Payment methods

You entered your Tradingview login and opened the cart for payment. Here you need to enter your personal data: first name, last name, address, email, and so on. Then you choose a convenient payment method and accept the terms. Then click “Confirm order.”


To pay for an order using PayPal, you need to select the appropriate icon and tick the “I accept the terms” checkbox. Then choose how you want to pay: directly via PayPal or using a bank card. If you choose to pay directly, a window will appear on the screen where you will need to log in to your PayPal account and confirm the payment. If you choose to pay with a bank card, you will need to enter its details. After you click “Pay”, the funds will be automatically debited from your account.


To pay for an order with cryptocurrency, you need to select the corresponding payment method, check “I accept the terms”, and then click “Proceed to Coinbase”. You will be redirected to the Coinbase website. Here you need to click “Pay with Coinbase” button. In the pop-up window, you will need to log in to your Coinbase account and pay for the order using the selected cryptocurrency. If you do not have an account on this exchange, you will need to create one. Important point: if you are in Russia, you will not be able to buy cryptocurrency here. But it can be transferred here from your wallet.


If for some reason you could not pay for your subscription right away, then you can do it in your personal account. Open the “Orders” section and click “Pay.” The payment screen will open, where you can also choose a convenient method for you and pay for the purchase.

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