Turkey Stock Market | Indicator Statistics

The table shows statistics on all market instruments. The signals are given from the very beginning of trading to the present moment. For example, BTC since 2012, BP since 1969. TheWaved is the only indicator that shows all the real statistics. Others only promise that their product would make a profit. After connecting TheWaved, traders and investors will see the same numbers on their charts. TheWaved is the first strategy that works on long periods of time. Perfect for investment. So far we are giving signals on timeframes in 1D, but there are also more profitable timeframes. All data includes the trading commission (0.075 for cryptocurrencies, 0.025 for stocks and other financial instruments). More than 90% of trading signals give a profit almost immediately, so if you are afraid to hold a position, you can close it when it goes into profit. To get more profit, you can use this indicator on a smaller timeframe, which will give you advantages on the opening price. Unfortunately, we cannot provide data of smaller timeframes for the entire period of time, since such statistics include tens of thousands of candles and require significant calculations. In the future, we will add these data to the statistics.

Profitable 397 from 411


Statistics of the indicator strategy results show 96.59% of profitable strategies according to Turkey Stock market data.

NOT PROFITABLE 14 from 411


Statistics of the indicator strategy results show 96.59% of profitable strategies according to Turkey Stock market data. Read more about the negative profit below


We provide all statistics, instead of selecting only profitable instruments. No one is immune to risks. The company may suddenly go bankrupt. There is a way to avoid risks as much as possible. Invest in only well established businesses; in assets that have been proven to be reliable over time. However, there is a huge profit even in risky assets, if you grab it when the moment is right. Instruments that are not profitable on the 1D timeframe can be profitable on 1H. The data is provided for information purposes.

To avoid catastrophic situations, invest in the instruments you know. The only factor may be delisting of a financial instrument or bankruptcy of a company. In all other situations, you will get a profit.

Turkey Stock Market | Strategy Statistics

The country's only exchange is the Istanbul Stock Exchange (BIST). It appeared as a result of the merger of the Istanbul Stock Exchange, the Istanbul Gold Exchange and the Secondary Securities Exchange. The market capitalization of the exchange is 221 billion US$. Shares of 317 corporations are traded on the stock exchange. The exchange has key indices that reflect the state of the shares of the largest 30 (BIST30), 50 (BIST50) and 100 (BIST100) companies. They are usually used as an estimate of the country's stock market. Stocks of well-known companies such as Kardemir, Sabanci Holding, Bimeks, Petkim and Zorlu Enerji are traded on this exchange.

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TickerNet ProfitProfit FactorPercent ProfitableTotal TradesFirst Trade Date
Aciselsan Acipayam Seluloz Sanayi Ve Ticaret ASACSEL340.58%3.20533.33%152012-12-11
Adel Kalemcilik Ticaret ve Sanayi ASADEL548.03%4.49441.18%172008-09-09
Adese Gayrimenkul Yatirim ASADESE68.78%1.2116%252012-05-10
Anadolu Efes Biracilik ve Malt Sanayi ASAEFES1%12.56466.67%181993-12-13
Afyon Cimento Sanayi TASAFYON218.98%1.623.33%302015-03-31
AG Anadolu Group HoldingAGHOL360.14%1.98725.81%312022-03-09
Atakule Gayrimenkul Yatirim Ortakligi ASAGYO536.43%4.03138.89%182007-12-25
Akbank TASAKBNK530.97%3.0433.33%241995-10-30
Akcansa Cimento Sanayi ve Ticaret ASAKCNS490%3.43935%202008-01-07
Akenerji Elektrik Uretim ASAKENR69.21%1.29916.67%182008-09-18
Akfen GmyoAKFGY333.72%3.13233.33%152011-08-05
AK Sigorta ASAKGRT212.03%1.74621.74%232007-10-04
Akmerkez Gayrimenkul Yatirim Ortakligi ASAKMGY146.74%1.89623.08%132008-01-23
Aksa Akrilik Kimya Sanayi ASAKSA411.7%3.27535.29%172007-10-09
Akis Gayrimenkul Yatirim Ortakligi ASAKSGY250.33%6.52250%62013-08-23
Akdeniz Yatirim Holding ASAKYHO227.01%1.7724%252020-08-24
Alarko Holding ASALARK445.09%2.74330.43%232007-12-17
Albaraka Turk Katilim Bankasi ASALBRK253.25%2.78235.71%142009-08-13
Alarko Carrier Sanayi ve Ticaret ASALCAR410.5%3.23933.33%182007-10-24
Alcatel Lucent Teletas Telekomunikasyon ASALCTL508.09%2.55230%302015-07-20
Alarko Gayrimenkul Yatirim Ortakligi ASALGYO678.31%4.16543.48%232019-12-30
Alkim Kagit Sanayi ve Ticaret ASALKA370.18%4.55745.45%112007-10-23
Alkim Alkali Kimya ASALKIM452.88%4.76142.86%142013-02-25
Altinyag Kombinalari ASALMAD439.3%2.52432%252008-07-02
Anel Elektrik Proje Taahhut ve Ticaret ASANELE392.15%2.88931.58%192011-02-02
Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik ASANHYT293.54%3.41933.33%122007-12-18
Anadolu Anonim Turk Sigorta StiANSGR240.4%2.57428.57%142018-04-18
Arcelik ASARCLK1%4.20342.5%401994-03-11
Ard Grup Bilisim Teknolojileri ASARDYZ178.06%13.85966.67%32020-06-25
Arena Bilgisayar Sanayi ve Ticaret ASARENA342.29%2.26126.09%232007-12-17
Armada Bilgisayar Sistemleri Sanayi ve Ticaret ASARMDA658.51%4.06747.83%232015-03-16
Arsan Tekstil Ticaret ve Sanayi ASARSAN512.49%2.75830.77%262007-11-21
Arzum Elektrikli Ev Aletleri Sanayi ve Ticaret ASARZUM-29.19%00%22021-03-22
Aselsan Elektronik Sanayi ve Ticaret ASASELS663.07%6.27852.94%172018-04-12
Anadolu Isuzu Otomotiv Sanayi ve Ticaret ASASUZU893.97%2.68134.78%462022-09-26
Ata Gayrimenkul Yatirim Ortakligi ASATAGY111%2.21925%82016-08-16
Atp Ticari Bilgisayar Agi ve Elektrik Guc Kaynaklari Uretim Pazarlama ve TicaretATATP-30.38%00%22022-02-18
Akin Tekstil ASATEKS549.16%3.1333.33%242008-01-21
Atlas Menkul Kiymetler Yatirim Ortakligi ASATLAS332.55%1.73222.22%362010-04-07
Avrasya GmyoAVGYO491.52%2.27527.27%332011-02-25
Avrupa Yatirim Holding ASAVHOL143.99%1.53720%202015-06-10
AVOD Kurutulmus Gida ve Tarim Urunleri Sanayi Ticaret ASAVOD189.62%1.86522.22%182020-11-13
Avrasya Petrol ve Turistik Tesisler Yatirimlar ASAVTUR30.33%1.0817.86%282017-05-16
Altinyunus CesmeAYCES161.46%1.49619.23%262020-02-04
Aydem Yenilenebilir Enerji ASAYDEM98.43%3100%12021-09-09
Ayen Enerji ASAYEN441.94%2.53530.77%262015-02-09
Ayes Celik Hasir ve Cit Sanayi ASAYES490.99%11.67962.5%82013-08-23
Aygaz ASAYGAZ329.38%2.92131.25%162007-11-28
Bagfas Bandirma Gubre Fabrikalari ASBAGFS462.45%2.71432%252022-01-04
Bak Ambalaj Sanayi ve Ticaret ASBAKAB466.47%4.45142.86%142007-11-08
Balatacilar Balatacilik Sanayi ve Ticaret ASBALAT94.51%1.33921.74%232020-11-12
Banvit Bandirma Vitaminli Yem Sanayi ASBANVT351.74%2.13229.63%272022-01-28
Bastas Baskent Cimento Sanayi ve Ticaret ASBASCM229.68%3.66137.5%82013-01-08
Baskent Dogalgaz Dagitim Gayrimenkul Yatirim Ortakligi ASBASGZ-82.6%00%52021-11-10
Bayrak Ebt Taban SanayiBAYRK53.08%2.17125%42021-03-01
Bera HoldingBERA207.8%3.35337.5%82018-01-23
Beyaz Filo Oto Kiralama ASBEYAZ538.58%2.36429.41%342018-05-07
Bosch Fren Sistemleri Sanayi ve Ticaret ASBFREN445.02%3.24538.1%212020-11-02
BIM Birlesik Magazalar ASBIMAS618.86%14.01666.67%92011-03-21
Biotrend Cevre ve Enerji Yatirimlari ASBIOEN67.21%3.00133.33%32021-08-26
Bizim Toptan Satis Magazalari ASBIZIM178.7%2.47327.27%112011-05-17
Besiktas Futbol Yatirimlari Sanayi ve Ticaret ASBJKAS549.35%2.87232.14%282009-06-08
BMS Celik Hasir Sanayi ve Ticaret ASBMSCH-15.34%00%12022-01-12
Bantas Bandirma Ambalaj Sanayi ve Ticaret ASBNTAS154.2%2.0825%122017-04-28
Bogazici Beton SanayiBOBET91.72%7.02950%22021-10-05
Bossa Ticaret ve Sanayi Isletmeleri TASBOSSA650.05%2.82631.25%322018-04-24
Brisa Bridgestone Sabanci Lastik Sanayi ve Ticaret ASBRISA487.94%3.26133.33%212008-06-05
Birko Birlesik Koyunlulular Mensucat Ticaret ve Sanayi ASBRKO177.47%2.38427.27%112011-07-26
Berkosan Yalitim ve Tecrit Maddeleri Uretim ve Ticaret ASBRKSN369.59%2.35429.17%242012-07-13
Birlesim Muhendislik Isitma Sogutma Havalandirma Sanayi & Ticaret Sirketi ASBRLSM54.81%2.225%42022-11-28
Birlik Mensucat Ticaret ve Sanayi Isletmesi ASBRMEN351.39%2.36827.27%222007-12-18
Borusan Mannesmann Boru Sanayi ve Ticaret ASBRSAN415.81%5.25445.45%112007-11-23
Borusan Yatirim ve Pazarlama ASBRYAT619.39%4.29542.86%212021-01-06
Batisoke Soke Cimento Sanayi TASBSOKE154.48%1.65721.05%192008-01-17
Baticim Bati Anadolu Cimento Sanayi ASBTCIM551.59%3.21233.33%242008-01-23
Bursa Cimento Fabrikasi ASBUCIM173.26%2.39427.27%112008-06-11
Burcelik Bursa Celik Dokum Sanayi ASBURCE86.33%1.34720%202020-09-21
Burcelik Vana Sanayi ve Ticaret ASBURVA44.4%1.26121.43%142020-09-21
Casa Emtia Petrol Kimyevi ve Turevleri Sanayi ve Ticaret ASCASA55.54%2.14225%42020-08-28
Coca-Cola Icecek ASCCOLA298.61%3.77336.36%112008-02-01
Celik Halat ve Tel Sanayi ASCELHA424.88%2.63630.43%232008-01-17
Cemas Dokum Sanayi ASCEMAS33.54%1.0914.81%272011-01-21
Cemtas Celik Makina Sanayi ve Ticaret ASCEMTS525.92%4.05138.89%182008-01-22
CEO Event Medya ASCEOEM120.95%2.53428.57%72020-01-30
Cimsa Cimento Sanayi ve Ticaret ASCIMSA363.43%3.66235.71%142007-12-18
Celebi Hava Servisi ASCLEBI575.69%3.37536.36%222007-10-30
Cimbeton Hazirbeton ve Prefabrik Yapi Elemanlari Sanayi ve Ticaret ASCMBTN399.16%2.84730%202008-01-22
Cimentas Izmir Cimento Fabrikasi TASCMENT439.1%2.58328%252008-01-22
Cosmos Yatirim Holding ASCOSMO396.27%4.42341.67%122022-09-23
Creditwest Faktoring ASCRDFA381.79%4.20941.67%122008-12-26
Cuhadaroglu Metal Sanayi ve Pazarlama ASCUSAN285.87%3.64236.36%112016-07-20
Dagi Yatirim Holding ASDAGHL301.84%2.29231.58%192020-11-25
Dagi Giyim Sanayi ve Ticaret ASDAGI128.31%1.45421.74%232017-08-11
Dardanel Onentas Gida Sanayi ASDARDL1.58%1.00316.67%302021-01-12
Denge Yatirim Holding ASDENGE571.24%2.66129.03%312018-05-09
Derluks Yatirim Holding ASDERHL70%1.53720%102020-01-16
Derimod Konfeksiyon Ayakkabi Deri Sanayi ve Ticaret ASDERIM482.95%3.01634.78%232019-08-19
Desa Deri Sanayi ve Ticaret ASDESA392.01%2.97933.33%182007-11-22
Despec Bilgisayar Pazarlama ve Ticaret ASDESPC275.21%2.19625%202011-05-16
Deva Holding ASDEVA180.79%2.58830%102008-01-08
Datagate Bilgisayar Malzemeleri Ticaret ASDGATE313.29%1.76523.53%342010-11-03
Dogus Gayrimenkul Yatirim Ortakligi ASDGGYO398.84%3.87640%152013-06-26
Doganlar Mobilya Grubu Imalat Sanayi ve Ticaret ASDGNMO456.99%1.54920.63%632000-02-25
Diriteks Dirilis Tekstil Sanayi ve Ticaret ASDIRIT324.74%2.0524%252013-03-29
Ditas Dogan Yedek Parca Imalat ve Teknik ASDITAS964.03%2.52132.73%552020-09-03
Demisas Dokum Emaye Mamulleri Sanayi ASDMSAS417.41%6.31550%102007-11-19
Dinamik Isi Makina Yalitim Malzemeleri Sanayi ve Ticaret ASDNISI162.79%5.42950%42020-12-30
Dogus Otomotiv Servis ve Ticaret ASDOAS370.54%1.90624.24%332008-01-24
Dogan Burda Dergi Yayincilik ve Pazarlama ASDOBUR131.61%1.26618.42%382022-02-14
DO & CO AGDOCO383.59%4.62441.67%122011-04-20
Dogusan Boru Sanayi ve Ticaret ASDOGUB208.38%1.53720%302008-01-18
Dogan Sirketler Grubu Holding ASDOHOL970.39%2.4231.03%582000-04-18
Doktas Dokumculuk Ticaret ve Sanayi ASDOKTA606.5%2.9233.33%302019-09-19
Duran-Dogan Basim ve Ambalaj Sanayi ASDURDO694.97%4.22641.67%242020-02-12
DYO Boya Fabrikalari Sanayi ve Ticaret ASDYOBY606.61%4.14540%202008-01-24
Deniz GmyoDZGYO431.4%3.49435.29%172014-11-24
EIS Eczacibasi Ilac Sinai ve Finansal Yatirimlar Sanayi ve Ticaret ASECILC1%3.81641.46%411995-07-03
Eczacibasi Yatirim Holding Ortakligi ASECZYT584.32%5.52546.67%152008-01-24
E-Data Teknoloji Pazarlama ASEDATA184.38%13.17666.67%32021-10-12
Edip Gayrimenkul Yatirim Sanayi ve Ticaret ASEDIP121.64%1.31917.24%292008-01-22
Ege Endustri ve Ticaret ASEGEEN687.61%4.03937.5%242007-10-24
Nasmed Ozel Saglik Hizmetleri Ticaret ASEGEPO-15.05%00%12022-01-19
Ege Gubre Sanayi ASEGGUB434.84%2.48628%252008-02-27
Ege Profil Ticaret ve Sanayi ASEGPRO345.66%2.87633.33%182010-11-26
Ege SeramikEGSER312.27%2.10325%242007-12-18
Emlak Konut Gayrimenkul Yatirim Ortakligi ASEKGYO96.82%2.0325%82011-03-16
Ekiz Kimya Sanayi ve Ticaret ASEKIZ362.79%2.16926.92%262020-07-06
Elite Naturel Organik Gida Sanayi ve Ticaret ASELITE85.03%6.62450%22022-05-17
EMEK Elektrik Endustrisi ASEMKEL484.27%3.28835%202008-07-02
Eminis Ambalaj Sanayi ve Ticaret ASEMNIS482.75%2.33428.13%322020-11-30
Enerjisa Enerji ASENJSA84.71%6.56950%22018-05-14
ENKA Insaat ve Sanayi ASENKAI278.61%3.24133.33%122008-04-01
Egeplast Ege Plastik Ticaret ve Sanayi ASEPLAS533.62%2.24328.57%352020-03-10
Erbosan Erciyas Boru Sanayi Ve Ticaret ASERBOS624.92%3.24834.62%262007-10-24
Erciyas Celik Boru Sanayi ASERCB415.88%2.38726.92%262011-11-01
Eregli Demir ve Celik Fabrikalari TASEREGL606.5%5.17947.06%172001-08-16
ERSU Meyve ve Gida Sanayi ASERSU304.16%1.75424.24%332014-08-14
Escort Teknoloji Yatirim ASESCOM355.73%1.77323.68%382011-08-08
Esenboga ElektrikESEN102.72%4100%12021-06-17
Etiler İnci Bufe Gida Sanayi ve Dis Ticaret ASETILR265.02%1.5920.59%342012-11-16
Euro Yatirim Holding ASEUHOL137.04%1.37517.86%282019-08-06
Euro Kapital Yatirim Ortakligi ASEUKYO301.76%2.03324%252011-12-09
Euro Menkul Kiymet Yatirim Ortakligi ASEUYO203.32%2.6633.33%122020-11-27
Fade Gida Yatirim Sanayi Ticaret AsFADE32.12%1.51820%52021-04-22
Fenerbahce Futbol ASFENER365.46%2.18731.03%292020-09-18
Flap Kongre Toplanti Hizmetleri Otomotiv ve Turizm ASFLAP453.95%2.59630.77%262017-06-19
Federal Mogul Izmit Piston ve Pim Uretim Tesisleri ASFMIZP390.98%2.80730%202008-01-18
Fonet Bilgi Teknolojileri ASFONET-41.98%0.70510%102017-08-03
Formet Celik Kapi Sanayi ve Ticaret ASFORMT169.46%1.72722.22%182018-08-28
Frigo-Pak Gida Maddeleri Sanayi ve Ticaret ASFRIGO594.75%2.43338.71%312015-03-17
Ford Otomotiv Sanayi ASFROTO694.28%7.49953.33%152002-10-11
Turkiye Garanti BankasiGARAN667.75%3.0835.48%311995-06-30
Garanti Faktoring ASGARFA184.89%1.57719.23%262017-08-17
Gedik Yatirim Menkul Degerler ASGEDIK435.25%7.84955.56%92020-03-17
Gediz Ambalaj Sanayi ve Ticaret ASGEDZA453.12%10.5262.5%82014-04-22
Gentas Genel Metal Sanayi ve Ticaret ASGENTS451.45%2.26830.77%261998-09-07
Gersan Elektrik Ticaret ve Sanayi ASGEREL254.11%1.70720.69%292004-02-19
Global Menkul Degerler ASGLBMD273.09%3.21833.33%122012-04-13
Guler Yatirim Holding ASGLRYH415.63%3.32942.11%192020-07-07
Global Yatirim Holding ASGLYHO341.83%2.34527.27%222007-10-22
Goltas Goller Bolgesi Cimento Sanayi ve Ticaret ASGOLTS315.05%2.1325%242008-02-12
Goodyear Lastikleri TASGOODY595.88%3.74438.1%212008-01-18
Gozde Girisim Sermayesi Yatirim Ortakligi ASGOZDE266.69%2.97733.33%122011-12-20
Garanti Yatirim Ortakligi ASGRNYO515.2%7.13854.55%112008-01-22
GSD Denizcilik Gayrimenkul Insaat Sanayi ve Ticaret ASGSDDE198.47%1.99623.53%172012-01-11
GSD Holding ASGSDHO216.36%1.75622.73%222007-11-26
Galatasaray Sportif Sinai ve Ticari Yatirimlar ASGSRAY297.83%1.95823.08%262008-10-13
Gubre Fabrikalari TASGUBRF854.1%5.33247.83%232020-03-18
Galata Wind Enerji Anonim SirketGWIND100.14%3100%12022-04-28
Gezinomi Seyahat Turizm Ticaret ASGZNMI-13.84%00%12022-08-22
Turkiye Halk BankasiHALKB32.27%1.1214.29%212008-01-16
Hateks Hatay Tekstil Isletmeleri ASHATEK244.3%2.59628.57%142011-08-09
HEDEF Girisim Sermayesi Yatirim Ortakligi ASHDFGS155.93%1.59920%202017-12-20
Hedef Holdings ASHEDEF100.35%3100%12022-04-05
Hektas Ticaret TASHEKTS706.76%5.29156.25%162021-03-18
Halk Gayrimenkul Yatirim Ortakligi ASHLGYO199.98%3.17233.33%92014-02-03
Hub Girisim Sermayesi Yatirim Ortakligi ASHUBVC176.8%1.95325%162020-03-11
Hurriyet Gazetecilik ve Matbaacilik ASHURGZ253.69%1.72821.43%282007-10-04
ICBC Turkey Bank ASICBCT354.44%3.55535.71%142016-04-28
Idealist Danismanlik ASIDEAS114.39%1.55818.75%162021-06-16
Idealist Gayrimenkul Yatirim Ortakligi ASIDGYO324.05%1.86522.58%312010-11-15
Isiklar Enerji ve Yapi Holding ASIEYHO289.48%1.55920.51%392019-04-05
Ihlas Haber Ajansi ASIHAAS99.8%4100%12022-02-08
Ihlas Ev Aletleri Imalat Sanayi ve Ticaret ASIHEVA19.4%1.05314.81%272008-01-17
Ihlas Gazetecilik ASIHGZT5.23%1.01414.29%282019-10-15
Ihlas Holding ASIHLAS89.59%1.28620.83%242011-01-14
Ihlas Gayrimenkul Proje Gelistirme ve Ticaret ASIHLGM707.07%1.54323%1002017-09-15
Ihlas Yayin Holding ASIHYAY200.33%1.68821.74%232011-02-25
Indeks Bilgisayar Sistemleri Muhendislik Sanayi ve Ticaret ASINDES455.43%2.82830.43%232007-10-17
Info Yatirim ASINFO478.83%3.04138.1%212022-10-11
Intema Insaat ve Tesisat Malzemeleri Yatirim ve Pazarlama ASINTEM706.13%3.04534.38%322021-03-09
Inveo Yatirim Holding ASINVEO337.63%2.67335.29%172021-04-20
Ipek Dogal Enerji Kaynaklari Arastirma ve Uretim ASIPEKE469.78%2.43727.59%292017-09-27
Isbir Holding ASISBIR370.78%4.19641.67%122013-03-12
Turkiye Is Bankasi AS Class BISBTR184.92%2.35730.77%132010-04-22
Turkiye Is Bankasi AS Class CISCTR620.64%2.56730.56%362000-06-08
Iskenderun Demir ve Celik ASISDMR208.3%3.30233.33%92022-02-21
Is Girisim Sermayesi Yatirim Ortakligi ASISGSY439.69%2.68529.17%242008-01-22
Is Gayrimenkul Yatirim Ortakligi ASISGYO275.14%2.29227.78%182022-09-20
Isik Plastik Sanayi ve Dis Ticaret Pazarlama ASISKPL50.35%2.09525%42021-04-26
Turkiye Is BankasiISKUR-55.56%00%42008-02-18
Is Yatirim Menkul Degerler ASISMEN506.32%7.16854.55%112008-03-10
Isbir Sentetik Dokuma Sanayi ASISSEN-29.97%00%22022-11-21
Ittifak Holding ASITTFH166.58%1.52320%252011-06-13
Izmir Firca Sanayi ve Ticaret ASIZFAS228.93%1.61120%302018-02-01
Iz Hayvancilik Tarim ve Gida Sanayi Ticaret ASIZINV406.03%2.26728.57%282018-12-27
Izmir Demir Celik Sanayi ASIZMDC457.4%2.49832.14%282020-04-22
Jantsa Jant Sanayi ve Ticaret ASJANTS327.38%3.03433.33%152021-02-24
Kaplamin Ambalaj Sanayi ve Ticaret ASKAPLM618.61%2.38430.77%392017-05-12
Karel Elektronik Sanayi ve Ticaret ASKAREL481.99%2.58530.77%262007-11-23
Karsan Otomotiv Sanayi ve Ticaret ASKARSN444.71%2.74630.43%232007-12-17
Kartonsan Karton Sanayi ve Ticaret ASKARTN342.98%2.34927.27%222020-12-25
Kartal Yenilenebilir Enerji Uretim ASKARYE81.44%6.28550%22021-11-09
Katmerciler Arac Ustu Ekipman Sanayi ve Ticaret ASKATMR455.58%2.35827.59%292011-02-25
Koc Holding ASKCHOL890.69%3.52941.18%341997-11-28
Kent Gida Maddeleri Sanayi ve Ticaret ASKENT314.72%1.70827.03%372020-09-11
Kervansaray Yatirim Holding ASKERVN323.07%2.04628%252020-10-28
Kerevitas Gida Sanayi ve Ticaret ASKERVT356.96%2.03624.14%292007-10-18
Kafein YazilimKFEIN201.25%8100%22018-08-15
Ersan Alisveris Hizmetleri & Gida Sanayi Ticaret ASKIMMR60.17%1.9833.33%62022-11-11
Kiler GmyoKLGYO270.42%1.85923.08%262020-08-20
Kalekim Kimyevi Maddeler Sanayi & Ticaret ASKLKIM82.98%6.45150%22022-01-11
Klimasan Klima Sanayi ve Ticaret ASKLMSN444.62%3.79437.5%162008-05-09
Turkiye Kalkinma Bankasi ASKLNMA198.1%1.62524%252020-02-19
Konfrut Gida Sanayi ve Ticaret ASKNFRT738.11%3.78838.46%262011-04-28
Konya Kagit Sanayi ve Ticaret ASKONKA199.74%7100%22022-03-14
Kontrolmatik Teknoloji Enerji ve MuKONTR91.84%1.83822.22%92022-11-24
Konya Cimento Sanayi ASKONYA275.17%2.23525%202008-01-18
Kordsa Global Endustriyel Iplik ve Kord Bezi Sanayi ve Ticaret ASKORDS1%3.57840%452006-05-05
Koza Anadolu Metal Madencilik Isletmeleri ASKOZAA502.8%2.69529.63%272017-11-20
Koza Altin Isletmeleri ASKOZAL486.01%3.26133.33%212011-02-28
Kardemir Karabuk Demir Celik Sanayi ve Ticaret AS Class AKRDMA329.71%2.21126.09%232008-01-24
Kardemir Karabuk Demir Celik Sanayi ve Ticaret AS Class BKRDMB371.87%2.15725.93%272013-11-25
Kardemir Karabuk Demir Celik Sanayi ve Ticaret AS Class DKRDMD433.58%2.62529.17%242008-01-18
Korfez Gayrimenkul Yatirim Ortakligi ASKRGYO316.94%4.97144.44%92015-01-07
Kron Telekomunikasyon Hizmetleri ASKRONT352.91%2.43827.27%222021-03-23
Kristal Kola ve Mesrubat Sanayi Ticaret ASKRSTL436.74%2.19325.81%312022-05-17
Karsu Tekstil Sanayi ve Ticaret ASKRTEK322.02%1.7823.53%342010-05-11
Kervan Gıda Sanayi Ve Ticaret AsKRVGD45.89%1.88325%42021-03-18
Kustur Kusadasi Turizm Endustrisi ASKSTUR275.16%2.98630.77%132015-01-27
Kutahya Porselen Sanayi ASKUTPO370.98%2.16126.92%262021-05-31
Kuyas Yatirim ASKUYAS623.81%4.71842.11%192013-05-15
Kizilbuk Gayrimenkul Yatirim Ortakligi ASKZBGY26.5%1.36416.67%62021-12-20
Lider Faktoring ASLIDFA325.98%3.08433.33%152015-07-31
Link Bilgisayar Sistemleri Yazilimi ve Donanimi Sanayi ve Ticaret ASLINK271.86%1.58223.08%392017-11-01
Lokman Hekim Engurusag Saglik Turizm Egitim Hizmetleri ve Insaat Taahhut ASLKMNH358.33%3.60135.71%142011-07-19
Logo Yazilim Sanayi ve Ticaret ASLOGO212.49%1.74523.81%212008-01-03
Luks Kadife Ticaret ve Sanayi ASLUKSK445.68%2.75730.43%232007-10-10
Marmaris Altinyunus Turistik Tesisleri ASMAALT266.38%2.01926.09%232020-02-11
Makina Takim Endustrisi ASMAKTK56.32%1.12915.15%332010-06-08
Marka Yatirim Holding ASMARKA57.63%1.32821.43%142021-02-15
Marti Otel Isletmeleri ASMARTI221.31%1.92128.57%212022-10-04
Mavi Giyim Sanayi Ve Ticaret ASMAVI219.51%3.91537.5%82017-11-23
Mega Polietilen Kopuk Sanayi ve Ticaret ASMEGAP183.43%1.61421.74%232020-11-24
Mepet Metro Petrol ve Tesisleri Sanayi Ticaret ASMEPET165.6%1.38818.75%322011-12-02
Merit Turizm Yatirim ve Isletme ASMERIT479.93%2.95931.82%222020-10-08
Merko Gida Sanayi ve Ticaret ASMERKO387.36%2.09826.67%302020-10-27
Metro Ticari ve Mali Yatirimlar Holding ASMETRO200.69%1.69321.74%232010-10-04
Metemtur YatirimMETUR67.05%1.12715.38%392021-04-22
Milpa Ticari ve Sinai Urunler Pazarlama Sanayi ve Ticaret ASMIPAZ230.03%1.59622.58%312017-09-21
MMC Sanayi ve Ticari Yatirimlar ASMMCAS123.31%1.21819.05%422020-11-30
Menderes Tekstil Sanayi ve Ticaret ASMNDRS310.16%2.02224%252008-06-18
MLP Saglik Hizmetleri ASMPARK123.67%2.62628.57%72018-05-24
Marti Gayrimenkul Yatirim Ortakligi ASMRGYO230.35%1.86622.73%222011-08-05
Marshall Boya ve Vernik Sanayi ASMRSHL424.2%2.46326.92%262011-05-11
Mistral Gayrimenkul Yatirim Ortakligi ASMSGYO-3.15%0.96914.29%72017-11-17
Metro Yatirim Ortakligi ASMTRYO139.51%1.48421.74%232020-03-13
Mazhar Zorlu Holding ASMZHLD230.79%1.48923.53%342020-02-20
Naturel Yenilenebilir Enerji TicareNATEN382.34%13.59366.67%62019-12-24
Netas Telekomunikasyon ASNETAS481.5%2.15925.71%352009-11-04
Nigbas Nigde Beton Sanayi ve Ticaret ASNIBAS168.65%1.39318.18%332021-01-19
Net Holding ASNTHOL325.78%2.85231.25%162008-07-10
Nurol Gayrimenkul Yatirim Ortakligi ASNUGYO263.54%1.76621.43%282012-04-27
Nuh Cimento Sanayi ASNUHCM150.46%1.9328.57%142020-01-09
Orcay Ortakoy Cay Sanayi & Ticaret ASORCAY37.15%1.58620%52022-02-09
Orge Enerji Elektrik Taahhut ASORGE357.51%3.53435.71%142013-04-04
Orma Orman Mahsulleri Integre Sanayi ve Ticaret ASORMA224.87%1.97422.22%182014-01-30
Osmanli Menkul Degerler ASOSMEN515.59%4.0438.89%182020-03-17
Ostim Endustriyel Yatirimlar ve Isletme ASOSTIM176.51%1.7521.05%192013-05-06
Otokar Otomotiv ve Savunma Sanayi ASOTKAR553.94%3.42937.5%242013-06-24
Oyak CimentoOYAKC154.07%2.01523.08%132020-06-11
OYAK Yatirim Ortakligi ASOYAYO381.02%2.46229.17%242014-02-04
Oylum Sinai Yatirimlar ASOYLUM408.4%2.30726.92%262020-03-11
Oyak Yatirim Menkul Degerler ASOYYAT191.67%14.88666.67%32021-11-12
Ozderici GmyoOZGYO320.1%2.09128%252018-05-02
Ozak Gayrimenkul Yatirim Ortakligi ASOZKGY515.25%7.35554.55%112012-09-10
Ozerden Plastik Sanayi ve Ticaret ASOZRDN291.72%3.27933.33%122020-10-22
Panora Gayrimenkul Yatirim Ortakligi ASPAGYO201.24%0100%22013-10-11
Pamel Yenilenebilir Elektrik Uretim ASPAMEL133.74%1.41726.09%232022-08-22
Papilon Savunma Guvenlik SistemleriPAPIL100.51%3100%12020-03-13
Parsan Makina Parcalari Sanayi ASPARSN695.29%4.42645.45%222014-08-05
Pera Gayrimenkul Yatirim Ortakligi ASPEGYO149.6%1.43819.23%262008-01-24
Peker Gayrimenkul Yatirim Ortakligi ASPEKGY171.04%2.33127.27%112018-09-19
Penguen Gida Sanayi ASPENGD386.4%2.27626.92%262020-03-17
Penta Teknoloji Urunleri Dagitim Ticaret ASPENTA201.34%14.15466.67%32021-11-17
Petkim Petrokimya Holding ASPETKM626.26%5.00144.44%182002-06-21
Pinar Entegre Et ve Un Sanayi ASPETUN354.75%3.09235.29%172020-12-21
Pegasus Hava Tasimaciligi ASPGSUS297.47%2.49427.78%182014-02-03
Pinar Su Sanayi ve Ticaret ASPINSU173.98%2.39527.27%112008-02-12
Plastikkart Akilli Kart Iletisim Sistemleri Sanayi ve Ticaret ASPKART476.26%2.55829.63%272020-02-12
Petrokent Turizm ASPKENT362.37%2.31532%252022-03-14
Pinar Sut Mamulleri Sanayi ASPNSUT291.41%2.4327.78%182007-12-13
Polisan Holding ASPOLHO224.85%2.50340%152018-03-01
Politeknik Metal Sanayi ve Ticaret ASPOLTK583.06%13.9170%102015-07-10
Turk Prysmian Kablo ve Sistemleri ASPRKAB222.42%1.79921.74%232022-01-28
Park Elektrik Uretim Madencilik Sanayi ve Ticaret ASPRKME477.36%4.47843.75%162022-09-14
Prizma Pres Matbaacilik Yayincilik Sanayi ve Ticaret ASPRZMA147.63%1.56319.05%212020-02-03
Pergamon Status Dis Ticaret ASPSDTC354.61%3.35235.71%142015-06-04
Qnb Finansbank ASQNBFB518.8%3.82236.84%192008-06-26
QNB Finans Finansal Kiralama ASQNBFL-53.38%0.7313.33%152020-04-01
Qua Granite Hayal Yapi ve Urunleri Sanayi Ticaret ASQUAGR201.2%0100%22021-07-14
Ral Yatirim Holding ASRALYH526.46%2.01828.57%422021-12-20
Ray Sigorta ASRAYSG98.2%1.32517.39%232008-01-16
Rhea Girisim Sermayesi Yatirim Ortakligi ASRHEAG113.85%1.41118.18%222011-02-24
Rodrigo Tekstil Sanayi ve Ticaret ASRODRG267.53%1.81922.22%272020-11-19
Royal Hali Iplik Tekstil Mobilya Sanayi ve Ticaret ASROYAL380.83%3.77940%152022-09-21
RTA Laboratuvarlari Biyolojik Urunler Ilac ve Makine Sanayi Ticaret ASRTALB-31.28%0.89218.18%222020-05-29
Reysas Gayrimenkul Yatirim Ortakligi ASRYGYO340.33%2.90535.29%172020-03-13
Reysas Tasimacilik ve Lojistik Ticaret ASRYSAS198.87%1.47721.88%322020-03-13
Safkar Ege Sogutmacilik Klima Soguk Hava Tesisleri Ihracat Ithalat Sanayi ve TicSAFKR220.65%3.37433.33%92018-05-02
Haci Omer Sabanci Holding ASSAHOL487.95%2.58531.03%292000-01-13
Saray Matbaacilik Kagitcilik Kirtasiyecilik Ticaret ve Sanayi ASSAMAT263.91%2.00326.09%232021-02-10
SAN-EL Muhendislik Elektrik Taahhut Sanayi ve Ticaret ASSANEL276.18%2.40829.41%172015-01-14
Sanifoam Sunger Sanayi ve Ticaret ASSANFM449.72%3.4436.84%192020-03-13
Sanko Pazarlama Ithalat Ihracat ASSANKO386.79%2.64131.82%222020-01-09
Sarkuysan Elektrolitik Bakir Sanayi ve Ticaret ASSARKY601.79%9.62963.64%112008-06-30
SASA Polyester Sanayi ASSASA687.71%3.46350%242017-09-11
Say Yenilenebilir Enerji Ekipmanları Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim ŞirketiSAYAS405.15%4.69446.15%132020-03-13
Seker Finansal Kiralama ASSEKFK405.99%3.10433.33%182008-01-24
Sekuro Plastik Ambalaj Sanayi ASSEKUR508.85%3.34133.33%212014-03-11
Selcuk Ecza Deposu Ticaret ve Sanayi ASSELEC390.86%4.4341.67%122007-10-24
Selcuk Gida Endustri Ihracat Ithalat ASSELGD360.65%2.62630%202008-04-24
Selva Gida Sanayi ASSELVA99.83%3100%12021-11-11
Seyitler Kimya Sanayi ASSEYKM463.27%3.56942.11%192022-01-04
Silverline Endustri ve Ticaret ASSILVR332.84%1.92423.33%302022-10-07
Sekerbank TASSKBNK95.38%1.29920%252022-09-19
Soktas Tekstil Sanayi ve Ticaret ASSKTAS305.71%2.03925%242007-09-25
Smartiks Yazilim ASSMART-12.65%0.88812.5%82019-08-20
Sinpas GmyoSNGYO75.21%1.2416.67%242008-02-12
Senkron Guvenlik ve Iletisim Sistemleri ASSNKRN117.75%1.4419.05%212021-06-30
Sonmez Pamuklu Sanayii ASSNPAM644.58%2.55629.73%372010-01-13
Sodas Sodyum Sanayi ASSODSN313.83%4.59144.44%92013-03-27
Sok MarketlerSOKM181.96%13.10966.67%32018-10-11
Sonmez Filament Sentetik Iplik ve Elyaf Sanayi ASSONME187.3%1.35519.51%412021-03-09
Servet Gayrimenkul Yatirim Ortakligi ASSRVGY297.65%2.35530%202021-05-26
Sumas Suni Tahta ve Mobilya Sanayi ASSUMAS73.84%3.35733.33%32018-08-20
Tat Gida Sanayi ASTATGD158.08%2.11725%122015-01-15
TAV Havalimanlari HoldingTAVHL345.36%2.35727.27%222008-01-24
Turk Tuborg Bira ve Malt Sanayi ASTBORG663.13%5.16844.44%182007-10-24
Turkcell Iletisim Hizmetleri AS ORDTCELL475.33%4.68642.86%142001-07-05
Trend Gayrimenkul Yatirim Ortakligi ASTDGYO182.94%2.45427.27%112018-07-13
Tek-Art Insaat Ticaret Turizm Sanayi ve Yatirimlar ASTEKTU210.11%1.72821.74%232007-10-16
Tetamat Gida Yatirimlari ASTETMT217.88%1.85825%202013-11-21
Europap Tezol Kagit Sanayi Ve Ticaret ASTEZOL100.5%4100%12022-01-25
TGS Dis Ticaret ASTGSAS335.63%2.23325%242021-02-23
Turkish AirlinesTHYAO396.83%2.27226.92%262009-11-24
Mondi Tire KutsanTIRE560.53%4.28442.11%192020-03-13
Tekfen Holding ASTKFEN298.82%2.3430%202021-12-24
Teknosa Ic ve Dis Ticaret ASTKNSA299.35%2.21427.27%222020-03-20
Trabzon Liman Isletmeciligi ASTLMAN239.77%3.92337.5%82018-05-08
Temapol Polimer Plastik ve Insaat Sanayi Ticaret ASTMPOL190.81%1.88622.22%182015-03-05
Tumosan Motor ve Traktor Sanayi ASTMSN354.15%3.51235.71%142013-06-21
Tofas Turk Otomobil Fabrikasi ASTOASO486.98%3.07634.78%232021-12-24
Turcas Petrol ASTRCAS303.39%2.57829.41%172008-01-21
Torunlar Gayrimenkul Yatirim Ortakligi ASTRGYO377.1%3.86538.46%132011-02-28
Turk Ilac ve Serum Sanayi ASTRILC-79.68%00%52021-06-11
TSKB Gayrimenkul Yatirim Ortakligi ASTSGYO221.71%2.30626.67%152011-06-06
Turkiye Sinai Kalkinma Bankasi ASTSKB907.46%2.51843.18%442022-09-29
Trabzonspor Sportif Yatirim ve Futbol Isletmeciligi Ticaret ASTSPOR174.39%1.40917.65%342008-10-14
Turk Telekomunikasyon ASTTKOM239.71%4.97742.86%72008-09-18
Turk Traktor ve Ziraat Makineleri ASTTRAK372.73%2.59728.57%212007-12-13
Tugcelik Aluminyum ve Metal Mamulleri Sanayi ve Ticaret ASTUCLK441.95%3.9241.18%172015-09-17
Tukas Gida Sanayi ve Ticaret ASTUKAS636.46%3.15834.48%292020-02-24
Turkiye Petrol Rafinerileri ASTUPRS1%4.67645.16%311995-09-20
Turker Proje Gayrimenkul Ve Yatirim Gelistirme ASTURGG293.41%3.76136.36%112015-11-30
Turkiye Sigorta ASTURSG224.91%1.83122.73%222008-01-16
Ufuk Yatirim Yonetim Ve Gayrimenkul ASUFUK69.18%1.2816.67%182016-12-01
Ulaslar Turizm Yatirimlari ve Dayanikli Tuketim Mallari Ticaret Pazarlama ASULAS118.2%1.43919.05%212015-11-03
Ulker Biskuvi Sanayi ASULKER294.75%3.62836.36%112007-11-22
Ulusal Faktoring ASULUFA100.3%4100%12022-05-24
Ulusoy Elektrik Imalat Taahhut ve Ticaret ASULUSE419.83%6.44550%102022-05-23
Ulusoy Un Sanayi ve Ticaret ASULUUN336.99%3.07433.33%152017-11-06
Umpas Holding ASUMPAS200.61%2.08126.67%152015-12-16
Unlu Yatirim HoldingUNLU100.27%3100%12021-09-08
Usak Seramik Sanayi ASUSAK542.57%2.11828.57%422011-11-04
Uzertas Boya Sanayi Ticaret ve Yatirim ASUZERB140.74%1.36117.24%292021-03-01
Turkiye Vakiflar Bankasi TAOVAKBN234.23%1.8124%252022-09-22
Vakif Finansal Kiralama ASVAKFN458.82%2.44432%252021-03-26
Vakko Tekstil ve Hazir Giyim Sanayi Isletmeleri ASVAKKO501.76%3.39135%202008-01-07
Vanet Gida Sanayi Ic ve Dis Ticaret ASVANGD315.74%1.93624.14%292021-03-23
Verusaturk Girisim Sermayesi Yatirim Ortakligi ASVERTU353.27%5.66750%102021-02-10
Verusa Holding ASVERUS78.71%1.6520%102016-03-03
Vestel Beyaz Esya Sanayi ve Ticaret ASVESBE390.84%2.29128%252007-11-06
Vestel Elektronik Sanayi ve Ticaret ASVESTL1%3.28534.88%431997-06-04
Vakif Menkul Kiymet Yatirim Ortakligi ASVKFYO297.09%3.12335.71%142020-12-14
Vakif Gayrimenkul Yatirim Ortakligi ASVKGYO197.88%1.51120.69%292007-10-02
Viking Kagit ve Seluloz ASVKING104.81%1.35417.39%232020-05-07
Bist 100 IndexXU100711.37%5.21947.37%191987-12-31
Yaprak Sut ve Besi Ciftlikleri Sanayi ve Ticaret ASYAPRK200.98%1.8826.32%192020-10-21
Yatas Yatak ve Yorgan Sanayi Ticaret ASYATAS388.7%2.24526.92%262018-04-10
Yayla Enerji Uretim Turizm ve Insaat Ticaret ASYAYLA138.23%1.39418.52%272014-02-28
Yibitas Yozgat Isci Birligi Insaat Malzemeleri Ticaret Sanayi ASYBTAS302.94%6.12850%82014-05-28
Yesil Yatirim Holding ASYESIL225.55%1.71224%252021-03-01
Yeni Gimat Gayrimenkul Yatirim Ortakligi ASYGGYO263.75%14.51380%52020-03-17
Yesil Gayrimenkul Yatirim Ortakligi ASYGYO32.78%1.1315.79%192011-08-08
Yapi ve Kredi Bankasi ASYKBNK891.13%2.92233.33%421995-07-04
Yukselen Celik AsYKSLN162.37%5.11450%42020-02-25
Yonga Mobilya Sanayi ve Ticaret ASYONGA121.59%1.43219.05%212018-04-17
Yunsa Yunlu Sanayi ve Ticaret ASYUNSA572.29%3.47237.5%242019-12-27
Yesil Yapi Endustrisi ASYYAPI59.98%1.17516%252014-07-17
Zorlu Enerji Elektrik Uretim ASZOREN185.98%1.59620%252007-11-05

FAQ | What do these numbers mean?

For your reference, statistics of the data generated by the indicator are given below. All these numbers require special attention. They prove the effectiveness and reliability of the strategy and help you understand the position of a particular instrument in the market. The data takes into account the trading commission (0.075 for cryptocurrencies, 0.025 for stocks and other instruments).

Net Profit

The overall profit or loss (in the selected currency) achieved by the trading strategy in the test period. The value is the sum of all values from the Profit column (on the List of Trades tab), taking into account the sign.

Percent Profitable

The percentage of winning trades generated by a strategy. Calculated by dividing the number of winning trades by the total number of closed trades generated by a strategy. Percent profitable is not a very reliable measure by itself. A strategy could have many small winning trades, making the percent profitable high with a small average winning trade, or a few big winning trades accounting for a low percent profitable and a big average winning trade. Some successful strategies have a percent profitability below 50% but are still profitable due to proper loss control.

Profit Factor

The amount of money a trading strategy made for every unit of money it lost (in the selected currency). This value is calculated by dividing gross profits by gross losses.

Total Trades

The total number of closed trades (both winning and losing) generated by a strategy. The total number of trades is important for a number of reasons. First, the number should be large enough for strategy results to be of any statistical significance. Second, the number can help validate that your strategy is trading at the frequency you expect.

First Trade Date

Actually, the date of the first trade. This shows that statistics are stored from the very beginning of the chart for the selected instrument. It is useful to know when the first signal was given.

Daily analysis of financial markets


In this section, you can find statistics on various financial instruments published every day, as well as financial market analytics by neural networks for forecasts for the future. The future is already here! Subscribe to the daily market analytics.