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Saudi Arabia Stock Market | Indicator Statistics

The table shows statistics on all market instruments. The signals are given from the very beginning of trading to the present moment. For example, BTC since 2012, BP since 1969. TheWaved is the only indicator that shows all the real statistics. Others only promise that their product would make a profit. After connecting TheWaved, traders and investors will see the same numbers on their charts. TheWaved is the first strategy that works on long periods of time. Perfect for investment. So far we are giving signals on timeframes in 1D, but there are also more profitable timeframes. All data includes the trading commission (0.075 for cryptocurrencies, 0.025 for stocks and other financial instruments). More than 90% of trading signals give a profit almost immediately, so if you are afraid to hold a position, you can close it when it goes into profit. To get more profit, you can use this indicator on a smaller timeframe, which will give you advantages on the opening price. Unfortunately, we cannot provide data of smaller timeframes for the entire period of time, since such statistics include tens of thousands of candles and require significant calculations. In the future, we will add these data to the statistics.

Profitable 149 from 199


Statistics of the indicator strategy results show 74.87% of profitable strategies according to Saudi Arabia Stock market data.

NOT PROFITABLE 50 from 199


Statistics of the indicator strategy results show 74.87% of profitable strategies according to Saudi Arabia Stock market data. Read more about the negative profit below


We provide all statistics, instead of selecting only profitable instruments. No one is immune to risks. The company may suddenly go bankrupt. There is a way to avoid risks as much as possible. Invest in only well established businesses; in assets that have been proven to be reliable over time. However, there is a huge profit even in risky assets, if you grab it when the moment is right. Instruments that are not profitable on the 1D timeframe can be profitable on 1H. The data is provided for information purposes.

To avoid catastrophic situations, invest in the instruments you know. The only factor may be delisting of a financial instrument or bankruptcy of a company. In all other situations, you will get a profit.

Saudi Arabia Stock Market | Strategy Statistics

There is only one stock exchange in the country, the Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul). It is overseen by the Saudi Capital Market Authority (SMA). This exchange is located in Riyadh, the country. This exchange has an X-Stream INET system for electronic trading. This system belongs to Nasdaq and is widely used in the world. There are 136 companies listed on the exchange with a market capitalization of US$515 billion. This exchange also sells bonds, mutual funds, and ETFs. This exchange trades shares of well-known companies such as Al Rajhi Bank, the Riyad Bank, SABIC, The Kingdom Holding Company and The Saudi Telecom Company. The key index is the Tadawul All-Share Index (TASI). It shows the state of all companies on the exchange, but does not consider trades of a small volume. It is most often used as an estimate of a country's stock market. This exchange also has other indices for various sectors of the economy, such as the energy index (TENI), the raw materials index (TMTI) and the service sector index (TUTI).

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TickerNet ProfitProfit FactorPercent ProfitableTotal TradesFirst Trade Date
Riyad Bank1010184.76%1.55627.59%292014-09-07
Bank Aljazira1020424.91%2.1625%322012-04-15
Saudi Investment Bank1030177.57%1.79825%202022-06-14
Banque Saudi Fransi1050175.29%1.78722.22%182004-05-23
Saudi British Bank1060342.26%2.48725%202004-04-22
Arab National Bank1080149.26%1.60620%202004-12-09
Saudi Tadawul Group Holding Co1111-14.97%00%12022-04-07
Al Rajhi Bank1120246.91%1.9526.09%232006-05-03
Bank Albilad114034.96%1.09615.38%262005-09-01
Alinma Bank1150280.6%3.56941.67%122012-11-26
The Saudi National Bank1180123.08%2.6228.57%72015-08-25
Amlak International for Real Estate Finance Co1182-30.98%00%22020-10-25
Takween Advanced Industries Co120114.11%1.07614.29%142012-07-03
Middle East Paper Co1202205.73%3.2133.33%92015-09-29
Basic Chemical Industries Co1210238.07%2.4426.67%152008-10-12
Saudi Arabian Mining Co1211394.76%4.57341.67%122009-04-26
Astra Industrial Group1212236.67%2.48528.57%142009-03-04
Al Hassan Ghazi Ibrahim Shaker Co1214-26.46%0.88312.5%162010-10-06
United Wire Factories Co130166.17%1.49518.18%112012-02-29
Bawan Co130228.24%1.16415.38%132014-11-18
Electrical Industries Co1303-8.99%0.91712.5%82015-03-19
Al Yamamah Steel Industries Co130437.9%1.63320%52016-08-23
Saudi Steel Pipe Co1320113.52%2.25225%82010-05-26
Seera Group Holding1810-6.64%0.93812.5%82012-11-20
Leejam Sports Co183048.5%1.94125%42019-02-19
Maharah Human Resources Co1831-30.07%00%22019-10-01
Sadr Logistics Co183234.75%1.41716.67%62021-05-02
Methanol Chemicals Co2001168.38%2.37427.27%112009-03-04
Saudi Basic Industries Corp2010193.42%1.625%282005-05-03
Sabic Agri-Nutrients Co2020331.74%3.25535.71%142004-06-07
Saudi Arabia Refineries Co2030153.42%1.32418.92%372020-10-04
Saudi Ceramic Co2040345.83%2.38828.57%212004-05-03
Savola Group205091.19%1.42917.65%172004-10-07
National Industrialization Co2060161.15%1.46521.43%282005-06-01
Saudi Pharmaceutical Industries and Medical Appliances Corp2070103.31%1.3517.39%232004-07-15
National Gas and Industrialization Co2080393.83%2.8730%202004-06-07
National Gypsum Co2090-20.35%0.93513.04%232004-06-07
Wafrah for Industry and Development Co2100319.16%1.78823.53%342006-04-24
Saudi Cable Co211049.98%1.09214.63%412004-06-07
Saudi Advanced Industries Co2120234.03%1.6521.43%282021-04-05
Saudi Industrial Development Co2130211.62%1.53820%302006-02-26
Ayyan Investment Co2140149.08%1.56719.05%212004-05-19
The National Company for Glass Industries2150230.9%1.86722.73%222004-06-17
Alujain Corp2170508.24%2.52428.57%282004-06-10
Filing and Packing Materials Manufacturing Co2180308%2.02626.92%262006-03-19
Saudi Industrial Services Co2190139.65%1.36322.22%272006-04-18
Arabian Pipes Co2200214.86%1.56520%302004-09-22
Nama Chemicals Co2210138.33%1.3118.18%332004-07-15
National Metal Manufacturing and Casting Co2220284.64%2.14625%202021-09-26
Saudi Chemical Co2230170.89%1.7321.05%192004-05-20
Zamil Industrial Investment Co224019.25%1.06914.29%212004-04-22
Saudi Industrial Investment Group2250458.15%2.44725.93%272004-06-07
Saudia Dairy and Foodstuff Co2270316.02%2.03825%242005-08-21
Almarai Co2280224.01%2.20729.41%172017-07-10
Tanmiah Food Co2281-15.03%00%12021-11-15
Yanbu National Petrochemical Co2290230.64%2.3828.57%142006-07-16
Sahara International Petrochemical Co2310266.45%2.15125%202007-05-30
Al-Babtain Power and Telecommunication Co232054.66%1.22215.79%192007-05-29
Advanced Petrochemical Co2330330.61%2.94531.25%162008-09-08
Al Abdullatif Industrial Investment Co2340-41.18%0.83515.79%192021-08-22
Saudi Kayan Petrochemical Co2350134.86%1.51320%202008-05-13
Saudi Vitrified Clay Pipes Co236034.13%1.20715.38%132007-09-30
Rabigh Refining and Petrochemical Co238035.65%1.12619.05%212014-01-29
Hail Cement Co300122.38%1.28916.67%62012-06-10
Najran Cement Co3002-33.74%0.7789.09%112012-09-26
City Cement Co300367.13%1.51120%102013-06-30
Northern Region Cement Co3004-37.31%0.72810%102013-10-02
Umm Al-Qura Cement Co300575.55%1.63320%102014-12-16
Zahrat Al Waha for Trading Co300769.19%3.21833.33%32017-12-18
Al Kathiri Holding Co3008186.82%3.84542.86%72020-11-02
Arabian Cement Co3010162.85%1.47321.43%282005-07-06
Yamama Cement Co3020294.25%1.87424.14%292006-04-18
Saudi Cement Co303067.32%1.28716.67%182004-06-07
Qassim Cement Co3040261.54%2.35820%152005-03-31
Southern Province Cement Co30500.78%1.00413.33%152005-09-29
Yanbu Cement Co306067.38%1.29117.65%172004-08-31
Eastern Province Cement Co308033.66%1.13515.79%192005-07-04
Al Jouf Cement Co309118.26%1.22416.67%62011-07-18
Abdullah Al Othaim Markets Co4001371%13.36366.67%62009-01-21
Mouwasat Medical Services Co4002435.8%8.28455.56%92011-03-07
United Electronics Co4003273.05%2.26726.32%192012-04-16
Dallah Healthcare Co4004299.52%3.88236.36%112013-07-14
National Medical Care Co400523.1%1.30116.67%62013-09-10
Saudi Marketing Co4006-50.15%0.6699.09%112014-09-25
Al Hammadi Holding4007-5.64%0.94712.5%82014-11-19
Saudi Company for Hardware400831.48%1.18815.38%132015-08-19
Middle East Healthcare Co4009-61.1%00%42016-08-18
Dur Hospitality Co4010212.29%2.12125%162006-01-17
Lazurde Company for Jewelry401133.17%1.44216.67%62017-04-19
Thob Al Aseel Co4012226.56%4.01337.5%82018-05-10
Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Services Group401399.78%4100%12020-07-22
Scientific and Medical Equipment House Co4014-16.58%00%12022-06-07
Saudi Real Estate Co4020343.14%2.36727.27%222004-06-07
National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia4030116.82%1.6420%152004-07-15
Saudi Ground Services Co4031-16.55%0.86311.11%92015-10-28
Saudi Public Transport Co4040321.93%1.85221.88%322012-04-10
Saudi Automotive Services Co405079.23%1.22816.67%242005-10-31
Baazeem Trading Co4051134.29%3.16733.33%62018-05-20
Tihama Advertising and Public Relations Co4070380.06%1.58921.57%512021-04-27
Aseer Trading, Tourism and Manufacturing Co4080234.93%1.61422.58%312006-04-18
Nayifat Finance Co4081-15.13%00%12022-03-06
Taiba Investments Co4090-4.24%0.97621.43%142012-05-14
Makkah Construction and Development Co4100-10.21%0.95717.65%172014-05-13
Batic Investments and Logistics Co4110453.12%2.04427.03%372012-03-20
Al-Baha Investment and Development Co4130151.43%1.22618.37%492020-10-05
Saudi Industrial Export Co4140647.61%2.13526.53%492019-01-02
Al-Omran Industrial Trading Co4141167.32%4.56240%52017-06-22
Arriyadh Development Co4150283.81%2.36627.78%182004-09-14
Bindawood Holding Co4161-60.41%00%42021-10-03
Tourism Enterprise Co4170541.39%2.21126.32%382004-05-24
Fitaihi Holding Group4180524.19%2.43827.27%332003-10-23
Jarir Marketing Co4190269.61%3.23333.33%122006-02-19
Abdullah Saad Mohammed Abo Moati for Bookstores Co419190.63%1.81622.22%92017-07-06
Aldrees Petroleum and Transport Services Co4200168.42%1.73223.53%172006-06-20
Saudi Research and Media Group42109.31%1.02916.67%242006-09-24
Emaar the Economic City4220138.34%1.52719.05%212008-01-06
Red Sea International Co423053.79%1.2215.79%192007-04-18
Fawaz Abdulaziz Alhokair Co4240108.76%1.36216.67%242007-06-06
Jabal Omar Development Co425064.71%1.48118.18%112009-03-01
United International Transportation Co4260255.08%2.88130.77%132007-12-31
Theeb Rent a Car Co4261-15.05%00%12021-08-18
Saudi Printing and Packaging Co427036.5%1.13915.79%192008-01-23
Kingdom Holding Co4280-37.86%0.84111.76%172008-09-22
Alkhaleej Training and Education Co4290139.77%1.80921.43%142008-08-10
National Company for Learning and Education429182.93%5.68550%22019-04-30
Ataa Educational Co429289.23%6.92350%22020-03-03
Dar Alarkan Real Estate Development Co4300194.07%1.90822.22%182008-11-25
Knowledge Economic City4310269.58%2.08127.27%222012-09-30
Alandalus Property Co432069.29%3.25733.33%32016-04-19
Arabian Centres Co4321-16.93%00%12019-12-05
Riyad Reit Fund4330-45.27%00%32017-05-08
Aljazira Reit433122.05%1.27816.67%62017-07-02
Jadwa Reit Al Haramain Fund4332-60.09%00%42017-08-02
Taleem Reit Fund4333-30.22%00%22018-01-30
Al Maather Reit Fund433434.56%3.28966.67%32021-02-08
Musharaka Reit Fund4335-15.05%00%12018-01-24
Sico Saudi Reit Fund4337-15.15%00%12018-05-06
Alinma Retail Reit Fund4345-60.28%00%42018-12-23
Mefic Reit Fund4346-50.16%00%32019-04-14
Alkhabeer Reit Fund4348-15.01%00%12019-12-01
Saudi Electricity Co5110148.04%1.96323.08%132004-06-07
Halwani Bros. Co6001334.89%2.9631.25%162009-03-04
Herfy Food Services Co600248.51%1.80520%52011-03-06
Saudi Airlines Catering Co6004-49.86%00%32013-07-01
National Agricultural Development Co6010241.47%1.83621.74%232014-06-24
Development Works Food Co6013208.45%3.19537.5%82018-11-19
Al Gassim Investment Holding Co602064.35%1.19319.23%262012-03-21
Tabuk Agricultural Development Co6040279.45%1.8325%282020-10-25
Saudi Fisheries Co6050432.6%1.70520%502004-12-09
Ash-Sharqiyah Development Co6060607.73%2.54829.41%342006-02-02
Al-Jouf Agricultural Development Co6070467.19%2.24728.13%322021-04-28
Jazan Energy and Development Co6090178.68%1.43419.35%312004-05-27
Saudi Telecom Co7010149.88%1.97623.08%132004-07-15
Etihad Etisalat Co702089%1.21616.67%302005-05-04
Mobile Telecommunication Company Saudi Arabia7030-60.62%0.77510.53%192008-09-08
Al Moammar Information Systems Co720084.84%6.66650%22019-08-06
Arab Sea Information System Co7201105.26%2.10425%82018-04-15
The Company for Cooperative Insurance8010273.4%2.21325%202005-05-03
Malath Cooperative Insurance Co8020-0.38%0.99913.33%302007-10-23
The Mediterranean and Gulf Insurance and Reinsurance Co80308.47%1.02314.29%282007-09-09
Allianz Saudi Fransi Cooperative Insurance Co8040220.78%1.54721.21%332012-03-14
Walaa Cooperative Insurance Co8060140.9%1.39217.86%282007-12-12
Arabian Shield Cooperative Insurance Co8070176.37%1.54819.23%262008-03-04
Saudi Arabian Cooperative Insurance Co810078.85%1.23316%252008-03-04
Gulf Union Alahlia Cooperative Insurance Co812075.73%1.23316.67%242008-01-22
Allied Cooperative Insurance Group8150209.73%1.44218.92%372008-01-06
Arabia Insurance Cooperative Co8160314.3%2.12325%242008-08-11
Al-Etihad Cooperative Insurance Co8170258.31%2.07123.81%212008-06-01
Al Sagr Cooperative Insurance Co8180166.96%1.45720%302020-10-26
United Cooperative Assurance Co819061.71%1.25415.79%192009-01-20
Saudi Reinsurance Co8200147.33%1.96823.08%132008-10-08
Bupa Arabia for Cooperative Insurance Co8210537.15%9.48160%102008-10-12
Al-Rajhi Company for Cooperative Insurance8230263.43%2.86130.77%132010-05-26
Chubb Arabia Cooperative Insurance Co8240147.21%1.57720%202009-11-22
Gulf Insurance Group8250163.56%1.70821.05%192009-11-18
Gulf General Cooperative Insurance Co8260163.72%1.67323.81%212021-01-20
Buruj Cooperative Insurance Co827070.38%1.26519.05%212011-11-15
Al Alamiya for Cooperative Insurance Co8280257.45%2.03422.73%222014-05-08
Wataniya Insurance Co830030.3%1.11415%202010-10-11
Amana Cooperative Insurance Co831045.02%1.09613.89%362020-10-21
Saudi Enaya Cooperative Insurance Co8311-73.6%0.80211.11%272012-08-08
Alawwal Invest Msci Tadawul 30 Saudi Etf940224.43%1.61233.33%32022-07-19
National Building and Marketing Co951068.94%3.45833.33%32019-10-29
Watani Iron Steel Co9513-45.4%00%32021-08-26
Mohammed Hasan Alnaqool Sons Co9514-44.23%00%32022-04-27
Fesh Fash Snack Food Production Co9515-44.06%00%32021-11-01
Natural Gas Distribution Co9516-47.4%00%32022-03-31
National Fertilizer Co9517-30.78%00%22021-11-10
Canadian Medical Center Co9518-45.46%00%32021-10-27
Banan Real Estate Co9519-15.07%00%12022-07-31
Shatirah House Restaurant Co9520-44.9%00%32022-01-09
Alhasoob Co9522-29.35%00%22022-02-14
Advance International Company for Communication and Informat9524-45.82%00%32022-04-14
Alwasail Industrial Co9525-45.71%00%32022-04-19
Jahez International Company for Information System Technolog9526-14.03%00%12022-09-26
Gas Arabian Services Co9528-15.32%00%12022-05-18
Raoom Trading Co9529-14.92%00%12022-06-14
Arabian International Healthcare Holding Co9530-31.19%00%22022-06-13
Tadawul All Shares IndexTASI379.71%4.68942.86%141987-10-29

FAQ | What do these numbers mean?

For your reference, statistics of the data generated by the indicator are given below. All these numbers require special attention. They prove the effectiveness and reliability of the strategy and help you understand the position of a particular instrument in the market. The data takes into account the trading commission (0.075 for cryptocurrencies, 0.025 for stocks and other instruments).

Net Profit

The overall profit or loss (in the selected currency) achieved by the trading strategy in the test period. The value is the sum of all values from the Profit column (on the List of Trades tab), taking into account the sign.

Percent Profitable

The percentage of winning trades generated by a strategy. Calculated by dividing the number of winning trades by the total number of closed trades generated by a strategy. Percent profitable is not a very reliable measure by itself. A strategy could have many small winning trades, making the percent profitable high with a small average winning trade, or a few big winning trades accounting for a low percent profitable and a big average winning trade. Some successful strategies have a percent profitability below 50% but are still profitable due to proper loss control.

Profit Factor

The amount of money a trading strategy made for every unit of money it lost (in the selected currency). This value is calculated by dividing gross profits by gross losses.

Total Trades

The total number of closed trades (both winning and losing) generated by a strategy. The total number of trades is important for a number of reasons. First, the number should be large enough for strategy results to be of any statistical significance. Second, the number can help validate that your strategy is trading at the frequency you expect.

First Trade Date

Actually, the date of the first trade. This shows that statistics are stored from the very beginning of the chart for the selected instrument. It is useful to know when the first signal was given.

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