Shs0I7E-29.1%00%22021-02-18
Denbury Inc Denbury Inc Ord Shs0I8A-14.88%00%12021-10-13
Dentsply Sirona Inc Dentsply Sirona Ord Shs0I8F-31.02%00%22019-01-18
Devon Energy Corp Devon Energy Ord Shs0I8W-55.43%00%32018-11-09
Discover Financial Services Discover Financial Services Ord Shs0IBC43.85%1.71650%22019-08-13
Dish Network Corp Dish Network Ord Shs Class A0IBG-87.19%00%52018-12-31
Dollar Tree Inc Dollar Tree Ord Shs0IC8-36.84%00%22018-05-11
Drdgold Ltd Drdgold Adr Representing 10 Ord Shs0ICU-62.92%00%42021-07-19
Duke Energy Corp Duke Energy Ord Shs0ID1-17.23%00%12019-03-28
Eog Resources Inc Eog Resources Ord Shs0IDR114.18%2.33433.33%62018-08-21
Eqt Corp Eqt Ord Shs0IDU95.12%7.03850%22021-03-10
Eastman Chemical Co Eastman Chemical Ord Shs0IF3-31.33%00%22018-09-12
Eastman Kodak Co Eastman Kodak Ord Shs0IF4-67.05%00%42021-02-19
Ecolab Inc Ecolab Ord Shs0IFA-46.51%00%32019-10-03
Egain Corp Egain Ord Shs0IFM-31.11%00%22021-08-03
Electronic Arts Inc Electronic Arts Ord Shs0IFX-32.87%00%22018-04-27
Emergent Biosolutions Inc Emergent Biosolutions Ord Shs0IGA-33.43%00%22021-08-03
Energous Corp Energous Ord Shs0IH3-87.12%00%42018-11-23
Entergy Corp Entergy Ord Shs0IHP-19.17%00%12019-07-18
Equifax Inc Equifax Ord Shs0II350.6%2.09825%42018-10-26
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (Publ) Ericsson Sponsored Adr Representing 1 Or0IID-72.94%00%42021-01-19
Esperion Therapeutics Inc Esperion Therapeutics Ord Shs0IIM39.3%1.63920%52021-11-18
Etsy Inc Etsy Ord Shs0IIW-41.86%0.70410%102020-09-04
Everspin Technologies Inc Everspin Technologies Ord Shs0IJ366.57%3.13350%22021-08-16
Exelon Corp Exelon Ord Shs0IJN59.22%2.32933.33%32019-06-13
Exelixis Inc Exelixis Ord Shs0IJO-33.08%00%22018-07-03
Expeditors International of Washing Expeditors International of Washington O0IJR-32.3%00%22021-08-09
Extreme Networks Inc Extreme Networks Ord Shs0IJW62.38%2.52950%22018-06-07
Fmc Corp Fmc Ord Shs0IK3-35.13%00%22018-05-01
F5 Networks Inc F5 Networks Ord Shs0IL629.43%1.37316.67%62018-11-21
Fidelity National Information Servi Fidelity National Information Services O0ILW-59.88%00%42021-01-22
Fifth Third Bancorp Fifth Third Bancorp Ord Shs0IM1-81.81%00%32018-10-12
Bastide Le Confort Medical Sa Bastide Le Confort Medical Ord Shs0IP1-89.91%00%52018-03-23
Fiserv Inc Fiserv Ord Shs0IP9197.22%8100%12019-01-03
Firstenergy Corp Firstenergy Ord Shs0IPB-15.16%00%12022-03-24
Five Below Inc Five Below Ord Shs0IPD-34.53%00%22021-04-29
Fleetcor Technologies Inc Fleetcor Technologies Ord Shs0IPN-30.78%00%22021-06-21
Aubay Sa Aubay Ord Shs0IPY47.75%1.89433.33%32018-07-17
Foot Locker Inc Foot Locker Ord Shs0IQK-58.01%00%32021-09-15
Fortinet Inc Fortinet Ord Shs0IR9164.59%4.43340%52020-03-19
Fortive Corp Fortive Ord Shs0IRE-65.86%00%32019-06-03
Fortune Brands Home & Security Inc Fortune Brands Home and Security Ord Shs0IRN81.14%3.40533.33%32018-12-24
Hkscan Oyj Hkscan Ord Shs0ISM-62.02%00%42021-02-19
Gartner Inc Gartner Ord Shs0ITV-34.36%00%22018-09-05
General Dynamics Corp General Dynamics Ord Shs0IUC-49.42%00%22018-04-26
Geron Corp Geron Ord Shs0IV321.22%1.24125%42018-04-20
Global Payments Inc Global Payments Ord Shs0IW7-51.81%00%32020-03-17
Van De Velde Nv Van De Velde Ord Shs0IWV38.89%1.65825%42018-05-25
Gl Events Sa Gl Events Ord Shs0IX015.32%1.17320%52018-06-28
Atria Oyj Atria Ord Shs0IY1-17.06%00%12021-05-17
Gogo Inc Gogo Ord Shs0IYQ107.74%4100%12018-11-23
Gold Fields Ltd Gold Fields Adr Representing 1 Ord Shs0IYR-15.44%00%12021-01-14
Gold Resource Corp Gold Resource Ord Shs0IYS-53.13%00%32018-04-27
Golden Minerals Co Golden Minerals Ord Shs0IYU-17.96%00%12022-09-12
Golub Capital Bdc Inc Golub Capital Bdc Ord Shs0IZ6-46.3%00%22018-05-08
W W Grainger Inc Ww Grainger Ord Shs0IZI98.04%3100%12019-01-04
Abg Sundal Collier Holding Asa Abg Sundal Collier Holding Ord Shs0IZM-13.8%00%12019-09-25
Green Dot Corp Green Dot Ord Shs Class A0J0N-32.85%00%22018-05-01
Green Plains Inc Green Plains Ord Shs0J0P-15.06%00%12021-07-06
Grupo Aval Acciones Y Valores Sa Grupo Aval Acciones Y Valores Adr Repres0J1B-21.37%00%12021-05-17
Guidewire Software Inc Guidewire Software Ord Shs0J1G-18.47%00%12018-08-02
Hca Healthcare Inc Hca Healthcare Ord Shs0J1R55.18%2.14725%42020-01-28
Hp Inc Hp Ord Shs0J2E44.83%1.85325%42018-07-26
Hain Celestial Group Inc Hain Celestial Group Ord Shs0J2I-45.29%00%22018-08-21
Harmonic Inc Harmonic Ord Shs0J38113.41%8.19650%22018-05-10
Harmony Gold Mining Company Ltd Harmony Gold Mining Adr Representing 1 O0J3927.33%1.34616.67%62018-08-02
Hasbro Inc Hasbro Ord Shs0J3K-64.09%00%42019-07-05
Hawaiian Holdings Inc Hawaiian Holdings Ord Shs0J3N-52.53%00%32021-03-24
Heico Corp Heico Ord Shs0J4660.13%2100%12020-04-03
Helmerich and Payne Inc Helmerich & Payne Ord Shs0J4G-31.6%00%22018-04-26
Hercules Capital Inc Hercules Capital Ord Shs0J4M-29.86%00%22021-08-11
Heron Therapeutics Inc Heron Therapeutics Ord Shs0J4V-51.75%00%32021-07-12
Hess Corp Hess Ord Shs0J5021.78%1.27933.33%32018-11-27
Himax Technologies Inc Himax Technologies Adr Reptg 1 Ord Shs0J5H-78.61%00%52021-03-09
Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc Hilton Worldwide Holdings Ord Shs0J5I-17.06%00%12019-08-06
Hologic Inc Hologic Ord Shs0J5Q-36.35%00%22018-11-05
Honda Motor Co Ltd Honda Motor Adr Representing 1 Ord Shs0J5T-30.8%00%22021-03-26
J B Hunt Transport Services Inc Jb Hunt Transport Services Ord Shs0J71-40.48%00%22018-11-27
Huntington Ingalls Industries Inc Huntington Ingalls Industries Ord Shs0J76-39.76%00%22019-08-06
Mbb Se Mbb Ord Shs0J7X61.85%2.79633.33%32020-10-26
Ipg Photonics Corp Ipg Photonics Ord Shs0J86-83.96%00%52018-11-02
Idexx Laboratories Inc Idexx Laboratories Ord Shs0J8P81.21%3.20333.33%32018-05-04
Illumina Inc Illumina Ord Shs0J8Z25.28%1.3216.67%62018-04-27
Impinj Inc Impinj Ord Shs0J9J83.35%5.17450%22021-05-14
Manz Ag Manz Ord Shs0J9O42.75%1.65520%52020-09-11
Elanders Ab Elanders B Ord Shs0JBY-30.63%00%22021-07-23
Intercontinental Exchange Inc Intercontinental Exchange Ord Shs0JC3-21.66%00%12019-12-16
International Paper Co International Paper Ord Shs0JCB-37.35%00%22018-11-02
Interpublic Group of Companies Inc Interpublic Group of Companies Ord Shs0JCK-47.8%00%22019-04-04
All for One Steeb Ag All for One Steeb Ord Shs0JCO-19.11%00%12022-01-04
Intuit Inc Intuit Ord Shs0JCT94.23%3100%12018-10-12
Invitae Corp Invitae Ord Shs0JDB-80.52%0.7614.76%212019-05-08
Ionis Pharmaceuticals Inc Ionis Pharmaceuticals Ord Shs0JDI-65.21%00%42021-02-23
Iqvia Holdings Inc Com Usd0.010JDM-51.39%00%32018-10-12
Iridium Communications Inc Iridium Communications Ord Shs0JDO-30.8%00%22021-02-23
American Shipping Company Asa American Shipping Ord Shs0JE586.01%3100%12020-03-16
Option Nv Option International Nv (D) Ord Shs0JEV-71.17%00%42021-06-11
Bittium Oyj Bittium Ord Shs0JG5-39.48%00%22020-11-26
Pci Biotech Holding Asa Pci Biotech Holding Ord Shs0JGL-86.57%00%42021-04-15
Hunter Group Asa Hunter Group Ord Shs0JI3-52.26%00%22021-10-25
Jinhui Shipping and Transportation Jinhui Shipping&transportation Ord Shs0JOD78.27%4.56250%22018-03-14
Jones Lang Lasalle Inc Jones Lang Lasalle Ord Shs0JPB-19.8%00%12021-03-29
Juniper Networks Inc Juniper Networks Ord Shs0JPH-29.27%00%12019-05-14
Kbr Inc Kbr Ord Shs0JPN99.89%3100%12018-04-24
Kla-Tencor Corp Kla Tencor Ord Shs0JPO-30.24%00%22018-04-27
Archer Daniels Midland Co Archer Daniels Midland Ord Shs0JQQ89.41%7.02950%22020-06-17
Keycorp Keycorp Ord Shs0JQR-31.9%00%22021-07-21
Kimberly-Clark Corp Kimberly Clark Ord Shs0JQZ-15.57%00%12019-07-03
Kohls Corp Kohl's Ord Shs0JRL-86.02%00%52019-08-13
Kratos Defense and Security Solutio Kratos Defense and Security Solutions Or0JS0-59.76%00%42021-09-14
Kroger Co Kroger Ord Shs0JS299.15%3100%12019-04-03
Bath & Body Works Inc Bath & Body Works Inc Ord Shs0JSC-83.06%00%52018-05-14
Sipef Nv Sipef Ord Shs0JSU-30.75%00%22018-05-18
Laboratory Corporation of America H Laboratory Corporation of America Holdin0JSY-15.63%00%12021-06-15
Lam Research Corp Lam Research Ord Shs0JT515.22%1.1714.29%72018-05-04
Estee Lauder Companies Inc Estee Lauder Ord Shs Class A0JTM22.52%1.29216.67%62018-07-06
Lear Corp Lear Ord Shs0JTQ-53.67%00%22019-07-24
Leggett & Platt Inc Leggett & Platt Ord Shs0JTT-60.6%00%32018-12-03
Lendingtree Inc Lendingtree Ord Shs0JTZ-88.65%00%42019-03-26
Lincoln National Corp Lincoln National Ord Shs0JV375.01%3.46233.33%32020-08-19
Live Nation Entertainment Inc Live Nation Entertainment Ord Shs0JVD-47.15%00%22018-12-24
Loews Corp Loews Ord Shs0JVI99.8%3100%12020-05-12
Lowe's Companies Inc Lowe's Companies Ord Shs0JVQ-18.25%00%12018-04-26
Lululemon Athletica Inc Lululemon Athletica Ord Shs0JVT-65.7%00%42021-01-19
Lumentum Holdings Inc Lumentum Holdings Ord Shs0JVV-46.51%00%32021-01-25
M&t Bank Corp M&t Bank Ord Shs0JW2-33.84%00%12020-01-20
Mdc Holdings Inc Mdc Holdings Ord Shs0JW5-21.6%00%12022-04-12
Mgm Resorts International Mgm Resorts International Ord Shs0JWC102.92%4100%12020-03-23
Mks Instruments Inc Mks Instruments Ord Shs0JWG-60.02%00%42018-08-01
Marimekko Oyj Marimekko Ord Shs0JX9-45.34%00%32021-06-22
Macy's Inc Macys Ord Shs0JXD146.26%1.90325%122018-05-14
Madrigal Pharmaceuticals Inc Madrigal Pharmaceuticals Ord Shs0JXI-40.93%00%22019-04-01
Main Street Capital Corp Main Street Capital Ord Shs0JXQ-15.92%00%12022-03-17
Marathon Oil Corp Marathon Oil Ord Shs0JY9143.26%3.4440%52019-05-03
Marathon Petroleum Corp Marathon Petroleum Ord Shs0JYA-1.96%0.9825%42018-07-17
Marriott International Inc Marriott International Ord Shs Class A0JYW40.65%1.74425%42018-05-04
Martin Marietta Materials Inc Martin Marietta Materials Ord Shs0JZ0-23.54%00%12018-10-12
Masco Corp Masco Ord Shs0JZ1-75.1%00%42018-05-21
Masimo Corp Masimo Ord Shs0JZ2-48.85%00%22021-05-07
Greenyard Nv Greenyard Ord Shs0JZ849.23%1.97925%42020-08-27
Mckesson Corp Mckesson Ord Shs0JZU97.83%4100%12018-08-02
Medifast Inc Medifast Ord Shs0K05-66.06%00%42021-02-02
Mercadolibre Inc Mercadolibre Ord Shs0K0E10.18%1.10112.5%82018-04-18
Meridian Bioscience Inc Meridian Bioscience Ord Shs0K0K-52.5%00%32019-02-07
Metlife Inc Metlife Ord Shs0K0X55.54%2.38450%22019-05-21
Microchip Technology Inc Microchip Technology Ord Shs0K1962.5%2.73233.33%32018-05-04
Middleby Corp Middleby Ord Shs0K1G-83.57%00%32018-05-04
Mitek Systems Inc Mitek Systems Ord Shs0K1W-30.78%00%22021-02-02
Mitsubishi Ufj Financial Group Inc Mitsubishi Ufj Financial Group Adr Rep 10K1Y-33.36%00%22019-08-20
Moody's Corp Moody's Ord Shs0K3629.28%1.43220%52018-05-04
Mosaic Co Mosaic Ord Shs0K3B36.85%1.59633.33%32019-04-29
Murphy Oil Corp Murphy Oil Ord Shs0K3S57.82%2.60533.33%32018-04-26
Myriad Genetics Inc Myriad Genetics Ord Shs0K3W-48.17%00%22018-05-08
Ncr Corp Ncr Ord Shs0K45-79.27%00%32021-07-22
Nrg Energy Inc Nrg Energy Ord Shs0K4C-31.48%00%12018-07-05
Netapp Inc Netapp Ord Shs0K6F-70.49%00%42018-10-09
Farfetch Ltd Farfetch Class a Ord Shs0K6O-86.05%0.5528.33%122020-02-12
Neurocrine Biosciences Inc Neurocrine Biosciences Ord Shs0K6R-17%00%12018-07-19
New Relic Inc New Relic Ord Shs0K79-77.6%00%42018-07-02
Newell Brands Inc Newell Brands Ord Shs0K7J-80.16%00%52018-11-02
News Corp News Ord Shs Class B0K7V-37.54%00%22019-01-23
Newtek Business Services Corp Newtek Business Services Ord Shs0K7X-38.4%00%22022-04-08
Nextera Energy Inc Nextera Energy Ord Shs0K80-38.28%00%22018-05-08
Nintendo Co Ltd Nintendo Adr Representing 8 Ord Shs0K85-30.44%00%22021-01-21
Nordstrom Inc Nordstrom Ord Shs0K8J-76.55%00%52018-07-17
Norfolk Southern Corp Norfolk Southern Ord Shs0K8M-44.72%00%22019-07-19
Northern Trust Corp Northern Trust Ord Shs0K91-56.92%00%32018-09-18
Novartis Ag Novartis Adr Representing 1 Ord Shs0K9E-15.3%00%12021-02-04
Now Inc Now Ord Shs0K9J-59.16%00%22018-07-05
Nucor Corp Nucor Ord Shs0K9L63.58%2.67150%22019-08-02
Nutanix Inc Nutanix Ord Shs Class A0K9O-32.83%0.75714.29%72018-10-16
O'reilly Automotive Inc O'reilly Automotive Ord Shs0KAB100.27%4100%12018-05-22
Occidental Petroleum Corp Occidental Petroleum Ord Shs0KAK119.56%2.5840%52018-08-30
Oceaneering International Inc Oceaneering International Ord Shs0KAN-55.24%00%32021-09-13
Knorr Bremse Ag Knorr Bremse Ord Shs0KBI-63.93%00%42019-06-28
Omnicom Group Inc Omnicom Group Ord Shs0KBK-25.38%00%12018-05-04
On Semiconductor Corp on Semiconductor Ord Shs0KC444.96%1.76125%42019-01-24
Tubos Reunidos Sa Tubos Reunidos Ord Shs0KD2-65.95%00%32018-03-28
Ormat Technologies Inc Ormat Tech Ord Shs0KDH118.23%4100%12018-05-18
Pbf Energy Inc Pbf Energy Ord Shs Class A0KE0158.45%3.14733.33%62019-04-08
Pnc Financial Services Group Inc Pnc Financial Services Group Ord Shs0KEF-44.67%00%22019-08-09
Ppg Industries Inc Com Stk Usd1.6660KEI-31.04%00%22021-07-12
Ppl Corp Ppl Ord Shs0KEJ-21.04%00%12018-05-10
Pvh Corp Pvh Ord Shs0KEQ-44.98%00%32021-06-14
Packaging Corp of America Packaging Corp of America Ord Shs0KEZ-35.76%00%22018-11-08
Palo Alto Networks Inc Palo Alto Networks Ord Shs0KF545.69%2.45933.33%32019-05-15
Revenio Group Oyj Revenio Group Ord Shs0KFH77.6%6.31450%22020-03-06
Patterson Companies Inc Patterson Companies Ord Shs0KGB-18.05%00%12021-06-29
Paychex Inc Paychex Ord Shs0KGE-15.62%00%12018-11-19
Paycom Software Inc Paycom Software Ord Shs0KGH40.38%1.66320%52019-01-03
Pegasystems Inc Pegasystems Ord Shs0KGS97.06%2.55720%52018-12-06
Bts Group Ab Bts Group Ord Shs0KGY-25.01%00%12022-01-27
Petroleo Brasileiro Sa Petrobras Petroleo Brasileiro Adr Reptg 2 Ord Shs0KHP35.72%1.51325%42018-05-08
Phillips 66 Phillips 66 Ord Shs0KHZ-58.28%00%22019-05-30
Pinnacle West Capital Corp Pinnacle West Ord Shs0KIT-15.15%00%12021-01-15
Pioneer Natural Resources Co Pioneer Natural Resource Ord Shs0KIX50.5%1.83333.33%32018-11-26
New Wave Group Ab New Wave Group B Ord Shs0KIZ175.46%9.67766.67%32019-10-04
Planet Fitness Inc Planet Fitness Ord Shs Class A0KJD-36.91%00%22021-01-08
Mongodb Inc Mongodb Ord Shs0KKZ-15.46%0.85812.5%82021-03-09
T. Rowe Price Group Inc T Rowe Price Group Ord Shs0KNY-60.89%00%42021-11-24
Principal Financial Group Inc Principal Financial Group Ord Shs0KO570.51%2.51650%22019-03-27
Proto Labs Inc Proto Labs Ord Shs0KRR13.44%1.14516.67%62018-05-04
Prudential Financial Inc Prudential Financial Ord Shs0KRX71.89%3.29233.33%32018-11-20
Pulte Group Inc Com Stk Usd0.010KS6-15.21%00%12021-02-02
Pure Storage Inc Pure Storage Ord Shs Class A0KSA70.99%3.3433.33%32019-01-04
Qorvo Inc Quorvo Ord Shs0KSJ28.02%1.35916.67%62018-11-19
Quest Diagnostics Inc Quest Diagnostics Ord Shs0KSX78.2%6.29350%22018-12-24
Ralph Lauren Corp Ralph Lauren Ord Shs Class A0KTS76.67%5.52750%22020-08-05
Range Resources Corp Range Resources Ord Shs0KTW55.83%2.19225%42018-05-04
Rapid7 Inc Rapid7 Ord Shs0KTX49.68%1.66420%52018-05-18
Psi Aktiengesellschaft Fuer Produkt Psi Software Ord Shs0KUR-35.6%00%22021-04-26
Republic Services Inc Republic Services Ord Shs0KW1103.8%4100%12018-05-15
Resmed Inc Com Stk Usd0.0040KW4100.01%4100%12018-10-12
Resolute Fst Prods Inc Com Usd0.0010KW8-30.59%00%22021-06-08
Rio Tinto Plc Rio Tinto Adr Reptg One Ord Shs0KWZ-37.52%00%22019-08-28
Rockwell Automation Inc Rockwell Automation Ord Shs0KXA-52.33%00%32018-09-05
Ross Stores Inc Ross Stores Ord Shs0KXO45.1%1.64420%52019-10-22
Royal Gold Inc Royal Gold Ord Shs0KXS-31.75%00%22018-04-24
Sm Energy Co Sm Energy Ord Shs0KZA55.62%2.25425%42021-07-02
Samsung Sdi Co Ltd Samsung Sdi Gdr0L2T-19.35%00%12021-04-16
Sarepta Therapeutics Inc Sarepta Therapeutics Ord Shs0L35-15.21%00%12018-07-20
Charles Schwab Corp Charles Schwab Ord Shs0L3I338.12%10.50733.33%32018-09-28
Servicenow Inc Servicenow Ord Shs0L5N-14.94%00%12021-05-20
Sherwin-Williams Co Sherwin Williams Ord Shs0L5V-50.43%00%32020-01-29
Sirius Xm Holdings Inc Sirius Xm Holdings Ord Shs0L6Z-29.74%00%12018-05-01
Skechers Usa Inc Skechers Usa Ord Shs Class A0L73-46.87%00%32021-09-01
Skyworks Solutions Inc Skyworks Solutions Ord Shs0L7750.12%1.80920%52019-01-09
Softbank Group Corp Softbank Group Unsponsored Adr Represent0L7L-53.71%00%32019-09-27
Solaredge Technologies Inc Solaredge Technologies Ord Shs0L7S-68.95%00%42018-05-08
Sony Corp Sony Adr Repsg 1 Ord Shs0L83-30.32%00%22020-02-27
Sorrento Therapeutics Inc Sorrento Therapeutics Ord Shs0L85-33.28%0.86212.5%162020-04-06
Southern Copper Corp Southern Copper Ord Shs0L8B-63.85%00%42018-04-27
Southwest Airlines Co Southwest Airlines Ord Shs0L8F-37.72%0.73411.11%92018-04-23
Contextvision Ab Context Vision Ord Shs0L8Z-19.21%00%12022-06-08
Stericycle Inc Stericycle Ord Shs0L9O-36.73%00%22018-10-02
Fiskars Oyj Abp Fiskars Ord Shs0L9Q70.71%5.54750%22020-03-12
Stmicroelectronics Nv Stmicroelectronics Adr0L9Y-17.76%00%12021-03-03
Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group Inc Sumitomo Mitsui Fin Grp Adr Rep 1/5th Of0LAF-15.74%00%12021-07-09
Summit Materials Inc Summit Materials Ord Shs Class A0LAI-17.66%00%12021-06-18
Synchrony Financial Synchrony Financial Ord Shs0LC3-15.55%00%12019-05-10
Sysco Corp Sysco Ord Shs0LC6-58.43%00%12018-12-03
Tjx Companies Inc Tjx Ord Shs0LCE-17.19%00%12018-07-12
Take-Two Interactive Software Inc Take Two Interactive Software Ord Shs0LCX-78.47%00%52019-09-12
Tapestry Inc Tapestry Ord Shs0LD5-87.54%00%32019-12-23
Target Corp Target Ord Shs0LD8-30.33%00%22022-01-26
Tellurian Inc Tellurian Ord Shs0LE3-26.57%0.77812.5%82021-04-13
Cardlytics Inc Cardlytics Ord Shs0LEC-43.34%00%32022-07-13
Teradata Corp Teradata Ord Shs0LEE103.28%6.85750%22020-12-23
Teradyne Inc Teradyne Ord Shs0LEF29.75%1.37716.67%62018-10-08
Textron Inc Textron Ord Shs0LF050.03%1.72425%42018-10-12
Trade Desk Inc Trade Desk Ord Shs Class A0LF5-74.12%00%52021-03-30
Coherent Corp Coherent Corp Ord Shs0LHO-45.89%00%32018-08-03
Tyson Foods Inc Tyson Foods Ord Shs Class A0LHR-49.41%00%22018-07-03
Ulta Beauty Inc Ulta Beauty Ord Shs0LIB-72.3%00%32019-05-17
United Continental Holdings Inc United Continental Holdings Ord Shs0LIU-48%00%32018-06-04
United Rentals Inc United Rentals Ord Shs0LIY-32.91%00%22022-04-06
Universal Display Corp Universal Display Ord Shs0LJE48.11%1.77220%52018-07-03
Universal Health Services Inc Universal Health Services Ord Shs Class0LJL-43.26%00%22019-01-03
Unum Group Unum Ord Shs0LJN70.46%2.79133.33%32018-11-14
Uranium Energy Corp Uranium Energy Ord Shs0LJQ164.77%4.49640%52021-08-06
Valero Energy Corp Valero Energy Ord Shs0LK698.35%2.10733.33%62018-11-26
Vanda Pharmaceuticals Inc Vanda Pharmaceuticals Ord Shs0LKB66.76%2.16733.33%32018-05-01
Tiscali Spa Tiscali Ord Shs0LLP250.12%3.56328.57%72018-06-08
Fugro Nv Fugro Nv Ord Shs0LNT84.35%6.61150%22021-04-14
Veeva Systems Inc Veeva Systems Ord Shs Class A0LO3-69.39%00%42021-09-14
Vmware Inc Vmware Ord Shs Class A0LQO-29.77%00%22021-09-09
Vodafone Group Plc Vodafone Group Adr Representing 10 Ord S0LQQ-53.42%00%32018-05-01
Vulcan Materials Co Vulcan Materials Ord Shs0LRK-37.36%00%22018-07-27
Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc Walgreen Boots Alliance Ord Shs0LSZ-31.69%00%22018-04-19
Waste Management Inc Waste Management Ord Shs0LTG99.07%3100%12018-05-15
Waters Corp Water Corp Ord Shs0LTI69.66%3.27333.33%32018-10-12
Western Union Co Western Union Ord Shs0LVJ-76.36%00%52018-05-18
Whirlpool Corp Whirlpool Ord Shs0LWH-45.63%00%32021-04-22
Williams Companies Inc Williams Ord Shs0LXB-53.2%00%22018-06-07
Williams-Sonoma Inc Williams Sonoma Ord Shs0LXC76.32%2.44625%42018-06-08
Rockwool International A/s Rockwool International Class a Ord Shs0M09-69.51%00%42021-09-28
Sos Corporacion Alimentaria Sa Sos Cuetara Ord Shs0M0Q-37%00%22021-07-01
Workday Inc Workday Ord Shs Class A0M18-80.69%00%52018-10-12
World Wrestling Entertainment Inc World Wrestling Entertainment Ord Shs Cl0M1G-33.74%00%22021-06-09
Xpo Logistics Inc Xpo Logistics Ord Shs0M1O77%2.06620%52018-07-18
Xylem Inc Xylem Ord Shs0M29-52.21%00%32019-10-16
Yext Inc Yext Ord Shs0M2Q-82.56%00%52021-09-29
Yum China Holdings Inc Yum China Holdings Ord Shs0M30-21.91%00%12019-09-25
Zendesk Inc Zendesk Ord Shs0M3F61.8%2.04325%42018-07-27
Zions Bancorp Zions Bancorporation Ord Shs0M3L-52.83%00%22018-10-23
Zoetis Inc Zoetis Ord Shs Class A0M3Q54.42%2.19625%42019-07-19
Heijmans Nv Heijmans Ord Shs0M6I51.34%2.10925%42019-10-17
Liberty Latin America Ltd Liberty Latin America Ord Shs Class C0MDS-47.09%00%32021-09-28
Deceuninck Nv Deceuninck Ord Shs0MEL29.01%1.40320%52018-05-21
Arise Ab Arise Ab Ord Shs0MFA-36.17%00%22021-04-22
Sevan Marine Asa Sevan Marine Ord Shs0MHQ-15.51%00%12021-04-20
Strabag Se Strabag Ord Shs0MKP-30.2%00%22018-07-02
Sword Group Se Sword Group Ord Shs0MN552.15%2.53133.33%32019-11-19
North Media A/s North Media Ord Shs0MQ093.84%3.80933.33%32018-04-18
Draegerwerk Ag & Co Kgaa Draegerwerk Ord Shs0MT8-50.78%00%32021-11-08
Idex Asa Idex Ord Shs0MTP-24.77%0.80511.11%92019-11-27
Societe Pour L Informatique Industr Societe Pour L Informatique Industrielle0MVM-17.62%00%12018-04-18
Sfc Energy Ag Sfc Energy Ord Shs0MVY-30%00%22021-07-14
Panoro Energy Asa Panoro Energy Ord Shs0N0862.49%2.41725%42020-03-10
Saga Tankers Asa Saga Tankers Ord Shs0N0A-47.75%00%32021-11-01
Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics Asa Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics Ord Shs0N0B105.87%4100%12021-02-19
Oasmia Pharmaceutical Ab Oasmia Pharmaceutical Ord Shs0N4A-37.94%0.75711.11%92019-05-16
Danieli & C Officine Meccaniche Spa Danieli & C Officine Meccaniche Saving S0N4I-21.5%00%12021-11-26
Adesso Ag Adesso K Ord Shs0N5I70.55%3.36333.33%32020-10-29
Atoss Software Ag Atoss Software Ord Shs0N66-30.9%00%22021-05-14
Basic Net Spa Basic Net Ord Shs0N6O-19.26%00%12018-05-15
Digital Bros Spa Digital Bros Ord Shs0N8R62.9%2.02625%42018-05-22
Emak Spa Emak Ord Shs0N9O-78.06%00%42018-10-23
Groupe Sfpi Sa Groupe Sfpi Ord Shs0N9P-31%00%22021-12-14
Esso Societe Anonyme Francaise Sa Esso Societe Anonyme Francaise Ord Shs0N9V4.91%1.0520%52018-05-01
Evs Broadcast Equipment Sa Evs Broadcast Eq Ord Shs0N9Z-78.46%00%32018-03-15
Guillemot Corporation Sa Guillemot Corporation Ord Shs0NB2-31.1%00%22021-06-15
Compagnie Immobiliere De Belgique S Immobel Ord Shs0NC0-29.81%00%22020-05-27
Investor Ab Investor Ord Shs0NC5-15.03%00%12021-11-24
Ivu Traffic Technologies Ag Ivu Traffic Technologies Ord Shs0NCA-15.56%00%12021-05-06
Paragon Ag Paragon Ord Shs0NFG-71.11%00%32020-09-23
Esprinet Spa Esprinet Ord Shs0NFS47.05%1.68320%52020-07-08
Atenor Sa Atenor Ord Shs0NG6-31.34%00%22021-09-16
Sabaf Spa Sabaf Ord Shs0NIG-38.68%00%22018-04-30
Sartorius Ag Sartorius Ord Shs0NIQ50.83%2.12725%42021-05-05
Snp Schneider Neureither & Partner Snp Schneider Neureither & Partner Ord S0NJB-75.62%00%42020-03-25
Pva Tepla Ag Pva Tepla Ord Shs0NL121.62%1.2816.67%62021-05-04
Txt E Solutions Spa Txt E-Solutions Ord Shs0NLD-15.05%00%12018-08-07
Verbio Vereinigte Bioenergie Ag Verbio Vereinigte Bioenergie Ord Shs0NLY54.37%2.17225%42020-10-29
Zignago Vetro Spa Zignago Vetro Ord Shs0NNC-31.9%00%22021-07-01
Nv Nederlandsche Apparatenfabriek N Nedap Ord Shs0NNU-16.71%00%12020-01-08
Sievi Capital Oyj Sievi Capital Ord Shs0NQK-32.34%00%22022-01-25
Accentis Nv Accentis Ord Shs0NV3-56.7%00%22021-12-22
Stef Sa Stef Ord Shs0NY3-33.92%00%22018-03-19
Robertet Sa Robertet Ord Shs0NZN57.38%4.76266.67%32020-08-07
Bigben Interactive Sa Bigben Interact Ord Shs0O0E-26.85%0.79611.11%92018-05-24
Dr Hoenle Ag Dr Hoenle Ord Shs0O27-67.79%00%42021-09-24
Gft Technologies Se Gft Technologies Ord Shs0O2W155.14%4.44740%52020-08-07
Oeneo Sa Oeneo Ord Shs0O33-18.16%00%12018-05-09
Miquel Y Costas & Miquel Sa Miquel Y Costas Ord Shs0O6D90.77%3.02725%42018-04-20
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (Publ) Ericsson a Ord Shs0O86-47.81%00%32020-03-03
Mdxhealth Sa Mdxhealth Ord Shs0O8G-6.1%0.9414.29%72018-05-16
Compagnie Du Bois Sauvage Sa Bois Sauvage Ord Shs0O9C-15.57%00%12021-05-07
Ses-Imagotag Ses Imagotag Ord Shs0OA472.25%3.6450%22018-04-26
Nolato Ab Nolato B Ord Shs0OA9-60.85%00%42021-11-17
American International Group Inc American International Group Ord Shs0OAL60.85%2.14133.33%32018-10-23
Valneva Se Valneva Ord Shs0OB356.76%1.32816.67%122021-06-01
Stemmer Imaging Ag Stemmer Imaging Ord Shs0OC967.55%3.03650%22020-03-09
Medistim Asa Medistim Ord Shs0OCD-46.95%00%32022-01-12
Transgene Sa Transgene Ord Shs0OCQ-63.12%00%32018-05-01
D'amico International Shipping Sa D'amico International Shipping Ord Shs0OEY74.66%3.75250%22019-04-12
Catana Group Sa Catana Group Ord Shs0OGG82.31%6.33650%22020-04-23
Nh Hotel Group Sa Nh Hotel Group Ord Shs0OHG-30.33%00%22021-04-16
Stolt-Nielsen Ltd Stolt-Nielsen Ord Shs0OHK85%3100%12020-03-18
Urbas Grupo Financiero Sa Urbas Grupo Financiero Ord Shs0OJY-49.4%00%32021-06-17
Tecnotree Oyj Tecnotree Ord Shs0ONY-62.74%00%42021-09-01
Ordina Nv Ordina Nv Ord Shs0OOJ-14.95%00%12019-12-12
Abc Arbitrage Sa Abc Arbitrage Ord Shs0OPJ-20.17%00%12018-10-02
Financiere De L'odet Sa Financiere De L'odet Ord Shs0OPN-15.88%00%12021-09-21
Parrot Sa Parrot Ord Shs0OPY-21.98%00%12021-03-01
Pierre Et Vacances Sa Pierre Et Vacances Ord Shs0OQ0387.38%4.82328.57%72018-10-15
Infotel Sa Infotel Ord Shs0OQQ-52.74%00%22018-03-27
Lna Sante Sa Lna Sante Ord Shs0OR2-14.72%00%12020-03-18
First Mining Gold Corp First Mining Gold Ord Shs0P0773.45%2100%12018-12-19
Karolinska Development Ab Karolinska Development B Ord Shs0P3C130.28%2.43125%82021-04-12
Bulten Ab Bulten Ord Shs0P49-72.04%00%42018-03-20
Colgate-Palmolive Co Colgate-Palmolive Ord Shs0P5999.56%3100%12018-04-25
Axway Software Sa Axway Software Ord Shs0P5L38.13%1.73533.33%32018-03-22
Toshiba Corp Toshiba Ord Shs0Q0C79.46%4.7550%22018-08-10
Ab Science Sa Ab Science Ord Shs0Q7790.1%2.1328.57%72020-05-28
Core Laboratories Nv Core Laboratories Ord Shs0Q8221.84%1.27420%52021-02-03
Sqli Sa Sqli Ord Shs0Q90-50.34%00%32018-03-20
Selvaag Bolig Asa Selvaag Bolig Ord Shs0Q92-15.06%00%12018-09-25
Id Logistics Sas Id Logistics Ord Shs0QAG-20.86%00%12018-04-27
Medios Ag Medios Ord Shs0QB4-29.68%00%22020-10-23
Leg Immobilien Ag Leg Immobilien N Ord Shs0QC9-44.68%00%32021-02-22
Medigene Ag Medigene K Ord Shs0QGJ-79.77%00%52020-11-06
Viohalco Sa Viohalco Ord Shs0QI2-16.41%00%12021-09-16
Creades Ab (Publ) Creades a Ord Shs0QI9162.17%4.52940%52018-04-18
Grupo Ezentis Sa Grupo Ezentis Ord Shs0QIH36.77%1.2422.22%92021-01-28
Zeal Network Se Zeal Network Ord Shs0QJQ-29.9%00%22021-03-03
Inficon Holding Ag Inficon Holding Ord Shs0QK541.73%1.70120%52020-01-28
Baxter International Inc Baxter International Ord Shs0QK8-31.22%00%22021-08-26
Rieter Holding Ag Rieter Holding Ord Shs0QKA29.29%1.3916.67%62019-11-11
Lem Holding Sa Lem Holding Ord Shs0QKB28.64%1.4620%52018-10-12
Forbo Holding Ag Forbo Holding Ord Shs0QKD-49.54%00%32019-07-11
Schweizerische Nationalbank Schweizerische Nationalbank Ord Shs0QKG-11.25%00%12022-05-11
Bobst Group Sa Bobst Ord Shs0QKJ36.91%1.59720%52019-07-15
Komax Holding Ag Komax Holding Ord Shs0QKL68.56%3.1933.33%32019-07-12
Phoenix Mecano Ag Phoenix Mecano Ord Shs0QKP-20.47%00%12019-02-12
Arbonia Ag Arbonia Ag Ord Shs0QKR24.11%1.30316.67%62019-10-29
Swissquote Group Holding Sa Swissquote Group Holding Ord Shs0QLD140.19%3.25733.33%62018-10-24
Valora Holding Ag Valora Holding Ord Shs0QLE-46.59%00%32019-08-09
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co Goodyear Tire & Rubber Ord Shs0QLL-63.98%00%42021-06-11
Tecan Group Ag Tecan Group Ord Shs0QLN55.75%2.29125%42019-10-09
Ypsomed Holding Ag Ypsomed Holding Ord Shs0QLQ-15.24%00%12019-11-07
Basler Kantonalbank Basler Kantonalbank Par Shs0QLU-14.77%00%12019-08-15
Also Holding Ag Also Holding Ord Shs0QLW54.03%2.19625%42018-06-28
Metall Zug Ag Metall Zug Ord Shs0QLX72.46%5.68450%22020-07-09
Bellevue Group Ag Bellevue Group Ord Shs0QLZ-38.33%00%22020-03-02
The Swatch Group Ag Swatch Group Ord Shs0QM4-34.7%00%22019-07-11
Orior Ag Orior Ord Shs0QM6-15.38%00%12018-11-15
Belimo Holding Ag Belimo Holding Ag Ord Shs0QMR84.87%6.74650%22018-07-09
Dormakaba Holding Ag Dormakaba Holding Ord Shs0QMS-75.13%00%52019-08-05
Apg Sga Sa Apg Sga Ord Shs0QN0-29.66%00%22021-06-28
Interroll Holding Ag Interroll Holding Ord Shs0QN223.44%1.38820%52018-12-11
Basilea Pharmaceutica Ag Basilea Pharmaceutica Ord Shs0QNA-46.51%00%32019-08-05
Bachem Holding Ag Bachem Ord Shs0QND59.32%1.41528.57%72018-12-12
Leonteq Ag Leonteq Ord Shs0QNE35.49%1.5820%52020-02-27
Jungfraubahn Holding Ag Jungfraubahn Holding Ord Shs0QNG-49.99%00%32020-03-02
Huber+suhner Ag Huber & Suhner Ord Shs0QNH-15.11%00%12018-11-20
Adecco Group Ag Adecco Ord Shs0QNM-63.39%00%42020-03-02
Burckhardt Compression Holding Ag Burckhardt Compression Holding Ord Shs0QNN70.65%2.79233.33%32019-11-28
Lonza Group Ag Lonza Group Ord Shs0QNO-29.34%00%22020-07-23
Kudelski Sa Kudelski Ord Shs0QNQ-62.18%00%42019-10-08
Burkhalter Holding Ag Burkhalter Holding Ord Shs0QO2-49.39%00%32018-09-18
Psp Swiss Property Ag Psp Swiss Property Ord Shs0QO8-31.25%00%22019-09-10
Tamedia Ag Tamedia Ord Shs0QO967.12%3.18433.33%32020-04-01
Autoneum Holding Ag Autoneum Holding Ord Shs0QOB41.16%1.67520%52019-07-15
Kardex Ag Kardex Ag Ord Shs0QOL33.6%1.53720%52018-10-12
Ascom Holding Ag Ascom Holding Ord Shs0QON-24.87%0.79811.11%92019-10-15
Partners Group Holding Ag Partners Group Holding Ord Shs0QOQ47.93%2.11925%42019-09-17
Schindler Holding Ag Schindler Holding Ord Shs0QOT-30.58%00%22019-07-15
Orascom Development Holding Ag Orascom Development Holding Ord Shs0QOY-62.01%00%42018-10-29
Leclanche Sa Leclanche Ord Shs0QP6-17.2%00%12021-05-11
Coltene Holding Ag Coltene Holding Ord Shs0QP7-15.2%00%12018-11-30
Allreal Holding Ag Allreal Holding Ord Shs0QPD-30.09%00%22020-11-30
Schmolz & Bickenbach Ag Schmolz + Bickenbach Ord Shs0QPH-5.21%0.94316.67%62019-05-15
Cembra Money Bank Ag Cembra Money Bank Ord Shs0QPJ-45.64%00%32019-08-16
Cicor Technologies Ltd Cicor Technologies B Ord Shs0QPR-20.72%00%12020-01-15
Valiant Holding Ag Valiant Holding Ord Shs0QPU-29.98%00%22019-03-26
Von Roll Holding Ag Von Roll Ord Shs0QPV-16.37%00%12022-06-08
Bkw Ag Bkw N Ord Shs0QQ0-14.79%00%12020-02-28
Meyer Burger Technology Ag Meyer Burger Technology Ord Shs0QQ7143.16%3.32733.33%62019-08-30
Evolva Holding Sa Evolva Holding Ord Shs0QQJ-45.68%0.66510%102020-02-26
Bucher Industries Ag Bucher Industries Ord Shs0QQN49.3%2.0925%42019-07-12
Siegfried Holding Ag Siegfried Holding Ord Shs0QQO84.58%6.65850%22018-10-11
Gurit Holding Ag Gurit Holding Ord Shs0QQR-35.48%0.7420%52018-06-28
St Galler Kantonalbank Ag st.galler Kantonalbank Ord Shs0QQZ-29.5%00%22018-09-12
Schweiter Technologies Ag Schweiter Technologies Ord Shs0QR1-2.42%0.97514.29%72019-03-15
Bufab Ab (Publ) Bufab Ab Ord Shs0QRA137.02%3.03533.33%62018-08-31
Bossard Holding Ag Bossard Holding Ord Shs0QS55.75%1.06214.29%72018-04-05
Edreams Odigeo Sa Edreams Odigeo Ord Shs0QS9-8.65%0.92112.5%82018-04-20
Ekinops Sa Ekinops Ord Shs0QSV77.6%5.80750%22020-03-16
lastminute.com Nv Lastminute Ord Shs0QT0-46.55%00%32021-09-13
Genomic Vision Sa Genomic Vision Ord Shs0QT425.54%1.16312.5%82019-08-19
Fermentalg Sa Fermentalg Ord Shs0QTJ-77.15%00%42021-04-14
Iar Systems Group Ab I a R Systems Group Ord Shs0QTV-81.73%00%32019-07-15
Oem International Ab Oem International B Ord Shs0QTY-81.24%00%32021-12-30
Hiag Immobilien Holding Ag Hiag Immobilien Holding Ord Shs0QU6-53.27%00%32018-11-23
Slm Solutions Group Ag Slm Solutions Group Ord Shs0QUC141.56%3.73340%52020-10-28
G5 Entertainment Ab (Publ) G5 Entertainment Ord Shs0QUS136.39%2.80928.57%72019-09-06
Bactiguard Holding Ab Bactiguard Holding Ord Shs0QV2-33.73%00%22020-12-10
Pixium Vision Sa Pixium Vision Ord Shs0QVB-76.12%00%32021-12-08
Fenix Outdoor International Ag Fenix Outdoor International Ord Shs Clas0QVE-52.44%00%22019-05-16
Scandi Standard Ab (Publ) Scandi Standard Ord Shs0QVR-45.18%00%32018-04-23
Ateme Sa Ateme Ord Shs0QVW-48.78%00%32019-02-21
Conzzeta Ag Conzzeta Holding Ord Shs0QW1-61.8%00%42018-10-12
Voltalia Sa Voltalia Ord Shs0QW7-49.06%00%32021-06-04
Brederode Sa Brederode Ord Shs0QWB84.09%6.60350%22019-04-18
Next Biometrics Group Asa Next Biometrics Group Ord Shs0QWK-15.23%00%12021-07-29
Molecular Partners Ag Molecular Partners Ord Shs0QXX75.2%1.56220%102020-03-05
Las Vegas Sands Corp Las Vegas Sands Ord Shs0QY4-60.56%00%42018-05-01
Enphase Energy Inc Enphase Energy Ord Shs0QYE61.34%2.19325%42021-03-30
Rambus Inc Rambus Ord Shs0QYL107.32%8.19750%22019-03-28
Fortuna Silver Mines Inc Fortuna Silver Mines Ord Shs0QYM-70.54%00%42021-07-29
Panasonic Corp Panasonic Ord Shs0QYR-29.31%00%22018-07-12
Morgan Stanley Morgan Stanley Ord Shs0QYU84.01%5.27750%22018-09-28
Harley-Davidson Inc Harley Davidson Ord Shs0QYY-55.19%00%32018-12-03
Silvercorp Metals Inc Silvercorp Metals Ord Shs0QZ2-31.4%00%22021-07-16
Delta Air Lines Inc Delta Air Lines Ord Shs0QZ4-17.56%0.86311.11%92019-10-09
Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp Cognizant Technology Solutions Ord Shs C0QZ5-29.85%00%22021-02-23
Kandi Technologies Group Inc Kandi Technologies Group Ord Shs0QZ7-82.33%00%52021-03-29
Conocophillips Conocophillips Ord Shs0QZA123.44%2.5533.33%62019-02-27
Western Digital Corp Western Digital Ord Shs0QZF-39.26%0.71611.11%92018-05-04
Bombardier Inc Bombardier Ord Shs Class B0QZP83.98%6.27750%22021-02-09
Tripadvisor Inc Tripadvisor Ord Shs0QZS-34.59%0.72711.11%92018-12-24
Fedex Corp Fedex Ord Shs0QZX-59.55%00%32019-01-28
Blackrock Inc Blackrock Ord Shs0QZZ-47.03%00%32020-03-12
Organovo Holdings Inc Organovo Holdings Ord Shs0R02-82.07%00%42019-04-08
First Solar Inc First Solar Ord Shs0R06408.56%5.08333.33%92018-05-08
Pan American Silver Corp Pan American Silver Ord Shs0R07-33.07%00%22021-05-07
United Parcel Service Inc United Parcel Service Ord Shs Class B0R08-16.78%00%12018-04-26
Splunk Inc Splunk Ord Shs0R0929.1%1.37816.67%62018-10-09
Hecla Mining Co Hecla Mining Ord Shs0R0A-45.73%00%32019-01-10
Sunpower Corp Sunpower Ord Shs0R0V-60.21%00%42021-02-05
Sabina Gold & Silver Corp Sabina Gold and Silver Ord Shs0R11-36.4%00%22021-03-09
Softbank Group Corp Softbank Group Ord Shs0R15-7.09%0.92311.11%92018-10-11
Best Buy Co Inc Best Buy Ord Shs0R18-73.95%00%42018-11-05
Biogen Inc Biogen Inc Ord Shs0R1B32.45%1.48120%52018-06-20
Gopro Inc Gopro Ord Shs Class A0R1C72.39%1.5920%102018-04-27
Nintendo Co Ltd Nintendo Ord Shs0R1E-23.85%00%22018-08-13
Expedia Inc Expedia Ord Shs0R1T56.64%1.91220%52019-06-12
General Mills Inc General Mills Ord Shs0R1X99.15%3100%12018-11-30
Halliburton Co Halliburton Ord Shs0R2398.36%1.85633.33%62018-04-26
Intuitive Surgical Inc Intuitive Surgical Ord Shs0R2936.3%1.51120%52018-11-21
Endeavour Silver Corp Endeavour Silver Ord Shs0R2C-62.31%00%32021-01-29
Union Pacific Corp Union Pacific Ord Shs0R2E63.71%2.86933.33%32019-03-20
Texas Instruments Inc Texas Instrument Ord Shs0R2H50.28%2.10125%42019-12-05
T-Mobile Us Inc T Mobile Us Ord Shs0R2L85.68%6.71450%22019-03-27
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Ord Shs0R2M85.5%6.46850%22018-04-26
Deere & Co Deere Ord Shs0R2P-31.15%00%22018-10-12
Stryker Corp Stryker Ord Shs0R2S-38.96%00%22019-09-11
Corning Inc Corning Ord Shs0R2X-48.69%00%32018-04-25
Adobe Systems Inc Adobe System Ord Shs0R2Y39.84%1.64420%52018-05-04
Abercrombie & Fitch Co Abercrombie and Fitch Ord Class A0R32-42.8%00%22021-02-03
Emerson Electric Co Emerson Electric Ord Shs0R33-52.61%00%22019-12-10
Irobot Corp Irobot Ord Shs0R3814.14%1.15114.29%72018-05-08
Vivoryon Therapeutics Nv Vivoryon Therapeutics Nv Ord Shrs0R3M18.45%1.22716.67%62020-06-04
Np3 Fastigheter Ab Np3 Fastigheter Ord Shs0R43101.71%1.9322.22%92019-03-06
Lifco Ab (Publ) Lifco Ord Shs0R4P-30.13%00%22022-04-25
Ferratum Oyj Ferratum Ord Shs0R4W-75.51%00%42021-03-04
Bone Therapeutics Sa Bone Therapeutics Ord Shs0R55-56.45%0.6549.09%112021-09-08
Lucas Bols Amsterdam Bv Lucas Bols Amsterdam Ord Shs0R6E-14.96%00%12021-05-26
Zehnder Group Ag Zehnder Group Ord Shs0R6S58.69%2.87633.33%32018-10-23
Mobilezone Ag Mobilezone Ord Shs0R6V78.64%6.02250%22019-08-27
Svenska Handelsbanken Ab Svenska Handelsbanken Ord Shs0R7S-30.34%00%22018-04-13
Invisio Communications Ab Invisio Communications Ord Shs0R86-44.74%00%32019-12-17
Eolus Vind Ab (Publ) Eolus Vind B Ord Shs0R8F176.82%4.61340%52018-04-16
Pihlajalinna Oyj Pihlajalinna Ord Shs0R8H-46.76%00%32022-01-19
Multiconsult Asa Multiconsult Ord Shs0R8N-30.71%00%22021-06-24
Naturhouse Health Sa Naturhouse Health Ord Shs0R9G-62.35%00%32018-12-12
Banca Sistema Spa Banca Sistema Ord Shs0R9H-15.75%00%12020-08-04
Equasens Equasens0R9T-30.57%00%22021-06-25
Safe Orthopaedics Sa Safe Orthopaedics Sas Ord Shs0RAA3.93%1.27850%22018-10-17
Ose Immunotherapeutics Sa Orphan Synergy Europe Immunotherapeutics0RAD-18.87%00%12022-02-17
Amoeba Sa Amoeba Ord Shs0RAE-13.94%00%12022-09-23
Stratec Biomedical Ag Stratec Biomedical Ord Shs0RAR-30.17%00%22021-06-07
Laboratorio Reig Jofre Sa Laboratorio Reig Jofre Ord Shs0RB1-65.13%00%42021-06-16
Archer Ltd Archer Ord Shs0RBA-15.28%00%12021-03-26
Srp Groupe Sa Srp Groupe Ord Shs0RCC-82.94%00%52021-05-24
Nicox Sa Nicox Ord Shs0RCQ-80.76%00%52021-03-08
Kid Asa Kid Ord Shs0RCW-46.1%00%32021-06-03
Sparekassen Sjaelland Sparekassen Sjaelland-Fyn Ord Shs0RD0-15.37%00%12022-03-23
Camurus Ab Camurus Ord Shs0RD183.89%5.81350%22020-08-10
Oryzon Genomics Sa Oryzon Genomics Ord Shs0RDB86.57%7.1250%22018-04-12
Vitec Software Group Ab (Publ) Vitec Software Group B Ord Shs0RDI-14.87%00%12021-04-13
Transdigm Group Inc Transdigm Group Ord Shs0REK61.36%2.44133.33%32020-03-30
Wisekey International Holding Ag Wisekey N Ord Shs0RF123.59%1.10515.38%132020-11-04
Brain Biotechnology Research and in Brain Biotechnology Research and Informa0RFI-52.38%00%32022-01-26
Bell Food Group Ag Bell Food Group Ord Shs0RFX-30.19%00%22018-11-20
Qt Group Oyj Qt Group Ord Shs0RG5-75.15%00%52021-05-11
Vp Bank Ag Vpb Vaduz Ord Shs0RG7-50.37%00%32019-10-15
Investment Ab Oresund Investment Oresund Ord Shs0RGB-30.64%00%22018-08-28
Be Group Ab (Publ) Be Group Ord Shs0RGK-37.65%00%22022-04-11
Kinnevik Ab Kinnevik Ord Shs0RH1-44.68%00%32021-02-23
Nyrstar Nv Nyrstar Ord Shs0RH8-34.81%00%22021-02-12
Nordic Waterproofing Holding A/s Nordic Waterproofing Holding Ord Shs0RH9-16.15%00%12018-04-09
Sif Holding Nv Sif Holding Ord Shs0RHT-61.36%00%42021-01-26
Pareto Bank Asa Pareto Bank Ord Shs0RI3-17.43%00%12022-01-10
La Francaise De L Energie Sa La Francaise De L'energie Ord Shs0RIL164.03%6.06750%42018-04-06
Gensight Biologics Sa Gensight Biologics Ord Shs0RIM129.72%2.02822.22%92020-03-30
Globant Sa Globant Ord Shs0RIX69.33%3.22633.33%32018-05-21
Societe Ldc Sa Societe Ldc Ord Shs0RJ6-15.07%00%12020-10-21
Va Q Tec Ag Va Q Tec Ord Shs0RJD145.17%2.2922.22%92018-05-21
Volati Ab Volati Ord Shs0RKK39.46%1.65620%52021-02-15
Xvivo Perfusion Ab Xvivo Perfusion Ord Shs0RKL125.84%2.56128.57%72018-04-05
Procredit Holding Ag & Co Kgaa Procredit Holding Ord Shs0RL9-59.65%00%32018-04-30
Aq Group Ab Aros Quality Group Ord Shs0RLO-31.18%00%22021-03-25
Lysogene Sa Lysogene Ord Shs0RNL7.5%1.06514.29%72018-05-08
Avantium Holding Bv Avantium Holding Ord Shs0RNP-31.84%00%22020-05-20
Fm Mattsson Mora Group Ab Fm Mattson Mora Group Ord Shs0ROO142.39%5100%12018-04-13
Comet Holding Ag Comet Holding Ord Shs0ROQ55.22%2.11125%42018-06-26
X Fab Silicon Foundries Ev X-Fab Silicon Foundries Ord Shs0ROZ67.39%3.04133.33%32020-08-26
Tikehau Capital Sc Tikheu Capital Ord Shs0RP0-15.17%00%12019-04-16
Italmobiliare Spa Italmobiliare Ord Shs0RP4-16.34%00%12021-09-29
Enea Ab Enea Ord Shs0RP6-65.02%00%42021-05-06
Liechtensteinische Landesbank Ag Liechtensteinische Landesbank Ag Ord Shs0RP8-15.06%00%12019-11-19
Robit Plc Robit Ord Shs0RPG-69.35%00%42021-05-04
Medicover Ab Medicover Ord Shs Class B0RPS67.21%3.24533.33%32020-04-01
Boozt Ab Boozt Ord Shs0RPY19.91%1.24316.67%62021-01-29
Hms Networks Ab Hms Networks Ord Shs0RPZ81.93%6.2150%22018-11-29
Xano Industri Ab Xano Industri Ord Shs0RQ7-29.9%00%22021-11-16
Prodways Group Sa Prodways Group Ord Shs0RQB-33.47%00%22021-12-22
Essity Ab (Publ) Essity Ord Shs Class A0RQC-16.27%00%12021-02-08
Fagerhult Ab Fagerhult Ord Shs0RQH-29.37%00%22019-05-20
Talenom Oyj Talenom Ord Shs0RQI-33.69%00%22021-06-23
Saniona Ab Saniona Ab Ord Shs0RQJ-66.45%00%32019-05-07
Balta Group Nv Balta Group Ord Shs0RQK-75.6%00%42018-05-03
Bonesupport Holding Ab Bonesupport Holding Ord Shs0RQO162.93%8.84766.67%32020-03-13
Somfy Sa Somfy Ord Shs0RR368.82%3.28333.33%32020-04-09
Baker Hughes a Ge Co Baker Hughes Ord Shs Class A0RR816.31%1.26333.33%32018-06-04
Zur Rose Group Ag Zur Rose Group Ord Shs0RRB-43.85%0.81911.11%182018-12-03
H&r Gmbh & Co Kgaa H&r Ord Shs0RRC-49.68%00%22018-10-19
Mensch Und Maschine Software Se Mensch Und Masch Ord Shs0RS2-46.61%00%32021-01-29
Esker Sa Esker Ord Shs0RSL-46.28%00%32021-05-11
Franklin Resources Inc Franklin Resources Ord Shs0RT6-74.8%00%42019-03-18
Tenneco Inc Tenneco Ord Shs0RT772.3%3.18833.33%32020-10-14
Momentum Group Ab Momentum Group Ord Shs0RTK43.32%1.61620%52018-12-27
Landis&gyr Group Ag Landis&gyr Group Ord Shs0RTL-35.95%00%22020-03-02
Delta Plus Group Sa Delta Plus Group Ord Shs0RUJ-19.63%00%12021-10-07
Allgeier Se Allgeier Ord Shs0RUM153.03%3.54633.33%62019-03-25
Starbreeze Ab Starbreeze B Ord Shs0RUU-42.78%00%22020-02-19
Bitcoin Group Se Bitcoin Group Ord Shs0RWM456.12%5.88616.67%62021-05-12
Bp Prudhoe Bay Royalty Trust Bp Prudhoe Bay Royalty Units0S1080.43%6.65750%22021-08-16
Impala Platinum Holdings Ltd Impala Platinum Holdings Adr0S2J-79.6%00%42021-04-30
Dws Group Gmbh & Co Kgaa Dws Group & Gmbh Co Kgaa Ord Shs0SAY-31.14%00%22018-07-26
Sensirion Holding Ag Sensirion Holding Ord Shs0SE553.34%2.1625%42018-10-10
Spotify Technology s.a. Spotify Tech s.a. Shs0SPT-29.42%00%22022-04-20
Novo Nordisk A/s Novo-Nordisk Adr Repsg 1 B Ord Shs0TDD84.91%6.71450%22018-05-11
Sociedad Quimica Y Minera De Chile Sociedad Quimica Y Minera De Chile Adr R0TDG77.09%4.46950%22018-07-12
Five9 Inc Five9 Ord Shs0TMV-56.58%00%32021-08-24
Grupo Supervielle Sa Grupo Supervielle Adr Representing 5 Ord0TVQ-30.17%00%22021-09-15
Allkem Ltd Allkem Ltd Ord Shs0TWH-16.07%00%12019-07-10
Hubspot Inc Hubspot Ord Shs0TZZ-78.85%00%52021-08-20
Interdigital Inc Interdigital Ord Shs0U3Q-19.39%00%12022-06-21
Axalta Coating Systems Ltd Axalta Coating Systems Ord Shs0U6C-36.77%00%22018-04-26
Bunge Ltd Bunge Ord Shs0U6R-35.86%00%22018-08-23
Credicorp Ltd Credicorp Ord Shs0U8N-53.28%00%32018-05-08
Invesco Ltd Invesco Ord Shs0UAN-77.96%00%42018-12-24
Nordic American Tanker Ltd Nordic American Tankers Ord Shs0UC040.6%1.66520%52021-06-18
Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ord Shs0UC3-48.03%0.68911.11%92020-03-12
Argonaut Gold Inc Argonaut Gold Ord Shs0UIK-89.23%00%42022-08-08
Universal Music Group Bv Universal Music Group Ord Shs0UMG-15.02%00%12022-02-21
Corus Entertainment Inc Corus Entertainment Ord Shs Class B0UR4-54.69%00%22018-05-18
Crescent Point Energy Corp Crescent Point Energy Ord Shs0UR7103.27%6.81550%22019-01-23
Fission Uranium Corp Fission Uranium Ord Shs0UW472.12%3.12233.33%32021-02-05
Goldmining Inc Goldmining Ord Shs0UYN-75.64%00%42021-01-28
Liberty Gold Corp Liberty Gold Ord Shs0V46-58.54%00%32022-03-14
New Gold Inc New Gold Ord Shs0V9080.61%2.61525%42019-02-21
Oceanagold Corp Oceanagold Corporation Ord Shs0VAQ-56.51%00%22018-04-24
Tg Therapeutics Inc Tg Therapeutics Ord Shs0VGI62.18%2.6533.33%32021-05-24
Shopify Inc Shopify Subordinate Voting Ord Shs Class0VHA113.33%2.07422.22%92019-07-12
Silvercrest Metals Inc Silvercrest Metals Ord Shs0VHI-19.39%00%12022-05-12
Standard Lithium Ltd Standard Lithium Ord Shs0VIK90.39%3.68433.33%32021-09-01
Viking Therapeutics Inc Viking Therapeutics Ord Shs0VQA-56.58%00%32021-10-28
Datagroup Se Datagroup Ord Shs0W1952.25%2.11925%42020-06-12
Steico Se Steico Ord Shs0W1V112.4%2.39228.57%72019-02-08
Naga Group Ag Naga Group Ord Shs0W3X-65.33%00%42022-01-11
Formycon Ag Formycon Ord Shs0W4N-16.77%00%12021-06-23
Liberty Global Plc Liberty Global Ord Shs Class A0XHR-68.57%00%42018-05-15
Liberty Global Plc Liberty Global Ord Shs Class C0XHS-28.86%00%22018-04-13
Zuora Inc Zuora Ord Shs Class A0XL5-65.41%00%42021-03-01
Infosys Ltd Infosys Adr Representing One0XSE-15.27%00%12021-07-07
Zscaler Inc Zscaler Ord Shs0XVU-79.94%00%52022-01-07
Elevate Credit Inc Elevate Credit Ord Shs0XWD-23.07%00%12022-01-04
Accenture Plc Accenture Ord Shs Class A0Y0Y49.5%2.04925%42020-01-24
Eaton Corporation Plc Eaton Ord Shs0Y3K-17.49%00%12018-10-11
Perrigo Company Plc Perrigo Ord Shs0Y5E-70.56%00%32018-11-14
Pentair Plc Pentair Ord Shs0Y5X-68.38%00%32019-08-06
Medtronic Plc Medtronic Ord Shs0Y6X-15.6%00%12020-07-24
Johnson Controls International Plc Johnson Controls International Ord Shs0Y7S-60.46%00%32018-04-19
Orsero Spa Orsero Ord Shs0YCG-20.34%00%12018-05-17
Beijer Alma Ab Beijer Alma Ord Shs0YG769.12%3.32133.33%32020-02-28
Carel Spa Carel Ord Shs (Proposed)0YQA-15.91%00%12021-06-18
Epiroc Ab Epiroc Class a Ord Shs0YSU127.12%5.23933.33%32018-11-22
Epiroc Ab Epiroc Class B Ord Shs0YSV133.93%9.91950%22018-11-23
Ambarella Inc Ambarella Ord Shs0YU1-64.61%00%42022-02-22
Broadcom Inc Broadcom Ord Shs0YXG64.07%4.21750%22019-09-24
Manchester United Plc Manchester United Ord Shs Class A0Z1Q71.76%3.35433.33%32021-12-16
Kkr & Co Inc Kkr and Co Ord Shs Class A0Z1W-48.05%00%32021-09-30
Sunny Optical Technology Group Co L Sunny Optical Technology Ord Shs0Z4I101.32%2.01225%82019-05-16
Sonos Inc Sonos Ord Shs0ZFN-78.67%00%52021-03-23
Turtle Beach Corp Turtle Beach Ord Shs0ZNF-46.88%00%32021-09-13
Instone Real Estate Group Ag Instone Real Estate Group Ord Shs0ZQ7-9.58%0.90912.5%82020-03-02
Artemis Resources Limited Ord Npv (Di)ARV-29.48%00%22022-10-14
Yamana Gold Inc. Com Shs Npv (Cdi)AUY-14.95%00%12021-01-13
Arrow Exploration Corp. Com Shs Npv (Cdi)AXL-15.49%00%12022-06-06
Castillo Copper Limited Ord Npv (Di)CCZ36.13%1.48216.67%62021-07-07
Cornish Metals Inc. Com Shs Npv (Di)CUSN54.62%2.19825%42021-07-05
Tritax Eurobox Plc Ord Eur0.01 (Gbp)EBOX-45.47%00%32018-10-11
Fintech Asia Limited Ord NpvFINA112.76%4.73833.33%32011-02-09
Future Metals Nl Ord Npv (Di)FME-30.34%00%22022-02-03
Gemfields Group Limited Ord Usd0.00001GEM-2.29%0.99616.67%302006-06-13
Greencore Group Plc Ord 1p (Cdi)GNC20%32.75216.67%362012-11-19
Konami Group Corporation Ord Jpy50KNM155.29%6.33950%42016-01-13
Lenta International Public Joint-Stock Company Gdr (5 Repr 1 Ord Rub0.0912632) (144A)LNTR-19.15%00%12016-12-16
Macfarlane Group Plc Ord 25pMACF90.72%1.24220%301995-12-07
Me Group International Plc Ord 0.5pMEGP178.46%1.2412.24%492000-03-29
Mycelx Technologies Corporation Com Shs Usd0.025 (Reg S) (Di)MYXR-48.04%00%32014-12-16
Neometals Ltd Ord Npv (Di)NMT-44.98%00%32022-06-10
Orosur Mining Inc Com Shs NpvOMI10.45%1.01514.81%542010-10-29
Plaza Centers n.v. Ord Eur1.00 (Cdi)PLAZ1%2.13811.32%532008-09-12
Ricoh Co Ltd Ricoh Ord ShsRICO-9.47%0.9225%42012-06-01
Ecofin u.s. Renewables Infrastructure Trust Plc Ord Usd0.01RNEW5.74%1.33866.67%32022-07-25
South32 Limited Ord Npv (Di)S3220.96%1.28720%52015-08-25
Southern Energy Corp. Shs Npv (Di)SOUC66.51%2.99633.33%32021-12-14
Thungela Resources Limited Ord Npv (Di)TGA68.83%3.31333.33%32021-11-04
Totalenergies Se Totalenergies Ord ShsTTE-15.84%00%12021-10-18
Tui Ag Ord Reg Shs Npv (Di)TUI-7.99%0.96312.5%162015-06-19
Touchstone Exploration Inc Com Shs Npv (Di)TXP130.42%1.7821.43%142017-12-05
Unisys Corporation Com Stk Us$0.01USY102.81%3100%12019-03-27
Young & Co's Brewery Plc (Aim) Non Vtg Ord 12.5pYNGN84.99%1.72352.94%172015-06-15
Akzo Nobel Nv Akzo Nobel Ord Shs0A0035.26%1.57220%52019-08-06
Neoen Sa Neoen Ord Shs0A0269.26%3.28433.33%32019-07-08
Alcon Ag Alcon Ord Shs0A0D-30.17%00%22021-03-22
Kojamo Oyj Kojamo Ord Shs0A0E-14.94%00%12019-11-25
Citycon Oyj Citycon Ord Shs0A0F-33.41%00%22019-10-04
Beijer Ref Ab (Publ) Beijer Ref Ord Shs Class B0A0H169.38%4.73840%52020-02-28
Wihlborgs Fastigheter Ab Wihlborgs Fastigheter Ord Shs0A0I30.44%1.45220%52019-07-29
Aak Ab (Publ) Aak Ord Shs0A0J-29.99%00%22019-08-27
Nyfosa Ab Nyfosa Ord Shs0A0K65.54%1.52420%102019-10-28
Anheuser Busch Inbev Nv Anheuser Busch Adr Rep 1 Ord (Cdi)0A22-16.13%00%12021-03-04
Prosus Nv Prosus Ord Shs0A28-89.66%00%62020-08-19
Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria Sa Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Arg Adr (Cdi)0A2B-32.12%00%22021-11-16
H World Group Ltd H World Group Ltd Rep Ord (Cdi)0A2I-47.55%00%32021-06-18
Ing Groep Nv Ing Groep Adr Rep 1 Ord (Cdi)0A2K-68.85%00%42021-11-05
Lyft Inc Lyft Ord Class a (Cdi)0A2O-60.32%0.62118.18%112021-08-20
Melco Resorts & Entertainment Ltd Melco Resorts Ent Adr (Cdi)0A2P50.32%1.81920%52021-07-20
Qudian Inc Qudian Adr Repres (Cdi)0A2T44.03%1.56116.67%62021-03-04
Ryanair Holdings Plc Ryanair Holdings Adr Rep 5 Ord (Cdi)0A2U-46.56%00%32021-08-19
Sanofi Sa Sanofi Adr Rep 1 1/2 Ord (Cdi)0A2V-30.65%00%22021-07-09
Sap Se Sap Adr Rep 1 Ord (Cdi)0A2W-46.68%00%32021-05-13
Tal Education Group Tal Edu Group 3 Adr Rep Ord (Cdi)0A2X47%1.2618.18%112021-03-29
Telefonica Sa Telefonica Adr Rep One Ord (Cdi)0A2Y-31.04%00%22021-04-27
Tencent Music Entertainment Group Tencent Music Ent Group Adr (Cdi)0A2Z59.36%1.63222.22%92020-08-20
Zto Express (Cayman) Inc Zto Exp Cayman Adr Rep Ord (Cdi)0A33-29.28%00%22021-04-16
Teamviewer Ag Teamviewer Ord Shs0A3648.96%1.55425%82020-09-30
Musti Group Oyj Musti Group Ord Shs0A3B-25.34%00%22021-05-07
Illimity Bank Spa Illimity Bank Ord Shs0A3J-16.16%00%12020-10-27
Nikola Corporation Nikola Ord Shs0A3R69.07%1.53920%102021-07-15
Moderna Inc Moderna Ord Shs0A45-43.84%00%32021-08-17
Dermapharm Holding Se Dermapharm Holding Ord Shs0A5J-44.68%00%32021-02-22
Huscompagniet Operations A/s Huscompagniet Ord Shs0A5T-87.14%00%52021-05-07
Renewcell Ab Renewcell Ord Shs0A5U47.88%1.97825%42021-09-16
Viatris Inc Viatris Ord Shs0A5V-30.51%00%22021-09-17
Viacomcbs Inc Viacomcbs Ord Shs Class B0A6527.21%1.35416.67%62021-05-05
Nordnet Ab (Publ) Nordnet Ord Shs0A6V85.75%6.86950%22021-07-09
La Francaise Des Jeux Sa La Francaise Des Jeux Ord Shs0A8B-29.85%00%22021-11-19
B&s Group Sa B&s Group Ord Shs0A90-59.42%00%32021-12-14
Snowflake Inc. Snowflake Ord Shs Class A0A93-89.84%00%52021-08-05
Organon & Co Organon Ord Shs (Cdi)0A9W-16.17%00%12021-11-22
Home24 Se Home24 Ord Shs0AA190.18%2.00814.29%72021-12-15
Traton Se Traton Ord Shs0AA4-63.79%00%42021-11-24
Antin Infrastructure Partners Sas Antin Infrastructure Partners Ord Shs0AA5-29.85%00%22022-04-12
Better Collective A/s Better Collective Ord Shs0AA8-14.94%00%12022-04-28
Storskogen Group Ab (Publ) Storskogen Group Ord Shs Class B0AA9-15.12%0.86912.5%82022-02-17
Autostore Holdings Ltd Autostore Holdings Ord Shs0AAE-65.22%00%42022-04-11
Atlantic Sapphire Asa Atlantic Sapphire Ord Shs0AAG-74.18%00%32022-04-27
Volvo Car Ab Volvo Car Ord Shs Class B0AAK-29.78%00%22022-06-20
Suse Sa Suse Ord Shs0AAM-47.53%00%22022-05-13
Ovh Groupe Sa Ovh Groupe Ord Shs0AAN-45.54%00%32022-05-13
Ncab Group Ab (Publ) Ncab Group Ord Shs0AAQ-33.32%00%22022-05-13
Samhallsbyggnadsbolaget I Norden Ab Samhallsbyggnadsbolaget I Norden Ord Shs0AAS-58.1%00%42022-06-10
Bike24 Holding Ag Bike24 Holding Ord Shs0AAT-49.72%00%32022-05-13
Sdiptech Ab (Publ) Sdiptech Ord Shs0AAV-30.7%00%22022-06-13
Swedencare Ab (Publ) Swedencare Ord Shs0ABG-19.11%00%12022-10-14
Carlsberg A/s Carlsberg B Ord Shs0AI4120.2%3.31640%52008-05-28
Fuchs Petrolub Se Fuchs Petrolub Ord Shs0B4R-15.18%00%12013-06-21
Galp Energia Sgps Sa Galp Energia Sgps Ord Shs0B6724.96%1.34520%52008-12-15
Borr Drilling Ltd Borr Drilling Ord Shs0BDR262.21%1.86320%202020-09-30
Basf Se Basf Se Ord Shs0BFA-30.6%00%22019-08-16
Salini Impregilo Spa Salini Impregilo Ord Shs0BJP-27.14%0.91613.04%232008-06-13
Kesko Oyj Kesko Ord Shs0BNT192.95%2.77330%102011-07-15
Stora Enso Oyj Stora Enso Series R Ord Shs0CXC187.23%1.90723.53%172008-06-13
Carl Zeiss Meditec Ag Carl Zeiss Meditec Ord Shs0DHC260.66%6.87950%62014-05-08
Autogrill Spa Autogrill Ord Shs0DHJ127.22%1.75721.43%142018-01-11
Alm. Brand A/s Alm Brand Ord Shs0DJI-16.67%00%12015-05-06
Altri Sgps Sa Altri Sgps Ord Shs0DJV102.58%1.94422.22%92014-04-04
Amadeus Fire Ag Amadeus Fire Ord Shs0DK962.89%1.43318.18%112015-09-28
Atos Se Atos Ord Shs0DNH52.74%1.21416.67%182022-01-12
Austevoll Seafood Asa Austevoll Seafood Ord Shs0DNW126.98%2.70328.57%72015-10-22
Bavarian Nordic A/s Bavarian Nordic Ord Shs0DPB-83.43%0.5517.69%132015-04-20
Bechtle Ag Bechtle Ord Shs0DPM345.55%6.41150%82013-06-20
Proximus Nv Proximus Ord Shs0DPU100.87%1.65616.67%122008-03-27
Beiersdorf Ag Beiersdorf Ord Shs0DQ770%3.38933.33%32008-07-11
Banca Generali Spa Banca Generali Ord Shs0DQZ104.7%2.07525%82011-07-14
Bank Millennium Sa Bank Millennium Ord Shs0DRH47.38%1.53620%52014-10-14
Bonheur Asa Bonheur Ord Shs0DTI82.43%6.49450%22020-10-27
Biesse Spa Biesse Ord Shs0DUK5.49%1.01818.18%222019-06-10
Borussia Dortmund Gmbh & Co Kgaa Borussia Dortmund Ord Shs0DVE-61.8%00%42014-09-12
Bank Zachodni Wbk Sa Bank Zachodni Ord Shs0DVR-36.82%00%22017-03-22
Chemometec A/s Chemometec Ord Shs0DZ070.68%3.35333.33%32021-01-14
Cie Automotive Sa Cie Automotive Ord Shs0DZC155.73%4.46240%52014-10-03
Chargeurs Sa Chargeurs Ord Shs0E1Y86.45%2.73425%42016-11-30
Datalogic Spa Datalogic Ord Shs0E3C89.63%1.41618.75%162019-08-13
Deutz Ag Deutz Ord Shs0E4K62.55%1.2616.67%182008-12-05
Nel Asa Nel Ord Shs0E4Q159.03%2.09725%122016-08-22
De Longhi Spa De'longhi Ord Shs0E5M219.01%3.39433.33%92013-04-17
Do & Co Ag Do & Co Aktiengesellschaft Ord Shs0E64100.25%2.05828.57%72015-04-28
Drillisch Ag Drillisch Ord Shs0E6Y43.16%1.24615.38%132013-07-24
Eurotech Spa Eurotech Ord Shs0E7Z236.16%3.15725%82020-08-19
Kambi Group Plc Kambi Group Ord Shs0EAW-15.57%0.8614.29%72020-02-28
Enagas Sa Enagas Ord Shs0EBQ24.23%1.3216.67%62008-06-25
Cts Eventim Ag & Co Kgaa Cts Eventim Ord Shs0EEE244.76%5.0942.86%72010-08-25
Finnair Oyj Finnair Ord Shs0EG881.77%1.53418.18%112016-09-15
Fiera Milano Spa Fiera Milano Ord Shs0EGH-12.61%0.88312.5%82015-08-17
Audax Renovables Sa Fersa Energias Renovables Ord Shs0EIB-81.78%00%52020-05-14
Lisi Sa Lisi Ord Shs0EKE55.44%1.37318.18%112018-10-12
Gimv Investeringsmaatschappij Voor Gimv Investeringsmaatschappij Voor Vland0EKR-23.13%00%12008-07-17
Hexagon Composites Asa Hexagon Composites Ord Shs0EOF121.35%2.31325%82015-08-26
Hochtief Ag Hochtief Ord Shs0EPW141.92%1.88123.08%132008-07-08
Indus Holding Ag Indus Holding Ord Shs0EUH-60.97%00%42014-09-25
Innate Pharma Sa Innate Pharma Ord Shs0EVI62.96%1.25718.75%162020-05-22
Interpump Group Spa Interpump Group Ord Shs0EWD235%4.83942.86%72013-04-19
Jeronimo Martins Sgps Sa Jeronimo Martins Ord Shs0EXG131.63%3.13533.33%62011-08-09
Jungheinrich Ag Jungheinrich Pref Shs0EXP37.15%1.22115.38%132014-05-15
Kbc Groep Nv Kbc Groep Ord Shs0EYG103.31%1.33320%202008-07-01
Kaufman & Broad Sa Kaufman & Broad Ord Shs0F07-15%0.86212.5%82016-11-09
Kongsberg Gruppen Asa Kongsberg Gruppen Ord Shs0F0899.86%4100%12013-04-23
Kws Saat Se Kws Saat Ord Shs0F1N-31.63%00%22016-01-04
Melexis Nv Melexis Ord Shs0FA0216.19%3.02830%102014-02-27
Orange Belgium Sa Orange Belgium Ord Shs0FBS-89.86%00%32009-06-03
Mtu Aero Engines Ag Mtu Aero Engines Holding Ord Shs0FC979.31%1.70822.22%92008-03-17
Nemetschek Se Nemetschek Ord Shs0FDT230.06%3.96837.5%82015-07-09
Nordic Semiconductor Asa Nordic Semiconductor Ord Shs0FF9214.03%3.43633.33%92014-07-30
Nokian Tyres Plc Nokian Renkaat Ord Shs0FFY-66.18%0.77311.76%172008-06-09
Orkla Asa Orkla Ord Shs0FIN26.32%1.37520%52008-05-30
Outokumpu Oyj Outokumpu Ord Shs0FJ8-10.94%0.97414.29%282008-06-13
Patrizia Immobilien Ag Patrizia Immobilien Ord Shs0FJC97.11%1.9122.22%92013-02-01
Piaggio & C Spa Piaggio & C Ord Shs0FM159.36%1.42118.18%112016-02-11
Polski Koncern Naftowy Orlen Sa Polski Koncern Naftowy Orlen Ord Shs0FMN424.16%28.13750%22015-09-24
Powszechna Kasa Oszczednosci Bank P Powszechna Kasa Oszczednosci Bank Polski0FMO248.74%2.61216.67%62008-10-29
Rothschild & Co Sca Rothschild Ord Shs0FPB72.03%3.43133.33%32016-06-02
Publicis Groupe Sa Publicis Groupe Ord Shs0FQI63.81%1.44518.18%112014-03-14
Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology Ag Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology Ord Shs0FQR106.38%2.17725%82013-03-04
Rational Ag Rational Ord Shs0FRJ137.4%3.37333.33%62014-07-15
Salmar Asa Salmar Ord Shs0FWY223.8%4.02737.5%82014-08-14
Sofina Sa Sofina Ord Shs0G2X183.05%13.17566.67%32011-10-25
Symrise Ag Symrise Ord Shs0G6T272.34%15.17175%42008-07-09
Salzgitter Ag Salzgitter Ord Shs0G77-32.56%0.85912.5%162008-03-20
Suedzucker Ag Suedzucker Ag Ord Shs0G7B155%2.13325%122008-10-23
Telenor Asa Telenor Ord Shs0G8C148.4%3.41233.33%62008-07-30
Tamburi Investment Partners Spa Tamburi Investment Partners Ord Shs0G9J119.68%2.44128.57%72015-08-27
Powercell Sweden Ab Powercell Sweden Ord Shs0G9R256.85%3.58333.33%92020-05-14
Mediaset Espana Comunicacion Sa Mediaset Espana Comunicacion Ord Shs0G9W1.74%1.00812.5%162008-04-01
Telecom Italia Spa Telecom Italia Saving Shs0GA335.49%1.18214.29%142016-02-09
Telenet Group Holding Nv Telenet Group Holding Ord Shs0GAF-20.38%0.83111.11%92011-06-21
Orange Polska Sa Orange Polska Ord Shs0GB7231.67%3.91620%52008-11-10
Takkt Ag Takkt Ord Shs0GC8-53.47%0.6559.09%112015-08-19
Uniqa Insurance Group Ag Uniqa Insurance Group Ord Shs0GDR24.07%1.30916.67%62014-07-07
Paradox Interactive Ab (Publ) Paradox Interactive Ord Shs0GDU35.16%1.53820%52019-11-18
United Internet Ag United Internet Ord Shs0GE4179.21%2.35730%102008-05-09
Veidekke Asa Veidekke Ord Shs0GF6180.03%4.99640%52008-12-05
Washtec Ag Washtec Ord Shs0GJK20.26%1.26916.67%62016-08-03
Wuestenrot & Wuerttembergische Ag Wuestenrot & Wuerttembergische Ord Shs0GJN-38.72%00%22016-09-21
Yit Oyj Yit Ord Shs0GKA-36.41%0.74210%102008-08-27
Leroy Seafood Group Asa Leroy Seafood Group Ord Shs0GM223.02%1.28516.67%62016-07-11
Knowit Ab (Publ) Know It Ord Shs0GNK82.68%3.63733.33%32017-02-27
Swedish Match Ab (Publ) Swedish Match Ord Shs0GO4238.01%4.85442.86%72008-10-10
Clas Ohlson Ab Clas Ohlson Ord Shs0GQE-7.21%0.93312.5%82015-09-25
Millicom International Cellular Sa Millicom International Cellular Sdr0GRK-79.2%00%52009-04-29
Biotage Ab Biotage Ord Shs0GRP68.56%3.24933.33%32019-05-14
Castellum Ab Castellum Ord Shs0GT1157.92%4.48540%52008-03-20
Dios Fastigheter Ab Dios Fastigheter Ord Shs0GTM142.6%3.87240%52014-10-17
Biogaia Ab Biogaia Ord Shs0GTN-32.25%00%22017-05-16
Husqvarna Ab Husqvarna Ord Shs0GTR48%1.32718.18%112008-10-01
Catena Ab Catena Ord Shs0GVS-14.49%00%12020-08-12
Nobia Ab Nobia Ord Shs0GW0251.91%2.23823.53%172008-06-27
Hufvudstaden Ab Hufvudstaden a Ord Shs0GW3165.04%6.68750%42009-03-16
Grieg Seafood Asa Grieg Seafood Ord Shs0GW8206.89%3.45137.5%82016-04-05
L E Lundbergforetagen Ab (Publ) Lundbergforetagen B Ord Shs0GWB182.08%12.4766.67%32014-09-08
Saab Ab Saab B Ord Shs0GWL242.16%4.92542.86%72012-04-11
Billerudkorsnas Ab (Publ) Billerud Korsnas Ord Shs0GWS147.38%4.55750%42014-03-14
Ackermans & Van Haaren Nv Ackermans Ord Shs0GYM-38.48%00%22014-05-22
Varta Ag Varta Ord Shs0GYQ-18.81%0.84711.11%92020-03-03
Ion Beam Applications Sa Ion Beam Applications Ord Shs0GZK-0.91%0.99516.67%122015-04-29
Getinge Ab Getinge B Ord Shs0GZV24.55%1.13916.67%122009-02-26
Diasorin Spa Diasorin Ord Shs0GZX116.33%1.62727.27%112011-08-08
Sweco Ab (Publ) Sweco B Ord Shs0H0G140.65%3.35133.33%62016-04-13
Industrivarden Ab Industrivarden a Ord Shs0H13253.81%6.70850%62011-09-23
Orexo Ab Orexo Ord Shs0H19-53.43%0.65310%102015-08-10
Bioinvent International Ab Bioinvent International Ord Shs0H22-32.78%00%22021-02-23
Fastighets Ab Balder Fastighets Balder B Ord Shs0H2Z261.57%3.15638.46%132020-02-28
Indutrade Ab Indutrade Ord Shs0H30154.06%4.12340%52014-03-04
Deutsche Post Ag Deutsche Post Ord Shs0H3Q143.02%1.88825%122008-06-24
Deutsche Boerse Ag Deutsche Boerse Ord Shs0H3T74.27%1.6120%102008-04-09
Deutsche Lufthansa Ag Deutsche Lufthansa Ord Shs0H4A21.23%1.07514.29%212008-06-25
Acciona Sa Acciona Ord Shs0H4K162.57%2.10730%102008-06-10
Accor Sa Accor Ord Shs0H5999.61%1.52221.43%142011-07-07
Juventus Fc Spa Juventus Footbal Club Ord Shs0H65100.21%1.63823.08%132018-10-08
Swedbank Ab Swedbank Ord Shs0H6T-2.81%0.97414.29%72008-05-23
Telia Company Ab Telia Company Ord Shs0H6X-45.22%00%32008-04-08
Lanxess Ag Lanxess Ord Shs0H7I72.52%1.3117.65%172008-07-01
Bankinter s.a. Bankinter Ord Shs0H7O66.84%1.48922.22%92009-10-09
Activision Blizzard Inc Activision Blizzard Ord Shs0H8X202.93%8100%12020-03-26
Intrum Justitia Ab Intrum Justitia Ord Shs0H9P23.42%1.13521.43%142014-03-31
Fresenius Medical Care Ag & Co Kgaa Fresenius Medical Care Ord Shs0H9X-29.59%0.78210%102008-04-14
Rwe Ag Rwe Ord Shs0HA0-34.97%0.8511.76%172008-03-26
Indra Sistemas Sa Indra Sistemas Ord Shs0HA9-52.75%0.64910%102009-09-14
Fomento De Construcciones Y Contrat Fomento De Construcciones Y Contratas Or0HAA-49.43%0.80813.33%152008-12-17
Acs Actividades De Construccion Y S Acs Actividades De Construccion Y Servic0HAC67.13%1.49122.22%92008-10-28
Nokia Oyj Nokia Ord Shs0HAF405.09%2.23225%282008-03-11
Sampo Oyj Sampo Ord Shs0HAG228.44%4.09342.86%72008-04-22
Fortum Oyj Fortum Ord Shs0HAH48.91%1.3318.18%112008-03-26
Credit Agricole Sa Credit Agricole Ord Shs0HAI165.73%1.49519.23%262008-05-14
Bouygues Sa Bouygues Ord Shs0HAN-58.11%0.6389.09%112008-08-29
Axa Sa Axa Ord Shs0HAR51.03%1.20415.79%192008-02-12
Pernod Ricard Sa Pernod Ricard Ord Shs0HAT167.49%6.50550%42008-06-27
Lvmh Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton Se Lvmh Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton Societe0HAU107.07%2.18625%82008-04-14
Capgemini Se Capgemini Ord Shs0HAZ106.94%1.94522.22%92009-01-22
Lagardere Sca Lagardere Ord Shs0HB22.02%1.0214.29%72009-03-05
Dassault Systemes Se Dassault Systemes Ord Shs0HB4309.13%12100%32010-04-22
Bnp Paribas Sa Bnp Paribas Ord Shs0HB517.64%1.04814.29%282008-03-05
Electricite De France Sa Electricite De France Ord Shs0HBA-64.52%0.75410.53%192008-03-19
Intesa Sanpaolo Spa Intesa Sanpaolo Ord Shs0HBC176.99%1.63422.73%222014-11-10
Mediobanca Banca Di Credito Finanzi Mediobanca Banca Di Credito Finanziario0HBF102.19%1.52121.43%142014-04-14
H & M Hennes & Mauritz Ab Hennes & Mauritz Ord Shs0HBP174.01%2.14516.67%122008-06-10
Skanska Ab Skanska B Ord Shs0HBT130.48%2.88833.33%62008-07-29
Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken Ab Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken Ord Shs0HBY50.67%1.33318.18%112008-07-01
Sandvik Ab Sandvik Ord Shs0HC0152.11%1.96223.08%132008-06-16
Alibaba Group Holding Ltd Alibaba Group Holding Adr Rep 1 (Cdi)0HCI-59.24%0.6179.09%112018-10-11
Alphabet Inc Alphabet Ord Class C (Cdi)0HD6-16.65%00%12020-02-05
Mekonomen Ab Mekonomen Ord Shs0HDJ82.35%1.68220%102014-10-23
American Airlines Group Inc American Airlines Group Ord Shs0HE6-45.82%00%32021-08-05
Iberdrola Sa Iberdrola Ord Shs0HIT21.01%1.11614.29%142012-04-19
Baidu Inc Baidu Adr Reptg 1/10 Ord Class a (Cdi)0HL1-7.76%0.92812.5%82020-02-11
Banco Santander Sa Banco Santander Adr Rep 1 Ord (Cdi)0HLE-22.42%0.82116.67%62019-04-12
Fagron Nv Fagron Ord Shs0HNZ11.44%1.06115.38%132014-07-31
Arjo Ab (Publ) Arjo Ord Shs0HQ86.85%1.07514.29%72019-07-19
Volvo Ab Volvo Class B Ord Shs0HTP152.62%1.87921.43%142008-06-11
Hermes International Sca Hermes International Ord Shs0HV2257.98%6.56357.14%72018-06-08
Ffp Sa Ffp Ord Shs0HV831.8%1.50820%52016-10-05
Tenaris Sa Tenaris Ord Shs0HXB65.64%1.47320%102014-10-15
Metrovacesa Sa Metrovacesa Ord Shs0HXI-31.64%00%22019-07-01
Eurazeo Sa Eurazeo Ord Shs0HZC148.4%2.05827.27%112011-10-06
Wendel Se Wendel Ord Shs0HZD118.33%1.92118.18%112014-03-18
Deutsche Euroshop Ag Deutsche Euroshop Ord Shs0I3Z10.36%1.05514.29%142009-08-13
trip.com Group Ltd trip.com Group 8 Adr Repi (Cdi)0I50-48.73%00%32020-03-02
Elisa Oyj Elisa Ord Shs0I8Y79.33%6.14350%22008-10-27
Securitas Ab Securitas B Ord Shs0IAH-6.1%0.94214.29%72010-02-19
Dassault Aviation Sa Dassault Aviation Ord Shs0IAX60.49%2.28440%52015-08-25
Arkema Sa Arkema Ord Shs0IB032.46%1.25520%102011-09-06
Semapa Sociedade De Investimento E Semapa Sgps Ord Shs0IE9215.3%3.43437.5%82012-04-03
Nexans Sa Nexans Ord Shs0IGF72.13%1.56922.22%92008-12-23
Atrium Ljungberg Ab Atrium Ljungberg B Ord Shs0IHM67.27%3.22933.33%32015-05-07
Kone Oyj Kone Ord Shs0II2252.38%6.54950%62009-01-20
Kering Sa Kering Ord Shs0IIH181.25%2.7130%102011-10-05
Wartsila Oyj Abp Wartsila Ord Shs0IKJ183.3%2.44927.27%112008-11-26
Fluidra Sa Fluidra Ord Shs0ILI6.92%1.07314.29%72017-10-30
Caixabank Sa Caixabank Ord Shs0ILK222.51%2.62535.71%142013-12-13
Groupe Bruxelles Lambert Sa Groupe Bruxelles Lambert Ord Shs0IN268.37%3.26533.33%32009-02-26
Jacquet Metal Service Sa Jacquet Metal Service Ord Shs0IN321.01%1.1218.18%112016-06-17
Stmicroelectronics Nv Stmicroelectronics Ord Shs0INB357.49%3.06731.25%162008-11-25
Evotec Ag Evotec Ord Shs0IRF324.37%4.53740%102015-07-07
Scor Se Scor Ord Shs0IT3-26.54%0.65528.57%72013-12-02
Safran Sa Safran Ord Shs0IU8233.14%2.48228.57%142009-11-02
Interparfums Sa Interparfums Ord Shs0IUJ198.59%4.05933.33%62015-05-21
Lectra Sa Lectra Ord Shs0IVJ69.71%3.28233.33%32017-01-09
Sparebank 1 Smn Sparebank 1 Smn Primary Capital Cert Ord0IVM173.11%6.84350%42013-04-10
Thales Sa Thales Ord Shs0IW5310.88%4.90444.44%92011-10-06
Bollore Sa Bollore Ord Shs0IXZ31.9%1.52620%52014-09-05
Henkel Ag & Co Kgaa Henkel Ord Shs0IZ8196.48%13.90266.67%32009-05-05
Henkel Ag & Co Kgaa Henkel & Kgaa Pref Shs0IZC134.6%3.18833.33%62009-08-17
Porr Ag Porr Ag Stammaktien Ord Shs0J04-67.39%00%42016-04-08
Sparebank 1 Nord-Norge Sparebank 1 Nord-Norge Ord Shs0J1N148.52%4.23540%52014-11-19
Nos Sgps Sa Nos Sgps Ord Shs0J1Z13.64%1.15516.67%62011-07-11
Alstom Sa Alstom Ord Shs0J2R-85.86%0.557.69%132018-06-21
Sodexo Sa Sodexo Ord Shs0J3F56.17%2.22925%42009-08-21
Teleperformance Se Teleperformance Ord Shs0J6X200.53%2.96530%102014-03-28
Societe Generale Societe Generale Ord Shs0J6Y-86.81%0.77510.71%282008-11-17
Duerr Ag Duerr Ord Shs0J9C98.37%1.46217.65%172013-06-13
Spar Nord Bank A/s Spar Nord Bank Ord Shs0JH485.11%2.83340%52015-08-25
Porsche Automobil Holding Se Porsche Automobil Holding Pref Shs0JHU256.21%2.06325%202009-01-19
Tag Immobilien Ag Tag Immobilien Ord Shs0JK446.18%1.3116.67%122014-09-04
Jackson Financial Inc Jackson Financial Ord (Cdi)0JKF-30.75%00%22022-02-25
Sanoma Oyj Sanoma Ord Shs0JLQ72.41%1.56320%102011-04-15
Dsv A/s Dsv Ord Shs0JN9342.7%6.98250%82009-11-04
Eutelsat Communications Sa Eutelsat Communications Ord Shs0JNI-35.31%0.73811.11%92009-03-03
jd.com Inc jd.com Adr Rep 2 Ord Class (Cdi)0JOQ34.17%1.50420%52019-10-23
Hypoport Ag Hypoport N Ord Shs0JVS53.44%1.40220%102017-09-04
Atea Asa Atea Ord Shs0JWO32.1%1.4820%52015-04-16
Protector Forsikring Asa Protector Forsikring Ord Shs0JXF110.58%2.31828.57%72015-10-05
Galapagos Nv Galapagos Ord Shs0JXZ-4.15%0.97914.29%142015-09-30
Loomis Ab Loomis Ord Shs0JYZ-33.71%00%22015-05-11
Match Group Inc Match Group Ord Shs0JZ7-74.74%00%52022-04-13
Wacker Neuson Se Wacker Neuson N Ord Shs0K1167.65%1.51920%102015-08-25
Hello Group Inc Hello Adr Rep 2 Ord Class a (Cdi)0K2P-44.52%0.68310%102020-03-12
Nov Inc Nov Inc Ord Shs0K58-45.78%00%32021-06-29
Draegerwerk Ag & Co Kgaa Draegerwerk Pref Shs0K5E-7.8%0.92912.5%82012-10-24
Assicurazioni Generali Spa Assicurazioni Generali Ord Shs0K7878.07%1.63220%102011-09-29
Aurubis Ag Aurubis Ord Shs0K7F95.36%1.88522.22%92011-08-04
Nokia Oyj Nokia Adr Rep One Ord Serie (Cdi)0K8D35.23%1.520%52018-04-25
Beneteau Sa Beneteau Ord Shs0K8N54.43%1.35716.67%122016-02-08
Derichebourg Sa Derichebourg Ord Shs0K8W121.27%1.63425%162015-09-17
Credito Emiliano Spa Credito Emiliano Ord Shs0K9374.42%1.59520%102015-07-07
Ence Energia Y Celulosa Sa Ence Energia Y Celulosa Ord Shs0K9683.4%1.51716.67%122015-06-10
Euronav Nv Euronav Ord Shs0K9A36.27%1.57920%52014-06-12
Faes Farma Sa Faes Farma Ord Shs0K9H69.23%3.06633.33%32015-08-26
Gn Store Nord A/s Gn Store Nord Ord Shs0K9P43.03%1.28116.67%122014-08-07
Hal Trust Hal Trust Ord Shs0K9V-29.81%00%22016-06-16
Huhtamaki Oyj Huhtamaki Ord Shs0K9W152.29%3.79540%52011-11-21
Ipsos Sa Ipsos Ord Shs0KA363.32%1.97433.33%62014-03-28
Nexity Sa Nexity Ord Shs0KB3-60.92%00%42011-10-03
Ratos Ab Ratos B Ord Shs0KBQ-3.86%0.96712.5%82012-03-12
Recordati Industria Chimica E Farma Recordati Industria Chimica E Farmaceuti0KBS209.11%3.26633.33%92011-08-08
Ren Redes Energeticas Nacionais Sgp Ren Ord Shs0KBT-17.01%00%12014-04-25
Rexel Sa Rexel Stock Ord Shs0KBZ54.92%2.19825%42011-11-24
Solaria Energia Y Medio Ambiente Sa Solaria Energia Y Medio Ambiente Ord Shs0KCD156.74%4.59140%52019-06-04
Stora Enso Oyj Stora Enso Ord Shs0KCK130.68%2.65228.57%72016-01-19
Tessenderlo Chemie Nv Tessenderlo Chemie Ord Shs0KCP50.56%2.03325%42012-10-10
Barco Nv Barco Ord Shs0KDK166.53%6.12240%52012-12-28
Infineon Technologies Ag Infineon Technologies Ord Shs0KED333.88%2.9331.25%162009-10-27
Muenchener Rueckversicherungs Gesel Muenchener Rueckversicherungs-Gesellscha0KFE14.16%1.15714.29%72009-11-03
Danone Sa Danone Ord Shs0KFX23.94%1.3216.67%62009-11-05
Geox Spa Geox Ord Shs0KHH-6.54%0.96813.33%152018-11-15
Uponor Oyj Uponor Oyj Ord Shs0KI542.56%1.84625%42014-09-04
Ssab Ab Ssab a Ord Shs0KII7.5%1.03814.29%142010-05-20
Navigator Company Sa the Navigator Company Ord Shs0KLO19.73%1.25316.67%62014-08-11
Kloeckner & Co Se Kloeckner & Co Ord Shs0KVR46.18%1.30516.67%122011-08-05
Airbus Se Airbus Ord Shs0KVV266.88%3.21933.33%122009-12-02
Grupo Empresarial San Jose Sa Grupo Empresarial San Jose Ord Shs0L91-18.26%00%12022-04-12
Square Inc Square Ord Shs Class A0L95324.52%2.64811.11%92020-03-16
Kontron Ag Kontron Ord Shs0L9J63.17%2.83233.33%32016-06-27
Vale Sa Vale Adr Representing One Ord Shs0LBF66.24%1.42618.18%112013-07-09
Terna Rete Elettrica Nazionale Spa Terna Rete Elettrica Nazionale Ord Shs0LBM68.79%3.23633.33%32011-06-29
Fuchs Petrolub Se Fuchs Petrolub Pref Shs0LCR37.17%1.61220%52014-04-08
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Adr R0LCV39.95%1.64120%52020-05-18
Engie Sa Engie Ord Shs0LD040.91%1.26616.67%122010-01-28
Air France Klm Sa Air France-Klm Ord Shs0LN7-87.16%0.69810%202011-09-20
Koninklijke Philips Nv Koninklijke Philips Ord Shs0LNG24.14%1.14315.38%132014-03-19
Koninklijke Bam Groep Nv Bam Groep Koninklijke Ord Shs0LNQ-9.29%0.95513.33%152012-01-19
Amg Advanced Metallurgical Group Nv Amg Advanced Metallurgical Group Ord Shs0LO9275.24%3.19833.33%122013-07-19
Vipshop Holdings Ltd Vipshop Holdings Spon Ads Rep Cdi0LQ0152.74%3.00837.5%82018-08-08
Continental Ag Continental Ord Shs0LQ1-3.97%0.9813.33%152011-06-17
Krones Ag Krones Ord Shs0LQ447.49%2.01225%42014-05-12
Lpp Sa Lpp Ord Shs0LVL298.12%5.52925%42015-09-22
Rockwool International A/s Rockwool International B Ord Shs0M0A57%1.43118.18%112012-11-23
Ercros Sa Ercros Ord Shs0M0E83.62%1.68420%102017-10-19
Linde Plc Linde Ord Shs0M2B-31.64%00%22020-02-26
Orion Oyj Orion B Ord Shs0M2O224.91%3.86937.5%82011-10-25
Equinor Asa Equinor Asa Ord Shs0M2Z-21.03%0.81912.5%82011-04-01
Asml Holding Nv Asml Holding Adr Rep Ord (Cdi)0M42-31.12%00%22021-03-04
Aker Bp Asa Aker Bp Ord Shs0M5J163.61%2.1627.27%112014-04-02
Otp Bank Nyrt Otp Bank Ord Shs0M69-4.06%0.93833.33%32011-07-11
Allianz Se Allianz Ord Shs0M6S178.87%2.59522.22%92010-04-29
Philip Morris International Inc Philip Morris Int Ord (Cdi)0M8V87.54%6.80966.67%32022-06-14
Hannover Rueck Se Hannover Rueckversicherung Ord Shs0M9A149.55%3.98140%52012-02-24
Svenska Cellulosa Sca Ab Svenska Cellulosa B Ord Shs0MCK120.5%2.55450%42011-05-04
Electrolux Ab Electrolux B Ord Shs0MDT49.03%1.3720%102011-11-09
Nordex Se Nordex Ord Shs0MEC50.45%1.1915%202012-12-05
Konecranes Abp Konecranes Ord Shs0MET156.81%2.0223.08%132011-07-25
Agfa Gevaert Nv Agfa-Gevaert Ord Shs0MFU144.11%3.35440%52011-08-25
Kbc Ancora Cva Kbc Ancora Ord Shs0MFW39.16%1.66320%52014-06-18
Aareal Bank Ag Aareal Bank Ord Shs0MG067.78%1.48820%102011-08-04
Fielmann Ag Fielmann Ord Shs0MG127.55%1.36816.67%62011-08-23
Heidelbergcement Ag Heidelbergcement Ord Shs0MG285.26%1.73922.22%92011-03-29
Genmab A/s Genmab Ord Shs0MGB257.24%6.99650%62013-11-11
Nkt A/s Nkt Ord Shs0MGC232.04%2.51430.77%132011-09-01
Jyske Bank A/s Jyske Bank Ord Shs0MGD156.62%4.45140%52012-11-19
Sydbank A/s Sydbank Ord Shs0MGE213.34%3.96650%82014-04-15
Cargotec Oyj Cargotec Ord Shs0MGH159.86%2.10125%122012-05-10
Metso Outotec Oyj Outotec Ord Shs0MGI-60.52%0.7714.29%142011-08-01
Vicat Sa Vicat Ord Shs0MGJ-49.58%0.38328.57%72013-12-10
Metropole Television Sa Metropole Television Ord Shs0MGL86.85%1.68720%102012-08-08
Societe Bic Sa Societe B I C Ord Shs0MGP-73.78%0.04816.67%62014-03-18
Seb Sa Seb Ord Shs0MGS52.24%2.09925%42012-03-21
Remy Cointreau Sa Remy Cointreau Ord Shs0MGU129.12%3.00333.33%62011-10-05
Eramet Sa Eramet Ord Shs0MGV56.55%1.16916%252011-08-05
Bureau Veritas Sa Bureau Veritas Registre International De0MH192.13%6.82266.67%32013-12-27
Ipsen Sa Ipsen Ord Shs0MH6281.54%3.49736.36%112011-07-15
Erg Spa Erg Ord Shs0MHC212.81%3.233.33%92012-03-28
Acea Spa Acea Ord Shs0MHD110.11%2.70433.33%62014-04-28
Azimut Holding Spa Azimut Holding Ord Shs0MHJ93.47%1.37616.67%182020-03-03
Schibsted Asa Schibsted Ord Shs0MHM93.68%1.68525%122014-01-23
Dno Asa Dnoord Shs0MHP204.87%1.68921.74%232012-03-30
Petroleum Geo Services Asa Petroleum Geo Services Ord Shs0MHR77.12%1.17715.63%322014-01-31
Peab Ab Peab B Ord Shs0MHT129.89%2.68728.57%72012-05-18
Industrivarden Ab Industrivarden Series Ord Shs0MHU124.7%5.05550%42014-06-06
Volvo Ab Volvo Class a Ord Shs0MHW143.73%3.30933.33%62011-12-19
Ssab Ab Ssab Ord Shs0MHZ-28.43%0.87514.29%142011-01-10
Autoliv Inc Autoliv Sdr0MI0195.55%5.07257.14%72016-02-12
Jm Ab Jm Ord Shs0MI349.11%1.3316.67%122014-07-16
Ca Immobilien Anlagen Ag Ca Immobilien Anlagen Ord Shs0MIP86.07%6.62950%22014-06-24
S Immo Ag S Immo Ord Shs0MJ993.21%3.67933.33%32015-04-30
Ambu A/s Ambu B Ord Shs0MJF63.33%1.35715.38%132018-08-24
Erste Group Bank Ag Erste Group Bank Ord Shs0MJK170.99%2.1825%122011-11-03
Aker Asa Aker Ord Shs0MJX264.04%3.0733.33%122014-07-16
Andritz Ag Andritz Ord Shs0MJZ135.81%3.22533.33%62011-02-22
Obrascon Huarte Lain Sa Obrascon Huarte Lain Ord Shs0MKG35.04%1.09615.38%262011-08-02
Omv Ag Omv Ord Shs0MKH148.81%1.93723.08%132011-03-16
Sligro Food Group Nv Sligro Food Group Ord Shs0MKM-16.35%0.85112.5%82015-04-22
Melia Hotels International Sa Melia Hotels International Ord Shs0MKO76.66%1.61920%102012-02-09
Tomtom Nv Tomtom Ord Shs0MKS64.29%1.49722.22%92011-07-18
Viscofan Sa Viscofan Ord Shs0MKW84.4%6.49350%22011-08-02
Voestalpine Ag Voestalpine Ord Shs0MKX36.69%1.23816.67%122011-10-03
Wienerberger Ag Wienerberger Ord Shs0MKZ194.27%2.78230%102011-12-02
Sonae Sgps Sa Sonae Ord Shs0ML0120.73%2.27825%82012-04-04
Edp Renovaveis Sa Edp Renovaveis Ord Shs0ML1134.99%3.09433.33%62010-12-16
Pge Polska Grupa Energetyczna Sa Pge Polska Grupa Energetyczna Ord Shs0MN3411.22%10.26950%42016-10-13
Cyfrowy Polsat Sa Cyfrowy Polsat Ord Shs0MNQ-24.4%00%12022-07-04
Deutsche Telekom Ag Deutsche Telekom N Ord Shs0MPH90.13%1.82622.22%92010-09-24
Gea Group Ag Gea Group Ord Shs0MPJ116.82%2.51828.57%72011-09-30
Sgl Carbon Se Sgl Carbon Ord Shs0MPL-66.04%0.57910%102012-10-18
Brenntag Ag Brenntag Ord Shs0MPT115.99%2.48728.57%72011-03-14
P/f Bakkafrost Bakkafrost Ord Shs0MQ2188.58%13.61466.67%32015-01-28
Mycronic Ab (Publ) Mycronic Ord Shs0MQG180.15%2.71630%102015-08-24
Byggmax Group Ab Byggmax Group Ord Shs0MR4-26.04%0.79411.11%92014-10-14
Cellavision Ab Cellavision Ord Shs0MR5206.32%3.55137.5%82017-03-22
Chr Hansen Holding A/s Chr Hansen Holding Ord Shs0MR6201.76%8100%22011-08-12
Compugroup Medical Se Compugroup Medical Ord Shs0MSD114.85%2.25525%82015-09-07
Tgs Nopec Geophysical Company Asa Tgs Nopec Geophysical Ord Shs0MSJ68.35%1.51820%102011-11-25
Swedish Orphan Biovitrum Ab (Publ) Swedish Orphan Biovitrum Ord Shs0MTD157.9%2.05525%122013-06-24
Edenred Sa Edenred Ord Shs0MUM40.21%1.66120%52014-06-04
Iren Spa Iren Ord Shs0MUN54.77%2.09225%42012-04-20
Freenet Ag Freenet Ord Shs0MV241.81%1.69420%52012-05-14
Eurofins Scientific Se Eurofins Scientific Ord Shs0MV5195.03%2.85330%102018-02-06
Legrand Sa Legrand Ord Shs0MW7133.23%3.09533.33%62011-04-15
Lindab International Ab Lindab International Ord Shs0MWK166.83%2.29627.27%112014-06-16
Powszechny Zaklad Ubezpieczen Sa Pzu Ord Shs0MYY381.31%7.38725%42015-05-29
Stroeer Se & Co Kgaa Stroeer Ord Shs0MYZ141.24%3.12933.33%62014-03-13
Vossloh Ag Vossloh Ord Shs0N2Z-71.1%00%42011-10-05
Nordea Bank Abp Nordea Bank Ord Shs0N4T-63.1%00%42019-04-03
Etablissementen Franz Colruyt Nv Etablissementen Franz Colruyt Ord Shs0N4Y17.18%1.22516.67%62011-09-22
A2a Spa A2a Ord Shs0N54110.12%2.20928.57%72011-08-02
Adler Real Estate Ag Adler Real Estate Ord Shs0N5H-14.7%0.87512.5%82015-06-19
Amplifon Spa Amplifon Ord Shs0N61363.54%12.54566.67%62013-04-10
Arcadis Nv Arcadis Ord Shs0N6B193.2%2.76230%102011-11-09
Claranova Sa Claranova Ord Shs0N6K-48.62%0.68410%102017-03-10
Bonduelle Sas Bonduelle Ord Shs0N75-50.93%00%32016-01-20
Bure Equity Ab Bure Equity Ord Shs0N7D96.36%2.02525%82017-03-06
Cloetta Ab Cloetta Ord Shs0N7X-29.31%00%22015-06-23
Cewe Stiftung & Co Kgaa Cewe Stiftung Ord Shs0N8F86.09%6.97750%22016-02-05
Endesa Sa Endesa Ord Shs0N9G84.54%6.6750%22011-08-05
Elmos Semiconductor Ag Elmos Semiconductor Ord Shs0N9K204.94%3.15933.33%92016-12-06
Eni Spa Eni Ord Shs0N9S142.68%1.94825%122016-02-12
Heineken Holding Nv Heineken Holding Ord Shs0NBD100.68%4100%12012-02-13
Hamburger Hafen Und Logistik Ag Hamburger Hafen Und Logistik Ord Shs0NBI-25.54%0.80211.11%92011-05-20
Capital Stage Ag Capital Stage Ord Shs0NBT140.9%3.99540%52016-06-01
Banca Ifis Spa Banca Ifis Ord Shs0NBX20.8%1.11816.67%122018-09-18
Investor Ab Investor B Ord Shs0NC6273.8%19.21675%42011-09-26
Lenzing Ag Lenzing Ord Shs0NCV25.1%1.14715.38%132014-02-24
Lpkf Laser & Electronics Ag Lpkf Laser & Electronics Ord Shs0ND2-16.68%0.9177.14%142014-07-17
Manitou Bf Sa Manitou Bf Ord Shs0NDA129.57%2.69628.57%72016-07-01
Morphosys Ag Morphosys Ord Shs0NDV-70.14%0.74610%202013-03-04
Orpea Sa Orpea Ord Shs0NEX-40.83%0.75110%102022-01-27
Recticel Nv Recticel Ord Shs0NHV138.01%3.13933.33%62019-07-09
Sma Solar Technology Ag Sma Solar Technology Ord Shs0NIF246.6%1.68122.22%272011-05-03
Sartorius Ag Sartorius Pref Shs0NIR242.27%5.11242.86%72017-01-05
Sbm Offshore Nv Sbm Offshore Ord Shs0NIS65.11%2.72433.33%32012-06-20
Safilo Group Spa Safilo Group Ord Shs0NJ5-23.89%0.90311.76%172018-08-22
Sopra Steria Group Sa Sopra Steria Group Ord Shs0NJQ137.74%3.2533.33%62015-08-25
Telekom Austria Ag Telekom Austria Ord Shs0NKL-52.24%00%32011-02-28
Trelleborg Ab Trelleborg B Ord Shs0NL3189.41%4.13133.33%62014-07-21
Virbac Sa Ste Virbac Ord Shs0NM792.75%1.87822.22%92015-09-23
Vestas Wind Systems A/s Vestas Wind Systems Ord Shs0NMK197.59%1.65725%202011-05-04
Wolters Kluwer Nv Wolters Kluwer Ord Shs0NMU259.85%7.41460%52011-04-01
Alfa Laval Ab Alfa Laval Ord Shs0NNF94.9%1.91622.22%92011-06-16
Storebrand Asa Storebrand Ord Shs0NO0211.28%3.87837.5%82012-04-23
Tkh Group Nv Twentsche Kabel Cva Ord Shs0NO194.83%1.86222.22%92013-03-19
Procter & Gamble Co Procter & Gamble Ord (Cdi)0NOF123.13%4100%12012-03-22
Adva Optical Networking Se Adva Optical Net Ord Shs0NOL200.95%3.77342.86%72014-10-20
Aeroports De Paris Sa Aeroports De Paris Ord Shs0NP823.91%1.23225%82014-04-17
Aixtron Se Aixtron Ord Shs0NP9133.06%1.48821.05%192011-04-20
Carrefour Sa Carrefour Ord Shs0NPH-35.8%0.73810%102011-03-15
Christian Dior Se Christian Dior Societe Europeenne0NPL266.36%9.94360%52011-09-30
Koninklijke Dsm Nv Koninkilijke Dsm Ord Shs0NPP307.86%4.78244.44%92011-07-26
Eiffage Sa Eiffage Ord Shs0NPT97.41%2.01525%82011-09-29
Gas Natural Sdg Sa Gas Natural Ord Shs0NPV-38.62%00%22011-10-21
Imerys Sa Imerys Ord Shs0NPX-9.56%0.91411.11%92014-06-25
Mapfre Sa Mapfre Ord Shs0NQ2-63.57%0.5959.09%112011-06-06
Pandora A/s Pandora Holding Ord Shs0NQC222.83%2.05422.22%182011-11-22
Puma Se Puma Ord Shs0NQE1%15.82230%102011-10-10
Renault Sa Renault Par Shs0NQF144.13%1.85321.43%142011-06-10
Repsol Sa Repsol Ord Shs0NQG71.6%1.56520%102012-07-02
Rhoen Klinikum Ag Rhoen Klinikum Ord Shs0NQH53.82%2.11925%42011-03-23
Vinci Sa Vinci Ord Shs0NQM44.39%1.75320%52011-08-30
Snam Spa Snam Ord Shs0NQP69.63%3.30433.33%32011-06-21
Television Francaise 1 Sa Television Francaise 1 Ord Shs0NQT60.76%1.40818.18%112015-08-14
Verbund Ag Verbund Ord Shs0NR1102.23%1.94925%82011-04-19
Vallourec Sa Vallourec Ord Shs0NR251.14%1.1114.71%342011-02-25
Wacker Chemie Ag Wacker Chemie Ord Shs0NR4196.94%1.96623.53%172011-08-03
Enel Spa Enel Ord Shs0NRE62.2%1.45618.18%112013-07-18
Bilfinger Se Bilfinger Ord Shs0NRG-20.32%0.83911.11%92011-08-05
Grupo Catalana Occidente Sa Grupo Catalana Occidente Ord Shs0NRN69.45%3.27933.33%32014-10-02
Marr Spa Marr Ord Shs0NSS24.86%1.32416.67%62014-01-29
Gerresheimer Ag Gerresheimer Ord Shs0NTI36.83%1.58220%52013-04-25
Oesterreichische Post Ag Osterreichische Post Ord Shs0NTM75.48%3.41933.33%32011-07-22
Elia System Operator Nv Elia System Operator Ord Shs0NTU174.91%6.06950%62014-10-16
Avanza Bank Holding Ab Avanza Bank Holding Ord Shs0NUK254.66%5.25842.86%72013-11-27
Prysmian Spa Prysmian Ord Shs0NUX251.48%2.6728.57%142011-02-22
Tod's Spa Tod's Ord Shs0NV413.96%1.07514.29%142018-12-13
Upm-Kymmene Oyj Upm-Kymmene Ord Shs0NV5108.88%2.18625%82011-06-13
Vidrala Sa Vidrala Ord Shs0NV770.39%3.27333.33%32016-09-29
Danske Bank A/s Danske Bank Ord Shs0NVC120.73%2.52928.57%72011-08-10
Ubisoft Entertainment Npv0NVL253.96%2.62728.57%142018-08-02
Buzzi Unicem Spa Buzzi Unicem Senza Vincoli Di Rappresent0NVQ106.14%2.11725%82011-07-13
Hera Spa Hera Ord Shs0NVV139%3.26133.33%62011-07-12
Compagnie Plastic Omnium Sa Compagniie Plastic Omnium Ord Shs0NW144.47%1.26215.38%132018-10-24
Randstad Holding Nv Randstad Holding Ord Shs0NW2119.14%2.44228.57%72011-06-10
Sap Se Sap Ord Shs0NW4161.46%4.6240%52011-06-01
Sixt Se Sixt Ord Shs0NW7225.58%3.91137.5%82014-10-16
Sixt Se Sixt Pref Shs0NW856.57%2.48833.33%32016-06-01
Air Liquide Sa Air Liquide Ord Shs0NWF173.84%9.43966.67%32008-08-22
Banca Popolare Di Sondrio Scpa Banca Popolare Di Sondrio Ord Shs0NWJ-11.73%0.89912.5%82012-09-03
Schneider Electric Se Schneider Electric Se Ord Shs0NWV-6.53%0.93812.5%82011-04-18
Trigano Sa Trigano Ord Shs0NX037.77%1.22621.43%142016-04-14
Aalberts Industries Nv Aalberts Industries Ord Shs0NX1127.31%2.728.57%72013-06-12
Asm International Nv Asm International Ord Shs0NX3411.64%5.59445.45%112011-07-15
Nexi Spa Nexi Spa Ord Shs0NX5-60.05%00%42020-10-22
Raiffeisen Bank International Ag Raiffeisen Bank International Ord Shs0NXR43.7%1.16916.67%182011-03-10
Mercedes-Benz Group Ag Mercedes-Benz Group Ag Ord Shs0NXX76.55%1.62220%102011-08-05
Veolia Environnement Sa Veolia Environnement Ve Ord Shs0NY879.28%1.66120%102011-02-23
Ebro Foods Sa Ebro Foods Ord Shs0NYH-31.42%00%22011-06-16
Bertrandt Ag Bertrandt Ord Shs0NYZ-30.4%0.7611.11%92014-06-18
Mayr Melnhof Karton Ag Mayr Melnhof Karton Ord Shs0NZ799.6%3100%12012-04-24
Cez as Cez Ord Shs0NZF70.72%3.32633.33%32012-12-05
L'oreal Sa L'oreal Ord Shs0NZM70.16%3.35133.33%32011-03-16
Solvay Sa Solvay Ord Shs0NZR-7.08%0.93212.5%82011-10-04
Ucb Sa Ucb Ord Shs0NZT248.04%5.13342.86%72011-08-19
Zealand Pharma A/s Zealand Pharma Aktieselskabet Ord Shs0NZU102.58%2.09125%82015-08-20
Eckert & Ziegler Strahlen Und Mediz Eckert & Ziegler Strahlen Und Medizintec0NZY292.08%3.7136.36%112016-06-09
Schoeller Bleckmann Oilfield Equipm Schoeller-Bleckmann Oilfield Equipment O0O05111.51%1.54818.75%162014-08-08
Cancom Se Cancom Ord Shs0O0F102.68%2.04725%82015-03-05
Schouw & Co A/s Schouw & Co Ord Shs0O0N62.54%2.4225%42015-11-06
Bayerische Motoren Werke Ag Bmw Ord Shs0O0U64.2%1.48218.18%112011-08-05
Bayerische Motoren Werke Ag Bmw Pref Shs0O0V39.59%1.66220%52012-10-01
Merck Kgaa Merck Ord Shs0O14142.73%3.32333.33%62012-04-17
Thyssenkrupp Ag Thyssenkrupp Ord Shs0O1C-1.84%0.99513.33%302011-07-12
Fraport Ag Frankfurt Airport Servic Fraport Frankfurt Airport Services World0O1R57.14%1.40918.18%112011-10-03
Alten Sa Alten Ord Shs0O1S148.07%4.29940%52015-01-05
Sas Ab Sas Ord Shs0O1W115.67%1.56118.75%162014-03-19
Heineken Nv Heineken Ord Shs0O2670.12%3.3533.33%32011-11-02
Saras Spa Saras Ord Shs0O2D34.96%1.20815.38%132020-02-26
Compagnie D Entreprises Cfe Sa Compagnie D Entreprises Cfe Ord Shs0O2T31.08%1.41416.67%62014-10-08
Neste Oyj Neste Ord Shs0O46472.88%8.55455.56%92011-08-02
Van Lanschot Kempen Nv Van Lanschot Kempen Ord Shs0O4B62.9%2.325%42016-10-03
Saf Holland Sa Saf-Holland Ord Shs0O4N25.85%1.15115.38%132014-07-24
Sanofi Sa Sanofi Ord Shs0O59-5.02%0.95212.5%82011-06-13
At & S Austria Technologie & System at & S Austria Technologie & Systemtechn0O5C87.39%1.78422.22%92015-06-22
Elekta Ab (Publ) Elekta B Ord Shs0O5H7.3%1.07914.29%72011-10-06
Ap Moeller Maersk A/s a P Moller Maersk Ord Shs0O767.42%1.15720%52015-10-01
Ap Moeller - Maersk A/s a P Moller Maersk B Ord Shs0O7768.81%2.27233.33%62011-08-10
Metsa Board Oyj Metsa Board Corporation B Ord Shs0O7A212.35%336.36%112015-09-08
Yara International Asa Yara International Ord Shs0O7D50.44%2.08625%42011-08-10
Dnb Bank Asa Dnb Bank Asa Ord Shs0O84187.58%13.4366.67%32011-12-15
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (Publ) Ericsson B Ord Shs0O8717.6%1.21516.67%62011-04-19
Kghm Polska Miedz Sa Kghm Polska Miedz Ord Shs0O8D492.75%10.02725%42014-12-10
Koninklijke Kpn Nv Koninklijke Kpn Nv Ord Shs0O8F61.01%1.44318.18%112011-05-24
Koninklijke Vopak Nv Vopak Ord Shs0O8V-60.88%00%42011-11-04
Almirall Sa Almirall Ord Shs0O9B32.84%1.48320%52014-09-25
Marine Harvest Asa Marine Harvest Ord Shs0OAW53.74%1.36228.57%72011-09-28
Deutsche Wohnen Ag Deutsche Wohnen Ord Shs0OBQ40.21%1.66920%52014-06-18
Heidelberger Druckmaschinen Ag Heidelberger Druckmaschinen Ord Shs0OC2-13.44%0.93612.5%162014-02-07
Edp Energias De Portugal Sa Energias De Port Ord Shs0OF762.87%2.95933.33%32011-08-25
Compagnie Generale Des Etablissemen Michelin Ord Shs0OFM90.92%1.85122.22%92013-04-11
Ncc Ab Ncc B Ord Shs0OFP-23.48%0.80911.11%92012-03-26
Sacyr Sa Sacyr Ord Shs0OFU-11.2%0.94713.33%152012-03-01
Subsea 7 Sa Subsea 7 Ord Shs0OGK-7.54%0.96512.5%162011-05-06
Amrest Holdings Se Amrest Holdings Ord Shs0OGQ-26.8%00%12020-10-02
Acerinox Sa Acerinox Ord Shs0OIQ3.25%1.03314.29%72011-08-10
Alk-Abello A/s Alk-Abello B Ord Shs0OIR74%3.16333.33%32014-07-16
Flsmidth & Co A/s Flsmidth Ord Shs0OJA-64.96%00%42011-08-01
Adidas Ag Adidas N Ord Shs0OLD122.65%2.64128.57%72012-03-22
Aperam Sa Aperam Ord Shs0OLF156.82%2.02823.08%132012-06-19
Essilor International Sa Essilor International Ord Shs0OMK218.03%8.33450%42012-04-17
D'ieteren Sa D'ieteren (D) Ord Shs0ON7257.99%6.63250%62011-08-22
Leonardo Spa Leonardo Ord Shs0ONG155.97%2.06227.27%112014-03-03
Fresenius Se & Co Kgaa Fresenius Se and Co Kgaa Ord Shs0OO9187.37%2.73230%102012-04-17
Dmg Mori Ag Dmg Mori Ord Shs0OP099.85%3100%12012-08-10
Nv Bekaert Sa Bekaert (D) Ord Shs0OQJ38.82%1.23416.67%122011-10-04
New Work Se New Work Ord Shs0OR4-61.18%00%42015-08-26
Pirelli & C Spa Pirelli & C Ord Shs0P1R-81.14%00%52018-02-05
Ferrovial Sa Ferrovial Ord Shs0P2N84.76%6.62650%22013-06-24
Amadeus It Group Sa Amadeus It Group Ord Shs0P2W10.83%1.127.27%112014-03-14
Norma Group Se Norma Group Ord Shs0P3854.94%1.3315.38%132012-01-17
Postnl Nv Postnl Ord Shs0P4770.14%1.30316.67%182012-02-29
Concentric Ab Concentric Ord Shs0P4X60.95%2.54150%22017-11-29
Salvatore Ferragamo Spa Salvatore Ferragamo Ord Shs0P5268.05%1.54820%102014-10-15
Siemens Ag Siemens N Ord Shs0P6M-58.12%0.6239.09%112015-07-01
Volkswagen Ag Volkswagen Ord Shs0P6N-16.65%0.86111.11%92014-06-27
Volkswagen Ag Volkswagen Non-Voting Pref Shs0P6O2.33%1.01213.33%152014-02-04
Bayer Ag Bayer Ord Shs0P6S-81.97%0.5477.69%132012-03-29
Groupe Eurotunnel Se Groupe Eurotunnel Ord Shs0P72185.15%2.57937.5%82013-08-19
Immofinanz Ag Immofinanz Ord Shs0PAN6.1%1.06514.29%72019-08-27
Aegon n.v. Aegon Ord Shs0Q0Y33.28%1.51620%52013-10-01
Norsk Hydro a.s.a Norsk Hydro Ord Shs0Q11-5.42%0.95112.5%82018-02-12
Jpmorgan Chase & Co Jpmorgan Chase Ord (Cdi)0Q1F-46.83%00%32020-02-18
Pfizer Inc Pfizer Ord (Cdi)0Q1N83.34%6.19350%22017-10-30
Verizon Communications Inc Verizon Communications Ord (Cdi)0Q1S-30.53%00%22016-08-01
K&s Ag K+s Ord Shs0Q2N53.46%1.21515.79%192012-03-01
Novozymes A/s Novozymes B Ord Shs0Q4U154.41%4.49140%52012-08-07
Sparebank 1 Sr Bank Asa Sparebank 1 Sr Bank Ord Shs0Q57140.24%3.64740%52015-01-26
Unipol Gruppo Finanziario Spa Unipol Gruppo Finanziario Ord Shs0Q6M124.57%2.94233.33%62013-10-25
Mersen Sa Mersen Ord Shs0Q6Q86.26%1.73222.22%92016-07-07
Brunello Cucinelli Spa Brunello Cucinelli Ord Shs0Q7S157.5%4.36640%52014-01-15
Hugo Boss Ag Hugo Boss N Ord Shs0Q8F-11.15%0.90911.11%92014-07-28
Unipolsai Assicurazioni Spa Unipolsai Ord Shs0Q8M-61.17%00%42014-04-03
Prosegur Compania De Seguridad Sa Prosegur Compania De Seguridad Ord Shs0Q8P-82.77%00%52013-09-05
Ageas Sa Ageas Ord Shs0Q9936.8%1.58220%52013-10-31
Talanx Ag Talanx Ord Shs0QA8-15.13%00%12014-06-17
Merck & Co Inc Merck & Co Ord (Cdi)0QAH97.15%7.33950%22014-03-24
Dbv Technologies Sa Dbv Technologies Ord Shs0QAJ250.65%1.66425%242015-02-04
Borregaard Asa Borregaard Ord Shs0QB7151.87%4.23940%52015-05-08
Asml Holding Nv Asml Holding Ord Shs0QB8223.37%3.98237.5%82013-06-25
Coloplast A/s Coloplast B Ord Shs0QBO68.06%3.32333.33%32014-07-09
Pharming Group Nv Pharming Group Nv Leiden Ord Shs0QCO144%2.27622.22%92017-02-23
Topdanmark A/s Topdanmark Ord Shs0QCQ85.96%6.7450%22014-04-16
Abbvie Inc Abbvie Ord Shs0QCV118.15%4100%12015-10-16
Evonik Industries Ag Evonik Industries Ord Shs0QDS-45.28%00%32014-01-31
Sagax Ab Sagax Class B Ord Shs0QDX27.08%1.36616.67%62020-10-29
Tele2 Ab Tele2 B Ord Shs0QE654.26%2.1825%42014-06-24
Simcorp A/s Simcorp Ord Shs0QEK117.06%2.53628.57%72014-08-05
Maire Tecnimont Spa Maire Tecnimont Ord Shs0QEP4.44%1.02314.29%142018-10-03
Bpost Sa Bpost Ord Shs0QF5-89.82%00%62014-08-01
Deutsche Beteiligungs Ag Deutsche Beteiligungs Ord Shs0QF7-14.66%00%12015-09-23
Matas A/s Matas Ord Shs0QFA31.11%1.41420%52014-11-18
Caverion Oyj Caverion Ord Shs0QFC0.29%1.00314.29%72015-05-18
Vonovia Se Vonovia Ord Shs0QFT23.85%1.31716.67%62014-10-07
Kion Group Ag Kion Group Ord Shs0QFU73.62%1.59520%102014-10-01
Prosiebensat 1 Media Ag Prosieben Sat.1 Media N Ord Shs0QG9-36.72%0.84811.11%182014-03-26
Dic Asset Ag Dic Asset Ord Shs0QGG124.34%2.35725%82014-09-25
Oci Nv Oci n.v. Ord Shs0QGH137.11%1.86823.08%132014-05-09
Cnh Industrial Nv Cnh Industrial Ord Shs0QGU109.55%2.12625%82014-05-06
Corbion Nv Corbion Nv Ord Shs0QHL55.84%2.22225%42014-05-15
Odfjell Drilling Ltd Odfjell Drilling Ord Shs0QHX49.66%1.32422.22%92019-07-19
Addtech Ab Addtech B Ord Shs0QI7261.94%9.11560%52017-02-21
Platzer Fastigheter Holding Ab (Pub Platzer Fastigheter Holding Class B Ord0QIA-16.96%00%12022-06-17
Axactor Ab (Publ) Axactor Ord Shs0QIG-46.23%00%32017-01-05
Moncler Spa Moncler Ord Shs0QII188.76%2.6830%102015-05-27
CTT Correios de Portugal SA0QIM-60.48%0.6229.09%112014-10-10
Novo Nordisk A/s Novo Nordisk Ord Shs Class B0QIU98.64%4100%12014-05-07
Valmet Oyj Valmet Ord Shs0QIW125.23%2.66828.57%72015-04-02
Bw Lpg Ltd Bw Lpg Ord Shs0QIX143.02%1.92723.08%132014-12-10
Clariant Ag Clariant Ord Shs0QJS-29.4%00%22016-05-23
The Swatch Group Ag Swatch Group Ord Shs0QJV-51.54%0.65910%102014-10-01
Logitech International Sa Logitech International Ord Shs0QK655.42%2.21425%42017-05-23
Vontobel Holding Ag Vontobel Holding Ord Shs0QKE-15.38%00%12018-04-05
Swisscom Ag Swisscom Ord Shs0QKI-30.32%00%22015-06-11
Lafargeholcim Ltd Lafargeholcim Ltd Ord Shs0QKY-51.6%00%32015-06-10
Novartis Ag Novartis Ord Shs0QLR-61.2%00%42014-10-16
Ems Chemie Holding Ag Ems-Chemie Holding Ord Shs0QM943.87%1.77720%52018-09-28
Swiss Life Holding Ag Swiss Life Holding Ord Shs0QMG-15.09%00%12017-11-08
Sgs Sa Sgs Ord Shs0QMI-24.3%00%22016-04-12
Compagnie Financiere Richemont Sa Compagnie Financiere Richemont Ord Shs0QMU40.42%1.64320%52014-07-28
Straumann Holding Ag Straumann Holding Ord Shs0QMV46.34%1.96225%42018-02-23
Kuehne Und Nagel International Ag Kuehne & Nagel Ord Shs0QMW68.15%3.15533.33%32015-09-22
U Blox Holding Ag U-Blox Holding Ord Shs0QNI-31.85%0.76211.11%92018-02-09
Daetwyler Holding Ag Daetwyler Holding Ord Shs0QNJ4.96%1.05214.29%72018-06-22
Schindler Holding Ag Schindler Holding Par Shs0QO1-15.42%00%12016-10-26
Oc Oerlikon Corporation Ag Pfaeffik Oc Oerlikon Ord Shs0QO3-62.91%00%42017-12-06
Julius Baer Gruppe Ag Julius Baer Gruppe Ord Shs0QO6-61.01%00%42016-06-30
Barry Callebaut Ag Barry Callebaut Ord Shs0QO7-14.47%00%12017-12-15
Temenos Group Ag Temenos Group Ord Shs0QOA10.89%1.12416.67%62017-05-18
Roche Holding Ag Roche Holding Par Shs0QOK51.54%2.06225%42014-06-18
Zurich Insurance Group Ag Zurich Insurance Group Ord Shs0QP2-59.35%00%42014-08-05
Georg Fischer Ag Fischer George Ord Shs0QP40.17%1.00214.29%72017-11-17
Givaudan Sa Givaudan Ord Shs0QPS43.69%1.86320%52015-05-20
Sonova Holding Ag Sonova Holding Ord Shs0QPY57.75%2.30525%42017-02-21
Geberit Ag Geberit Ord Shs0QQ2-29.05%00%22016-09-07
Baloise Holding Ltd Baloise-Holding Ord Shs0QQ3-14.99%00%12017-11-28
Sulzer Ag Sulzer Ag Ord Shs0QQ9-45.5%00%32017-10-20
Mobimo Holding Ag Mobimo Holding Ord Shs0QQY-30.17%00%22021-06-21
Nestle Sa Nestle Ord Shs0QR4-14.33%00%12014-08-01
Iss A/s Iss A/s Ord Shs0QRS-12.23%0.8912.5%82015-03-13
Tarkett Sa Tarkett Sa Ord Shs0QSA9.08%1.04915.38%132015-08-26
Fnac Darty Sa Fnac Darty Ord Shs0QSH-23.92%0.81212.5%82015-04-30
Gaztransport Et Technigaz Sa Gaztransport & Technigaz Sa Ord Shs0QT5116.41%2.40628.57%72015-08-10
Anima Holding Spa Anima Holding Ord Shs0QTI-30.48%0.75311.11%92016-01-22
Avance Gas Holding Ltd Avance Gas Holding Ord Shs0QTX83.72%1.3917.65%172015-03-10
Applus Services Sa Applus Services Ord Shs0QTZ4.56%1.04714.29%72015-03-16
Stabilus Se Stabilus Ord Shs0QUL123.76%2.6228.57%72016-04-06
Brunel International Nv Brunel International Ord Shs0QUM-58.41%0.60210%102014-10-01
Af Ab Af B Ord Shs0QUU127.28%2.67728.57%72015-06-23
Kinepolis Group Nv Kinepolis Ord Shs0QV723.89%1.31116.67%62016-05-19
Finecobank Banca Fineco Spa Finecobank Banca Fineco Ord Shs0QVF132.21%3.17533.33%62015-08-25
Worldline Sa Worldline Ord Shs0QVI153.09%4.24440%52016-03-21
Euronext Nv Euronext Ord Shs0QVJ-5.64%0.94612.5%82015-07-28
Coface Sa Coface Ord Shs0QVK114.24%2.36828.57%72015-08-27
Africa Oil Corp Africa Oil Ord Shs0QVL14.53%1.18116.67%62014-12-16
Elior Group Elior Group Ord Shs0QVP-81.6%0.7110.53%192021-10-08
Imcd Nv Imcd Group Ord Shs0QVU185.67%13.19866.67%32015-11-12
Nn Group Nv Nn Group Ord Shs0QVV169.17%6.59850%42015-03-23
Sfs Group Ag Sfs Group Ord Shs0QW8-15.81%00%12018-02-13
Facc Ag Facc Ord Shs0QW9181.55%2.70422.22%92016-05-18
Compania De Distribucion Integral L Cia De Distribucion Integral Ord Shs0QWA-20.53%00%12016-01-19
Ams-Osram Ag Austria Mikro Systeme Ord Shs0QWC84.58%1.40217.65%172016-10-28
Industria De Diseno Textil Sa Industria De Diseno Textil Inditex Ord S0QWI-78.5%00%52014-12-08
Fincantieri Spa Finciantieri Ord Shs0QWN50.65%1.31216.67%122017-11-10
Inwido Ab (Publ) Inwido Ord Shs0QXM22.71%1.23814.29%72016-09-05
Zalando Se Zalando Ord Shs0QXN-41.09%0.82511.76%172015-07-03
Aker Solutions Asa Aker Solutions Ord Shs0QXP140.4%1.48119.05%212015-03-16
Stellantis Nv Stellantis Nv Ord Shs0QXR177.75%2.48627.27%112015-04-17
Ballard Power Systems Inc Ballard Power Systems Ord Shs0QY5108.48%2.04925%82020-05-15
First Majestic Silver Corp First Majestic Silver Ord Shs0QYC1.18%1.01114.29%72019-10-01
salesforce.com Inc salesforce.com Ord (Cdi)0QYJ35.19%1.56720%52018-11-13
Microsoft Corp Microsoft Ord (Cdi)0QYP10.33%1.1225%42020-03-18
Gilead Sciences Inc Gilead Sciences Ord Shs0QYQ-19.76%00%12020-04-27
Visa Inc Visa Ord Class a (Cdi)0QZ0-33.18%00%22019-07-23
At&t Inc. At&t Ord (Cdi)0QZ1-47.05%00%32020-03-13
Qualcomm Inc Qualcomm Ord Shs0QZ3-46.58%00%32019-12-31
Nike Inc Nike Ord Class B (Cdi)0QZ645.91%1.98825%42020-01-14
Starbucks Corp Starbucks Ord Shs0QZH-33.67%00%22020-02-24
Meta Platforms Inc Meta Platforms Inc Class a Ord (Cdi)0QZI-80.93%00%52020-09-09
Coca-Cola Co Coca-Cola Ord (Cdi)0QZK-20.79%00%12020-03-02
Walt Disney Co Walt Disney Ord (Cdi)0QZO14.84%1.16314.29%72020-03-11
Citigroup Inc Citigroup Ord Shs0R01-48.56%00%32020-08-05
General Motors Co General Motors Ord (Cdi)0R0E38.73%1.6220%52020-03-19
Unitedhealth Group Inc Unitedhealth Group Ord (Cdi)0R0O67.37%2.51125%42018-10-30
Tesla Inc Tesla Ord (Cdi)0R0X92.93%1.97325%82020-02-28
Mcdonald's Corp Mcdonald's Ord (Cdi)0R1686.24%6.66650%22020-03-03
Applied Materials Inc Applied Material Ord Shs0R1A18.04%1.2316.67%62020-02-28
Home Depot Inc Home Depot Ord (Cdi)0R1G104.22%4100%12020-03-20
Nvidia Corp Nvidia Ord Shs0R1I-3.46%0.96812.5%82020-02-28
Plug Power Inc Plug Power Ord Shs0R1J136.29%1.80721.43%142020-07-23
Exxon Mobil Corp Exxon Mobil Ord (Cdi)0R1M51.9%2.14325%42020-01-03
Barrick Gold Corp Barrick Gold Ord Shs0R22-28.98%00%22020-04-03
Intel Corp Intel Corporation Ord (Cdi)0R24-78.84%00%52020-02-26
Newmont Mining Corp Newmont Mining Ord Shs0R28-44.76%00%32020-08-13
Kinross Gold Corp Kinross Gold Ord Shs0R2D-83.3%00%52020-08-26
Wells Fargo & Co Wells Fargo Ord Shs0R2F7.09%1.07514.29%72020-01-06
Freeport-Mcmoran Inc Freeport Mcmoran Ord Shs0R2O106.14%2.20728.57%72019-12-24
Chevron Corp Chevron Ord (Cdi)0R2Q47.43%2.00533.33%32018-07-18
Micron Technology Inc Micron Technology Ord Shs0R2T71.05%3.23633.33%32020-01-15
Mastercard Inc Mastercard Ord Class a (Cdi)0R2Z-29.63%00%22020-02-27
Johnson & Johnson Johnson & Johnson Ord (Cdi)0R34-16.43%00%12020-02-26
Berkshire Hathaway Inc Berkshire Hathaway Class B (Cdi)0R3770.66%3.45233.33%32020-02-27
Ebay Inc Ebay Ord (Cdi)0R3D40.33%1.62920%52018-10-09
Goldman Sachs Group Inc Goldman Sachs Group Ord (Cdi)0R3G12.06%1.14316.67%62018-09-17
Scatec Solar Asa Scatec Solar Ord Shs0R3I154.13%2.03225%122016-08-25
Ubs Group Ag Ubs Group Registered Ord Shs0R3T89.32%1.84522.22%92015-06-04
Hella Kgaa Hueck & Co Hella Kgaa Hueck Ord Shs0R3U134.64%3.09733.33%62015-07-30
Thule Group Ab Thule Group Ord Shs0R3W106.4%2.19625%82015-10-13
Entra Asa Entra Ord Shs0R3Y119.49%2.33825%82015-08-12
Dustin Group Ab Dustin Group Ord Shs0R5W8.53%1.09414.29%72016-01-19
Hoist Finance Publ Ab Hoist Finance Ord Shs0R65-61.8%0.58910%102016-01-11
Axfood Ab Axfood Ord Shs0R6R69.45%3.30933.33%32016-08-09
Tobii Ab Tobii Ord Shs0R6W-73.2%0.5778.33%122016-03-10
Royal Unibrew A/s Royal Unibrew Ord Shs0R6Z114.54%2.37828.57%72016-05-04
Tryg A/s Tryg Ord Shs0R78-15.08%00%12015-08-13
Hexpol Ab Hexpol Ord Shs0R7O19.44%1.26316.67%62015-08-21
Svenska Handelsbanken Ab Svenska Handelsbanken a Ord Shs0R7R-76.24%00%52015-08-26
Wallenstam Ab Wallenstam B Ord Shs0R7Y1%22.56333.33%62016-02-09
Spie Sa Spie Ord Shs0R8M32.06%1.52820%52016-05-05
Siltronic Ag Siltronic N Ord Shs0R8P179.27%2.33125%122016-01-19
Coor Service Management Holding Ab Coor Service Management Ord Shs0R8Q37.57%1.63220%52019-10-08
Infrastrutture Wireless Italiane Sp Infrastrutture Wireless Italiane Ord Shs0R8S72.3%3.38433.33%32015-11-18
Pandox Ab Pandox Ord Shs0R8U32.98%1.40220%52016-05-16
Alimak Group Ab (Publ) Alimak Group Ord Shs0R8W20.12%1.26416.67%62017-03-02
Flow Traders Nv Flow Traders Ord Shs0R96-25.13%0.80411.11%92016-02-10
Grenkeleasing Ag Grenkeleasing N Ord Shs0R97-87.24%0.5348.33%122016-04-25
Talgo Sa Talgo Ord Shs0R99-47.3%00%32016-09-15
Cellnex Telecom Sa Cellnex Telecom Ord Shs0R9C246.52%5.0642.86%72016-03-09
Schibsted Asa Schibsted B Ord Shs0R9I-20.77%0.82911.11%92015-12-04
Deutsche Pfandbriefbank Ag Deutsche Pfandbriefbank Ord Shs0R9K25.47%1.34316.67%62016-01-15
Avio Spa Avio Ord Shs0R9S-30.29%00%22020-07-23
Paypal Holdings Inc Paypal Holdings Ord (Cdi)0R9U25.68%1.3216.67%62018-04-27
Granges Ab Granges Ord Shs0R9X116.47%2.49228.57%72016-02-08
Elis Sa Elis Ord Shs0RA848.2%2.58433.33%32016-02-10
Europris Asa Europris Ord Shs0RAI67.07%3.11333.33%32016-06-20
Karo Pharma Ab Karo Pharma Ord Shs0RAQ101.62%4100%12018-03-01
Dfds A/s Dfds A/s Ord Shs0RB360.72%2.30725%42016-01-19
Lagercrantz Group Ab Lagercrantz Group B Ord Shs0RB7-48.12%00%32021-12-07
Scout24 Ag Scout24 N Ord Shs0RB884.3%6.91150%22016-03-08
Covestro Ag Covestro Ord Shs0RBE-2.99%0.98513.33%152016-09-09
Sinch Ab (Publ) Sinch Ab (Publ) Ord Shs0RBI20.15%1.10514.29%142020-08-03
Bravida Holding Ab Bravida Holding Ord Shs0RBW84.79%6.69550%22017-02-03
Poste Italiane Spa Poste Italiane Ord Shs0RC255.72%2.25925%42016-05-12
Pharma Mar Sa Pharma Mar Ord Shs0RC615.77%1.08415.38%132016-05-19
Hansa Medical Ab Hansa Medical Ord Shs0RC7-59.56%0.77411.11%182017-10-09
Hornbach Holding Ag & Co Kgaa Hornbach Holding Ord Shs0RC929.8%1.41920%52016-03-01
Hapag Lloyd Ag Hapag Lloyd Ord Shs0RCG348.52%3.21733.33%152016-03-22
Dometic Group Ab (Publ) Dometic Group Ordinary Shares0RCO70.21%1.57320%102016-10-11
Scandic Hotels Group Ab Scandic Hotels Group Ord Shs0RD789.47%1.69120%102017-10-25
Abn Amro Group Nv Abn Amro Group Ord Shs0RDM-37.26%0.7310%102016-05-12
Banca Mediolanum Spa Banca Mediolanum Ord Shs0RDO23.28%1.30216.67%62016-09-01
Kindred Group Plc Kindred Group Sdr0RDS41.47%1.26516.67%122016-08-22
Ferrari Nv Ferrari Ord Shs0RDT186.57%13.65466.67%32016-04-06
Grifols Sa Grifols Ord Shs Class A0RDU-89.77%00%62016-05-05
Grifols Sa Grifols Prf Shs Class B0RDV-60.72%00%42016-05-06
Amundi Sa Amundi Ord Shs0RDX54.08%2.18925%42016-06-17
Frontline Ltd Frontline Ord Shs0REH143.53%1.98225%122016-09-05
Per Aarsleff Holding A/s Per Aarsleff Holding B Ord Shs0REQ38.09%1.61720%52017-01-18
Scandinavian Tobacco Group A/s Scandinavian Tobacco Group Ord Shs0RES55.05%2.22425%42016-09-07
Garo Ab Garo Ord Shs0REY-66.17%00%32022-01-21
Humana Ab Humana Ord Shs0RF742.1%2.24733.33%32020-04-01
Vat Group Ag Vat Group Ord Shs0RFL69.88%1.93216.67%62018-06-20
Resurs Holding Ab (Publ) Resurs Holding Ord Shs0RFP-82.13%00%52017-03-29
Global Dominion Access Sa Global Dominion Access Ord Shs0RFW49.51%2.06925%42019-10-30
Technogym Spa Technogym Ord Shs0RG1-15.09%00%12017-05-08
Tokmanni Group Oyj Tokmanni Group Corporation Ord Shs0RG238.22%1.62820%52017-06-01
Torm Plc Torm Ord Shs0RG466.82%3.04333.33%32017-11-20
Flughafen Zuerich Ag Flughafen Zuerich Ord Shs0RG6-62.17%00%42017-10-20
Sartorius Stedim Biotech Sa Sartorius Stedim Biotech Ord Shs0RG8219.31%3.79837.5%82016-08-17
Moneta Money Bank as Moneta Money Bnk Ord Shs0RGC-15.33%00%12016-10-26
William Demant Holding A/s William Demant Ord Shs0RGT21.75%1.28116.67%62016-10-25
Fingerprint Cards Ab Fingerprint Cards B Ord Shs0RGY26.8%1.05815.63%322016-09-14
Kinnevik Ab Kinnevik Ord Shs0RGZ-32.1%00%22022-04-13
Nibe Industrier Ab Nibe Industrier Ord Shs0RH0120.25%2.59550%42016-10-12
El en Spa El en Ord Shs0RH2126.04%2.6128.57%72018-03-05
Valeo Sa Valeo Ord Shs0RH5-69.44%0.6148.33%122016-11-02
Basic Fit Nv Basic-Fit Ord Shs0RHD107.26%2.0522.22%92016-09-23
Orsted A/s Ord Shs0RHE160.94%4.75340%52016-09-16
Philips Lighting Nv Philips Lighting Ord Shs0RHI23.75%1.31816.67%62016-10-14
Maisons Du Monde Sa Maisons Du Monde Ord Shs0RHL27.3%1.17416.67%122016-09-27
Academedia Ab Academedia Ord Shs0RHN135.68%3.1733.33%62017-03-27
Asr Nederland Nv Asr Nederland Ord Shs0RHS230.86%4.64442.86%72016-11-29
Red Electrica Corporacion Sa Red Electrica Ord Shs0RI5-15.7%00%12016-11-11
Koninklijke Ahold Delhaize Nv Koninklijke Ahold Delhaize Ord Shs0RI8-31.08%00%22016-12-05
Cgg Sa Compagnie Generale De Geophysique Verita0RI910.91%1.02613.79%292016-10-31
Ing Groep Nv Ing Groep Ord Shs0RIC196.31%2.81330%102019-08-08
Enav Spa Enav Spa Ord Shs0RIE54.44%2.14625%42016-12-13
Alphabet Inc Alphabet Ord Class a (Cdi)0RIH54.85%2.16625%42019-12-31
Golden Ocean Group Ltd Golden Ocean Group Ord Shs0RII732.87%4.27428.57%142017-11-14
B2holding Asa B2holding Ord Shs0RIT-38.9%0.71210%102018-02-26
Tecnoinvestimenti Spa Tecnoinvestimenti s.p.a. Ord Shs0RIW55.61%2.23325%42020-08-04
Uniper Se Uniper Ord Shs0RJ46.53%1.03514.29%142017-01-26
Banco Comercial Portugues Sa Banco Comercial Portugues Ord Shs0RJN-1.34%0.98714.29%72017-11-24
Shop Apotheke Europe Nv Shop Apotheke Europe Ord Shs0RJT-48.34%0.6819.09%112019-04-23
Construcciones Y Auxiliar De Ferroc Construcciones Y Auxiliar De Ferrocarril0RKF-47.31%00%32017-06-12
Bw Offshore Ltd Bw Offshore Limited Ord Shs0RKH110.44%2.1725%82018-01-18
Exor Nv Exor Ord Shs0RKY52.19%2.17425%42017-10-18
Banco Bpm Spa Banco Bpm Ord Shs0RLA95.78%1.90622.22%92018-10-04
Unicredit Spa Unicredit Ord Shs0RLS-55.21%0.61410%102018-05-31
Qiagen Nv Qiagen Ord Shs0RLT83.31%6.15150%22017-07-27
Commerzbank Ag Commerzbank Ord Shs0RLW134.57%3.19133.33%62019-05-30
Soitec Sa Soitec Ord Shs0RMT187.2%2.80230%102019-07-10
Oncopeptides Ab Oncopeptides Ord Shs0RN4299.55%2.19226.32%192019-07-30
Mips Ab Mips Ord Shs0RNQ25.76%1.35316.67%62020-12-16
Neinor Homes Sa Neinor Homes Ord Shs0RNU-86.72%00%52017-10-04
Ambea Ab (Publ) Ambea Ord Shs0RNX-51.3%00%22018-03-05
Gestamp Automocion Sa Gestamp Automocion Ord Shs0ROM-9.45%0.91212.5%82017-08-16
Banca Farmafactoring Spa Banca Farmafactoring Ord Shs0RON-30.23%00%22018-02-06
Davide Campari Milano Spa Davide Campari Milano Ord Shs0ROY73.95%3.43433.33%32018-08-01
Instalco Intressenter Ab Instalco Intressenter Ord Shs0RP5-29.91%00%22021-02-15
Grand City Properties Sa Grand City Properties Ord Shs0RPK-59.75%00%42018-02-09
Munters Group Ab Munters Group Ord Shs0RPO148.56%4.18540%52018-02-12
Ringkjoebing Landbobank A/s Ringkjobing Landbobank Ord Shs0RPR69.68%3.20533.33%32019-05-03
Freni Brembo Spa Freni Brembo Ord Shs0RPV-59.86%00%42017-11-13
Econocom Group Se Econocom Group Ord Shs0RPX-0.73%0.99216.67%62018-03-06
Bilia Ab Bilia a Ord Shs0RQ245.61%1.99925%42017-11-02
Evolution Gaming Group Ab (Publ) Evolution Gaming Group Ord Shs0RQ6219.13%3.73337.5%82018-01-26
Flex Lng Ltd Flex Lng Ord Shs0RQ8201.49%8100%22021-01-21
Lundin Mining Corp Lundin Mining Ord Shs0RQ945.8%1.7920%52017-12-07
Idorsia Ltd Idorsia N Ord Shs0RQE-75.54%00%52021-02-02
Investment Latour Ab Latour Investment B Ord Shs0RQP85.57%6.79450%22017-11-09
Unicaja Banco Sa Unicaja Banco Ord Shs0RR741.93%1.69920%52017-09-29
Ald Sa Ald Ord Shs0RSP20.15%1.24516.67%62017-11-10
Delivery Hero Ag Delivery Hero Ord Shs0RTC64.43%1.47718.18%112018-01-02
Metro Wholesale & Food Specialist a Metro Wholesale & Food Specialist Ord Sh0RTE-45.61%00%32017-11-22
Dobank Spa Dobank Ord Shs0RTI-12.96%0.88512.5%82018-04-23
Jost Werke Ag Jost Werke Ord Shs0RTR2.15%1.02314.29%72018-04-19
Catena Media Plc Catena Media Ordinary Shares0RUE21.12%1.07314.29%212018-09-04
Biomerieux Sa Biomerieux Ord Shs0RUG53.53%2.18825%42018-09-24
Mol Plc Mol Hungarian Oil and Gas Ord Shs0RUK-30.24%00%12019-10-08
Software Ag Software Ord Shs0RUL-18.66%00%12019-05-01
Rovio Entertainment Oyj Rovio Entertainment Ord Shs0RUN63.38%2.92433.33%32018-04-26
Umicore Sa Umicore Ord Shs0RUY23.21%1.30616.67%62018-01-23
Nilfisk Holding A/s Nilfisk Holding Ord Shs0RUZ-37.43%0.7729.09%112018-08-17
Reply Spa Reply Ord Shs0RV033.66%1.52620%52019-08-06
Terveystalo Oy Terveystalo Ord Shs0RV1-29.65%00%22018-03-05
Bioarctic Ab Bioarctic Ord Shs0RV2346.88%4.8233.33%92019-07-04
Aedas Homes Sl Aedas Homes Ord Shs0RV87.08%1.07714.29%72018-04-13
Smcp Sas Smcp Ord Shs0RVA-16.7%0.83814.29%72019-06-26
Bawag Group Ag Bawag Group Ord Shs0RVE35.57%1.68525%42018-04-30
Hellofresh Se Hellofresh Ord Shs0RVI74.7%1.60520%102019-06-07
Befesa Sa Befesa Ord Shs0RVK23.05%1.29816.67%62019-07-17
Ryanair Holdings Plc Ord Eur0.006 (Cdi)0RYA-14.92%00%12022-04-07
Schlumberger Ld Com Stk Us$0.010SCL190.97%12.7966.67%32020-10-16
Elkem Asa Elkem Ord Shs0SFN41.41%1.86825%42019-07-12
Skan Group Ag Skan Group Ord Shs0SKN-18.44%00%12022-04-26
Dino Polska Sa Dino Polska Ord Shs0TCP-15%00%12021-11-18
Telefonica Sa Telefonica Ord Shs0TDE-61.43%00%42019-08-15
Mutares Se & Co Kgaa Mutares Ord Shs0UTK-15.12%00%12022-06-14
International Petroleum Corp International Petroleum Ord Shs0V1L202.38%3.02533.33%92018-12-06
Joyy Inc Yy Adr Rep Ord Class a (Cdi)0VVY21.72%1.2212.5%82019-05-14
Aurelius Equity Opportunities Se & Aurelius Ord Shs0W1D-31.52%0.75811.11%92018-05-29
Booking Holdings Inc Booking Holdings Ord (Cdi)0W2Y-59.61%00%42020-01-28
Fabege Ab Fabege Ord Shs0XPX-60.6%00%42018-10-16
Holmen Ab Holmen B Ord Shs0XS999.25%4100%12018-10-26
Be Semiconductor Industries Nv Be Semiconduct Ord Shs0XVE111.63%2.20225%82018-08-17
Atlas Copco Ab Atlas Copco a Ord Shs0XXT85.17%6.67750%22018-10-05
Atlas Copco Ab Atlas Copco Series B Ord Shs0XXV65.89%2.97533.33%32019-07-12
Boliden Ab Boliden Ord Shs0YAL47.99%1.98825%42018-09-10
Vitrolife Ab Vitrolife Ord Shs0YAY77.49%1.63520%102019-07-11
Netcompany Group A/s Netcompany Group Ord Shs0YH928.94%1.38616.67%62020-03-13
Adyen Nv Adyen Ord Shs0YP5115.66%2.52628.57%72019-07-05
Geely Automobile Holdings Ltd Geely Automobile Holdings Ord Shs0YZ2-32.21%00%22022-04-06
Sika Ag Sika Ord Shs0Z4C105.09%4.54233.33%32018-10-25
Aker Carbon Capture as Aker Carbon Capt Ord Shrs0ZCB-72.66%00%42021-08-25
Jenoptik Ag Jenoptik N Ord Shs0ZPV14.31%1.18216.67%62019-08-08
Commercial International Bank (Egypt) s.a.e. Gdr (Each Repr 1 Ord Egp10)(regs)CBKD458.03%2.28317.39%232002-07-17
The Commercial Bank of Qatar (q.s.c.) Gdr (5 Gdr Repr 1 Ord) (Reg S)CBQS889.44%10.37520%52009-01-30
China Pacific Insurance (Group) Co., Ltd Gdr (Each Repr. 5 a Shs Rmb1) (Reg S)CPIC-31.83%00%22020-11-03
Hyundai Motor Company Gdr (Repr 1/2 Nv Cap Kwn5000)(reg S)HYUD359.51%1.98925.93%272003-03-21
Ab "Ignitis Grupe" Gdr (Each Repr. 1 Ord) (Reg S)IGN-15.32%00%12021-09-24
Lg Electronics Inc Gds(repr 1/2 Non-Vtg Stk Kwn5000)(reg S)LGLD330.97%1.81724.14%292003-09-18
Md Medical Group Investments Plc Gdr (Each Repr 1 Ord) (Reg S)MDMG-12.93%0.94213.33%152013-11-21
Mahindra & Mahindra Limited Gdr (Repr 1 Ord Inr10 Reg 'S')MHID575.05%3.50436.36%222003-09-18
Orascom Investment Holding s.a.e Gdr (Each Repr 5 Ord)(reg S)OIH221.52%13.05366.67%32020-03-24
Steel Authority of India Ld Gdr (Repr 15 Shs Inrp10)(reg S)SAUD-70.36%00%22011-08-05
Tata Consumer Products Limited Gds (Each Repr 1 Inr10)(reg S)TGBL318.08%0100%22015-10-12
Tata Power Company Limited Gdr (Each Repr 1 Shr) (Reg S)TPCL-63.74%00%32013-03-19
Tata Steel Limited Gdr (Each Repr 10 Ord) (Reg S)TTST179.57%1.57220%252010-02-11
Vk Company Limited Gdr (Each Repr 1 Ord) (Reg S)VKCO145.32%1.46218.18%222011-03-17

FAQ | What do these numbers mean?

For your reference, statistics of the data generated by the indicator are given below. All these numbers require special attention. They prove the effectiveness and reliability of the strategy and help you understand the position of a particular instrument in the market. The data takes into account the trading commission (0.075 for cryptocurrencies, 0.025 for stocks and other instruments).

Net Profit

The overall profit or loss (in the selected currency) achieved by the trading strategy in the test period. The value is the sum of all values from the Profit column (on the List of Trades tab), taking into account the sign.

Percent Profitable

The percentage of winning trades generated by a strategy. Calculated by dividing the number of winning trades by the total number of closed trades generated by a strategy. Percent profitable is not a very reliable measure by itself. A strategy could have many small winning trades, making the percent profitable high with a small average winning trade, or a few big winning trades accounting for a low percent profitable and a big average winning trade. Some successful strategies have a percent profitability below 50% but are still profitable due to proper loss control.

Profit Factor

The amount of money a trading strategy made for every unit of money it lost (in the selected currency). This value is calculated by dividing gross profits by gross losses.

Total Trades

The total number of closed trades (both winning and losing) generated by a strategy. The total number of trades is important for a number of reasons. First, the number should be large enough for strategy results to be of any statistical significance. Second, the number can help validate that your strategy is trading at the frequency you expect.

First Trade Date

Actually, the date of the first trade. This shows that statistics are stored from the very beginning of the chart for the selected instrument. It is useful to know when the first signal was given.

Daily analysis of financial markets


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