Norway Stock Market | Indicator Statistics

The table shows statistics on all market instruments. The signals are given from the very beginning of trading to the present moment. For example, BTC since 2012, BP since 1969. TheWaved is the only indicator that shows all the real statistics. Others only promise that their product would make a profit. After connecting TheWaved, traders and investors will see the same numbers on their charts. TheWaved is the first strategy that works on long periods of time. Perfect for investment. So far we are giving signals on timeframes in 1D, but there are also more profitable timeframes. All data includes the trading commission (0.075 for cryptocurrencies, 0.025 for stocks and other financial instruments). More than 90% of trading signals give a profit almost immediately, so if you are afraid to hold a position, you can close it when it goes into profit. To get more profit, you can use this indicator on a smaller timeframe, which will give you advantages on the opening price. Unfortunately, we cannot provide data of smaller timeframes for the entire period of time, since such statistics include tens of thousands of candles and require significant calculations. In the future, we will add these data to the statistics.

Profitable 173 from 265


Statistics of the indicator strategy results show 65.28% of profitable strategies according to Norway Stock market data.

NOT PROFITABLE 92 from 265


Statistics of the indicator strategy results show 65.28% of profitable strategies according to Norway Stock market data. Read more about the negative profit below


We provide all statistics, instead of selecting only profitable instruments. No one is immune to risks. The company may suddenly go bankrupt. There is a way to avoid risks as much as possible. Invest in only well established businesses; in assets that have been proven to be reliable over time. However, there is a huge profit even in risky assets, if you grab it when the moment is right. Instruments that are not profitable on the 1D timeframe can be profitable on 1H. The data is provided for information purposes.

To avoid catastrophic situations, invest in the instruments you know. The only factor may be delisting of a financial instrument or bankruptcy of a company. In all other situations, you will get a profit.

Norway Stock Market | Strategy Statistics

There is only one exchange in the country - the Oslo Stock Exchange (Oslo Børs). This exchange is the only exchange in northern Europe not owned by Nasdaq Nordic. The year of its foundation is 1819. This exchange is located in Oslo, the capital of the country. This city is the capital and most populated city in the country and is considered one of the financial centers in northern Europe. This exchange is controlled by the country's Financial Supervision Authority (Finanstilsynet). Trades are conducted through the Millennium Exchange system. Shares of 193 companies are traded on this stock exchange. The market capitalization of this exchange is NOK 2,614 billion. It sells bonds and derivative financial instruments. This exchange trades shares of well-known companies such as Equinor, DNB, Telenor, Aker BP and Norsk Hydro. This exchange has more than 40 indices. The most important is OSEBX. This index reflects the dynamics of the most liquid stocks on the stock exchange. It is most often used as an estimate of a country's stock market. The list of companies included in the list of this index is updated every 6 months. Another important index is OBX. It reflects the dynamics of the 25 most liquid securities according to the last six months. The exchange also has such indices: OSEAX (shows all stocks), OSESX (shows shares of small companies), OSEMX ((shows shares of medium-sized companies) and also indices for various sectors and sectors of the economy.

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TickerNet ProfitProfit FactorPercent ProfitableTotal TradesFirst Trade Date
2020 Bulkers Ltd202070.45%3.39633.33%32020-02-27
Abg Sundal Collier Hldg AsaABG108.29%1.27816.67%302002-01-18
Aqua Bio Technology AsaABT141.94%1.31817.14%352009-07-08
Aker Carbon Capture AsaACC-12.95%0.8911.11%92021-01-15
Axactor AsaACR-8.99%0.95814.29%142014-06-16
Adevinta AsaADE-2.16%0.98211.11%92020-03-02
Af Gruppen AsaAFG352.72%7.7457.14%72002-06-12
Arendals FossekampaniAFK319.95%5.26244.44%92002-08-29
Avance Gas Holding LimitedAGAS94.7%1.31717.39%232014-10-13
Agilyx AsaAGLX-45.11%00%32021-01-06
Akastor AsaAKAST284.47%1.44621.43%422004-07-13
Akastor AsaAKAST285.27%1.44821.43%422004-07-13
Aker Biomarine AsaAKBM11%29.3216.13%312007-08-31
Aker AsaAKER322.2%2.20226.09%232005-12-19
Akobo Minerals AbAKOBO-63.24%00%42021-10-12
Aker Bp AsaAKRBP428.54%2.48629.17%242008-09-04
Aker Solutions AsaAKSO244.97%1.96725%202015-02-10
Akva Group AsaAKVA107.86%1.56521.43%142008-06-18
Awilco Lng AsaALNG-78.95%0.79610.71%282012-01-23
American Shipping Company AsaAMSC142.14%1.53922.73%222013-07-05
Andfjord Salmon AsANDF-30.98%00%22021-01-19
Abg Sundal Collier Hldg AsaABG108.48%1.27916.67%302002-01-18
Asetek A/sASTK-66.65%0.85811.43%352013-12-10
Asetek A/sASTK-66.6%0.85911.43%352013-12-10
Astrocast SaASTRO1.62%1.01714.29%72022-03-11
Atea AsaATEA222.92%3.88137.5%82009-05-18
Aurskog SparebankAURG71.96%2.43740%52008-05-15
Austevoll Seafood AsaAUSS250.14%2.01123.81%212007-08-23
Autostore Holdings LtdAUTO-75.42%00%52022-01-17
Avance Gas Holding LimitedAGAS-5.08%0.98313.64%222014-10-13
Awilco Drilling PlcAWDR21.07%1.05413.79%292011-10-13
Arcticzymes Technologies AsaAZT249.04%1.56820.59%342006-03-22
B2holding AsaB2H-17.5%0.84212.5%82017-03-08
P/f BakkafrostBAKKA348.69%8.51157.14%72010-09-08
Borr Drilling LimitedBORR156.19%1.34918.18%332017-12-12
Belships AsaBELCO526.9%2.33127.78%362003-11-06
Belships AsaBELCO530.58%2.33627.78%362003-11-06
Bewi AsaBEWI83.8%6.20850%22021-03-23
Biofish Holding AsBFISH-50.01%00%32021-11-03
Bergenbio AsaBGBIO48.84%1.17810.53%192017-08-23
Byggma AsaBMA232.54%2.36728.57%142007-06-05
Bonheur AsaBONHR153.02%1.63721.05%192000-12-01
Bonheur AsaBONHR152.82%1.63421.05%192000-12-01
Borr Drilling LimitedBORR156.12%1.34918.18%332017-12-12
Bouvet AsaBOUV318.83%5.22650%82008-10-08
Bouvet AsaBOUV317.95%5.2350%82008-10-08
Borregaard AsaBRG151.42%4.33340%52014-09-22
Bw Energy LimitedBWE69.28%3.27333.33%32020-06-23
Bw Lpg LtdBWLPG114.61%1.58218.75%162014-02-21
Bw Offshore LtdBWO112.94%1.15714.81%542007-09-14
Co2 Capsol AsCAPSL-30.81%00%22022-05-27
Carasent AsaCARA50.78%1.33216.67%122019-10-03
Circa Group AsCIRCA-75.99%00%52021-06-21
Cloudberry Clean Energy AsaCLOUD-46.25%00%32020-10-16
Contextvision AbCONTX96.19%1.23716.67%302000-06-30
Contextvision AbCONTX96.59%1.23816.67%302000-06-30
Crayon Group Holding AsaCRAYN419.85%5.69945.45%112018-04-09
Crayon Group Holding AsaCRAYN418.98%5.69745.45%112018-04-09
Cyviz AsCYVIZ-45.81%00%32021-03-24
Dltx AsaDLTX20.78%1.03513.33%452018-04-25
Dnb Bank AsaDNB224.96%2.20425%162000-08-28
Dno AsaDNO573.6%1.87423.53%512000-06-13
Eam Solar AsaEAM-56.32%0.83912.5%242014-06-25
Everfuel A/sEFUEL-1.91%0.98212.5%82021-02-01
Eidesvik Offshore AsaEIOF-1.81%0.99513.79%292006-08-17
Elliptic Laboratories AsaELABS-15.05%00%12021-07-12
Elektroimportoren AsELIMP-76.73%00%52021-06-11
Elkem AsaELK-58.84%0.62414.29%72000-06-06
Elmera Group AsaELMRA-34.8%0.74410%102018-06-29
Elopak AsaELO-45.82%00%32021-10-15
Electromagnetic GeoservicesEMGS-48.32%0.95812.79%862007-11-20
Ensurge Micropower AsaENSU382.39%1.413.89%722008-06-20
Entra AsaENTRA107.53%2.02622.22%92015-05-07
Europris AsaEPR54.6%2.20225%42015-09-24
Equinor AsaEQNR171.01%2.43530%102002-07-16
Edda Wind AsaEWIND-15.33%00%12022-03-09
Flex Lng Ltd (Bm)FLNG368.84%2.49930.43%232015-10-27
Frontline LtdFRO122.67%1.15614.75%612000-04-04
Froy AsaFROY-29.85%00%22022-02-17
Gram Car Carriers AsaGCC94.57%7.32150%22022-05-05
Green Minerals AsGEM-75.7%00%52021-07-02
Gentian Diagnostics AsaGENT68.03%1.55720%102017-12-20
Gentian Diagnostics AsaGENT67.67%1.55420%102017-12-20
Golden Energy Offshore Services AsGEOS43.14%1.12718.18%222019-12-13
Golden Energy Offshore Services AsGEOS43.27%1.12818.18%222019-12-13
Gaming Innovation Group LtdGIG405.38%2.34625.93%272016-01-15
Gjensidige Forsikring AsaGJF84.53%6.64650%22011-06-16
Gnp Energy AsGNP-2.35%0.97812.5%82021-03-30
Golden Ocean Group LtdGOGL78.73%1.35517.65%172015-08-13
Grieg SeafoodGSF444.38%2.56230.77%262009-09-04
Glydendal AsaGYL194.88%2.64633.33%92000-11-07
Hafnia LimitedHAFNI100.47%4100%12020-07-23
Hafnia LimitedHAFNI100.16%4100%12020-07-23
Hav Group AsaHAV-60.13%00%42021-06-21
Havila ShippingHAVI449.02%1.51612.31%652017-03-02
Hofseth Biocare AsHBC42.78%1.16715%202012-11-06
Sparebank 1 HelgelandHELG130.02%2.63328.57%72003-06-03
Hexagon Composites AsaHEX391.16%1.78722.5%402001-08-29
Havila Kystruten AsHKY-45.93%00%32022-02-23
Harmonychain AsHMONY-46.06%00%32021-09-21
Hexagon Purus AsaHPUR-57.03%0.6289.09%112021-04-21
Horisont Energi AsHRGI6.92%1.06412.5%82021-05-07
Holand Og Setskog SparebankHSPG49.52%2.09725%42003-02-24
Huddlestock Fintech AsHUDL-60.54%00%42021-06-23
Hunter Group AsaHUNT103.69%1.1515.38%522008-01-11
Hynion AsHYN-62.2%0.6498.33%122021-09-15
Hydrogenpro AsHYPRO44.91%1.29716.67%122021-02-17
Idex Biometrics AsaIDEX22.25%1.03213.73%512011-03-16
Ice Fish Farm AsIFISH-45.07%00%32021-03-29
Instabank AsaINSTA73.25%3.39733.33%32021-05-04
Interoil Exploration and ProductionIOX175.35%1.13116.33%982017-04-06
Itera AsaITERA419.01%1.89423.08%392000-07-05
Itera AsaITERA425.41%1.90223.08%392000-07-05
Integrated Wind Solutions AsaIWS-30.64%00%22021-11-08
Jaeren SparebankJAREN111.66%4.47650%42018-05-23
Jinhui Shipping & TransportationJIN186.52%1.25217.24%582004-04-05
Kahoot! AsaKAHOT-1.86%0.99113.33%152020-02-28
Klaveness Combination Carriers AsaKCC-45.66%00%32019-10-15
Kid AsaKID173.4%12.64266.67%32016-04-08
Kingfish Company Nv (The)KING-62.39%00%42021-03-26
Kitron AsaKIT227.31%1.90725%202001-05-23
Kongsberg Automotive AsaKOA222.26%1.3116.67%542006-07-25
Kongsberg Gruppen AsaKOG318.77%5.06844.44%92000-09-26
Komplett Bank AsaKOMP-79.19%0.5987.69%132018-04-25
Kraft Bank AsaKRAB-64.88%00%42021-11-08
Kyoto Group AsKYOTO-61.64%00%42021-08-12
Lea Bank AsaLEA-56.72%0.7811.11%182018-05-23
Lifecare AsLIFE-37.81%0.85511.76%172019-10-17
Lifecare AsLIFE4.62%1.02113.33%152019-10-17
Leroy Seafood GroupLSG488.98%3.25633.33%212002-11-18
Lytix Biopharma AsLYTIX-44.97%00%32021-10-14
Masoval AsMAS-30.72%00%22021-09-29
Medistim AsaMEDI352.69%8.17257.14%72005-06-21
Melhus SparebankMELG-36.64%00%22007-06-20
Magnora AsaMGN6.59%1.07114.29%72019-01-22
Sparebank 1 SmnMING275.3%2.29626.32%192001-03-13
Sparebanken MoreMORG157.4%5.88550%42001-03-14
Mowi AsaMOWI-1.62%0.99813.11%612006-05-02
Mpc Container Ships AsaMPCC-70.11%0.71417.65%172021-09-10
Magseis Fairfield AsaMSEIS91.38%1.29117.39%232015-06-09
Multiconsult AsaMULTI10.66%1.11614.29%72016-04-29
Napatech A/sNAPA41.59%1.1216%252014-03-13
Norwegian Air Shuttle AsaNAS-75.96%0.89314.29%562009-11-12
Navamedic AsaNAVA140.71%1.5320%202007-05-29
Norwegian Block Exchange AsNBX-29.81%00%22022-03-29
Norcod AsNCOD-76.69%00%52021-03-01
Nel AsaNEL229.67%1.41520.51%392015-05-26
Next Biometrics Group AsaNEXT82.99%1.14713.95%432015-11-06
Norsk Hydro AsaNHY219.44%1.79921.74%232000-04-14
Nekkar AsaNKR401.43%1.64922.73%442001-03-27
Nordic Aqua Partners A/sNOAP-15.88%00%12021-04-23
Nordic SemiconductorNOD229.67%1.41520.51%392005-05-02
Northern Drilling LimitedNODL73.41%1.19319.23%262018-03-06
Nordic Halibut AsNOHAL-30.45%00%22021-09-27
Northern Ocean LtdNOL125.63%2.58733.33%62020-07-08
Nordic Mining AsaNOM358.33%1.60319.15%472008-03-10
Sparebank 1 Nord-NorgeNONG227.9%1.82621.74%232000-07-27
Norbit AsaNORBT38.61%1.64520%52019-11-13
Norbit AsaNORBT38.43%1.64120%52019-11-13
Nordhealth AsNORDH-31.53%00%22022-03-10
Nrc Group AsaNRC-65.98%00%42016-01-29
Norway Royal Salmon AsaNRS241.66%2.52633.33%122011-08-04
Norske Skog AsaNSKOG39.18%1.64520%52020-02-26
Norsk Solar AsNSOL-30.75%00%22022-01-19
Norsk Titanium AsNTI-65.57%00%42022-01-27
Nts AsaNTS173.09%12.60866.67%32014-09-05
Ocean Geoloop AsOCEAN-16.09%00%12022-08-11
Odfjell SeODF91.1%1.35419.05%212005-05-03
Odfjell SeODFB87.68%1.33719.05%212005-01-07
Odfjell Drilling LimitedODL24.83%1.06715.38%262013-12-27
Okeanis Eco Tankers CorpOET55.25%2.13225%42018-12-03
Okea AsaOKEA246.99%3.81344.44%92022-03-15
Olav Thon EiendomsselskapOLT243.87%4.84142.86%72000-04-04
Orkla AsaORK213.26%3.2133.33%92000-04-17
Otello Corporation AsaOTEC-41.09%0.70914.29%72018-08-31
Otello Corporation AsaOTEC-41.06%0.7114.29%72018-08-31
Otovo AsaOTOVO83.76%5.70750%22021-07-23
Oceanteam AsaOTS119.04%1.20915.56%452012-05-21
Pareto Bank AsaPARB65.53%3.17933.33%32017-03-07
Panoro Energy AsaPEN249.08%1.5619.44%362010-09-22
Pgs AsaPGS179.15%1.18815.49%712000-04-14
Philly Shipyard AsaPHLY-21.64%0.90811.76%172016-05-20
Photocure AsaPHO87.29%1.16516.67%362000-10-16
Polight AsaPLT334.47%3.16635.71%142019-02-26
Petronor E&p AsaPNOR-44.81%00%32019-12-27
Polaris Media AsaPOL65.34%1.51620%102009-05-06
Protector Forsikring AsaPROT323.03%2.8831.25%162007-10-18
Protector Forsikring AsaPROT316.37%2.85231.25%162007-10-18
Proximar Seafood AsPROXI-60.78%00%42021-05-07
Prosafe Se (Sn)PRS174.28%1.59819.23%262017-11-17
Petrolia SePSE1%1.9838.91%1012010-12-01
Pyrum Innovations AgPYRUM-15.19%00%12022-05-06
Questerre Energy CorpQEC26.78%1.02913.64%662008-06-27
Q-Free AsaQFR-0.76%0.99811.76%342002-11-22
Rak Petroleum PlcRAKP283.15%2.33427.78%182015-11-25
Rana Gruber AsaRANA-15.2%00%12021-10-11
Recreate AsaRCR-61.72%00%42022-06-24
Sparebank 1 Ringerike HadelandRING57.83%2.33633.33%32004-06-11
Gc Rieber Shipping AsaRISH123.58%1.43220%202009-01-15
River Tech PlcRIVER31.46%1.51620%52018-10-25
Romreal LtdROM169.31%1.29212.12%332007-09-18
Sandnes SparebankSADG153.21%1.60720%202001-06-14
Saga Pure AsaSAGA15.72%1.04818.18%222021-01-14
Salmar AsaSALM401.33%3.08433.33%182008-06-20
Salmon Evolution AsaSALME-14.91%00%12021-01-26
Salmones Camanchaca SaSACAM-89.99%00%62018-07-04
Sas AbSASNO241.45%1.30116.13%622002-09-19
Selvaag Bolig AsSBO105.26%2.14925%82013-06-28
Scana AsaSCANA-76.48%00%52021-05-04
Scatec AsaSCATC83.29%1.38317.65%172015-05-29
Schibsted AsaSCHA55.53%1.37916.67%122015-12-04
Schibsted AsaSCHB-24.47%0.81910%102015-12-04
s.d. Standard Etc PlcSDSD-18.45%0.94314.29%212012-07-12
Seaway 7 AsaSEAW7-76.2%00%52022-02-18
Shelf Drilling LtdSHLF216.36%1.77422.73%222018-11-13
Siem Offshore IncSIOFF-24.61%0.95914.29%422005-11-16
Skandia Greenpower AsSKAND24.1%1.3216.67%62021-06-28
Skue SparebankSKUE89.07%6.8450%22015-07-03
Stolt-Nielsen LimitedSNI74.51%1.22816.67%242002-06-20
Sparebank 1 Ostfold AkershusSOAG196.13%8100%22012-11-16
Softox Solutions AsSOFTX-1.31%0.99313.33%152020-01-09
Softox Solutions AsSOFTX-1.48%0.99313.33%152020-01-09
Sparebank 1 Sorost-NorgeSOON-15.38%00%12022-05-05
Sparebanken SorSOR53.99%2.17925%42015-07-20
Sparebanken OstSPOG93.51%1.4618.75%162002-08-21
Sparebank 1 OstlandetSPOL73.41%3.44633.33%32018-11-26
Sparebank 1 Sr-Bank AsaSRBNK200.27%2.79930%102012-05-02
Sparebank 1 Sr-Bank AsaSRBNK201.18%2.80730%102012-05-02
Self Storage Group AsaSSG98.55%4100%12018-12-12
Statt Torsk AsSTATT-30.33%00%22021-11-10
Storebrand AsaSTB264.97%1.59519.44%362000-08-18
Strongpoint AsaSTRO54.35%2.19425%42016-07-14
Subsea 7 s.aSUBC357.27%1.79122.22%362000-07-31
Sparebanken VestSVEG211.99%2.32433.33%152013-04-08
Teco 2030 AsaTECO15%26.98811.76%342021-01-22
Telenor AsaTEL250.67%2.62928.57%142001-03-16
Tgs AsaTGS473.85%2.14426.47%342000-06-23
Tomra Systems AsaTOM325.92%2.1925%242001-05-29
Totens SparebankTOTG390.72%3.99838.46%132000-11-29
Treasure AsaTRE23.12%1.30316.67%62016-09-19
Ultimovacs AsaULTI105.73%2.17325%82020-01-29
Ultimovacs AsaULTI105.73%2.17325%82020-01-29
Var Energi AsaVAR-30.6%00%22022-09-05
Vow Green Metals AsVGM-74.65%00%52021-10-11
Vistin Pharma AsaVISTN-64.83%0.6049.09%112016-11-23
Vistin Pharma AsaVISTN-64.2%0.6099.09%112016-11-23
Volue AsaVOLUE-89.32%00%62021-03-19
Vow AsaVOW314.33%2.47930%202019-10-14
Voss Veksal-Og LandmandsbankVVL60.79%2.67433.33%32008-09-01
Wallenius Wilhelmsen AsaWAWI238.22%1.97625%202011-05-02
Western Bulk Chartering AsWEST-15.15%00%12022-01-18
Wilson AsaWILS197.39%2.63327.27%112005-12-08
Webstep AsaWSTEP38.53%1.62820%52018-11-28
Wilh. Wilhelmsen Hldg AsaWWI85.06%1.40218.75%162001-06-22
Wilh. Wilhelmsen Hldg AsaWWIB-45.63%0.81511.11%182005-10-07
Yara International AsaYAR208.57%2.07523.53%172005-12-02
Zalaris AsaZAL-24.79%0.79811.11%92014-09-15
Zaptec AsZAP-60.66%00%42021-01-27
Zwipe AsZWIPE39.67%1.15415%202019-05-10
Zwipe AsZWIPE39.79%1.15415%202019-05-10
Envipco Holding NvENVIP-15.37%00%12022-04-28
River Tech PlcRIVER-0.52%0.99414.29%72018-10-25
Sas AbSASNO241.45%1.30116.13%622002-09-19
Wallenius Wilhelmsen AsaWAWI335.09%2.37128.57%212021-07-12

FAQ | What do these numbers mean?

For your reference, statistics of the data generated by the indicator are given below. All these numbers require special attention. They prove the effectiveness and reliability of the strategy and help you understand the position of a particular instrument in the market. The data takes into account the trading commission (0.075 for cryptocurrencies, 0.025 for stocks and other instruments).

Net Profit

The overall profit or loss (in the selected currency) achieved by the trading strategy in the test period. The value is the sum of all values from the Profit column (on the List of Trades tab), taking into account the sign.

Percent Profitable

The percentage of winning trades generated by a strategy. Calculated by dividing the number of winning trades by the total number of closed trades generated by a strategy. Percent profitable is not a very reliable measure by itself. A strategy could have many small winning trades, making the percent profitable high with a small average winning trade, or a few big winning trades accounting for a low percent profitable and a big average winning trade. Some successful strategies have a percent profitability below 50% but are still profitable due to proper loss control.

Profit Factor

The amount of money a trading strategy made for every unit of money it lost (in the selected currency). This value is calculated by dividing gross profits by gross losses.

Total Trades

The total number of closed trades (both winning and losing) generated by a strategy. The total number of trades is important for a number of reasons. First, the number should be large enough for strategy results to be of any statistical significance. Second, the number can help validate that your strategy is trading at the frequency you expect.

First Trade Date

Actually, the date of the first trade. This shows that statistics are stored from the very beginning of the chart for the selected instrument. It is useful to know when the first signal was given.

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