How It Works

How does The Waved Indicator work? Everything is simple for you: the indicator performs all complex calculations. It analyzes the market situation by a variety of different parameters (VSA, technical analysis, indicators, trading volumes, patterns, and others) and gives a signal when a new bar opens on its time interval.
Stop Loss and Take Profit /signals are given at the moment when the price crosses the threshold specified in the strategy.

Signals always give an advantage, as they appear on large drops in the asset price. Thus, you get the best price for buying the asset when market dynamics, technical analysis, and behavior of the big players indicate further growth. In moments of market manipulation, where many lose, you get an excellent price for gaining a position and profit.

When will you receive the signals? It all depends on the timeframe you choose. If there are conditions for a profitable trade in the market, then on the minute timeframe signals will be given at the beginning of each minute, on the daily – at the beginning of each day, on the weekly – on the first day of trading of this week, and so on. This means that the best time to open a trade is the time period when the signal is given.

And then you can either wait for the next signal to close the trade or close it at the moment when you want to take the profit.

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