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South Africa Stock Market | Indicator Statistics

The table shows statistics on all market instruments. The signals are given from the very beginning of trading to the present moment. For example, BTC since 2012, BP since 1969. TheWaved is the only indicator that shows all the real statistics. Others only promise that their product would make a profit. After connecting TheWaved, traders and investors will see the same numbers on their charts. TheWaved is the first strategy that works on long periods of time. Perfect for investment. So far we are giving signals on timeframes in 1D, but there are also more profitable timeframes. All data includes the trading commission (0.075 for cryptocurrencies, 0.025 for stocks and other financial instruments). More than 90% of trading signals give a profit almost immediately, so if you are afraid to hold a position, you can close it when it goes into profit. To get more profit, you can use this indicator on a smaller timeframe, which will give you advantages on the opening price. Unfortunately, we cannot provide data of smaller timeframes for the entire period of time, since such statistics include tens of thousands of candles and require significant calculations. In the future, we will add these data to the statistics.

Profitable 145 from 196


Statistics of the indicator strategy results show 73.98% of profitable strategies according to South Africa Stock market data.

NOT PROFITABLE 51 from 196


Statistics of the indicator strategy results show 73.98% of profitable strategies according to South Africa Stock market data. Read more about the negative profit below


We provide all statistics, instead of selecting only profitable instruments. No one is immune to risks. The company may suddenly go bankrupt. There is a way to avoid risks as much as possible. Invest in only well established businesses; in assets that have been proven to be reliable over time. However, there is a huge profit even in risky assets, if you grab it when the moment is right. Instruments that are not profitable on the 1D timeframe can be profitable on 1H. The data is provided for information purposes.

To avoid catastrophic situations, invest in the instruments you know. The only factor may be delisting of a financial instrument or bankruptcy of a company. In all other situations, you will get a profit.

South Africa Stock Market | Strategy Statistics

The country's main stock exchange is the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). It ranks 1st in size in Africa. It is located in Johannesburg. This city is the largest and financial center of the country. It uses the Millennium Exchange system for electronic trading. This system belongs to the London Stock Exchange. Shares of 376 corporations are traded on the stock exchange. The market capitalization of the exchange is 959 billion US$. The exchange also sells bonds, ETFs and derivative financial instruments. It is part of the United Nations' Sustainable Stock Exchanges project. This exchange trades shares of well-known companies such as Barclays Africa Group, Anglo American, Sasol, Naspers and Standard Bank. The exchange's key index is the FTSE/JSE top 40, which reflects the stocks of 40 companies. It is generally used as an estimate of a country's stock market. There is also the FTSE / JSE All Share Index, which tracks the status of all stocks. And then there is the FTSE / JSE index for companies of various market capitalizations.

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TickerNet ProfitProfit FactorPercent ProfitableTotal TradesFirst Trade Date
Absa Group LimitedABG59.11%5.99450%22020-03-23
Arcelormittal Sa LimitedACL126.62%1.15114.71%682003-04-01
Afrocentric Inv Corp LtdACT89.87%1.43617.65%172007-07-31
Advtech LtdADH142.82%1.96123.08%132006-03-09
Altron Limited AAEL139.46%1.89521.43%142015-04-01
Aeci LimitedAFE101.76%2.34325%82004-04-20
Afrimat LimitedAFT312.05%2.85331.25%162007-07-31
Anglo American PlcAGL23.21%1.67225%42015-11-13
African Rainbow Cap InvAIL92.13%1.87722.22%92018-02-28
Anglogold Ashanti LtdANG69.55%5.48850%22014-12-02
Accelerate Prop Fund LtdAPF54.31%1.2115%202016-01-29
Aspen Pharmacare Hldgs LtdAPN371.39%16.01471.43%72003-09-19
Astoria Investments LtdARA-4.12%0.95825%42016-03-24
African Rainbow Min LtdARI392.62%5.77846.15%132003-04-23
Astral Foods LtdARL293.92%20.54783.33%62004-12-03
Argent Industrial LtdART72.34%1.34517.65%172005-03-31
Ascendis Health LtdASC-15.35%0.95113.04%232014-02-24
Attacq LimitedATT-72.98%0.5797.69%132014-04-24
Avi LtdAVI213.66%4.16937.5%82004-05-18
Alviva Holdings LtdAVV392.88%2.28125.93%272004-01-19
Ayo Tech Solutions LtdAYO187.9%1.72422.22%92019-11-29
Brait PlcBAT133.03%1.34717.65%342003-07-16
Barloworld LtdBAW238.68%2.07325%242003-06-26
Bowler Metcalf LtdBCF85.18%1.78922.22%92005-02-02
Bell Equipment LtdBEL127.54%1.27915.79%382003-07-15
Blue Label Telecoms LtdBLU144.95%1.54618.18%222008-03-19
Bidvest LtdBVT381.06%10.82462.5%82003-03-28
Caxton Ctp Publish PrintCAT-56.59%0.77610.53%192003-11-20
Capital&counties Prop PlcCCO48.91%1.41223.08%132013-07-19
Compagnie Fin RichemontCFR394.28%4.37246.15%132003-04-01
City Lodge Hotels LtdCLH241.04%2.5526.67%152004-03-09
Clientele LtdCLI-6.88%0.93212.5%82012-04-20
Clicks Group LtdCLS385.06%7.91255.56%92005-02-01
Combined Motor Hldgs LtdCMH59.81%1.24515%202006-07-03
Coronation Fund Mngrs LdCML390.35%3.31930%202003-09-19
Chrometco LtdCMO-67.67%0.89411.43%352007-09-21
Curro Holdings LimitedCOH226.74%2.3825%162011-11-14
Capitec Bank Hldgs LtdCPI257.67%20.77575%42003-11-07
Capitec Bank Hldgs PrefCPIP-37.66%00%22008-04-01
Capital & Regional PlcCRP44.62%1.20616.67%182016-11-01
Cashbuild LtdCSB243.02%0100%32003-09-25
Capital Appreciation LtdCTA-10.76%0.90112.5%82016-10-19
Dis-Chem Pharmacies LtdDCP58.16%2.98333.33%32017-03-06
Distell Group Hldgs LtdDGH56.67%6.02250%22020-03-18
Delta Property Fund LtdDLT73.92%1.22516.67%242013-08-20
Drd Gold LtdDRD-5.93%0.99212.73%552003-03-31
Discovery Ltd B PrefDSBP-27.32%00%22015-10-01
Discovery LtdDSY298.87%9.02557.14%72005-01-19
Datatec LtdDTC305.08%2.57930%202006-07-18
Efora Energy LimitedEEL155.29%1.65821.05%192018-11-23
Emira Property Fund LtdEMI7.22%1.08114.29%72005-11-03
E Media Holdings Ltd -N-EMN153.01%1.75321.43%142016-06-03
Enx Group LimitedENX-49.22%0.6719.09%112016-03-10
Eoh Holdings LtdEOH198.49%1.46419.44%362005-04-05
Eastern Platinum LtdEPS79.58%1.1114.89%472008-06-26
Equites Prop Fund LtdEQU-72.74%00%52015-05-28
Etion LimitedETO-63.04%0.61310%102019-11-06
Exxaro Resources LtdEXX445.98%4.11540%202003-07-23
Famous Brands LtdFBR470.26%4.32636.84%192004-02-06
Fortress Reit Ltd AFFA26.46%1.37916.67%62011-03-17
Fortress Reit Ltd BFFB-84.66%0.75311.11%272015-05-04
Firstrand LtdFSR347.23%4.71841.67%122003-04-01
Gold Fields LtdGFI256.5%2.24125%242003-06-30
Glencore PlcGLN217.7%2.4323.53%172014-03-13
Gemfields Group LimitedGML-45.64%00%32019-06-27
Grindrod LtdGND30.53%1.11313.64%222004-12-17
Grindrod Ltd PrefGNDP-38.87%00%32007-03-16
Grand Parade Inv LtdGPL3.53%1.01214.29%212009-01-21
Growthpoint Prop LtdGRT142.55%3.66533.33%62003-09-01
Grindrod Shipping Hldg LtdGSH21.83%1.40316.67%62019-01-15
Hosken Cons Inv LtdHCI347.74%3.01530%202005-12-23
Hudaco Industries LtdHDC299.07%4.32735.71%142007-06-11
Huge Group LtdHUG66.06%1.15516.13%312008-04-14
Hyprop Inv LtdHYP205.13%2.84935.71%142012-10-02
Impala Platinum Hlgs LtdIMP316.94%2.59327.27%222003-05-02
Investec LtdINL299.27%2.49826.09%232003-09-22
Investec PlcINP301.57%2.8927.78%182003-09-01
Investec Plc PrefINPP61.92%1.60720%102008-01-30
Investec Plc Pref (Rand)INPPR-16.06%00%12013-12-19
Investec Ltd PrefINPR-52.64%00%42006-12-08
Investec Property Fund LtdIPF-56.3%00%42012-08-06
Isa Holdings LimitedISA-39.54%0.84311.11%182006-03-27
Italtile LtdITE82.14%1.73922.22%92007-11-27
Invicta Holdings LtdIVT178.95%1.63119.23%262005-06-13
Invicta Hldgs Ltd PrefIVTP8.31%1.11414.29%72013-11-29
Jasco Electron Hldgs LtdJSC-6.39%0.98814.29%352003-07-17
Jse LtdJSE166.98%3.81137.5%82006-10-11
Kaap Agri LimitedKAL-65.17%0.5867.69%132017-10-30
Kap Industrial Hldgs LtdKAP300.38%2.10426.09%232004-04-22
Kumba Iron Ore LtdKIO44.95%1.41818.18%112015-08-06
Psg Konsult LimitedKST67.11%3.31433.33%32015-07-06
Liberty Two Degrees LtdL2D-75.25%00%52017-11-20
Libstar Holdings LtdLBR-72.56%00%52018-08-13
Lewis Group LtdLEW76.39%1.40816.67%182005-01-20
Life Healthc Grp Hldgs LtdLHC40.85%1.78720%52010-10-29
Multichoice Group LtdMCG-13.98%00%12020-03-03
Master Drilling Grp LtdMDI-46.9%0.6711.11%92014-06-17
Mediclinic Int PlcMEI-36.73%00%32017-11-22
Metrofile Holdings LtdMFL295.56%2.02926.09%232003-05-05
Mix Telematics LtdMIX156.74%1.6821.05%192008-04-21
Mondi PlcMNP165.74%2.79227.27%112007-10-09
Mpact LimitedMPT-86.56%0.76114.29%212012-08-14
Merafe Resources LtdMRF144.18%1.26216.67%422003-04-30
Mr Price Group LtdMRP408.53%18.63171.43%72003-06-02
Massmart Holdings LtdMSM222.03%2.2526.32%192003-04-01
Mas p.l.cMSP27.8%1.42420%52014-10-10
Mustek LtdMST129.08%1.36218.52%272003-04-30
Metair Investments LtdMTA117.99%1.42722.73%222006-06-15
Motus Holdings LtdMTH90.24%2.53328.57%72019-03-11
Momentum Met Hldgs LtdMTM187.69%2.91330%102004-06-21
Mtn Group LtdMTN352.68%5.89545.45%112003-04-03
Mtn Zakhele FuthiMTNZF154.77%5.85350%42020-03-12
Murray & Roberts HldgsMUR88.61%1.30216.67%242003-05-02
Nedbank Group LtdNED126.01%2.60233.33%92003-05-21
Northam Platinum Hldgs LtdNPH-24.1%00%22020-03-13
Nampak LtdNPK46.26%1.10814.71%342003-11-20
Naspers Ltd -N-NPN288.66%0100%32003-03-31
Nepi Rockcastle n.vNRP-13.08%00%12020-03-17
Netcare LimitedNTC116.57%1.68420%152004-05-11
Netcare Limited PrefNTCP-35.59%00%32008-01-15
Nu-World Hldgs LtdNWL96.11%1.52817.65%172005-02-10
Ninety One LimitedNY1-14.18%00%12020-06-30
Oceana Group LtdOCE172.1%2.85625%122004-06-03
Octodec Invest LtdOCT127.37%1.79521.43%142006-06-27
Onelogix Group LtdOLG-30.54%0.90713.64%222008-01-24
Omnia Holdings LtdOMN190.55%1.8825%202003-07-24
Old Mutual LimitedOMU-47.28%00%32019-03-06
Pan African Resource PlcPAN161.59%1.49219.23%262008-06-02
Pbt Group LimitedPBG-51.03%00%32013-12-03
Pick N Pay Stores LtdPIK52.77%2.82325%42004-01-27
Ppc LimitedPPC-66.11%0.8811.9%422003-10-29
Pepkor Holdings LtdPPH6.59%1.07814.29%72018-02-15
Quantum Foods Hldgs LtdQFH86.49%1.82622.22%92015-02-12
Quilter PlcQLT-12.42%00%12018-12-05
Recm and Calibre LimitedRACP8.25%1.08814.29%72015-01-07
Royal Bafokeng Platinum LtdRBP156.1%1.66120.83%242011-03-02
Raubex Group LtdRBX49.79%1.35816.67%122008-02-12
Rcl Foods LimitedRCL-18.29%0.8411.11%92013-11-27
Redefine Properties LtdRDF263.59%2.94430.77%132003-05-20
Remgro LtdREM241.11%10100%32003-09-05
Renergen LimitedREN294.11%3.39533.33%122016-11-07
Resilient Reit LimitedRES260.1%2.7540%202007-07-31
Rfg Holdings LimitedRFG-71.67%00%52015-04-21
Rh Bophelo LimitedRHB-89.5%00%52019-11-21
Reunert LtdRLO16.02%1.10913.33%152004-01-26
Rmb Holdings LtdRMH32.93%1.13123.08%132003-06-26
Rand Merchant Inv Hldgs LtdRMI155.35%2.48430%102011-08-11
Randgold & Expl Co LtdRNG187.89%1.64814.29%212004-02-03
South32 LimitedS32198.32%3.51733.33%92015-08-13
Sa Corp Real Estate LtdSAC20.12%1.07315.79%192003-08-25
Sappi LtdSAP215.44%1.95820.83%242003-04-01
Standard Bank Group LtdSBK355.07%0100%42003-08-21
Std Bank Group 6,5%prefSBKP146.62%2.08216.67%62014-06-18
Standard Bank Group PrefSBPP-41.75%00%32007-08-03
Schroder Eur Reit PlcSCD-48.89%00%32016-03-16
Stadio Holdings LimitedSDO62.41%1.46418.18%112018-03-22
Spear Reit LimitedSEA-60.23%00%42017-11-07
Sasfin Holdings LtdSFN165.48%1.90222.22%182005-03-10
Sea Harvest Group LtdSHG-44.05%00%32019-01-23
Shoprite Holdings LtdSHP315.36%26.23280%52004-02-09
Sanlam LimitedSLM243.16%11.02360%52003-12-30
Steinhoff Int Hldgs n.vSNH294.97%1.44318.52%542003-10-07
Santam LimitedSNT166.48%0100%22004-01-12
Santova Logistics LtdSNV135.13%1.51319.05%212007-08-13
Sasol LimitedSOL259.1%4.55944.44%92003-04-10
Bee - Sasol LimitedSOLBE1168.39%18.76466.67%32020-04-09
Super Group LtdSPG125.1%1.45516.67%242003-12-11
The Spar Group LtdSPP148.82%0100%22006-04-10
Stefanutti Stck Hldgs LtdSSK8.84%1.01213.73%512007-11-23
Sibanye Stillwater LtdSSW304.59%2.28926.09%232013-05-17
Sun International LtdSUI34.52%1.12915.38%262004-01-27
Spur Corporation LtdSUR278.38%3.39733.33%122004-12-08
Sygnia LimitedSYG-73.7%0.5697.69%132016-05-13
Sab Zenzele KabiliSZK-41.67%00%42021-10-05
Transaction Capital LtdTCP282.07%4.01340%102012-12-24
The Foschini Group LimitedTFG466.84%5.13741.18%172004-02-04
Tharisa PlcTHA-0.41%0.99813.33%152014-10-20
Telkom Sa Soc LtdTKG324.74%2.0722.58%312003-08-25
Tongaat Hulett LtdTON246.28%1.65620.59%342003-04-14
Transpaco LtdTPC221%3.6637.5%82006-01-31
Truworths Int LtdTRU294.59%2.95827.78%182004-08-24
Tsogo Sun Gaming LtdTSG133.57%1.82521.43%142013-01-16
Trustco Group Hldgs LtdTTO-39.95%0.91113.33%302010-05-14
Vukile Property Fund LtdVKE161.82%2.12328.57%142006-06-09
Wilson Bayly Hlm-Ovc LtdWBO26.82%1.9333.33%32006-04-11
Woolworths Holdings LtdWHL318.7%3.32731.25%162003-06-30
Yeboyethu (Rf) LtdYYLBEE-23.23%0.80210%102022-03-17
Zeder Inv LtdZED80.28%1.36420%152007-07-27
Alphamin Resources CorpAPH33.97%1.59320%52021-06-15
Bhp Group LimitedBHG163.61%0100%22003-04-01
Brimstone Inv Corp LtdBRT86.46%1.38222.22%182011-03-04
Bytes Technology Grp PlcBYI-14.31%00%12022-01-26
E Media Holdings LtdEMH53.63%1.81420%52018-04-16
Kore Potash PlcKP2144.41%2.12830%102019-12-05
Ninety One PlcN91-13.66%00%12020-12-14
Sirius Real Estate LtdSRE119.26%2.67128.57%72015-08-25

FAQ | What do these numbers mean?

For your reference, statistics of the data generated by the indicator are given below. All these numbers require special attention. They prove the effectiveness and reliability of the strategy and help you understand the position of a particular instrument in the market. The data takes into account the trading commission (0.075 for cryptocurrencies, 0.025 for stocks and other instruments).

Net Profit

The overall profit or loss (in the selected currency) achieved by the trading strategy in the test period. The value is the sum of all values from the Profit column (on the List of Trades tab), taking into account the sign.

Percent Profitable

The percentage of winning trades generated by a strategy. Calculated by dividing the number of winning trades by the total number of closed trades generated by a strategy. Percent profitable is not a very reliable measure by itself. A strategy could have many small winning trades, making the percent profitable high with a small average winning trade, or a few big winning trades accounting for a low percent profitable and a big average winning trade. Some successful strategies have a percent profitability below 50% but are still profitable due to proper loss control.

Profit Factor

The amount of money a trading strategy made for every unit of money it lost (in the selected currency). This value is calculated by dividing gross profits by gross losses.

Total Trades

The total number of closed trades (both winning and losing) generated by a strategy. The total number of trades is important for a number of reasons. First, the number should be large enough for strategy results to be of any statistical significance. Second, the number can help validate that your strategy is trading at the frequency you expect.

First Trade Date

Actually, the date of the first trade. This shows that statistics are stored from the very beginning of the chart for the selected instrument. It is useful to know when the first signal was given.

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